Bonus Content

Bonus Content for ‘Double or Nothing’

There is something about the DoN-verse that keeps me hanging around. Maybe it’s the idea that Cordelia (sorta) gets Angelus and Angel.. That sounds about right! Here, you’ll find a mix of topics that revolve around this fic. Meta discussions, alternate versions of scenes from the story, completely new scenes with a specific spin, ficlets and short stories set in the DoN-verse, and finally new content edited into the canon story itself.

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Extra ‘DoN’ Scenes & Stories Categories

Times Angel Caught Cordelia & Angelus Together.

Bonus scenes involving voyeurism. Watching can be angsty, sexy or fun.

Blame it on the Rain ♥  Jealousy rages on a stormy night in Sunnydale (New/AU)

Times Angel Got to Join the Fun.

Bonus scenes with Angel/Cordelia/Angelus. Three is Cordelia’s lucky number.

Vampire Wrestling ♥ If only the Scoobies weren’t there when it happened (Alt.Scene)

Movie Mania ♥ If only Buffy had not returned from the concession stand. (Alt. Scene)

Times that Angel & Cordelia’s “Alone Time” Went Too Far

Bonus scenes with just Angel and Cordelia where one or both misbehave.

None yet in this category. Check back for more bonus scenes

Let’s Make it ‘Double or Nothing’ Canon

New or expanded scenes added directly to the story making it DoN Canon

Bonus Content – Added July 2017

Chapter 6 – The Dark Avenger ♥ (New and Expanded Scenes)
More details on Angelus’ physical responses to the behavioral restraints.
Cordelia plans to take her own revenge instead of letting Angelus & Angel handle it. Angel makes certain that Cordelia is okay after the attack.

Chapter 7 – Courtship & Ritual ♥ (New and Expanded Scenes)
Xander & Willow – Things are weird now that Angelus isn’t acting quite so evil. Cordelia isn’t so quick to accept Angelus’ good guy act, and has reasons of her own to accept him. This time Cordelia organizes the revenge plot against her attackers. More from Cordy & Angel as he determines whether or not to allow Angelus to claim her.

Ficlets, Short Stories, and Novellas (DoN Storyverse)

Breaking the Rules ♥ (Short Story / 14,000 words / Rated NC17)
Angel’s voyeurism leads to obsession. Watching them is just a way to keep Cordelia safe, so he tells himself. Until it becomes something more.

Double Take ♥ (Novella / 31,400 words / Rated NC17)
This story starts off as a parody of ‘Double or Nothing’ and then takes a threesome-ish twist with Angel, Cordelia, and Angelus working out their relationship issues. Same challenge criteria as DoN. Different fic. Wicked Awards (2009) Best NC17 (Winner).

Conditionally Yours ♥ (Novella / 31,000 words / Rated NC17)
Consider this a ‘What If…’ story set in during ‘Double or Nothing’. It is a story-length excerpt with its own little plot, and by necessity is open-ended. Instead of Angel simply stealing a kiss from Cordelia when agreeing to let her accept Angelus’ claim, he places certain conditions on the deal.

A Reader’s Guide:  Mythos & Monsters

Spoilers Ahead 

A megafic deserves an origin story. More details on Scorch’s challenge. Discussion on how a simple transcription error can lead to a whole new plot. Revelations about the plot twists. Includes a Who’s Who of mythic characters, supernatural creatures, and monsters found in the story.

What are your thoughts on the ‘Bonus Content‘ for DoN?
Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated.

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