Movie Mania


Movie Mania

If only Buffy had not returned so quickly from the concession stand.

Double or Nothing Bonus Scene – It’s not story canon, but what if….

Where the hell was Buffy?

Angel had asked himself the same question twice in the last minute. The fact that his girlfriend was at the concesion stand was the least of his concerns. He needed her here as a distraction from the inappropriate public display of affection going on in the seats right next to him. Cordelia and Angelus had barely let the theater lights dim before turing their attention toward each other.

The nearly deserted theater was a strong indicator that his movie choice ‘sucked’ just as Cordy predicted, which might be why the two of them were otherwise occupied, and why the thought of candy lured Buffy away despite the movie beginning.

It was hardly the first time he had seen his brother, as he had come to think of Angelus, kissing Cordelia. No, they made quite a habit of it. All of the time. They were practically linked at the lips. Not that he was jealous. Not at all.

Angel had gotten into the habit of kissing her good morning. Just on the cheek, her temple or forehead. It was not what he wanted, which was the freedom to plunder that lush mouth, but Angelus did not complain even though it allowed him a moment or two where he could touch her. It was wrong. He knew that, but needed any brief connection he could steal, yet could not explain why.

Now, here in the theater, as he watched them making out in the dark, Angel felt that same desperation. Where the hell was Buffy? She was gone too long. Or maybe it just felt that way. He should probably get up to go look for her. Knowing her bad luck, she had run into a demon at the consession stand.

Still, he could not leave. His eyes were glued to the pair sitting next to him. They had pushed the armrest up and out of the way, huddled close for kisses that were quickly leading to activities unsuited for a public theater. Despite the dialogue from the movie, he could hear Angelus’ every word as he told Cordelia that he was bored and wanted to play. Considering that they were already glued together, it did not take a big stretch of the imagination to guess what he meant.

Angel gave a subtle growl at the sight of Cordelia nibbling kisses along Angelus’ throat, a sound caught by Angelus who opened his eyes to glare right back at him. Glowering with anger and disapproval, Angel made a cease and desist motion by slashing his hand across his throat. It only caused his brother to smirk further irking him.

If anything, his attempt to get them to stop merely urged Angelus on. He rand a hand along Cordelia’s back to tangle in those silky chestnut tresses. Nudging her away from his throat, Angelus stared down at her for a moment contemplating whether or not he was going to push his bad behavior even further. He loved riling Angel up, especially if it involved Cordelia.

“Turn around,” Angelus instructed her. “I want to touch you. Right now. Don’t make me ask twice.”

Cordelia obviously wanted to play along because otherwise she would be handing him his ass for ordering her about, although Angel had witnessed her being equally demanding on occasion. It was thrilling to see her being the aggressive one. He would not have a problem with letting her try to take control now and then.

They were in the back row surrounded by darkness. The light from the flickering screen barely extended that far. Cordelia seemed more excited about his demands than ticked off, at least until she followed suit and turned away from Angelus, only to see Angel glaring back at her. A moment’s hesitation caused her to freeze in place, as if she just remembered that he was there. Her gaze darted toward Buffy’s empty seat and back to him.

“Make it quick,” Angel warned them. If Buffy caught them going at it there would be hell to pay. No doubt he would be held responsible just for being there.

Cordelia’s jaw dropped in surprise, her mouth forming a tempting circle, though he wondered if she really thought he would do the polite thing and leave. Not a chance. As much as he hated the idea of Angelus being with Cordelia, he enjoyed watching her when she was turned on. He just wanted to be the one to do it.

With her jacket off, Cordelia’s shoulders were bare except for the thin straps holding her lavender top in place. Angelus pressed his mouth to her smooth skin, his hands sliding around to palm both breasts. He tweaked her nipples turning them into distended points that made Angel’s mouth water.

Moving on, Angelus trailed a hand down to dip between her thighs where her miniskirt rode high. He gave a soft nudge directing her to spread her legs wider. Opening up so that her knees hugged the edges of the seat, she easily accommodated his hand. It dipped below the elastic edge of her silk panties where his fingers strummed across her sweet-scented flesh making her gasp and writhe in response.

The rhythmic beat caused Cordelia to let out a little shriek. Collapsing forward onto the armrest separating her seat from Angel’s, she yelped, “Oh, God!”

The movie covered up some of the sound, but not all of it. She tried to bite her lip to stay quiet, but when Angelus moved his other hand down to squeeze her ass, she let out another squeal. This time the nearest movie patron twitched at the sound and started glancing around the theater, fortunately not their way.

Angel could tell when Angelus moved that hand again, this time penetrating Cordelia’s wet passage with his fingers. The scent of her arousal flooded his senses. Her wide eyes pleaded for help. Not from the thick intrusion of her lover’s fingers, but from the potentially embarrassing lusty screams that were about to escape her throat.

Even Angelus could sense that his little game was getting dangerous. That did not stop him from playing. “Shut her up,” he hissed in Angel’s direction, a wicked grin on his face as he fucked her with his fingers, stimulating her sex with both hands.

Forgetting all about the possibility of Buffy’s return, Angel grabbed the armrest and pushed it out of the way causing Cordelia to collapse against him. He scooted a bit closer, his hands roaming over her curves, just before his mouth came down on hers.

Angel felt like he was on fire, warmth spreading out to singe him. Her plush lips branded him with hungry, almost desperate kisses, as her arms encircled his neck finding purchase, allowing her a counterpoint to buck back toward each thrust of Angelus’ fingers. She moaned into his mouth when she came, and Angel felt it all the way down to the throb of his untouched cock.

They kissed again, lingeringly one final time, with Cordelia pressing a hand to his cheek almost lovingly. Angel helped her adjust her clothing while Angelus sat back in his chair licking the taste of her from his fingers.

Buffy showed up two minutes later with a few boxes of goodies. “Sorry,” she whispered into Angel’s ear. “I forgot that Xander wanted me to bring back some goobers. I had to go through the line again. What did I miss?”

Staring blindly at the movie screen, Angel shrugged, trying to ignore the wave of guilt that stuck full force. “Not much.”

End of Scene

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