True Confessions

True Confessions

Angel and Cordelia decide to confess the truth about everything with each other.

  • CONTENTS:   Hodgepodge of C/A friendship, C/A UST, Early C/A Romance
  • RATING G-PG13 / Could Vary
  • LENGTH:   Drabbles / Ficlets / < 1,000 words each
  • STATUS:   Open-Ended Series
  • FIC NOTE:   This is not a focused story or serial, and technically not a Work-in-Progress. It is a series of random drabbles and ficlets with the same truth-telling theme.

FIC 1:   The Honest Truth

FIC 2:   Way Back When

What are your thoughts about ‘True Confessions‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated.
What confessions would you like to read about?

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