14: Movie Mania

Double or Nothing

Chapter 14: Movie Mania

“Geez, how long does it take to decide which movie we’re seeing?” Cordelia asked in an impatiently amused voice as the two vampires debated over the list of choices. “The movie will be over before we get inside.”

Buffy suggested too late, “We should’ve picked before coming.”

“Just trying to be spontaneous,” Cordelia rolled her eyes. “Mr. Obsessive-Compulsive boyfriend of yours has to hash over all of the critics’ reviews before choosing.”

“I can hear you, Cordy,” Angel nudged her with an elbow.

Standing in a tight group it would have been impossible not to hear. “So make a decision, already.”

“Quit the distractions and maybe I’ll make one,” he countered while straightening the newspaper.

Glancing around Angel’s shoulder Cordelia randomly pointed to the first movie on the list. “How about that one?”

Angel gave her a harsh stare as he named the movie. “You must be joking.”

“No way,” Angelus protested in complete agreement with his double. “That’s a sappy girly movie.”

“So what’s your point?” Cordelia asked the vampire. She liked sappy girly movies.

“Pick something else.”

Finally, they settled on a non-girly movie with rave artistic reviews. Angelus stood by as Angel forked over the amount for four tickets. He reminded the other vampire, “You’re in charge of the cash. If you’d sign over my share, we wouldn’t have to mess with this.”

Giving him a doubtful look, Angel told his double, “I’ll arrange an allowance.”

Buffy started giggling which only set Angelus off. “It’s not funny, Buff.”

“Yes it is,” she laughed loud, slapping her hands along her legs of her pink leather pants. “You having to ask Angel for an allowance. What do you have to do to earn it… take out the trash?”

Angelus rumbled in displeasure at her mirth.

Inside, Angel shelled out money for one large tub of popcorn and a couple of sodas for Buffy and Cordelia. Heading into the theater, Buffy told them she wanted to sit in the back along the wall. The others agreed, thinking nothing of it and made their way up the rear section of the theater which was already dim. Movie previews were flittering across the screen.

“We’re lucky it hasn’t started yet,” Cordelia commented, urging them to get to their seats before it did. “Since Buffy and I need to share the popcorn, why don’t we sit in the middle? You two can sit on either side.”

Angelus moved in first, followed by Cordelia. As Angel waited for Buffy to walk down the row after the brunette, she gave him an anxious look. “What is it?”

“I want to sit on the aisle,” Buffy explained. “I always sit on the aisle just in case I need quick access.”

It was a Slayer thing, Cordelia realized with an automatic eye-roll. Trust Buffy to be concerned about a demon attack in a movie theater. “C’mon, Angel. You can sit next to me, but you have to hold the popcorn.”

Sitting next to Cordelia didn’t seem like a hardship to Angel who readily agreed in order to keep the peace.

“Things have a way of happening to me,” Buffy defended her strategy with a visible pout. “I like to be prepared.”

“That’s okay,” Angel gave her a smile and settled down in the seat, holding the tub of popcorn. His girlfriend smiled back and sat next to him, arranging her soda in the circular slot provided for it.

Cordelia suddenly shoved her super-sized diet cola in front of him. “Take this,” she said while Angelus moved to help her off with her knee-length brown leather coat.

He was still holding the drink mid-air when that coat opened to reveal what Cordy was wearing. A soft knit top over a skirt. Simple, actually. Except that the clothes clung to her curves. That touchable sweater hugging her breasts, fashionably short enough to allow him a glimpse of her taut belly. The dark purple skirt skimmed across the firm thighs that had straddled him back in the library.

She’d been on top of him. If not for their clothing he could have…

“Put it in,” Cordelia pointed downward as Angelus settled her coat across the empty seat beside them. As if she thought he had no clue what to do, “Just insert it and let it slide in. What do you think it’s there for?”

Unblinking, Angel stared up only to see her eyes narrow as she waited for him to act. Then she added, “The cup holder, dumbass.”

Hastily following her suggestion, Angel turned his attention to the movie screen and watched the rest of the previews. Unfortunately, they were much better than the actual show.

Angelus attempted to watch the movie for Cordelia’s sake, but quickly found that critical acclaim did not automatically indicate viewer interest. The sappy girly movie might have been a better choice. His attention quickly wandered between Cordelia and the audience. Noticing that many of the couples were sitting with the guy’s arm around the girl, he decided cuddling Cordelia would be a helluva lot more fun than trying to keep up with the dreary plot.

As Angelus’ arm curled around her shoulder, Cordelia sent him one of her megawatt smiles suggesting he’d done something right. He wasn’t about to admit that he was in the dark just as much as Angel when it came to movie theater manners.

“Popcorn?” Cordelia offered him a handful.

“No. It’ll get caught in my teeth.”

Grinning, Cordelia explained, “That’s what popcorn does. Gives purpose to the dental floss designers of the world.”

A stranger in the next row turned his head, “Shhh!”

Irritated that someone had just told Cordelia to hush, Angelus let out a low growl and glared at the back of the man’s head. While the vampire was distracted, Cordy glanced over at Angel and Buffy who were sitting in their chairs with their eyes glued to the movie screen. Other than Buffy reaching over to grab a handful of popcorn, you’d hardly know they were here together.

Leaning over, Cordelia whispered into Angel’s ear, “Put your arm around her, dork.”

That was the second time tonight Cordy had called him something that irritated him. First a dumbass and now a dork. The insulting words just tripped off her lips like fond terms of endearment. He didn’t know whether to growl or grin in response. One thing he did know was that any advice from Cordy on matters than involved Buffy unsettled him.

Since when did he need to take suggestions on romantic moves or seduction from a teenager? Besides, it wasn’t as though he had never put his arm around Buffy before. Just never in a darkened movie theater. As he slipped his arm around his girlfriend’s slim shoulders, Buffy nearly jumped out of her seat at the unexpected move, giving Angel a shocked look.

“Is this okay?” Angel asked in concern after her startled reaction.

Settling down after a second or two, she nodded and smiled at him, turning back to stare at the movie screen.

Angel tried to keep his attention on the screen ahead, but he kept hearing Cordelia and Angelus who were now totally ignoring the movie. Turned toward each other, the couple was speaking in quiet whispers sharing little words of love and affection that had no place in a movie theater. Much to his dismay, Angel could hear every word.

He’d never really talked to Buffy that way or she to him. Most of their conversations involved slaying. The rest seemed to be filled with long periods of silence, but the quiet between them normally spoke volumes. Did Buffy expect to hear such words from him? Even if she did, Angel decided he wasn’t gonna try it now. Have to think about it first. Plan what to say before he actually did it. Maybe he’d make a list.

Halfway through the movie, Angel figured if he turned to ask Angelus or Cordelia something about the plot neither one would have a clue. They’d been gazing into each other’s eyes and kissing in between their little talks. So Angel attempted to ignore them. Having his arm around Buffy’s shoulder seemed comfortable enough, especially as she snuggled into it a bit.

Taking the last sip of her large soda, Buffy whispered to him, “I hafta go to the little Slayer’s room. Back in a flash.”

So Angel was left alone with a unwanted tub of half-eaten popcorn and the necking couple beside him. Almost as if Buffy’s departure turned the heat up a notch, Angel couldn’t help but notice the soft, playful smooches were now turning into feverish wet kisses with Angelus petting Cordy’s curvaceous body, his hands roaming across cashmere peaks and silken valleys. The armrest pulled up between them no longer preventing them from scooting closer as she leaned in to touch him too.

Soft keening moans from Cordy’s throat urged Angelus on, too muffled to be heard by anyone else but Angel as he made an effort to close his eyes. It only focused his acute hearing on the couple next to him. Angelus’ lewd whispers were obviously turning her on, the scent of her growing arousal all too apparent.

The design of the theater isolated the back row. Unless someone stood up close and deliberately faced away from the movie, no one would notice there was a lot more action going on off-screen. Sitting next to them, Angel wasn’t exactly deprived of the view. No matter how hard he tried to ignore the make-out session his brother and Cordy had going on, it was impossible.

Angel was feeling claustrophobic despite the size of the large theater. Where the hell is Buffy?

Maybe it wouldn’t seem like those two had been kissing for hours if she was sitting beside him. He had no watch. Glancing over the shoulder of the large man sitting in front of him, Angel stole a look at his glow-in-the-dark watch.

Turning his gaze away from the digital timepiece, it fell on Cordelia as he noticed the way the ends of her hair curled along the edge of her shirt. It rode up high on her waist now that Angelus’ hands were roving everywhere. That was when he noticed a swatch of color brightening Cordy’s skin peeking from the waistband of her skirt along the small of her back.

Instant recognition hit as he saw the blazing sun tattoo, part of the Sign of Aurelius. Angel tightly gripped the armrests attempting to calm the heated flare of his anger. His bastard of a brother marked Cordelia the only way he could by arranging a tattoo. Did Cordy understand and recognize the significance of accepting that mark? He doubted Angelus had bothered to explain that he’d not only officially claimed her, but had also surreptitiously linked her to the Order of Aurelius.

Attempting to calm himself, Angel focused on the fact that Angelus had equal rights to use the vampire sigils of the Order any way he wished. Using it to mark a claim on a human was simply not done. Then Angel realized few if any vampires had been in a position where they couldn’t use their fangs.

He kept telling himself over and over, It’s not my business. Not my business. Not my business.

The mantra wasn’t working.

Putting that mark on anyone was definitely his business and he intended to have a little chat with Angelus at the first opportunity. It just tied Cordy more tightly to Angelus, but it was a foregone conclusion that his double had no intention of ever letting her leave him and this was certain proof. Angel warned Cordy as much on that first day. Not that she had listened or even understood the extent to which she now belonged to Angelus.

Angel loved Buffy. He did, but there were parts of their relationship that could never be explored. Torn between being a vampire and controlling his remaining demonic tendencies, there were still times when Angel simply wanted to let loose. He had never been compelled to mark her. Unlike Angelus, he had no such limitations on using his fangs to ritualistically mark and claim his woman.

Even if he wanted it, Angel knew without asking that Buffy would never allow it. Never. The symbolism behind it was contrary to her entire being as a Slayer. He would sooner see the sharp end of Mr. Pointy.

He wondered what might have been if Cordelia had been his rather than Angelus’ in that ‘What If’ scenario his twin had described. If he wanted Cordelia enough to claim her, if she wanted him enough to acknowledge those desires, would she accept the mark? Would he even ask? Then Angel realized there would be no question of it, because there would be no conflict in his own mind about doing it. Just as Angelus had arranged the tattoo, Angel would have marked her using full vampiric rites with his fangs and her blood.

Where the hell is Buffy?

Angel glanced at the guy’s watch again. Barely more than a minute had passed. The scent of Cordelia’s arousal was wafting around him driving him crazy, overpowering everything else. With his body reacting to having her so near, it was enough to make the vampire grateful they were sitting in the dark and that he had a large popcorn bucket on his lap.

He might have growled a little at the sight of Cordy nibbling kisses along Angelus’ throat because his brother’s eyes opened to stare right back at him. Angel glowered, his rigid posture and expression showing anger and disapproval. A triumphal smirk appeared in response to Angel’s motion to cease and desist, further irking him.

Ignoring the slashing movement of Angel’s finger across his throat signaling him to put a halt to his actions, Angelus merely ran a hand along Cordelia’s back to tangle in those silky chestnut tresses. Nudging her away from his throat, Angelus stared down for an instant as if contemplating stopping as ordered. Cordy’s fingers slid across his jaw enticing him to place one soft kiss across her lips. Then another. More followed.

Where the hell is Buffy? The unspoken question rattled just a little louder in Angel’s head. Somehow he doubted watching this would be quite so intoxicating with the Slayer sitting next to him.

“Move closer, baby,” Angelus murmured in Cordelia’s ear. An incomprehensible moan sounded as their lips parted long enough for him to speak. Encouraging her to follow through with his wishes, “No one will see. Let me play a little.”

There was only another needy moan from Cordelia as she returned her lips to his. It looked like she was just as eager to play along. One arm was around the vampire’s shoulder, but the other dropped to the vicinity of his lap. Angel’s pants felt tight and the ache in his balls only worsened as he imagined what Cordy might be doing with that hand. It was impossible to tell from this angle if she was touching Angelus, but the low rumble from his chest made it clear he was enjoying something.

Angelus grumbled one complaint, “Damn clothes,” as his hands roved downward.

A flash of lavender silk caught Angel’s gaze in the darkness. His twin’s hands weren’t content with touching just her skirt, the lower edge now at the crease of her hips and thighs. Parted, one leg folded up beneath her. The other hugged the edge of the seat cushion as Angelus’ hand moved between them from the front. Fingers slid under the elastic edge while keeping the other hand plastered over the thin silk covering her bottom.

Cordelia tucked her head against Angelus’ shoulder, profile awash with a passionate glow lit by the light from the screen. A sound emerged from Cordelia’s throat that was far from a whisper. Neither she nor Angelus noticed that the couple immediately in front of them twitched their heads in response to the noise. Fortunately, the sounds from the movie quickly distracted them again.

Jaw tightly clenched, Angel wished he’d never let them convince him to go along with the double dating thing. If he’d stuck to his original answer, he wouldn’t be subjected to this.

It wasn’t the public location or the fact that at any moment a stranger in the next row might notice. Admittedly, that just added some excitement. Nor was it seeing Cordelia’s willingness to play dangerous lusty games. Because the thought of it just made him hard. What bothered Angel was the fact that the fingers probing beneath those damp panties weren’t his.

Ticked off that his brother would deliberately flaunt his possession of Cordelia this way, Angel felt justified in looking his fill. Keeping his hands on the popcorn bucket without crushing it served as a steadying influence. Until Angelus’ voice whispered hot promises in Cordy’s ear. Telling her how he planned to make her come all over his fingers. All she had to do was keep quiet.

Angel lost it. Leaning over as far as he could despite the barrier of the popcorn and Cordy’s practically untouched drink, his gruff words followed, “Quiet? That’s unlikely. Behave or go get a room.”

“Shhh!” Shushed the guy with the watch, his eyes still glued to the crappy movie on the screen.

Ignoring the man, Angel knew the moment Cordelia realized just how far she’d gone. Their eyes met, hers darting toward his and shifting quickly down the length of her body where Angelus still had his fingers buried inside her. A look of panic appeared and she gripped her lover’s wrist, extricating him from the waistband of her panties and shifting back into a normal position on the chair, cheeks flaming.

Instead of defending her actions, Cordelia stubbornly told him, “I can be quiet,” as if the noise was the only issue.

His silent stare told her he didn’t believe it. Not any time so far.

“Can too,” Cordelia argued in a tone that suggested otherwise.

This time the stranger turned in his seat, “Shut up, lady.”

Cordelia pointed a finger in Angel’s direction. “His fault!”

Staring down the angry movie-goer, Angel didn’t like the way his eyes lingered on Cordy. Her cheeks still too flushed, lips pouting in their kiss-swollen state, clothes a little rumpled. If his silent glare didn’t stop the man from openly drooling, Angelus’ sudden sneer and low growl certainly did. He turned away to nervously suck down the rest of his soda drowning out the noise with the slurpy sound of his straw against the ice at the bottom of the cup.

Forgetting all about the stranger, Cordelia noticed that the seat next to Angel was empty. Despite the fact that she was still practically squirming in her own seat from arousal, she managed to ask, “What happened to Buffy?”

“Distracted much?” asked Angel, raising a dark brow. Cordelia hated it when he used her speech patterns against her. It was almost worth the revenge she’d later exact by pointing out some flaw he didn’t know he had. For now, he couldn’t resist adding, “The Tofu demon came and carried her off.”

“Too bad,” Cordelia snatched the bucket out of Angel’s lap. Realizing he’d been there and seen it all, she was surprised he’d let them carry on as long as he did. Covering her frustration with a joke, she quipped, “More popcorn for me.”

Grabbing the popcorn away from her, Angelus set it on the floor beside him. Then standing up, the vampire scooted past them both and held a hand out to motion for her to follow. “Cor, let’s go.”

There was no doubting what Angelus intended. He wanted her. Now. Cordelia’s eyes glittered with eager anticipation. For all the tender, romantic moments Angelus had shown her since they got together, there had been an equal amount of raw passion. God, she wanted that. Craved it just as much as she did his tender touches.

Suddenly, it didn’t matter if Angel or anyone else knew the reason they were leaving the theater. Cordelia got up so fast that she tripped over Angel’s feet. He caught her, holding her hips until she stood steady. Hands on his arms. Eyes intent as they held his.

Angel caught the sound of her heartbeat. Fast. Adrenalin sweetening her blood. Pulse pounding. The looming presence of Angelus standing at her side. Waiting for him to release his hold. To stop his hands from slipping down to the edge of Cordy’s skirt that was still wrinkled and bunched up at the top of her thighs.

Only Angelus never growled a warning. No bruising punch came. Just his words, low and daring as they sounded in Cordelia’s ear. “I think he wants you, Cor. Too bad for him that you’re mine. We never thanked him. For being such an idiot. For giving you up.”

Frozen as the words resounded in his head, Angel still hadn’t let go of Cordelia. Then Angelus smirked down at him before whispering, “I think Angel deserves a souvenir. Let him take your panties, Cor. You won’t be needing them.”

Cordelia said nothing. No ranting refusal. No derogatory laugh. No snarky comment. She moved forward just a bit and slid her hands down his arms until they closed over his. Slender fingers pressed down until his hands moved beneath hers leading him to the point where the skirt ended and the soft expanse of her golden thighs began.

Torn between his conscience and his own desires, Angel went along with Angelus’ manipulation. It was obviously a ploy. A test, maybe. To see if Cordelia would follow along with this deranged little game. To see if he would, too.

Damned if he was going to let Angelus win one. How many times had his brother complained that Angel was too much of a goody-two-shoes. If Angelus thought he would just sit back and not take what was being offered, he’d get a rude awakening.

This was one dare Angel was determined to take.

Warm flesh beneath his hands. Fingers moving. Taking just a moment to slide across Cordy’s firm buttocks, brushing over her silken panties. Hearing her soft gasp as he tucked his fingers into the top of the elastic and tugged. The slow slip of lavender silk over her hips and thighs. Her hazel eyes focused on him, full of desire.

Angel’s hands slid along the contours of her legs, ringing her ankles to lift one foot and then the other. Slipping the bikini panties away from her body, still creamy with her arousal. As he tucked his soft treasure into the pocket of his jacket, Cordelia held out her hand to him in invitation, “I want you, too. Let’s go.”

For an instant he actually thought he had heard her suggest joining them on their tryst. He snapped out of his fantasy knowing that Angelus would never let it happen. Not in a million years. Slowly, he registered Cordelia’s words.

“I want you to let go, Angel.” How easily he had twisted them around to hear what he really wanted. Cordelia was too flushed with arousal and distracted by impatience to notice. If only Angelus was equally blind. “Are you deficient or just clumsy? I could’ve killed myself on those big vamp feet of yours.”

Cordelia brushed his hands from their place on her hips, a spot he apparently hadn’t moved from. Giving him an exasperated eye-roll, she smoothed the hem of her skirt and stalked down the aisle to meet Angelus who was standing there waiting for her.

She hugged Angelus enthusiastically, as if they had been apart for more than thirty seconds. The two of them headed down the theater steps in the direction of the exit. Reaching the bottom, Cordelia glanced back at him, sending him a sudden look of concern. Maybe it finally occurred to her that until Buffy returned, he was up here all alone.

Looking down, meeting that questioning gaze, Angel smiled slowly. He couldn’t really begrudge Cordelia spending some time alone with her lover. Even if it was Angelus. Better him than some unknown college boy who didn’t know how to please her. The friendly concern in her eyes reminded him that he shouldn’t be lusting after her.

This wasn’t her fault at all. He had no right to sit here and fantasize about stripping off her panties or what he might do with them once he got home.

Where the hell is Buffy? Just as the question sounded off in his head, Angel saw her golden blond head pop into view. She was talking to Cordy and Angelus as they gave her some excuse about their departure.

Watching as Cordelia disappeared around the corner and Buffy ascended the steps, Angel knew that he shouldn’t be fantasizing about anyone when he professed to be in love. Leaning back in his seat, Angel picked up the drink that Cordy left behind, noting the lipstick smudge at the top. He closed his mouth around the straw, sucking on the end and tasting the watered-down soda inside.

“I would have gotten you one,” Buffy told him as she sat down.

Angel licked his lips, not tasting the soda itself, but instead the faint hint of Cordelia left behind. Placing the moisture-beaded cup into its slot, he waited for the taste to fade and the guilt to set in.

And he waited.

And waited.

“It takes two of them to go to the concession stand?” Buffy thought it was silly that they had to be glued at the hip all of the time. Having brought back some snacks, she asked him to hold onto the extra candy. “They’re for Xander. I promised to buy him something.”

Ignoring the statement about Xander, Angel gave her a noncommittal shrug as she reached over to tuck the candy into his pocket. Good thing it was really empty. “Is that where they said they were going?”

“I assume so. Angelus told me he needed something sweet. After all it took to get you guys to try ice cream, I hate to think about what it would take to get Angelus to go for a box of Goobers.”

Even now, Buffy could be naive about some things. So much so that it surprised him. He needed to remember that more often. Putting his arm around her, Angel watched as she snuggled back into her place.

Angelus and Cordelia found their way into an empty theater, the vampire using his heightened senses to ensure that nobody was present. As Angelus pulled her into a shadowy corner, he offered, “Last chance to wait for our safe and secure bedroom.”

“Why wait? Here sounds good.” Cordelia ran her hands across his chest, a finger circling the top button. Maybe it was naughty to think about doing it here, but she was too wound up to ignore her feelings. Kissing the exposed skin at the vee of his throat, she admitted with a hot breath, “I want you inside me.”

“Up the steps.” Grabbing her hand, he started toward the far row. “Where we were in the other theater.”

Cordelia ran up the steps behind him staggered by the idea that they were not just going to have sex, but could pretend to be in the other theater still surrounded by the audience, and with Angel sitting next to her watching their every move.

As the thought flashed through her head, Cordelia felt her body shudder, a hot burst of excitement further soaking her panties. A delicious ache had settled between her thighs that only Angelus could sate, but the thought of Angel being there just gave her an added thrill. All she could think about was that it was her idea. Angelus hadn’t mentioned pretending anything. It bothered her, but not enough to put it out of her head.

By the time they reached the top row, frantic need welled up between them. Angelus pulled Cordelia into a scorching kiss that only fed the flames. Her fingers curled into the material of his shirt at his waist just holding on as she pressed her body as close as it could get to his hard frame. Cordelia rubbed her breasts up against his chest, her nipples hard and achingly sensitive.

Breaking away from their open-mouthed kiss for a second, she moaned against his mouth. “Touch me.”

“Where, baby?”

Leading his hands to her breasts, Cordelia shuddered sensually just from the weight of his touch. “Here.”

Angelus grinned at the fact that she didn’t hesitate to tell him what she wanted. With each passing day, Cordelia was becoming more verbal and demonstrative in their sex play and lovemaking. The vampire liked her wild and wanton or sweetly submissive; he even enjoyed her sometimes greedy and demanding side. Frankly, Angelus had to conclude that he enjoyed being with Cordelia…period.

This wasn’t the time or place for sweet, slow lovemaking. Now Angelus’ large hands slipped under her shirt cupping her silk-covered breasts for a moment before tugging it off completely. Tossing the shirt onto one of the theater chairs, Angelus wasted no time in removing her bra. The scraps of silk covering her from his gaze were ripped away.

Cordelia gasped in surprise at the sudden move that left her breasts totally exposed to him. Her nipples were already distended and she hissed as she rubbed them, not waiting for him to touch her there. Giving him a sharp stare, “Hey, I liked that bra.”

“I like it better on the floor.”

For an instant, they stared into each other’s eyes drawing deeply on their own inner emotions. Then they came together with a frantic cry soon smothered as their lips crashed onto each other. Angelus’ hands curved around the firm globes of her breasts, but soon wandered down to pull her hips closer. Her own hands were tucked tight between them unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants despite the fact that she was nearly shaking with a burst of adrenaline.

Still locked in the kiss, their tongues darting and tasting, Cordelia reached into the opening of his pants to caress his hard shaft. Gripping him the way he liked, she moved down with a softer touch to his heavy balls. Angelus let out a lusty growl as she released him.

“On the chair,” he ordered. “Get on your knees with your face to the wall.”

Cordelia’s eyes sparkled with arousal and excitement. “Need you now. Hurry. Hurry.”

Instead of answering, Angelus stepped up behind her curling his hands around her hips and she felt grateful that she’d worn a skirt tonight. Her panties went the same way as the bra, eagerly ripped away from her. She gripped the back of the chair and looked over her shoulder to see what Angelus was doing.

Instructing her to spread her legs as far as possible and lean against the wall for support, Angelus unbuttoned his shirt partway before simply yanking it over his head. He shoved his pants down to his thighs and moved forward to lean his hard, cool body against hers.

Both hands cupped her breasts as he pressed against her skin to skin, his deep male voice purring wicked promises in her ear.

Taking his cock in hand, he rubbed the tip down the crease of her buttocks and into the moist folds of her heated center. The tip brushed against the sensitive clitoris as he slid his erection back and forth. Angelus felt granite hard. Their heavy petting in the other theater had been more than enough foreplay.

“Angelus,” her throaty tone encouraged him, “do it now. Don’t tease me.”

He entered her with one smooth stroke tilting her hips and bottom to provide an easier angle. Her body gripped him snuggly, deeply and the heat nearly caused him to lose it right then and there. Angelus held himself still for a minute, enjoying the sensation while getting himself under control.

“Close your eyes,” he said with the same sensual voice he’d been using in the other theater. Complying, Cordelia’s eyelids shuddered closed.

As his hands moved back up to cup her bare breasts, Cordelia let out a moan at the contact. There was magic in his fingers everywhere he touched. Now she felt so full with Angelus deep inside her. If only he would start moving.

The vampire remained still, continuing to whisper into her ear. Putting thoughts into her head, echoing those of her own licentious imagination. “We’re back there now. In that other theater. Do you hear the noise of that dreary movie behind us?”

Cordelia nodded silently, picturing it in her head even as her insides burned with the need to move on his hard cock as it filled her up.

“They’re here too,” Angelus suggested as he began to thrust within her. “The crowd. They have no idea what’s going on being so engrossed in the film.”

“No idea,” she murmured while shifting her hips in rhythmic counter-movements.

“Do you smell the popcorn?”

Somehow, Cordelia would swear that she could. Hot and buttery. Juicy and finger-licking good. “Yes.”

Angelus gently plumped her breasts, his fingers molding to her skin and releasing her to brush his fingers along her sensitive crests. One arm dropped to curl around her waist holding her in place as his thrusts came faster and harder than before. She was so hot, so tight surrounding him that Angelus knew it wouldn’t be long before he came.

“The movie is on the screen,” he added between thrusts, “and I’m inside you, fucking you until the seat rattles beneath us.”

Braced against the wall, Cordelia felt Angelus nibbles against her neck and shoulder. Soft wet kisses alternated with hard nips. Skin sliding against skin. Cool against hot. Cock hard within her. Slick-slide. Hard, harder. He was pounding into her now with a force just the right side of too much, moving in and out with swift, deep strokes. His balls slapping with that telltale sound against her and stimulating her clit.

“What else?” She gasped the query as both of his large hands palmed her buttocks and curved around her hips to set her rhythm. Demanding to fill the little details of her fantasy, “What else?”

One hand fisted in the wild mane of her hair, the other held onto her hip as Angelus pistoned his hips hard against her, “We’re being watched.”

Cordelia let out a gasp that was more of a moan, “Who?”

He could feel the increase of her heart rate from the inside. Angelus wasn’t certain if he wanted to be pissed off that she was thinking about Angel and Buffy right now or if he should be pleased that she was enjoying the little fantasy he put in her head.

“You know who’s watching, Cordelia.” Wanting her to say it, “Tell me.”

Shaking her head in refusal, she bit down on her lower lip holding back the words.

“It excites you,” Angelus revealed the thoughts she would not put to voice, “the idea of being watched.”

Wildly now, Cordelia shook her head again sending her silky hair flying in long waves across her bare back. There were continuous little moans and raspy sounds coming from her throat as she continued edging closer and closer to the pinnacle of ecstasy.

“Sweet liar,” he let out a lusty laugh.

“Yes,” Cordy gasped and then realized what she was admitting. It didn’t matter. She felt so good, so close. Angelus was inside her bringing her toward a state of mindless need. As always, he was in perfect control. “Just touch me. So close. So close.”

“Touch you here?” Angelus brushed his fingers through the curls at the apex of her thighs sliding in to the moist crevasse to find the swollen nub of her clit.

“Oh, yessss!” Just a firm caress or two and Cordelia plummeted over the edge lost in the shuddering ripples of her orgasm. Letting himself go, Angelus quickly followed with a deep thrust as his muscles clenched in reaction to the fluttering response of Cordelia’s release around his cock.

Crying out her name, Angelus continued to thrust within her until they both collapsed forward against the wall. The vampire put out an arm to prevent his full weight from bearing down on Cordelia. He rested his cheek against her shoulder as her head lay against her arms still braced in front of her.

Slipping out of her, Angelus lifted her back to her feet turning her to face him. While her breath still came in heavy pants and her starry eyes gazed at him contentedly, Angelus gently redressed her. Pushing her skirt down around her legs, he tugged at the hem until the wrinkled material lay at a decent length across her thighs. Then he paused for a moment to run a finger across the curves of her breasts before reaching for the shirt draped over the neighboring theater seat.

As her bra was ripped, Cordelia didn’t bother with it. She slipped the top over her head and tried to straighten her hair. Angelus tucked himself back into his pants and closed up. Then they stood staring at each other, Cordelia looking flushed and almost shy as the reality of what they had done sunk in.

Angelus curled a finger under her chin, his thumb coming up to brush along her bottom lip. Leaning in, he pressed a soft kiss against her mouth. “We better leave before that movie lets out. There’s probably something scheduled in here sooner or later.”

“I-I’m surprised someone didn’t hear us,” Cordelia recalled the noise they had made. “These theaters must be soundproofed.”

“Lucky for us,” Angelus put his arm around her as he led them back down the steps. “Fantasizing about Angel and Buffy watching us is one thing—”

Cordelia started to protest when Angelus gave her a look that suggested it would be better to say nothing than attempt to lie to herself or him. It would have only been half a lie, Cordy admitted to herself. Buffy never came into the picture at all.

“—but I don’t want to share the sight of you with some pimple-faced adolescent popcorn sweeper.”

“Neither do I,” Cordelia agreed and then started to laugh at the picture forming in her head. She knew some of those theater employees. Not well of course since she did not usually associate with them, but having any of them walk in on her and Angelus would have been such a shock.

“What is it?”

“I feel like we’ve been bad,” she was smiling as she said it. “Geez, this was naughty. We could’ve been caught.”

“We weren’t,” Angelus pointed out sensing that Cordelia was anything but remorseful about it. Concluding, “It excites you.”

Cordelia paused on the last step. “I think so. It felt dangerous. Like that edgy feeling I get before I play bait-and-run, except this is about not being seen.”

“Sometimes,” Angelus commented cryptically.

She gave him a questioning look, which he chose to answer only with a knowing grin. Angelus led her out into the corridor and they made their way to the lobby. Checking the time on a huge wall clock, it indicated that the movie they were supposed to be watching had only ten minutes left.

By the time Angel and Buffy emerged from the theater, they were curled up on a bench near the exit lost in conversation. The souled vampire and the Slayer came up so silently that it startled the cuddling couple.

Buffy gave them a harsh stare. “What happened to you two? You missed the last part of the movie. I thought we were supposed to be having bonding moments.”

Letting out a deep laugh, Angelus wanted to tell the blonde that he and Cordelia had plenty of bonding moments. Figuring it would irritate Cordelia to reveal the truth, he chose to say, “Movie was a bore, so we stepped out.”

“So how was it?” Cordelia asked them curiously. After the first part of the movie, she had no clue what direction the plot went.

As Angel helped her on with the coat she’d left behind in the theater, he countered her question with, “I’d ask you the same thing…but I won’t.”

With her brow slightly furrowed, Buffy knew there was a double meaning to that statement. Some private joke that wasn’t so funny. Whatever it was, Angel obviously knew about it. Something he knew and didn’t need a verbal answer to confirm. Or something that his vampire senses revealed.

Omigod! Buffy’s eyes snapped wide open as she noticed Cordelia’s skin glowing more radiantly than usual. No lipstick. Her hair was mussed and that was something that never happened barring a vampire brawl.

“Tell me you haven’t been—,” Buffy couldn’t even say it. “Here, right here in the theater… while Angel and I were watching that boring movie?”

“Did you want an invitation?” Angelus laughed at her irate expression.

The Slayer did not dignify his question with a response. She looked at Angel as if she expected him to do something about this.

Angel was too busy drinking in Cordelia’s scent to care. His hands lingered on her shoulders after she slid into her coat. Finally, he glanced over at Buffy, noting the disgusted look on her fact that indicated she would not be up for sex in a public place any time soon.

Not that he was planning to suggest it.

Angel thought back to Buffy’s initial reaction when he put his arm around her in the theater. Obviously, he needed to put more of an effort into their relationship instead of letting things move along at their own pace. It irked him that after such a short time, Angelus and Cordelia had developed the kind of relationship that allowed them to explore the vampire’s sensual side.

Thinking about Buffy, the differences were painfully clear. They were way beyond the point where he was protecting Buffy’s innocence and shielding her from the truth. He wanted more and it wasn’t all about sex.

Judging by Angelus’ example with the flowers and candy routine, maybe a little romance was in order. He could do that. If Angelus could manage to plagiarize poets and provide Cordelia with little gifts, he could certainly do the same for Buffy. After all, how hard could it be?


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