10: By Dawn’s Early Light

Double or Nothing

Chapter 10: By Dawn’s Early Light

Dawn hinted at the horizon, colorful hues brightening the starlit sky as Angel slipped into the mansion. The endless night coming to a close, he returned to seek out the cleansing heat of a shower and the cool sheets of his bed. His stint of demon fighting was over for the moment.

Not that the real battle was successful. Far from it. That war raged on inside his head even now. Long past midnight and into the wee hours of the morning he’d been distracted by thoughts of Angelus and Cordelia. His emotions were so tangled it was no wonder he’d come away bruised and sore from the fights having given his opponents openings not normally left so defenseless.

Anger was the most obvious troublemaker. He relished it. For it was the one emotion that had an outlet. He felt mad at the world tonight, but mostly himself for giving his consent. Not giving it would have meant more trouble. At least this way the two of them would be under his watchful eye.

Loss pulled acutely at his senses. Maybe it was a selfish thing. Even if it was only through ancient traditional ties she didn’t even know about, Cordy had belonged to him. She was his friend. Stupidly, his attention had been elsewhere when Angelus insinuated himself into her good graces. Despite his personal experience with Cordy, he’d underestimated her ability to forgive and forget.

Jealousy bubbled up like the slow stench from a gaseous swamp. Though he hated to think of Angelus being the one to show her the meaning of ecstasy, it wasn’t just the idea of sex that irritated him. Once his eyes were opened to what was going on with the two of them, Angel realized Cordy’s soft looks and bright smiles were no longer for him, but for Angelus. The rare moments they had alone became rarer still.

Denial failed to cover up any of those emotions. Trying to blame them on legitimate concerns got him nowhere. As the night wore on, Angel realized that fighting random demons was no substitute for hashing it out with his own. So he’d quit trying to beat up Sunnydale’s demon populace just for the hell of it and come home.

Now closing the door behind him, Angel immediately noticed the high-heeled sandals Cordelia had been wearing lying haphazardly on the foyer floor. Thinking back, he remembered she’d put them on again at the front entrance after her barefoot walk through the park. Clearly, she had removed them for reasons that were all too easy to imagine.

Instant seduction, no doubt.

Angelus’ skills in that arena were well-honed and Angel knew precisely how the vampire handled women. How he worked at it when the occasion called for it. Over the past 250 years Liam’s charm and the predatory urges of the demon created a vampire versed in the art of seduction.

Cordelia was no pushover, not like most of the women that Angel or his soulless alter-ego had taken to bed. She genuinely had feelings for Angelus and it startled Angel to realize his double claimed to possess feelings for her as well.

Not that Angel thought it impossible. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want her? Not that wanting meant they deserved her attention or her friendship. Angel valued the trust that had been building up between them and her efforts to make peace for him with the Scooby Gang.

He cherished their budding relationship. It was unlike any other, inclusive of what he had with Buffy. Though lately, he’d been behaving like an overbearing jerk toward Cordy. He had no clue why.

Okay, so maybe the jealousy factor provided a minor clue. That didn’t make it right. Nor did it explain his deplorable actions in the library that night when he couldn’t keep his hands off her. Controlling his emotions and urges had gotten him through the past hundred years, but that ability had failed him.

Guilt was the brickwork of his emotional landscape. The sturdy mainstay of his daily diet. After the library, Angel had fed on that chunk of guilt until it choked him. Cordy had every right to look somewhere else for friendship after that. If it had been some random guy treating Cordelia that way, Angel figured he would have put the bastard in the hospital. Kind of hard to do that when you only had yourself to blame.

The irony lay in the fact that his behavior led to Cordelia’s rancorous suggestion that he look for a way to separate himself from Angelus. Doing so may have given Angel what he wanted: a permanent soul, but it had far-reaching circumstances that he’d never imagined possible. For the trust and friendship she willingly bestowed, Angel would deny Cordelia nothing.

Even Angelus.

Not that the decision was automatic. Especially since the serious nature of Cordelia’s feelings for the other vampire were revealed by Angelus himself. Had it just been an informal statement, Angel would have ignored it, but Angelus used every trick in the book by initiating a formal ritual.

It was all too easy to look for hidden agendas behind Angelus’ request. He was an arrogant, self-possessed creature. Having feelings for a human seemed to defy his own nature. Coming to Angel with that confession floored the souled vampire. Fury raged. He accused his double of playing games with Cordy.

Before their argument came to blows, Angelus asked him knowingly, “What would you have done if you’d met Cordelia before the Slayer came along?”

“That’s not a fair question,” Angel dodged away from the answer that blared loudly in his head. “I did meet Buffy first. She’s the reason I came to Sunnydale. We’re in love and that’s all that matters.”

Angel wanted to wipe the smirk off Angelus’ face. “Remember who you’re talking to, Soul Boy. I’ve been locked in that head of yours for too many years. I know how you think.”

“What are you saying?”

“If your little blond Slayer didn’t have you wrapped around her pinky finger, the first time you saw Cordelia Chase you would have taken everything she had to offer and more,” Angelus assured him. Harshly, almost accusingly, he added, “By the time Cor figured out you were a vampire, she wouldn’t have given a flying fuck about it.”

Denying it, Angel still wondered at the possibility. “It wouldn’t have happened.”

“We’re talking what-ifs,” Angelus countered. “You would have had Cordelia in your bed so fast it’s not funny. None of this pussy-footing around like you did with the Slayer.”

He’d insinuated himself in Buffy’s life for a purpose. Though an attraction was there, she never tried to make him a part of her life outside slaying. Cordelia hadn’t known that he was a vampire and wasn’t part of Buffy’s circle. It was only natural that she had looked at him as a man rather than a vampire. Had Buffy not been in the picture at the time, Angel could see himself being pulled in by Cordy’s natural allure.

Even if it came with a sharp wit and tactless tongue. “So what’s your point?”

“Don’t you know what would have happened next?”

Angel had the feeling his double was going to tell him whether he wanted to hear it or not. So he simply gave him his attention.

“Bliss,” Angelus answered. “Don’t even try to deny that one. Your soul would’ve been gone and Cordelia would be mine. Just as she should be mine now.”

“Never!” Raging at the idea, Angel stepped forward intent upon crashing his fist into that smug face.

Watching Angelus pace to the left, Angel tracked his twin’s movements, choosing to hold back for the right opening. If he kept up with this ridiculous notion of claiming Cordelia, then Angel might have to forget all about the deal with the Fates and just kill the bastard.

“Never? Are you saying that you wouldn’t find bliss in Cordelia’s arms?” Scoffing at the idea, Angelus mocked him with a sneer.

“I’m with Buffy,” Angel reminded with a menacing growl. “Your scenario doesn’t mean a damn thing. The only thing that counts is the fact that I’m not letting you have Cordelia. I won’t risk her life or her sanity by handing her over to you.”

“Even if she wants me?”

That comment certainly hadn’t calmed him down. “The hell she does.”

“Ask her.”

“I will,” Angel snapped, already imagining the meeting with Cordy. That was when the truth hit him like a sledgehammer. The signs he’d ignored or simply missed. It was clear that something was going on, but it couldn’t be serious. “She’s not in love with you. She couldn’t be.”

Angelus clamped his mouth shut, his jaw working and locking in restraint as he bit back some response. No doubt a retort pointed directly at Angel’s relationship with Buffy Summers. Angel could see it in his eyes. The struggle was all too apparent.

“Cordelia wants me.” Angelus’ certainty and the depth of emotion pouring from the darkened depths of his eyes caused Angel to reel back in shock. Knowing Angelus had never once felt a legitimate need for anyone, much less with such a visible show of feeling, left him momentarily speechless.

Then his soulless counterpart spoke the magic word that magnified the guilt that lay so close to the surface. “Please,” Angelus forced it out, but it came with a sincerity that could not be dismissed. “Do this for me. You already have the woman you say you want in the Slayer. Cordelia’s feelings run just as deep. It’s obvious that she wants me.”

“Maybe it is,” admitted Angel, still thunderstruck by the realization.

“I want her too,” Angelus struggled for the words to convince him. “I need her to get through this nightmare I’m living. She makes it all worthwhile, Angel. Don’t deny me the right to claim her.”


Cordelia was the one responsible for Angelus toeing the line and playing by the rules. The sudden positive turn in Angelus’ behavior and in his willingness to fight at the Slayer’s side had little to do with the Fate’s decision. It was all about her.

What would happen if he told the vampire no? If he formally denied him his wish to claim Cordy? There would be a fast fall from grace, he presumed. Angel knew that there were loopholes in the design of their agreement, far too many loopholes. If Angelus wanted to take advantage over them, he would do it without a hint of regret or remorse.


Cordelia Chase surprised him. For someone who had been so fearful of vampires and had shut him out of her heart the instant she learned he wasn’t human, she’d done a 180 on this one. Not only was she personally interested in involving herself with a vampire, but it was Angelus— the embodiment of his most demonic qualities.

How had she brought out such feelings in Angelus? His double hinted they were there all along just hibernating.

Angel finally caved in to the idea of Cordelia and Angelus. Talked himself into it. Partly because of Buffy and what he had risked for her. This was just one of those consequences he was going to have to pay for. There was also the guilt that wasn’t going away anytime soon. Because in some demented way, seeing Cordelia with Angelus would be like seeing her with himself.


Picking up Cordelia’s sandals, Angel arranged them next to each other at the bottom step and then headed directly up the staircase to the second level. The closer he got to the top of the landing, the more the vampire noticed Cordelia’s scent permeating the air. He’d first noticed it downstairs to a minor extent, but now it was everywhere. Angel figured it was just his overactive imagination causing him to exaggerate what he was sensing.

As he walked down the hall toward his bedroom, Angel’s face became a dark mask of anger. Instead of her scent becoming lighter as he moved away from what should be the primary direction of the source, there was a heavy concentration focused directly behind his bedroom door. It wasn’t just her strawberry shampoo, cinnamon-glossed lips or her soft perfume, but her full arousal.

The scent of her essence mixed with— with his own.

This was his bedroom, his territory. Angelus had the gall to bring Cordelia here to his bed. What the hell? As if he didn’t have to deal with enough anger at his own stupidity for agreeing to Angelus’ plan, now he had to face this? Dammit, it went beyond teasing him about what he was missing. This was a blatant taunt, a stab at him for dragging his decision out.

Pissed off, Angel didn’t care if his bedroom door was locked or unlocked. He could have turned the handle to test it, but this way was so much more satisfying. Flexing his thigh, he kicked open the door. Hinges squealed in protest. Wood splintered. The shards scattered across the carpet.

Barging in, Angel immediately saw the empty bed. His anger only marginally deflated as he found his room vacant. Other than the cloying scent of sex, they’d left physical evidence behind. The comforter was balled into folds and the pillows askew. On the floor, Angel found clothes in piles. It looked like Angelus’ entire outfit minus a few buttons. Cordelia’s skirt was on the floor as well as her lacy green bra.

Grabbing them off the floor, Angel proceeded to fold them into a neat pile trying to vent more of his anger into this constructive project. Only now Angel had Cordelia’s scent on his hands. He lifted them to cup his face and let himself breathe her in.

Would Angelus really invade his space this way just to torture him? Maybe. Angel could also picture Cordy, the self-admitted curiosity seeker, making her way to his room just to see inside.

Cordy needed to learn to stay in her own space where her lover had his rooms. Maybe he’d have to teach her to keep her temptations to herself. In that moment, the thought of turning her over his knee made him hard. His cool hand warming her reddening flesh. Cordy obviously enjoyed whatever Angelus did to her in his bed, just as he would enjoy his little payback.

With their neatly piled clothes in his arms, Angel darted out of the bedroom to tear up the stairs toward the third floor. After making her come however many times and ways, Angelus apparently brought Cordy to his own bedroom. They should’ve gone there in the first place.

Maybe they both needed a lesson, Angel fumed. Right after he beat some sense into Angelus, he would give their tactless little snoop the spanking she deserved.

Halfway up the stairs, reason set in.

Growling at the extent of his reaction, Angel paused on the steps as he realized this was no way to behave. Even if Cordelia did invade his space, he had no right to touch her much less paddle her deserving little ass. She might be tactless and far too interested in other people’s things for her own good, but Cordy certainly wasn’t his to discipline.

Angel’s violent plans sickened him. What the hell was he thinking? What the hell was Angelus thinking, for that matter? He’d obviously known what kind of reaction this would create and hadn’t cared enough to stop it. Looks like they needed to have a little chat about his belongings again, but there was no need to burst in on the two of them like a crazed lunatic just to get his point across.

No, he would have words with Angelus later after he calmed down.

Slowly, he traveled the steps back to the second floor landing and gazed down the hallway toward his bedroom. No way was he going back in there right now. He’d just go to sleep on the couch in the living room or pick out a book from the study. Maybe he’d stop in the kitchen to get something to eat. These violent urges might simply be a sign of hunger after his long night of fighting demons.

Especially his own.

Cordelia came out of the bathroom toweling her freshly washed hair. Angelus had bought her favorite shampoo during his trip to the grocery store and she imagined him pulling the caps off twenty bottles and sniffing them to find the one with the right scent. That was so sweet. She could hardly believe the tenderness and gentility he showed last night or these sweet gestures. For a soulless vampire, Angelus was certainly proving that he could control the darker side of his nature.

Angelus did tell her that sex with him wasn’t always going to be quite so tame. Even last night, it hadn’t stayed that way for long. He’d wanted their first time together to be something she would treasure. He came through with flying colors. Their night together was more than just incredible sex, but Cordelia didn’t really know how to classify it.

Her big concern right now was just making it through cheering at today’s Razorbacks football game. Cordelia knew she’d be thinking about him all day. Not to mention the fact that sleep had been minimal last night.

Nibbling at her lower lip, Cordelia slowly grinned as she stared at the vampire lying in the middle of the huge bed. She had been stunned at the first sight of it. “Is that a bed or a practice mat for a gymnastics team?”

That bed was a double king-size custom-made monster and they probably tumbled across every inch of it. Now Angelus lay sleeping in the center of it with a contented smile upon his handsome face. As she approached the bed, still drying her hair, Angelus opened his eyes. Cordelia dropped the towel on the floor and crawled up on the bed to place a soft smooch on his mouth.

“Hello again,” Cordelia sighed across his skin as she remembered the way she had awakened in his arms to find him watching her. They had simply started out kissing again, but then both wanted more. Cordelia had tucked her legs around his waist as he rolled over her to lie between her thighs. Angelus had brought her to ecstasy again, this time with a slow steady pace that had her pleading for completion.

The too large robe made it difficult for Cordelia to maneuver herself across the bed, but Angelus let her come to him. “I think you better run off to your game before I decide to cancel your plans for the day. I prefer you beside me while I sleep.”

“Lazy bones.”

“It’s more convenient that way. What if I wake up and want you again?”

Cordelia laughed at the pitiful look on his face. “Poor vampire. I’ll be back later this afternoon. Just expect that you’ll be helping me unpack some of my stuff before you get to see me naked again.”

She was about to retreat when Angelus’ strong hands pulled her back to him. “Not so fast. I need more of a goodbye kiss than that.”

Pulling her back into his arms, Angelus kissed her thoroughly. Cordelia was moaning against his lips as they rendered her helpless against the mounting desire that crept up on her every time he touched her. When he let her go, there was a reluctant sigh on her lips. “I need to grab something to eat before I leave for the game.”

“Want me to cook something?”

“No,” Cordelia grinned at the offer. “I’ll just have a bowl of cereal. You stay in bed. I want you to get your beauty sleep.”

“Think I need it?” His eyebrows quirked upward in response.

Cordelia’s gaze wandered down the bare column of his muscular chest and abdomen to return to his face. Laughingly, she said, “I wouldn’t want to wear you out.”

Tightening the belt of the oversized robe, Cordelia stepped out of the bedroom and firmly shut the door behind her. Food was definitely a priority, but so was finding her clothes. It wouldn’t do to trek through the park to her Corvette dressed only in a bathrobe. Assuming Angel had picked up the ‘Vette in the first place as he promised, she planned to head back to her parents’ house to change for the game.

Padding down the carpeted steps, Cordelia tonelessly hummed a happy little tune as she descended toward the first floor. Reaching the second floor landing, she turned to find Angel sitting on the second step from the bottom with his legs stretched out. Obviously lying in wait, Angel hadn’t even made an effort to remove his jacket after coming in. Cordelia was a little wary of seeing Angel this morning, not only because he knew what went on between her and Angelus, but because by now it was likely that he had been up to his bedroom.

With her heartbeat sounding in her ears, Cordelia turned back to head up the stairs. It would be easier to face Angel if Angelus was by her side. So what if that made her a coward? She hated it when Angel got mad at her, especially when he had good reason for doing so.

“Get down here, Cordy,” Angel ordered not even bothering to turn around to face her. He knew she was there.

Caught, Cordelia knew that she had no choice, but to face him alone. Taking in a deep breath of resolve, she took the stairs slowly until she stood next to him. Glancing down with a hopeful smile, she saw a fixed look of fury and knew that this was not going to be a fun conversation.

Noting the tidy pile of clothes on the step beside him, Cordelia jumped in first with, “Those are my clothes.”

Angel’s gaze moved down from her eyes to see the way her nude body alternately filled out or was swallowed by the large robe. Her painted toenails peeked from beneath its long edge. Countering her comment with a short growl, he pointed out, “That’s my robe.”

Feeling her mouth drop open, Cordelia quickly explained where she found it. “It was in Angelus’ bathroom. How was I supposed to know it was yours? I’d take it off and give it to you, but I’m not wearing anything underneath. You have my things.”

Lifting up the entire pile of clothes, Angel bided his time. How was she supposed to know? The same way she should have known not to go into my bedroom.

Sifting through the clothing that was a combination of Angelus’ and her belongings, Cordelia noticed something missing. Indignantly, she glared at the vampire. “Hey! Where are my panties?”

Angel gave her a look that suggested she should know the answer to that question. “I don’t have them.”

Clutching the clothes close to her chest, Cordelia continued to glare at him as if he would suddenly change his story.

The vampire lifted his empty hands, “Frisk me if you want. I don’t have them.”

“Fine,” Cordelia told him, “but I’m not frisking you.”

“I don’t have your panties.” Angel couldn’t believe that she thought he would want to keep the lacy little scrap of fabric. At least it was his guess that she wore something lacy.

“Okay, sheesh.”

Adding somewhat furiously, Angel’s nostrils flared, “It’s not like I need them to have your scent around. I can get that in the kitchen or the living room or my study. Is there a room in the mansion that you didn’t initiate last night?”

Blushing and covering it with a joke, Cordelia pointed in the direction of the old servants quarters and utilities. “The laundry room. I didn’t get to see that.”

Noting that Cordelia didn’t bring up the subject of his bedroom, Angel decided to wait a little longer. To see if she would apologize for it. Still, there were other things on his mind and he wanted to reassure himself that all went as well for her as it had appeared to. “So you’re okay this morning.”

“Better than okay!” Cordelia grinned at the memories, eyes sparkling in automatic response. “Just exhausted. I’d sleep in except I have an away game today. Y’know, cheerleading responsibilities. People depend on me to show up.”

Angel sounded surprised as he asked, “Angelus is letting you go?”

“Letting me? Pfft!” Cordelia rolled her eyes at the notion he would even bother trying to stop her. “I just hope I don’t fall asleep during the game.”

She made it sound like it wasn’t a big deal. That it was entirely her decision to leave her vampire lover’s bed. “You’ll soon adjust to a new schedule. There will be lots of adjustments.”

“I know,” Cordelia sounded a bit awed. “Not all of them have to do with sleeping. I’m so sore this morning. I think I stretched a little too much last night.”

What did she say?

Angel’s jaw dropped open at the thought of Cordelia’s flexibility as a cheerleader. All of the exotic positions that she would be able to accomplish with a little practice. He would bet anything that she’d be eager to try something new and seriously doubted that Cordy would have issues with who got to be on top. Unlike some people.

Maybe she meant the way Angelus stretched her from the inside. He wouldn’t doubt Cordelia saying something like that. When had she ever put a limit on sharing her thoughts? The idea suddenly accompanied a lusty image and he felt his body tighten in response.

Artlessly, Cordelia added, “Must have slept weird. I’m used to sleeping alone.”

Holding back a laugh, Angel realized he would just have to get used to her veracity. Whenever she opened her mouth, blatant truth followed. She couldn’t seem to stop it and it was his own fault if his imagination took him where it shouldn’t. “Cordy, we’ll be seeing a lot of each other. I just want to make a few things perfectly clear.”

Frowning at the idea, a pout appeared on her lips. “More rules?”

“Essentially, you’ll be living here with two vampires. Just be careful about—”

Cordelia startled at his words. That sounded like more than just guesswork. “How did you know about me staying here? Maybe I still want to stay with my parents. Jump to conclusions, much? Maybe I just want to come and go from the mansion.”

“Come and go?” Angel put a heavy emphasis that suggested another meaning entirely. It left her face flushed as he tagged on, “Poor choice of words, sweetheart.”

Gasping, Cordelia hurried to correct his impression, “I meant—”

“I know. I’m just teasing, just giving you a taste of your own medicine,” Angel told her.

“I don’t tease you.” Cordelia let out a huff and reached up to tuck a wet strand of hair behind her ear.

Angel smirked at her quick response noting that her neck was now exposed to his view. “Yes, you do. Every time I see you.”

“Do not.” Her hazel eyes flashed with defiance.

The discoloration along her throat drew his gaze. Angelus had marked her skin. “My point is this, Cordy,” he answered back with a bit of a growl. He dropped the light tone for a serious one. “Don’t do it in front of Angelus unless you want to be punished.”

“Pfft! Again with the punishment talk?”


Cordelia tossed the pile if clothing onto the steps and buried her hands deep in the pockets of the robe. The move made the robe gape over her cleavage. Angel tried his best to avoid looking, but wasn’t having much luck. “We went over this last night. Angelus is not going to hurt me.”

“I said punish,” Angel stressed the word. “That does not necessarily include pain. As I said… you have a lot to learn about vampires.”

“Yeah.” Cordelia had to agree with that last part as a far away look and secret smile suddenly appeared on her face making Angel wonder what caused it. He soon found out as Cordy told him musingly, “For instance, I never realized vampires purred. It started right after I—”

Cutting her off sharply, Angel jumped to his feet. Sternly demanding she stop right there, “Cordelia! I don’t need to hear what you did to make Angelus purr.”

Positioned on the second step, Cordy met him eye to eye, “I wasn’t going to give you the graphic details, just saying that it happened after I—”

“Cordy! I don’t need to hear it.”

Poking a finger into his chest, she raised an eyebrow, responding coolly, “I already know vamps growled. I don’t need another demonstration of that.”

Then, with a loud huff, Cordelia stalked past him toward the kitchen. Automatically following, Angel thought to himself that she’d be damned lucky if that was the only demonstration he’d give her.

Not bothering to look at him, she commented, “You said I could tell you anything.”

Torn between being completely open with her and not needing the torture of details, Angel reiterated, “I meant if Angelus hurt you that you should come to me for help or if he frightened you in any way. Not to tell me how you pleased my evil twin to the point of purring.”

Pulling down a bowl from one of the cabinets, she asked him curiously, “Why does it happen?”

Seeing that she was not letting the subject go, Angel reluctantly answered, “It’s a rare sign of contentment.”

Cordelia suddenly felt pleased with herself. “Purring— I like it. Just like a big cat with that deep sound rumbling and vibrating from his bare chest to mine.”

Warningly, Angel issued another sound of discontent, all too easily picturing her nude and lying on top of him. “Cordelia.”

“What? I’m not allowed to like it?” Seeing nothing wrong with what she had said Cordy opened the cabinet where Angelus had stored the cereal and grabbed the box of Cheerios.

“I want your honesty, but I don’t need to hear you describe what goes on in your bed.” Especially if it’s mine, he added silently.

“Geez! I was just talking about a simple vampire habit. Surely you purr too, Angel. Is it that big of a deal?” Cordelia put the open box down on the counter a little too forcefully spilling Cheerios everywhere.

Cordelia ignored the mess and was staring at him awaiting an answer. Finally, Angel let out an irritated sigh and then snapped, “I told you— it’s rare.”

“You’re acting snippy and snarly this morning. It’s no wonder you don’t purr. Just ask Buffy to—”

“Dammit, Cordy! It’s none of your fucking business if Buffy makes me purr. You keep out of my bed and I’ll do the same for you.” Angel’s voice had gone beyond stern control and verged on yelling. Added harshly as he stalked around the kitchen island to stand next to her, “In your case, I do mean that literally considering that you climbed into mine last night.”

Defensively, Cordelia shrugged, “We we’re touring. And it was on top. Not in.”

“Makes no difference.” Angel sounded out the words that had Cordelia backing away at their tone. She reached for the refrigerator door handle trying to make it look like his anger meant nothing, that she was cool enough to continue organizing her breakfast by taking out the milk.

“Want some breakfast?” Cordelia asked him rather proud of the fact that her voice did not quiver.

Ignoring the question, Angel stood so close she couldn’t open the door. “Stay out of my rooms unless you get invited. I don’t want your scent in there.”

“I don’t smell!” Then she recalled that vampires had superior senses compared to humans and that included the sense of smell. After what Angelus had done to her in Angel’s bed last night it was no wonder he was a little mad.

“You have no idea what your scent is like to a vampire. It lingers in the air long after you’re gone. Especially when you’re aroused like you were last night. Except that it wasn’t just simple arousal, was it?”

“Maybe.” Cordelia gave a little shrug as she recalled leaving behind a wet spot.

“Now you’re being coy?”

“You don’t want details, remember.”

“I already know these.” Angel lifted one arm to press a hand against the refrigerator door just next to her shoulder. “Do you have a clue what it’s like to have my double running free around town? To have to live with him here in the mansion sharing my things? To have you standing there in my robe and despite your shower still smelling of me, knowing that it’s him?”

Gulping at the idea, Cordelia softly admitted, “No, I didn’t realize.”

“That’s why I don’t want your teasing. That’s why I can’t listen to the details,” Angel told her roughly. Then his voice deepened, “Not because I don’t want to share your laughter or answer your questions. It’s because I don’t want to forget that you’re no longer mine.”

Her lower lip trembled at the intensity in his eyes and his somber tone. “I was never yours, Angel. Not in the real sense.”

Letting out a dark laugh, Angel brought his other hand up to grasp the top of the refrigerator, completely blocking her into the open prison of his arms. Angelus had made the same move, their habits in some ways so similar to each other.

“Oh, it was real. You never knew it and I never acted on it, but that doesn’t mean it never existed.” Angel gave her a hard stare. “Now it has to stay that way.”

If that was how he felt, why the heck had the vampire kissed her just before turning her over to Angelus? Accusingly, she demanded to know the truth. “You kissed me. Why?”

For a moment Angel thought about doing it again. Only seconds after telling her that he couldn’t and wouldn’t act on their former ties, trying to pretend that he would find it easy not to touch her despite having had a taste of those lips, derisive thoughts echoed in his head. You like making it hard on yourself, don’t you?

Cordelia watched as Angel drew closer, his mouth hovering only inches from hers. She held her breath trying to think of something snarky to say to get him to move away. Then she felt a soft flutter against her cheek as Angel pulled her lost panties down from the top of the refrigerator.

“I think these are yours, sweetheart,” he deadpanned.

Snatching them out of his hand, Cordelia immediately stuffed them into the pocket of the robe. She collapsed back against the refrigerator door while watching Angel walk away, relieved that this confrontation was over. Then she realized Angel had never responded to the question about kissing her.

Disappointed that he hadn’t answered, Cordy also wondered, And what’s with this sweetheart business?

Forcing herself to move, Cordelia cleaned up the spilled Cheerios. The past twelve hours had been mind-boggling. Starting with the revenge against the two band members who had tried to rape her, followed by her talk with Angel and his startling kiss, to having sex with Angelus, this was already more than just a memorable day. Now all she needed was for the opposing football team to be under some kind of demonic spell and her day would be complete.

What more could possibly happen?

Opening the front door of the mansion, Buffy Summers let herself inside. It was just past sunup and she might be too late to catch Angel before he went to sleep. His worried expression plagued her last night. Something was up with Cordelia and even if he wouldn’t give her the details, Buffy wanted to make sure that things were all right with the cheerleader. She wouldn’t ask Cordelia directly, so that left wheedling information out of Angel. Besides, she missed him last night since he had left the Bronze so early, taking Cordy with him.

Buffy’s sensitive hearing caught the sound of someone in the kitchen and she headed in that direction. She only hoped that it was Angel and not Angelus. It was so darn embarrassing to have to ask their identities every time she saw them, so Buffy had come up with a method of making general comments before getting on with the greetings.

The only one in the room was a shower-fresh brunette bending down to grab the milk from the refrigerator, obviously making herself right at home. “Cordelia!”

“Eeeaahh!” Cordelia hadn’t heard the Slayer’s naturally stealthy approach and dropped the carton of milk to the floor spilling it. “Buffy! You scared the crap out of me. See what you made me do?”

Buffy didn’t budge from her position as Cordelia righted the milk carton and then scrambled for the paper towels. She simply took in the sight of the wet hair and the fact that the cheerleader was wearing Angel’s robe and apparently nothing else.

“Having a problem with your clothes this morning?” Buffy asked as Cordelia wiped up the spilled milk.

Crouching on the floor, Cordy heard the sardonic tone to the Slayer’s voice. Guess who got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Answering from behind the island, “Yes, actually. They were spread all over the house. Angel rounded them up for me.”

“How sweet of him,” Buffy sounded rather sour.

“He can be,” Cordy agreed, “but lately your boyfriend has been a jackass.”

Standing up, she met Buffy’s cold gaze. Geez! I was joking. Kinda.

Crossing her arms over her chest, Buffy commented, “I’m surprised to hear you say that— considering.”

Confused, Cordelia asked for more information, “Considering what?”

“The fact that you slept with Angel, you boyfriend stealing slut.”

“What? No!” Gasping, Cordelia couldn’t believe that Buffy was thinking Angel would cheat on her. Well, he had kissed her last night, she admitted to herself, but that wasn’t anything Buffy needed to worry about.

“No, you mean you didn’t steal him?” Buffy drolled, “Don’t tell me— you were just borrowing him for the night.”

Just his bed.

“Wrong vamp, Buffy,” Cordelia held up her hands as the blond Slayer started to walk around the island with a menacing glare. “Angel brought me here and then left. He just now got home. I was with Angelus last night.”

Stopping in her tracks, Buffy was stunned at the confession. It was so crazy that she had to believe it. “Angelus! You slept with Angelus. Are you completely insane, Cor?”

“There wasn’t much sleeping,” Cordelia admitted with a slow grin.

“But this is Angelus. Evil, soulless Angelus,” Buffy continued her rant of disbelief, all slack-jawed and bug-eyed. “Send the world to hell Angelus.”

Cordelia calmly reminded her, “He’s changed.”

The other teenager let out a snort of disbelief. “He hasn’t changed. The Fates have him on a leash.”

“Maybe they do, but Angelus has made a lot of progress despite their interference.”

Buffy wondered if Cordelia knew what she sounded like defending the monster that had murdered Ms. Calendar, tortured Giles, stalked the Scooby Gang, tried to drive Buffy insane and threatened to kill her. “I can’t believe that you slept with— eew!”

“What? Eew, what? I assure you that there was nothing to eww about.”

“I just thought of something,” Buffy had a squiggy look on her face.

Tired of defending herself, Cordelia responded sharply, “Should I mark this day on the calendar for you? Our new national holiday: Buffy Had A Thought Day.”

Rolling her eyes, Buffy pointed out to her, “Don’t you see why this vampire double thing is so weird? It’s just like you’ve seen my boyfriend naked. Maybe I will have to kill you.”

Their eyes met, holding steady. Awkwardly, they laughed about it. Cordelia couldn’t resist commenting, “I’ve gotta admit it. Naked Angelus is pretty damn hot.”

“Totally!” Buffy agreed and then stumbled to add, “Angel, I mean.”

Curious, Cordelia asked as she felt a twinge at her inner thighs, “Were you sore for days afterward? The first time with Angel, I mean?”

“I was numb for days.” Visibly sad at the reminder, Buffy pointed out, “Angelus showed up, remember?”

“Right. Sorry.”

Buffy shrugged. That was water under the bridge. She hoped. Answering Cordelia’s question, “No, I wasn’t sore. Slayer healing factor.”

“Hmm. Good thing I’m already flexible,” Cordelia moved around a bit drawing a dark look from Buffy whose mind drifted off to places it probably shouldn’t. Cordy quickly changed the subject, “Did you know that vampire’s purred?”

“Like cats?” Buffy questioned, “Why?’

Obviously not. That answers that. “Just asking. Because it happened last night with Angelus right after I—”

“Wait!” Buffy held up a hand to stop her. “I don’t want the skanky details. No details. It’s already too easy to picture because Angelus looks exactly like Angel.”

Cordelia looked disappointed. “It’s just a little advice.”

Straightening her spine, Buffy gave her an offended look. “I don’t need advice from you. Angel and I are fine. Just fine. Great. Terrific, in fact.”

At least they would be if Angel stopped trying to dominate her when they were in bed together, Buffy thought. She couldn’t understand why he was so opposed to letting her be on top every time. It was the only way she could really let go.

“Terrific,” echoed Cordy. Chandelier-shaking terrific. “That’s what I thought.”

“Where is Angel?”

“I think he went back upstairs,” Cordelia guessed, considering the time. “To bed.”

Unless he was burning the bed covers. That might not make such a good impression on the Slayer. Not to mention the explanation that would follow. “Maybe you should call him later. Y’know, like this afternoon when he’s awake.”

“Nah, I’ll just go on up now.” Buffy missed the flicker of dread on her face, “See you later.”

Hopefully not. “I have a game today.”

Halfheartedly, Buffy pumped a fist in the air. “Go Razorbacks!”

Assuming she was going to end up seeing a lot more of Buffy from now on, Cordelia called out with an idea, “Next week there’s a night game scheduled. We should bring the Tweedles.”

Turning around again, Buffy asked her, “You’re not really going to call them that are you?”

“Not to their faces,” Cordelia grinned as she reached for the carton of milk that was now only half full.

Letting out a snort, Buffy walked up the stairs. Cordelia was dating Angelus. How weird was that!

She reached the second level and felt her Slayer senses pick up a strange vibe in the air. It usually never happened unless there was a vampire around, but she rarely picked up Angel this way unless he was letting his demon loose during a fight. A low grunt sounded as she neared the room.

Then she saw the broken door and started moving faster toward it. An attack? Angel was in some kind of trouble. He needed help.

Buffy leapt over the broken shards of the door and into a fighting stance. Instantly, she realized that Angel was not being attacked. Her jaw dropped. Eyes popped open wide. Frozen in position, she couldn’t move as she watched Angel spread out naked on his bed, his skin pale and perfect against the sheets..

Despite that Angel’s eyes were closed, he was not sleeping. Definitely not. Omigod, he was masturbating. His hand fisted the hard column of his cock moving at a pace that left Buffy in a stupor. The engorged flesh appeared bigger than she’d ever noticed. Fist pumping up and down. Hips grinding down and thrusting back.

A growl of frustration rumbled in his throat as if he was striving for a goal just out of reach. Stunned, Buffy had never seen anything that turned her on quite so much. Angel, lying there in all his glory. So perfect, so hard and male. So, so sexy. He was already in the perfect position. All she had to do was rid herself of these clothes and climb on for the ride of her life.

Finding her voice, Buffy cleared her throat, “Need some help with that?”

Angel’s eyes flew open, startled to see Buffy standing there. He hadn’t sensed her approach. Raising himself to his elbows, his erection fell stiff and heavy against his abdomen. Staring at her with topaz eyes, Angel warned huskily, “I don’t think you should be here right now.”

Guilt stabbed deeply. This time because his girlfriend had found him masturbating while surrounded by Cordelia’s scent. Lucky thing she hadn’t come in a minute ago when he’d been telling his fantasy lover how to please him. He doubted Buffy would be so eager hearing the brunette’s name on his lips.

Pouting, Buffy flashed her wide eyes at him. Sashaying up to the side of the bed, she stroked his muscled arm with a teasing finger. “Don’t you want me?”

She looked certain of his answer and Angel just felt angry at himself. His girlfriend had no clue about what aroused him. But he certainly did. Maybe that should have deflated the situation a little, but Angel remained painfully erect. His own cold hand just wasn’t doing it for him. He needed the warmth, the heat of a woman wrapped around him.

“Take off your clothes,” Angel instructed, deciding to take Buffy up on her offer. He didn’t have to tell her the reason for his actions. As long as he got them both off, it really didn’t matter. Once she was naked, he got off the bed, towering over her and tilting her chin up. When their eyes clashed, hot desire rampant between them, he said, “Just one thing. We’re playing this my way.”

After a move of combined strength and speed that left Buffy face-down on the bed, Angel climbed back on to the mattress, his knees positioned on either side of her legs. Buffy glanced over her shoulder, a spark in her eyes, but she was waiting for his next move, not protesting his use of strength.

There would be none of his usual foreplay today, he decided instantly, seeing that his lover was already wet and ready for him. Reaching for her hips, he entered her in one hard stroke. Buffy let out a startled cry, but was soon keening under the rhythmic motion of his thrusts.

In the dining room below, Cordelia brought another spoonful of Cheerios to her mouth. She glanced up at the tinkling sound above her and noticed that the chandelier was shaking against the ceiling. Suddenly, her appetite was gone. Buffy was right. It was a little too easy to picture what was going on upstairs now that she knew every inch of Angelus’ body and could imagine what Angel looked like.

Thoughts of Angel didn’t wig her out. It was the fact that he was up there with her. Doing things to make the chandelier respond like there was an earthquake. Suddenly wondering about last night, Cordelia figured there might have been a little chandelier shaking when Angelus had her on that bed.

“Lift your skirt,” he’d directed causing her heart to skip excitedly. “I want to taste you.”

That was enough to have her quivering all over. Cordelia did as instructed, lifting her skirt to give Angelus a tantalizing view. She slipped down onto the bed uncaring at that point that it belonged to Angel. She was too focused on the vampire directly in front of her, especially as he started to remove his clothes.

Layer by layer, he revealed what she’d seen in brief flashes. Places she’d touched, but not seen without the restriction of clothing. Watching, she saw him pull his shirt across the broad span of his shoulders, strength apparent in the thick muscles of his arms and chest. Tossing the shirt to the floor, he followed it with shoes and socks, having turned his back to her, no doubt teasing rather than a show of false modesty.

Propped up on the bed by her elbows, Cordelia imagined her hands on his skin or better yet, her lips. The telltale zip preceded the slow descent of his pants revealing his firm, masculine buttocks. A little gasp caught in her throat and Angelus’ head turned just a fraction upon hearing it, a smirk on his lips. The pants hit the floor and he kicked them aside leaving him naked and drool-worthy.

Wide-eyed, her lips gaping in silent awe, Cordelia held her breath as Angelus turned around to face her. Holding eye-contact, she blinked once at the desire sparkling in those dark depths and then let her gaze slip down the length of his aroused body.

“Angelus,” the sound of his name on her lips acted like ripples on the water sending tingles of anticipation through them both.

He stood at the edge of the bed, his gaze as potent as his touch. Just looking at her evoked a thrill inside her. Cordelia felt flushed and aching. That sensual smirk on his face only made her want more of his kisses. The mattress dipped beneath his weight as Angelus moved forward slowly, his hot gaze lingering on the exposed juncture of her thighs before flicking back to hold hers.

As Angelus lowered his body between her legs, Cordelia reached out for him. Her hands roamed across his shoulders and back to clutch him close. Her legs slid along his. Gasping as his hard length butted against her moist center, her hips jerked in sudden response, rolling forward to sustain the contact.

Grabbing his ass with both hands, Cordelia let out a little moue of pleasure as her body aligned so that any tiny move caused him to rub against her sensitive clitoris. A deep chuckle followed his own implicit groan. Then the laughter died as his mouth covered hers. Wild and wet, demanding and deep, as carnal a kiss as Cordelia ever experienced, it left her gasping for more even as her lungs burned for air.

His cool hand cupped her heated face, thumb roving across her swollen lips. “Eager?”

“Obvious much?” Cordelia had never been this excited about doing it. She squeezed his ass, eyes twinkling all the while, and let her hands start roving again.

“Try to temper it,” Angelus kissed the tip of her nose. “I plan to taste every inch of you before I make you mine.”

Those husky words lit up her imagination, stoking the fire on a slow burn inside her. He was right. She was eager. The excitement of their tour made waiting any longer seem torturous. “Now. I want it now.”

Molten lust filled his gaze, long enough for Cordelia to think he was going to give it to her. She writhed against him wanting even closer contact, hissing as her lace-covered nipples rubbed his cool chest and nipping her own lip at the friction along her clit.

Angelus shuddered, his cock twitching in demand that he just follow his instincts to bury himself deep within her. Bucking hard against her, he growled in lusty response at the slick heat scorching his flesh. Still touching her face, he turned it back so that she was looking straight into his eyes again.

“We can fuck anytime, Cor, and we will. Often,” the passionate promise came with an addendum, “but not tonight. We’re going to have sweet vanilla sex right here in this bed.”

Angel’s bed. Fleetingly, the thought came and went. Distracted by the butterfly kisses Angelus planted across her temple, cheeks and jaw, Cordelia forgot all about their location. All too swiftly, she was lost in his kisses, his caresses and the way he felt in her arms.

“I’m going to make love to you,” Angelus whispered in her ear, his lips softly grazing the whorled shell and tugging gently at its fleshy lobe.

Cordelia’s heart fluttered at those words. If only he meant that in more than just a physical way. “Don’t tease me. Don’t say that if you don’t mean…”

“I mean every word,” Angelus sounded a little stunned himself. Normally, he would have been promising sweaty and violent rather than sweet and vanilla sex, but that wasn’t what he wanted for Cordelia. These stupid feelings just got in the way. “You will be mine, Cor, in every way I can make it happen.”

He kissed her lips, tenderly and reverently before saying, “I love you.”

So surprised by his confession, Cordelia could only stare back at him, at a total loss for words. Angelus waited for a moment. No answering declaration came. She read the confusion in his eyes and tried to fix it, but he kissed her words away even as they formed on her lips.

Endless kisses. His cool hands slipping along her heated skin. Hooking a finger under the strap of her bra, pressing his mouth against her shoulder. His legs pinning her to the bed, preventing her movement, driving her wild with the need to circle her hips and rub against him.

Touching him. Hot hands over cool flesh. Muscles flexing under her fingers. That soft growl in her ear, against her skin. Her mouth on his, kissing him back, trying to keep up. Learning what brought that wicked smirk to his lips. Pleading and demanding his skillful touch.

Her cry of relief when his hand cupped her bared breast. “Kiss me,” she gasped out her need to have his mouth on her.

Angelus’ thumb whisked across the fragile areola, its puckering flesh sending out a thousand tingles, her dusky rose nipple budding hard beneath the skimming digit. Cool air blew across it. Cordelia arched up, closer to his mouth. He plumped her firm flesh, lifting his head to tell her, “I love the way you fill my hand.”

Dragging his free hand up to her other breast, still covered by the lacy cup of her bra, Cordelia moaned against his mouth, “Kiss me.”

Tiny kisses trekked across the landscape of her cleavage, little teasing touches on her bare skin here and there. Fingers tracing along the soft edge covering her other breast. She urged him on with her soft moans, his mouth creating tendrils of delight wherever it wandered. Tongue flicking across her distended nipple. Sucking softly, gently tugging at its hidden twin through the thin lace bra.

Her fingernails trailed across his back, weaving through the short strands of his hair. Trying not to hold him steady, wanting him to surprise her with his talented lips and tongue. Hungrily, she watched every touch of his mouth against her sensitive breasts and heard her own mewling pleas echo in her ears.

Pressing her breasts together, Angelus ran his tongue through the deep divide of her cleavage. Lifting his head, cheek to cheek, his tone graveled, “One day, I’ll have you there.”

Angelus’ idea of sweet vanilla came with a few wicked promises. Things that never occurred to her to imagine. Until now.

No sooner had wanton images filled her head, than he kissed her senseless again. He reached beneath her to unfasten her bra, pulling her up to straddle his thighs as he removed the lacy barrier. She smiled somewhat shyly despite their intimate position. Hazel eyes dropped down to his cock and her hand followed.

Softly, tentatively, Cordelia ran her fingertips along the swollen shaft, encircling its thick girth and tugging slowly upward. Her thumb rubbed the underside of the tip peeking from its foreskin. Watching, Angelus muttered his approval, his hands on her thighs, moving with the same pace from knee to hip. “That’s it, baby, just like that.”

Her free hand wound around to his nape, eyes molten honey as she felt him thrust slowly into her grip below. “Now, Angelus? Can it be now?”

Capturing her mouth, Angelus gave her one firm kiss, his hands palming her flushed face. “Getting impatient? I thought you liked playing with your new toy.”

“If it’s mine, I can do what I want with it,” she licked at her lips, still tasting him on her mouth. An impish glint lit her eyes as Cordelia enthusiastically pumped his cock.

Angelus loved her spirit. Beautiful, wanton and playful, Cordelia belonged to him and only him. No matter that he’d love to let her have her way right now, he still had too many plans to wander off course. Though his body tightened with need at her touch, he slowly shook his head to say, “Not yet.”

Shifting, he lay her down upon the bed again, this time with her head toward the top corner, allowing them a long angle. Then Angelus began another slow decent from her mouth, following the same path as before except down the other side of her neck, suckling just hard enough to leave a mark behind.

He teased her breasts this time, nipping at one with his smooth rounded teeth and drawing it deep into his mouth. Then he started flicking at her flesh with his tongue, her nipples aching ridges under the wet velvet onslaught. The dual sensations of his hands and mouth had her head rolling back against the pillow.

When he moved down to her waist, she let out a whimper of protest as his hands left her breasts. Soft gasps soon replaced the objection as his fingers trailed down to the apex of her thighs weaving through soft curls toward the damp heat below.

Crushing the bed covers in her hands, Cordelia tried to hold back the lusty moans that resulted from Angelus’ teasing stimulation. His facile tongue swirled down in her navel. Fingers below gathered her creamy arousal, circling her clit. That predatory rumble sounding in the air and against her hot skin making her crazy with want. Her finger kneading the thick muscles of his shoulders, greedily touching every part of him that she could reach.

One irritant acted as a barrier to their pleasure as Angelus kissed his way down her body. Her skirt still ringed her waist. Cordelia squirmed almost frantically at the loss of his touch as Angelus pulled away.

He made short work of removing it, tossing it somewhere along the foot of the bed, uncaring where it fell. Then reaching up to grab a pillow, he instructed Cordelia, “Lift your bottom.”

Shoving the pillow under her ass raised her hips to a level more suited to pleasuring her. Cordelia’s entire body flushed in anticipation as she watched shifting above her. His eyes kept darting to hers as his hands roamed across the soft skin of her inner thighs. She gulped down a frisson of combined excitement and fear as he stared so closely when his lustful gaze dropped down to her trimmed muff of soft brown curls.

Parting her thighs, Angelus pushed them back to a wide angle, his fingers sliding along the pouting labia already wet with her fragrant secretions. “Sweet Cordelia cunny,” he murmured as if he’d just found the main course at a buffet. Her eyes went wide at his words wondering at the reason for that knowing smirk. “You look delicious,” Angelus lowered his mouth to lick the most inner crease of her leg right where it joined that intimate flesh. Using the flexible tip of his tongue, he drew random designs across that spot and repeated it on the other side.

Cordelia moaned at the sensation. He was close, so close to her core and to her throbbing clitoris, but Angelus seemed intent on teasing her. Every time his tongue flickered closer to her burning center, it floated away leaving her craving his mouth on her.

“Ever had a man’s tongue on your pussy?” Nuzzling his face in the soft curls, Angelus pressed a kiss upon the fleshy mound over her pubic bone and then bit into it gently with his curved teeth.

A yelp of surprise came from Cordelia’s throat as she raised her head to meet his devilish gaze and then told him no. “My boyfriends never…,” the words stuck in her throat as she watched a smile curled his lips and he returned to slide his lips across the soft petals of her sex.

Cordelia flopped back, head hitting the pillow, eyes closed tight as her body reeled in reaction. A startled cry escaped as that cool tongue touched her there. Her hands gripped the pillow as she alternated moans with whispered pleas. She arched hard against his face with her hips, needing him to taste her.

Opening his mouth, Angelus licked her tender flesh from bottom to top, letting his tongue dance across her clitoris. Fingers circled and rubbed along her outer labia. That skillful tongue darting along the folds. Pulling the soft skin into his mouth, he nibbled at it with his lips before opening her further. Thrusting his tongue deep and rhythmically.

“Don’tstopdon’tstop!” Cordelia thrashed her head against the pillow, holding it tight.

Unbidden, Angelus moaned against her pussy, the sound waves vibrating against her intimate flesh as he lapped up every honeyed drop his tongue could gather.

Broad and flat, his tongue swept back up to her clitoris to curl around the tight little nub. Brushing up and down the erect clit. Giving it one sharp tap with his fingertip before sliding one and then another thick finger into her tight heat.

He roamed across her silken flesh lapping up her juices and gently flicking his tongue here and there. Always returning to her sensitive clitoris, he continually surprised her each time he touched or licked it. With a quick little suck, he pulled it into his mouth and let go eliciting another moan from Cordelia whose continuous little cries filled the air around them.

Cordelia tried to focus, to watch what he was doing to her, his dark head planted between her thighs. Then his eyes met hers, some instinct telling him that she was looking. That bottomless gaze a well of love and lust. Breathing erratically, his wet intimate kisses left her panting as she reached a sudden threshold. Angelus slipped his thumbs inside her wet core leaving his fingers free to stimulate her outer lips. With a growl of delight, he suckled aggressively on her exposed clit.

A short scream pierced the air, incoherent gibberish following as she bucked upward coming hard. Cordelia grabbed his hair with her fists finding herself rocking her hips up to his mouth. Moving her crotch back and forth with the pace of his sliding thumbs. Somewhere in the midst of screaming out her orgasm, his name became a mantra on her lips.

Keeping his head pressed against her, Cordelia clung to him, now rotating her hips slowly. His tongue pressed along the underside of her clit holding his lips over the top, holding his thumbs in a gentle stretch as her juices sluiced over them. Cordelia continued to convulse with wave after wave of pleasure until finally, Angelus eased away from her sensitive clitoris and removed his thumbs from inside her.

Cordelia turned her heavy-lidded gaze upon him seeing the lust echoed in his eyes. Rising to his knees, his hard body sculpted with muscles and his rigid erection came into view. Angelus wrapped his hands around his rampant cock, keeping his eyes on her as she watched him. Her hot cream coated his fingers and now shined slickly as he rubbed it over his hard flesh.

“See something you want?” Angelus needed her to say it, his body tense.

The demanding plea flew to her lips, “I want you inside me.”

He swirled the tip of his cock against her clit causing her to hiss and shudder at that final tease. Then the broad tip nudged against her opening. Cordelia held her breath, wide-eyed as Angelus’ hands slipped along her legs to grasp her hips. Hot need raged in his eyes as he stared back, penetrating slowly as she adjusted to his girth.

Cordelia reached out to him, wanting him closer. He thrust forward in one smooth movement and penetrated deep. With the urgent panic of a pinned butterfly, she instinctively tried to wriggle free. The burning slide of his cock against her inner walls trailed fire in its wake. With the second thrust, the world closed down around them as Angelus shifted his body to cover hers.

Holding himself there, Angelus dipped his head into the crook of her neck, resting his forehead against her throat. Fighting for some control fast slipping away under the sensation of her pulsing heat surrounding him. He wanted to fuck her into the mattress, throw her legs over her head and see what cheerleader flexibility was all about.

For an instant, it was all he considered. Until he felt the gentle caress of her palms sliding over his skin. Only he wanted other things as well. Wanted her soft mouth moaning pleas against his lips, wanted the hard tips of her breasts against his chest and wanted to bring her to a slow, stirring orgasm she would feel the rest of the night.

If only he could wait that long. His hands slid over Cordelia’s skin damp with tiny beads of perspiration glistening across her golden flesh. Her legs locked around him, heels digging in with an urgency that neared his own. Hot air against his ear as Cordelia breathed out her feelings, “I love you, too.”

His head snapped up, acknowledging her words with the hungry claim of her lips. A hand buried in the tendrils of her hair. Their mouths sliding, opening, taking each other as their bodies rocked together. Finding a rhythm. Consumed by hot, clenching need and bound by emotions that tied his unbeating heart to her, Angelus held on to his precious possession.

“Cor,” an apologetic sound cracked his voice even as the primal gleam of gold lit his eyes. Hips pivoting, Angelus lost himself inside her.

Above her, he was hard and heavy, surrounding her in a cage of flesh and bone she had no intention of escaping. Soft feminine warmth absorbing the steady impact of Angelus’ muscular body and his repeated thrusts. Loins throbbing as her tight sheath surrounded him.

Cool and wet, his tongue lapped at her salty skin, tasting the sheen on her shoulder, the dip of her cleavage, the hollow of her throat. One large hand curled around her hip, holding her steady as his cock pistoned inside her addictive heat. Bumping into her clit, setting off tiny explosions of ecstasy. Grinding hard and feeling the response as her inner muscles tensed against each departure.

Cordelia moaned for more, her palms smoothing out the muscles of his back as they flexed under her touch. He arched as his hips curled to a new angle, his free hand ripping out the pillow crushed beneath her bottom. Tossing it away where it bounced off the wall and back onto the bed at a haphazard angle.

Sizzling pleasure trailed across her skin with every touch, with each kiss. Cordelia unlocked her legs from around him, angling them higher, her hips now meeting his every thrust. Careless of the hard contact. Each banging beat bringing her closer to him.

Angelus’ heady voice sounded in her ear promising wicked pleasures and delights. She scored his back with her nails, reaching down to palm his ass. The tight muscles flexing under her palms as he fucked her in that untiring rhythm. Heat licked at her insides, the tension building exponentially.

Smoldering lust met her excited stare, both recognizing the approach of the ultimate pleasure. Cordelia wrapped her arms around him, relishing in the strength and power of his body, restrained and unleashed in such controlled measures. Her body milked him from within. Muscles gripping and clenching in ways out of her control, that left her reeling with the sensation of his rigid shaft filling her up.

A dark moan rose from his chest as Angelus felt his body tighten, the drive toward ecstasy so close he could taste it in the air. He buried his head back in the nook of her neck, nuzzling against the heady pulse. Lips brushing that spot. Tongue dragging across the thudding beat. Mouth closing over it, sealing his lips against her fragile skin.

Cordelia’s hands slipped upward. One on his nape and the other clutching the short, damp strands of his hair. She felt a tug against her throat, a soft suction and the swipe of his tongue. All the while, Angelus fucked her even harder, until she barely noticed the gleam in his eyes as he stared down at her neck. His howl of satisfaction roared in her ears as he came.

His vocal climax toppled Cordelia over the brink of her own orgasm, her body singing its pleasure in a thousand measures. A cry on her own lips as she held him close and he rode her steadily until he’d eked out every last shudder her body could give.

Falling back against the pillows, Cordelia felt Angelus’ weight upon her. Heavy and delicious against her. Then rolling over, he pulled her with him, the damp tendrils of her tumbled hair sticking to her face. Curling against him, she tucked one leg around his and let her hand roam across his chest.

After a long moment of silence, Cordelia’s eyes darted up to his. Guessing correctly, her words were more comment than accusation, “You gave me a hickey, didn’t you?”

Angelus glanced down at the purple bruise marring her otherwise perfect throat. “It’s temporary. I can’t mark you the way I want too. Tonight, this will have to suffice.”

Circling her fingertip around one of his small brown nipples, Cordelia gave a little grunt of understanding. She rested her head on his chest, still lazily toying with him as he held her in his arms. Thoughts filled with flashbacks of everything they had done.

A sudden laugh gurgled in her throat, one she tried to swallow. It came out as a loud snort. Cordelia smirked, muttering against his skin, “So much for vanilla.”

“The tour isn’t over, baby,” Angelus reminded Cordelia that they still hadn’t made it to the third floor. “We can try any flavor you like.”


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