Double or Nothing

Fate plays its hand. Angel finds a way to secure his soul, but doing so gives Angelus his own separate existence. The result leads to the ultimate demise of the B/A relationship, a hot new C/Aus romance, and the development of a complex friendship between Cordelia and Angel. 

  • CONTENTS:   C/Aus, C/A, B/A in BtVS
  • RATING:   NC-17
  • LENGTH:   Epic Novel / 310,500 words
  • STATUS:   Completed
  • CHALLENGE CREDIT: Scorch (Details Below)
    • Wicked Awards – Best Original Plot – (2009) – Runner Up
    • Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards – Best AU – (2009) – Nominee


Chapter 1       Chapter 11       Chapter 21       Chapter 31       Chapter 41

Chapter 2       Chapter 12       Chapter 22       Chapter 32       Chapter 42

Chapter 3       Chapter 13       Chapter 23       Chapter 33       Chapter 43

Chapter 4       Chapter 14       Chapter 24       Chapter 34       Chapter 44

Chapter 5       Chapter 15       Chapter 25       Chapter 35       Chapter 45

Chapter 6       Chapter 16       Chapter 26       Chapter 36       Chapter 46

Chapter 7       Chapter 17       Chapter 27       Chapter 37       Chapter 47

Chapter 8       Chapter 18       Chapter 28       Chapter 38       Chapter 48

Chapter 9       Chapter 19       Chapter 29        Chapter 39       Chapter 49

Chapter 10      Chapter 20       Chapter 30       Chapter 40       Chapter 50


One fantastic fic. Some fabulous storytelling. I found myself glued to my computer!

~ JennieC 


A Reader’s Guide to the Mythos & Monsters of ‘Double or Nothing’
Get the scoop.

New Scenes and Stories Based in the DoN-verse
Ficlets, Short Stories, Novellas, Alternate Versions of Scenes, New Canon Content

Theme 1: Times Angel Caught Cordelia & Angelus Together.
Bonus scenes involving voyeurism. Watching can be angsty, sexy or fun.

Theme 2: Times Angel Got to Join the Fun.
Bonus scenes with Angel/Cordelia/Angelus. Three is Cordelia’s lucky number.

Theme 3: Times that Angel & Cordelia’s “Alone Time” Went Too Far
Bonus scenes with just Angel and Cordelia where one or both misbehave.

Theme 4: Let’s Make it ‘Double or Nothing’ Canon
Bonus Content added directly to the story making it DoN canon.

Theme 5: Bonus ‘Double or Nothing’ Fics
Short Stories or Novellas based in the DoN-verse


1) Buffy & Angel find a way around the curse by separating him from Angelus.
2) Angelus must agree to ‘fight the good fight’ and is monitored by the PTB.
3) Scooby Gang freaks out with Angelus running around.
4) Angelus doesn’t care about the ‘good fight’, but ends up saving Cordy one night. She’s scared witless of the vamp.
5) Angelus goes after Cordy in a big way…cards & flowers no less…in addition to doing anything he can to impress her.
6) Hot, steamy C/Aus results.
7) B/A starts to deteriorate despite sex no longer being an issue d/t mistrust and the slayer/vampire dynamic.
8) The following scenes have to be included:
a.) Buffy and Cordelia meeting in the mansion kitchen. Buffy is fully dressed, but Cordy is only in Angelus’ robe.
b.) Angel runs into the bedroom after hearing Cordelia screaming.
c.) Angel & Angelus walking in the library together, Buffy running up to Angelus thinking he’s Angel. He pushes her away in disgust. Cordy can tell them apart, but Buffy can’t.
9) The rest is up to you.

What are your thoughts about ‘Double or Nothing‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated. 

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  1. This fic is *the* CA fic for me. It has everything I could ever ask for. Cordelia/Angel *and* Cordelia/Angelus *and* there’s a happy ending.

    I have read this more times than I can count. There are scenes in here that I literally count amongst some of the most romantic moments of all time, and that’s counting TV, movies, books, etc, everything.

    For example, the “You own my heart if you will have it.” scene just gets me every.single.time I read it. Ugh, so good.

    Thank you so much for lending your incredible talent to this fandom and to the C/A pairing.

    Liked by 1 person

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