09: Touring the Mansion

Double or Nothing

Chapter 9: Touring the Mansion

A saucy smile played along Cordelia’s gloss-smudged lips still swollen and flushed from Angel’s hungry parting kiss. Their rosy hue called Angelus closer demanding he claim them for himself to erase the transitory effects created by the other vampire. Until now, thanks to his efforts at courting her, most of their kisses verged on sweet, stolen moments that left them both yearning for more.

Hungry for her mouth, he took it with his own. Ice over fire, they clashed with eager need. Lips pulling at hers, swiping firmly across tender curves. A sharp tug followed at her bottom lip, teasing its inner flesh with the tip of his tongue. Demanding a response instantly given. Opening up, their tongues dueled in a sudden struggle to taste, tease, possess.

Angelus palmed her ass, filling both hands with taut curves. Holding her tight against his awakening arousal, he moaned deeply at the pleasurable ache. An echoing moue sounded from Cordelia’s throat as she clutched him tighter, arms looping around his neck.

They parted for an instant staring deeply into each other’s eyes. Cordelia whispered his name, a soft caress of air across his lips. A plea for more. Right now, he needed to taste her again, perfectly willing to submit to it. His mouth prowled hers hungrily as she let out a throaty moan. Their bodies pressed tight, hard angles meeting soft curves, taut flesh tingling at every contact. Her nails curled against the back of his neck prompting him to continue.

Angelus felt the warm slip of her tongue into his mouth massaging his and darting up to glide across the roof of his mouth just behind his teeth. His entire body jerked at the stimulation across the area where his fangs were housed while in his human visage. Cordelia’s instinctive act only fueled his desire as sensations combined with her aroused scent, her taste and the feel of her lush body beneath his hands. He gave the firm cheeks of her ass a playful squeeze before sliding over her hips and upward to tease the outer curves of her breasts.

Panting for air, Cordelia didn’t want to be separated from those deep, wet kisses. All thought evaded her. Sensation took over. Head spinning, heart thumping, a delicious throb between her thighs. More kisses. Teasing fingers. His growl of approval at her eager touch. Broad shoulders, muscle beneath silk, controlled strength, a hard bulge to grind against, all for her.

Cordelia’s leg slid along the outer edge of his leather pants, winding around to link them together. Writhing instinctively, she let out a whimper of protest as his lips left hers to travel across her cheek. He sucked her earlobe into his mouth earring and all flicking his tongue across it. Whispering, “We need to stop.”

No! The protesting thought projected as a moan.

Angelus as he set them apart. Feeling the cool rush of air at their separation, heavy-lidded confusion followed. Her kiss-swollen lips pouted their protest, “Why?”

Smirking exultantly at Cordelia’s response, he had to remind himself of the reasons. “Because it’s our first night together and you deserve more than a quick fuck on the hardwood floor.”

The brash crudeness of his response only excited her, sending a jolt straight to her womb. It sounded thrilling. The image popping into her head of their clothes strewn across the floor and his nude body covering hers only added to her arousal. Angelus obviously sensed it because his grin only widened.

Besides the shock factor of Angelus’ choice of words, it was just something else that separated him from his twin. Angel rarely spoke with such blatant crassness unless he was in one of his rare foul moods. Cordelia found that it didn’t bother her at all. In fact, just the sound of Angelus’ voice was such a heady turn-on that it didn’t matter what he said.

After a month of mental foreplay, Cordelia was ready for more than kisses. Thoughts of skipping ahead to the naked part made her skin tingle in anticipation. Being here with Angelus was the first time that stopping wasn’t even a remote consideration. Cordelia’s two experiences with intercourse were over faster than it took to anticipate an orgasm much less have one. Even the groping sessions in the closet with Xander were a lot more satisfying than what she had done with her other boyfriends, but she knew without any doubt that Angelus could deliver what he’d boasted.

He was going to make her body sing with pleasure and it was already humming. For the past weeks Angelus had courted her with Old World charm, but it was only in the last few days that Cordelia could no longer deny her feelings. She admired Angelus’ resolve, felt her heart beat in anticipation of his presence and ached for his touch. It wasn’t a huge leap to guess that she had fallen in love with the vampire, though the realization shocked her.

Vampire customs and traditions aside, there was no way Cordelia would agree to be Angelus’ lover if her feelings weren’t tied in so tightly that she knew they would not quickly fade. Otherwise, she would never have agreed to this. He wanted her, that much was certain.

As Angel suggested, his actions proved that he would do just about anything to have her, but was it anything more than a desire to possess her? He’d hinted that Angelus might not be capable of returning her love, being soulless. Maybe it wasn’t love, but Cordelia knew there was more than just lust behind Angelus’ actions. She had no idea of the extent of his feelings, but this wasn’t the time to dwell on that. Not with him standing so close, his male beauty entrancing her.

Catching her bottom lip between her teeth, Cordelia bit down softy then released it on an impatient sigh. Stop? Pfft to that!

Cordelia’s impish smile returned, the tip of her tongue peeking temptingly between her teeth. Watching Angelus’ eyes follow her every move, she raised one foot off of the floor running her hand down past her short skirt and along her leg in order to remove her shoe. Clickety-clack, it dropped to the floor along with the last vestige of shy reserve. The other shoe followed.

Sending him a naturally sultry look, Cordelia inquired, “So exactly what do you have in mind?”

Angelus felt his body tighten in anticipation. What didn’t he have in mind? There was not an inch of her that would remain unexplored by morning. Cordelia was all his and he was going to take everything he could, but slowly. Long before he first touched her Angelus recognized the promise of what they could have together— what they would have together— and it had a helluva lot more to it than just rollicking in bed. Though, once they got there, Angelus wasn’t certain if he would let her out anytime soon.

Even Angel had warned him about pushing her too fast. For once, Angelus had to agree with him. Cordelia had the potential to be everything he ever wanted in a woman if he didn’t blow the opportunity. Though his pre-hell dimension plans for keeping Cordelia at his side for eternity weren’t even possible now, he wasn’t about to let that bother him. For now, he just needed to make sure she would never leave him.

Because of that, the vampire was determined to maintain his plans for the rest of the evening. Closing his hand over hers, he started to lead her out of the foyer. “Let’s go to the kitchen.”

“That is so not the destination I expected,” Cordelia’s jaw dropped. Eyebrows arched high. Impatience rang like a bell, “You’re hungry now?”

“C’mon,” urged the vampire tugging on her hand.

“So we’re here,” Cordelia glanced around at the spotlessly clean kitchen. Joking at his earlier comment, “You prefer tile instead of the hardwood floor?”

Angelus promised, “You’ll get to see what I prefer a little later. Right now we’re going to conduct the house tour. As I recall, last time you didn’t get past the dining room and kitchen.”

Maybe she should be grateful that Angelus didn’t want to drag her immediately to the bedroom, but Cordelia had already made up her mind about being with him tonight. She was tingling, aching and wet in all the right places and he seemed to be more than ready too. Not that she peeked more than once or twice. Kinda hard not to peek after feeling him against her.

“Okay, vampire guide, I wanna see where the tour ends,” she gave him more than just a hint.

It wasn’t a secret. Angelus wanted Cordelia to understand just in case she had any last minute reservations. “It ends in our bedroom.”

A heady thrill sent shivers out across her system as Cordelia met his gaze, her eyes gleaming brightly with emotion. “I think I like this tour.”

Angelus’ eyes promised pleasure as he smiled in response. Then he proceeded to open cabinets and drawers showing her that the kitchen was fully equipped. Opening up the refrigerator, he revealed a ton of food, soft drinks and juices stocked in a separate area from the packets of blood for his own and Angel’s consumption. Cordelia stared at everything with the growing realization that Angelus had prepared for her to come to the mansion. It hadn’t been like this when she had popped in to satisfy her own curiosity the last time despite the fact that Angelus had said Angel kept sodas in the refrigerator for Buffy.

“Wow! I-I can’t believe that you bought all of that food.” Cordelia sounded out with an accompanying gasp. She’d have to eat practically every meal at the mansion just so none of it would spoil. Did he want her here that often? The fact that her parents frequently went out of town and were currently on a European business trip meant it was possible to be here that way, but Cordelia was uncertain that was what Angelus intended.

“I bought everything that I remembered you liked,” Angelus explained. Immediately wondering whether he shouldn’t have admitted that since finding out those favorites involved stalking her from shadowy corners.

“I see that,” Cordelia looked at him knowingly. “You’re such a lurker, but there’s just one problem.”

Frowning, Angelus stared into the refrigerator to see if he had forgotten something vital. Finding nothing, he turned back to her with a worried stare. “What?”

“I can’t cook,” she confessed sheepishly.

Shutting the door of the refrigerator, Angelus pulled her over to rest her back against its cool surface. His mouth nibbled at the curved shell of her ear, “I can.”

“You can?” Cordelia muttered the question. Despite the distraction of his tongue darting along the sensitive skin right behind her earlobe, she queried curiously, “A vampire on a liquid diet can cook real food?”

“Long story,” Angelus lifted his head. Promising with a smile, “I won’t let you starve.”

“Good, because I think I’ll need lots of energy,” Cordelia giggled at the thought of keeping up with his vampire stamina. Wondering if everything that she’d read was true, Cordelia felt another zing of anticipation. Teasing, “You know what they say about vampires.”

“Yes, I do,” Angelus responded deciding that he could no longer wait to give her just a taste of what was to come. “Before the night is over, I’ll have to ask you if you think it’s true.”

“Pfft! I’ll still have the energy to talk?” Cordelia rolled her eyes at him suggesting that it was probably a false rumor.

Angelus caressed Cordelia’s cheek with a whispered touch, his knuckles drifting gently across the curve of her face. Such a soft sensation from that powerful hand as it reached out in admiration of her beauty. Turning her face towards his touch, she momentarily closed her eyes at the simple pleasure it evoked.

“Don’t shut me out,” Angelus insisted that she keep them open. “Those eyes are too expressive to be hidden. Let me see them, Cor. Turn them on me.”

Her lashes flickered open to reveal her hungry gaze. So he wanted her eyes on him? No problem. She could look into his forever. Those midnight eyes staring back at her and the way his mouth curled into a sensual smile made Cordelia heave a heady sigh of longing. Looking just wasn’t enough; she needed to touch him too.

“You feel so good,” Cordelia breathed a throaty response to the sensation of rubbing her palms along the hard contours of his muscled torso. Her fingers plucked at the top button of his silk shirt. “Take this off, I want to touch you.”

At the sound of longing in her voice, Angelus curled his fingers around her chin. His own body was charged with need at her touch. “Soon,” he promised as he focused on the bowed shape of her lips. “Right now, I want your mouth on mine.”

No sooner had the vampire voiced his desire than his mouth crashed down onto hers with a rumbling moan. There was no waiting for a sign of consent, just the coaxing coolness of his lips against hers. The firm swipe of his mouth demanded entry and Cordelia quickly responded by parting her lips.

Angelus began to taste her warm sweetness with his tongue. At first, only with short tantalizing touches signaling her to mimic his motions. Then deeper, massaging her tongue with his. Swallowing her little moue of pleasure as he tucked his hard body into hers and pressed her up against the refrigerator door.

One hand curved around her hip holding Cordelia close. The other left her chin to palm the curve of her breast, testing its fullness. Cordelia’s hips rocked gently across his in an almost unconscious effort to get closer to what her body craved. While part of his brain told Angelus to lift her up against the fridge door and give her what they both wanted, he also had a calculatingly patient side that countered the idea.

However, the vampire decided he wasn’t leaving this kitchen without giving Cordelia a little taste of what was to come.

As his hand left her breast, Cordelia bit back a protest quelling it only because Angelus’ mouth had moved down to the pulse of her throat. Soft smooches and his flicking tongue stimulated the smooth flesh. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Cordelia realized she had a vampire at her throat, but felt no fear. The rousing sensations traveled straight to her loins.

Then a swift move of Angelus’ hands lifted Cordelia’s short skirt around her waist. Now wanting to touch her more intimately, he moved just enough to allow room for his hands to explore. For the first minute as Angelus’ hands wandered from the plump curves of her breasts down to her supple thighs, Cordelia said nothing in favor of focusing on the way he was making her feel. Then his fingers teased the elastic edges of her panties though his eyes never left hers. Angelus let his knuckles brush across her covered mound eliciting a shudder and another throaty cry.

Angelus watched every reaction to his touch from her flickering expressions and flushed skin to the changing rate of her breathing. She was so responsive without even trying hard. He felt the thrill of his possession of her all the way down to his loins.

“Going somewhere?” Cordelia asked with a not quite steady voice as she watched the vampire begin a slow descent into a crouching position.

“Not far.”

Those large hands molded her curves as they traveled down across her hips to massage her firm thighs. Cordelia felt a momentary urge to press them closed against invasion, but the movements of his fingers coaxed her to relax to his touch. She leaned back into the refrigerator door staring downward through the dip of her cleavage to watch him.

When Cordelia was almost convinced that he was just teasing her, stimulating her thighs and calves, memorizing the shape of her legs, Angelus made a swift, but sure move. On an upward sweep, his fingertips pressed higher curling into the elastic band of her silk panties. Then in the countering downward move, he slipped them off, sliding them over her thighs. The guiding touch at her calf signaled Cordelia to lift her foot and she stepped out of the panties one leg after the other.

“Oh!” A startled cry came forth at the sensation of the cold door against her bare ass. She repeated the sound as a longer moan when Angelus pressed his pursed lips directly onto her neatly trimmed muff of dark curls. His large hands cupped her bottom, squeezing gently. For a moment he stayed put, inhaling her feminine scent and nuzzling his face against her warm belly.

The sight of Angelus’ dark head tucked against her brought another rush of heat to her loins. Reaching down to massage her fingers through his hair, Cordelia traced her glossy nails along the nape of his neck. She shuddered as a pleasurable tingle zipped across her skin as those cool hands moved up and down the back of her thighs.

Then his fingers trailed up, keeping her skirt bundled at her waist as Angelus moved back into a standing position. Showing her his prize of her silky panties, he slid them across her exposed skin, a playful twinkle dancing in his potent gaze. Gripping the top of the refrigerator with one hand and her chin with the other, Angelus leaned in close to steal one short steamy kiss.

Cordelia wound her arms around his neck, letting out a moan of discontent as he left her. Releasing her chin, Angelus’ hand made a slow, steady descent, keeping contact with her body. Stirring sensations along the way, his fingers tripped across the peak of her left nipple, and then dipped into the curve of her waist to slide across her bare hip.

A shaky gasp of anticipation escaped as Angelus slipped his cool hand between her parted thighs. Cupping her heated flesh, his fingers nestled against intimate folds and then he held still, watching intently as gold-green pools darkened with arousal. Seemingly speechless, Cordelia gaped silently at the vampire, too focused on the sensation of his still fingers to form coherent thought.

Nervous, yet wanting more, her hand slid down to his wrist, fingers fluttering almost anxiously. Thick honey coated his promise of pleasure as Angelus encouraged her to tell him what she liked. That voice rasping in her ear left her shuddering against him. “Tell me how you touch yourself. I know you do.”

A hot blush colored her skin. Says who? Doesn’t everyone?

Without waiting for an answer she seemed determined to keep to herself, Angelus remarked, “You’re so warm and wet,” that husky tone dancing across her flesh as incoherent purrs gurgled deep inside her. Cordelia’s hips bucked forward in response to his fingers slip-sliding along her cream-slicked folds. “Do you like that, baby?”

“Yessssss,” Cordelia hissed as he circled the distended nub at the apex of her cleft. Now clutching at his shirt with both hands as she trembled under his skillful touch. Those lightly calloused fingers left a teasing trail of fire. Entering her slowly, dipping inside and coming back for more.

Expertly, Angelus built her pleasure at his touch. The steady timbre of his words continued to titillate Cordelia as well. “You’ll be so snug and slick when I’m inside you. All of me,” he promised, “filling you,” as his fingers moved deeper, “stretching you to the fullest you’ve ever been.”

A throaty laugh of delight sounded as pleasure and merriment entwined within the depths of her eyes. He could sense the silent question. How would you know?

“Trust me, I know these things.” Angelus nibbled at her earlobe as he continued to work her slick flesh below. Keening, Cordelia moved her hips in a matching rhythm. Her eyes snapped shut, head knocking against the refrigerator as he suddenly flicked at her clit, setting off sparklers.

A little whimper sounded as he focused his attention there for a few seconds before shifting away. “Tell me where you want my touch,” he demanded she say it, wanting to hear her explicit plea. He preferred a vocal lover and knew Cordelia wouldn’t be a difficult pupil in that department. “Let me hear you.”

“There! Ooh, ah, yessss, there! More. Now. Do it now.” Any self-directed surprise at the urgent commands drowned in the wake of pleasure that followed. Angelus’ low growl of approval accompanied the rhythmic stroke of his fingers against the swollen nub. Each touch sent jolts deep inside her womb.

Angelus licked the flat of his tongue along her throat, pressing his open mouth along her pulse point, tasting flesh and inhaling the tantalizing mix of scents that made her unique. A low rumble sounded from deep in his chest, his cock hard against her hip as his fingers worked their magic.

Stroking along her tender folds, building friction along the edge of her swollen clitoris, circling, tweaking, rub, rubbing, rubbing there, just there until euphoric pleasure slammed into her, electrifying her flesh and melting her in his arms. Limbs like jello, Cordelia clung to Angelus, her body hot and pressed between the cool surfaces of his hard frame and the refrigerator.

When the glazed look started to fade from her eyes, Angelus slipped her skirt down over her hips. One eyebrow quirked sharply, “So how do you like the kitchen?”

“Nice service,” Cordelia answered on a long breathy sigh. “Does it come with every meal?”

He threw his head back and laughed in a way that Cordelia had never seen before, certainly not from his broody double. Angelus didn’t like holding anything back and Cordelia certainly didn’t want him to when it came to this. Though feeling sated, the anxious butterflies were already stirring low in her belly. There was more ahead and soon, she hoped.

“We haven’t finished our tour.”

“Riiiight,” she remembered what they were supposed to be doing. Stretching like a cat drunk on amaretto cream, Cordelia’s smile spread slowly rounding her flushed cheeks. Commenting on the size of the mansion, she tried to appear even remotely interested in its statistics when she was really curious about only one part of it.

Angelus gave her a sharp stare, but answered, “Thirty rooms, give or take.”

“Oh, I’ll take,” Cordelia’s eyes glittered mischievously. “Which one’s yours?”


“Pfft, like you aren’t.” Boldly, she ran her hands down his chest and hips, pausing only when she got close to the bulge he made no effort to hide.

Trailing his thumb over her mouth as he cupped her cheek, Angelus whispered on a husky note, “You have no idea how patient I can be.”

Snatching up her hand and closing his around it, Angelus led her out of the kitchen into the adjacent living room. A large sectional sofa and other furniture were arranged in front of a large empty fireplace. The entertainment center had a large stereo system. Cordelia let her gaze wander over the room hoping that this would be a very brief stop, but she was distracted by his closeness.

Leaning against him, Cordelia breathed deep, forgetting all about the room and just closing her eyes as she drank in his tantalizing male scent. Geez, he smelled good. Her hand curled around his thick bicep, nails gently scraping along the silk shirt as she pressed her body closer to his.

“Mmm,” the slight sound hummed in the back of her throat.

Nudging her with his elbow, Angelus caught the guilty expression flitting over her face. “What was that?”

“Mmm, nice room,” she covered for herself quickly, wondering if there was such a thing as being too eager.

Making a serious effort not to throw herself at him to demand more of those searing kisses, Cordelia moved over to comment on the quality of the stereo system. Then moving on to look at the pictures on the walls, she guessed correctly that they were left there by the previous owners. “That’s kind of creepy,” she muttered and moved back toward the center of the room where the vampire was now standing and staring at the sparse furnishings with a frown on his face.

Beyond keeping Cordelia happy, well-fed, and in his bed, Angelus hadn’t considered spending a whole lot of time in this room. Now that she pointed it out, the place was obviously inadequate. Angry at himself for not thinking of that, he sat down hard on the couch, a grunt of self-directed irritation causing Cordelia to laugh as she joined him.

Curling her legs beneath her, Cordelia sat close, facing him as she watched the play of emotions cross his handsome face. Distraction was the key. Reaching out with one fingertip, she traced the curved cartilage of his ear, following the whorls. She sidled closer, hot breath on his ear. Placing a kiss on his earlobe, on the spot high on his neck, hands smoothing over his broad shoulders, Cordelia felt a rush of power at his vocal reaction.

Low and deep, the sound rumbled from his chest, sound waves traveling straight from her ears to her loins and reminding her that this little stop on the tour was only a delay. Suggesting, “Let’s go.”

Angelus couldn’t believe he was actually holding her back, wanting desperately to do this right and not rush her into it. There was more than just a little bite in his words, “You’re not here to be my sex kitten.”

Startled at first, Cordelia squashed the sudden urge to remind him it was almost the twenty-first century. Angelus was obviously trying to tone it down for her sake, but who wanted that. Smiling against his ear, she whispered teasingly, “Meow.”

Their eyes locked for an eternal moment, sparkling hazel and dark amber, a test of her determination and his resolve. Angelus couldn’t see past the beauty staring back at him. Lost in her eyes, he was trapped by the mischievous glint and desire swirling within their depths. Mesmerized by her mouth’s tempting curves, Cordelia’s smile physically affected him. Tangled up in the way the silken strands of her hair caressed her face and shoulders as it cascaded down her back, he imagined burying his hands in its softness.

He had to touch her again, now. Only inches away, there was too much space separating them. All she had to do was glance his way and he wanted her.

Tugging her into his lap, Angelus kissed Cordelia breathless. His fingers curled into the waves of her hair just short of pulling and held her face close to his. Cordelia’s lips swelled in response as he alternated hard moves and soft caresses. Lining her lips with his own, he had no need to coax her mouth to open for it parted on another throaty trill.

Angelus swept his tongue inside, darting in and out imagining how soft and moist, how tight and hot she would be surrounding his cock as he fucked her. Cordelia’s knees were on either side of his hips, gripping him. He yanked her down hard onto his lap fitting his renewed erection into the juncture of her thighs, releasing a growl of frustration at the barrier of his leather pants between them.

His hands swept down the curve of her back to grasp her hips guiding her to move against him. Cordelia’s fingers curled into his shirtfront holding tight. Her skirt had ridden up and she felt her slick folds sliding across the smooth leather riding along a long hard ridge. It felt impossibly good. So good. She wanted more. Wanted to touch him everywhere, needed his skin on hers.

Staring at her hands through lust-filled eyes, Cordelia was hit by an overwhelming urge and she went with it. Both hands yanked the buttoned edges of his shirt ripping it open. Buttons popped randomly, one hitting Angelus in the face. With a start, Angelus lifted his mouth away to gaze down at his exposed chest.

“Oops!” Cordelia looked as surprised as he did, but the sight of his bare torso was an instant distraction.

Angelus thrilled at her aggressive move, which was followed by her attempt to press her hands on his cool flesh. Grabbing her wrists, he held them behind her. Taking them both in one hand and using the other to press her closer, he felt her breasts crush against his chest. Then he was kissing her again, devouring her mouth as Cordelia rocked against his loins. Whenever Angelus let her up for air, she sounded out her escalating pleasure.

She was clinging to him and staring starry-eyed at his mouth when he finally broke away. A husky protest moaned from the back of her throat eliciting a knowing chuckle from the vampire. Releasing her wrists, he commented, “Baby, I know you’ll be a screamer just by listening to your needy little moans. Keep that up and I think you won’t have a voice left by sunrise.”

“Egomaniac,” Cordelia slapped his chest and then found herself rubbing her hand along the hard wall of his chest. “Never gonna happen. This never-ending tour of yours gives me too many chances to rest.”

Having no intention of taking her for the first time right here on the couch, Angelus lifted them both to a standing position. Her resultant pout led him to kiss the tip of her nose before continuing his role as tour-guide. Asking her, “How does the living room measure up to the kitchen?”

With her insides clenched in frustrated arousal, Cordelia grumbled, “Lots of potential for entertainment here, but lacking in essentials.”

His head snapped up from staring at Cordelia’s glossy pedicure and the way her toes curled into the carpet. Caught only half-listening, he had to ask, “Lacking in what? I’ve got everything essential right here,” he promised while adjusting his erect cock to a more comfortable position. Thick and hard, it left a visible line across his tight leather pants.

“Pfft! Big problem,” revealed Cordelia, not noticing, now sorry that she had reminded him about the damn tour.

“Big,” Angelus muttered in complete agreement, but on a totally separate tract.

Cordelia waved her arms in the air and settled them on her hips, tapping her bare foot to a silent beat. “Yeah, there’s no television, VCR or DVD player in here. These are human necessities. Vital for survival.”

Close to telling her that the only vital issue was burying himself in her heat, Angelus fought hard to control his rising instinct to throw her down on the floor and take her. Later, he counseled himself. Sometime later they could try out the carpet, or the tile or the hardwood floor. Tonight was only the beginning. For now, he just needed to slow down and hold to the plan of showing Cordelia that she could be comfortable staying right here at the mansion.

Truthfully, Angelus had not even thought about the contents of the living room. It was adequate and a room where he spent little time. Angel was more of a reader and he was never one to occupy himself with televised amusements. That obviously wasn’t the case with Cordelia. “I can fix that.”

Laughing at his quick response, Cordelia told him that she did not expect him to buy things just to please her. A serious look came over the vampire’s face as he told her, “This is your home too, Cor. I want you to be happy here.”

Listening to the way he phrased it, Cordelia was a little flabbergasted. “You want me to move in with you?”

Angelus frowned at the confusion in her voice. “I know your parents will still expect you to be at their house when they’re in town, but I hope that you’ll spend the rest of the time here with me.”

“I’m only seventeen,” she reminded him half-seriously.

Was she implying that he was a cradle-snatching demon? “You’re human and going to stay that way. I want every second of time you have to give me.”

Cordelia felt a little dizzy at the prospect of spending that much time with Angelus. Not that she didn’t want to. She had not expected him to feel the same way. Trying to lighten the suddenly heavy atmosphere, she joked, “Next thing you know I’ll be barefoot and pregnant.”

Laughing, Angelus glanced down at her bare toes again. “One out of two isn’t bad.”

Then he was suddenly serious, asking her, “Can you do that, Cor? Be here with me when you can?”

“Yes, I want that,” she answered truthfully.

The relief that came over him surprised the vampire. Cordelia evoked such emotions in him that he had never felt before. Not without the accompaniment of the soul. He hadn’t thought it possible. After Angelus had been freed the first time when Angel found his one moment of perfect happiness with Buffy Summers, he had gone on a tirade just to avenge himself against the feelings the blonde had awakened within his souled self.

Now Angelus wondered if the soul had shielded him from the full effect of those emotions because the feelings stirring within him seemed overwhelming in comparison.

The idea of it confused him and Angelus hated that, but not enough to give Cordelia up. If he had to put up with these damned emotions getting in the way then he’d do that as long as he could keep her near. Maybe he was just being possessive, but Angelus truly had no intention of ever letting her go. Still, it was good to know that Cordelia wanted to be here.

With Angelus’ gaze affixed on her so intently, it struck her that there was a reason this grand tour of the mansion was so important to him. He was showing her around her new home away from home. No wonder he growled when she couldn’t seem to keep her hands off him. “So what’s next, Angelus?”

“We just take one day at a time.”

“Yeah, but I meant with the tour.” Cordelia pointed out with a little grin.


Score one for the home team. Letting out a laugh, Cordelia darted into the hall and went into the next room.

“This is Angel’s space,” Angelus followed behind her.

Bookshelves full of musty old tomes and newer books covered the walls while a huge mahogany desk dominated the rest of the room. Walking further into the study, Cordelia easily pictured Angel sitting behind the desk, his feet up reading through some boring old book. Even more likely, just sitting here in the dark brooding.

“I’m guessing you don’t spend much time in here,” Cordelia commented. “You called it Angel’s space.”

“Action guy here,” explained the vamp. “I’d rather be outside killing something than brooding about it. Or researching for that matter. I really hate that.”

“Join the club,” Cordelia muttered. Then sending him a sideways glance as she walked her fingers across the flat surface of the desk, she added, “I meant about the research.”

Nodding, Angelus got that without saying.

Curious, Cordelia suddenly asked him, “Why does Angel need such a big desk? Not like he has a job or bills to pay.”

The desk actually came with the house. Angelus suggested, “Maybe it has other uses.”

Catching the gleam in his eyes, Cordelia’s brows arched. “Like what for instance?”

Angelus stalked up to her from across the room, lifting her to sit on the desk. Holding onto her bare thighs, he pulled her forward and then separated them to move right on in. “Getting closer.”

“I like close,” she muttered against his mouth.

Winding her arms around Angelus’ neck, Cordelia felt herself fall into the gentle tug of his lips. This kiss came softer than the last, but roused her again to a near fever pitch as it teased and touched and tasted in little greedy bits. Her breasts ached for his touch and as if she had begged him, Angelus’ hands lifted up to wrap around her firm mounds. Letting out a loud moan, Cordelia felt rather than saw his mouth kiss its way down her neck toward her tender breasts.

He kissed her through the barrier of her clothes, but as his mouth closed over one peak Cordelia let out a cry of pleasure. She had a fist full of his short hair as she clutched him to her. The other arm propped her against the desk while her legs wrapped around his waist tugging him even closer.

Angelus moved a hand under her body-hugging shirt caressing the smooth skin of her abdomen before moving up to rub his thumb over her silk covered nipple. Then he pulled the shirt off over her head tossing it to the floor. His hands quickly returned to her breasts letting his fingers roam over the silk bra and watching her nipples poke up against it.

He was about to suggest that they start upstairs when Cordelia’s hands moved down his bare chest to hover just above his leather belt.

“Can I touch you?”

Her question went strait to his groin. Hell yes she could touch him, now in fact. “Don’t ask permission. Just do what you want and trust that I’ll let you know when you’re out of line.”

That sounded both delicious and scary at the same time, she decided. Biting her lip in wanton anticipation, Cordelia unbuckled Angelus’ belt. Pausing in contemplation of the moment, she waggled her index finger around his navel before reaching for the button on his pants.

The prominent bulge made it all too clear that Angelus had not exaggerated when saying he would stretch and fill her. While on his lap, Cordelia had felt the size of him and of course had Harmony’s description to go on. Apparently, Harm wasn’t handing her a fish story. Now wanting more than just her naughty imaginings, Cordelia itched to see and touch that uniquely male part of him.

Undoing the zipper, the back of her hand accidentally slid over the front of his pants and caused his penis to jerk sharply. Sucking in a deep unnecessary breath of air in reaction to the sensation, Angelus kept his gaze locked on Cordelia awaiting her next move. Except that her next move was to pull her hands away and lean back on the desk suddenly not certain that this was a good idea.

“Just touch me,” Angelus guided her hands back to his chest, apparently a safer zone for his alternately playful and skittish siren. Her heart fluttered in fearful excitement. “There is nothing you can do to me, baby, that I won’t enjoy.”

Cordelia knew that it was silly, but she was suddenly shy again. After crawling all over him, practically swallowing his tongue and tearing open his shirt, she was a little afraid of what was going to happen next. Angelus sensed fear rising beneath the scent of her arousal. He didn’t want that. Once maybe, but not today.

“Touch me. Just reach down and do it,” his voice softened, but Cordelia seemed certain she wanted to wait. Angelus didn’t want her to be fearful of his body. He decided she needed to see what she was going to be getting soon. “Then watch me do it.”

Pushing his leather pants down around his hips, Angelus exposed the semi-erect state of his penis to her wide-eyed gaze. “You’re so big,” her mouth quirked upward.

Angelus fisted his cock, running his fingers up to the crowning tip and back again to the base. At least Cordelia was talking again. Never a good sign when she clammed up. “You might as well get used to this bad boy because you’re going to see a lot of it.”

Knowing better than to titter at Angelus’ pet name for his penis, Cordelia quickly got side-winded by the sight of him pumping his rigid flesh. He fisted it hard, his fingers curled around his engorged cock, veins along its length bulging. Up and down. Hard, harder. Slow, smooth. Other hand sliding down to take hold of his heavy sac, rolling his fingers and applying controlled pressure.

“See what you do to me,” Angelus gritted his teeth and tried to slow down. “Do you have any clue how many times I’ve done this thinking about you? About having your hands on me, your mouth on me, or thrusting into you.”

Trying to goad her out of her shy response, Angelus knew that her natural defenses wouldn’t allow her to take it in silence. While her mouth fell agape, Angelus smirked at her all the while stroking his rapidly engorging member. Letting out a low grunt of pleasure, Angelus watched her through hooded eyes.

“You’re creaming all over Angel’s desk, Cordelia,” he commented wickedly, a dark glint appearing at her visible shudder of excitement. “Spread your thighs. Let me see you.”

Instead, Cordelia rubbed them together, enjoying the slight friction. “Maybe that’s not such a good idea. Here, I mean.”

Releasing his cock, Angelus moved his hands to her knees, his fingers gripping just firmly enough to pull her to the edge of the desk. Pushing her legs open, he stepped close, moving his hands to either side of her hips, palms flat on the desk. “I want your hands on me.”

Then Angelus was kissing her again, distracting Cordelia from self-doubts she had no need for. The hands that were clutching at the edges of his open shirt transferred to his chest, her fingertips brushing across his flat nipples. As he let out a moan in response, Cordelia grew bolder moving her palm down his muscular torso to close around the wide girth of Angelus’ erection.

Covering her hand, Angelus guided her in her first strokes and then released his fingers, returning his hands to the desk. Touching her only with his mouth. Cordelia leaned closer into his kiss marveling at the dual sensations of his potent kiss and the feel of the steel velvet of his erection in her hand.

“You’re so hard,” she whispered against his mouth. “Angelus?”

Groaning out, “Yes, baby?”

“When is this damn tour gonna end?” Cordelia removed her hand from his penis and watched it bob heavily as she leaned back on the desk letting her legs swing loose on either side of him.

“You’re stopping?” Angelus growled almost furiously.

Cordelia shrugged feigning disinterest. “I really wanted to see those etchings.”

Reminded of his intentions to finish what he started, Angelus actually wished Cordelia would finish what she started. Almost painfully erect, the vampire tucked himself back into his leather pants and zipped them up. Now there was no longer an almost about it. He needed to get the pants off real soon or he was either going to bust a seam or injure himself.

Angelus held out a hand to her. Commanding, “Off the desk. Now.”

“We’re going somewhere?”

Not answering Angelus took her around the rest of the ground floor areas that were habitable, Cordelia had to hold back her laughter at the increasing speed of the tour. He showed her the music room, though barely pointed out the direction of the old servant’s quarters and laundry room. Then they were on their way upstairs. Trying to keep up with him, Cordelia was happy that she was in great shape. Vampire speed on the stairs was a little much, so she slowed him down.

“Did I ever tell you that your butt looks great in leather?” Cordelia’s question had Angelus pausing on the second level instead of continuing on upstairs. It allowed her to catch up.

“Yes, actually I think you did.”

Thinking about it, Cordelia realized he was right. “Well it is definitely a fact.”

Grinning at her, Angelus realized he might as well give her the low-down on their current location since they had stopped here. “This floor belongs to Angel.”

“Can we look?” Suddenly buzzing with curiosity on top of her other aroused senses, she knew that she couldn’t go on without a quick peek.

Shaking his head, “No.”

“Pfft! He won’t mind,” she told him, already roaming down the hall.

Angelus didn’t tell her that the last thing he needed was to have Angel arrive home to find Cordelia’s scent all over his things. Not after the way he had responded to her. His twin’s “goodbye” indicated a lot, actually answering some of his questions since his separation from his souled counterpart.

Despite Angel’s love for Buffy, there had always been an attraction to Cordelia. It was there in the background, not anything that Angel consciously pursued. Angelus preferred the cheerleader to the Slayer, naturally, so he had wondered whether this split would also divide those invisible ties of attraction. Apparently not, although Angel was no longer in a position to do anything about it.

Angelus was too distracted by his thoughts to stop Cordelia as she located and walked straight into Angel’s bedroom. She only intended to peek inside, but the state of the room was not at all what she expected from Mr. Obsessive-Compulsive Vamp. Besides, where was all the stuff that Angelus mentioned them fighting over? This room was so bare it was Spartan. Except for the iron-wrought bed there was nothing else inside. Just a few random holes in the wall.

“Is Angel redecorating?” Cordelia frowned.

“Uh— Buffy and Angel had a thing with the furniture.”

“So they did what? Threw it out the window?”

“Not exactly.” Angelus suddenly wondered why he was protecting the Slayer and his double against Cordelia’s honest and innocent curiosity. The subject was actually rather hilarious. At least to him. “Do you want to know?”

Considering it, Cordelia told him, “No. I get the feeling this is not something I need to hear right now. At least they kept the bed.”

With a snort of laughter, Angelus commented, “I’m surprised it survived.”

“What? The fire here in the mansion?” Cordelia referred to the reason that the building had initially been abandoned.

Smirking, “No.”

A light dawned in her eyes, “Oh, you’re talking about the chandelier-shaking event. I guess it must be a good bed.”

Angelus looked at her standing next to it with her hand curled around one of the wrought iron posts. So tempting. They shouldn’t be in here, but at the moment Angelus could care less about pissing off his goody-two shoes double by taking her right here. The third floor was still a long way up and Cordelia was right here in front of him looking thoroughly kissed, aroused and ready. Her scent pulled him closer.

A surprised look came over her face as he approached with that stealthy swagger. “Lift up your skirt, Cordelia. I’m going to taste you.”


“Right here.”

Trembling in anticipation, Cordelia realized excitedly that her house tour had ended. She moved her hands to do as he asked pulling the short skirt back up to wind about her waist. Moving her, Angelus tossed her down on the bed before stripping himself of his clothes. Cordelia watched every swift move with that playful smile on her face until Angelus stood totally nude before her. She held out her arms to him, calling out his name in a voice that emanated from the depths of her emotions.

The vampire eased himself into her embrace as he lowered them to the mattress. “I can’t wait any longer to make you mine.”


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