K&C: Promise of the Night



A Vamp!Cordy Novel
Angelus’ newest childe awakens to the Promise of the Night. Now a vampire, Cordelia explores her new existence with the guidance of her sire.

What are your thoughts about ‘Promise of the Night‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated. 


There are no archived comments from AO/ST for ‘Promise of the Night’. It is one of my older fics, and I failed to save the feedback. My bad.


Fic: Promise of the NightHi-

I just had to tell you how much I really enjoyed ‘Promise of the Night’. I must have missed it on the ST board when it was first posted. But, luckily, it was mentioned in the Fan Fic thread. I found it Wednesday and have already read it twice.

It was honestly, the best Cordy is a vamp fic I’ve read yet. It was sexy and dark. I’m only starting to feel sorry that the whole Scooby gang is dead or in Giles case disgraced.

I thought Xander’s death was amazingly done. Freaky, sexy, sad, and weirdly, I was okay with it.

I will admit, I was a little torn about Willow’s death – I was sorta routing for her and Jude there for awhile.

Your vamp Cordy was truly amazing- and Angel/Angelus reaction was everything I could hope for. This was a truly wonderful piece- from the way you explored a vampire’s family – to the systemetic, well-planned destruction of the Scoobies.

In a warped way- it was a wonderful ‘happy ending’. And I truly loved it.
It’s late in the feed back- I know, but I couldn’t NOT let you know how much I enjoyed it.




One of my favorite fics of any fandom

It’s simple perfect. You captured the characters voices perfectly and made me feel sorry for Buffy at the same time I wanted her dead!

Vamp Cordy is the best Cordy version

I don’t know how many times I’ve read this already, but I never get tired of it

Thank you profoundly for this amazing masterpiece

Wow!!! Cordelia and Angelus..what could be better!!

thewolsmoon (Fic Recs on LJ)

July 7, 2018

Very dark and unsettling but in the most phenomenal way. Lysa’s Vamp!Cordelia is a fangtastically terrible fate unleashed upon the Scoobies that will have you rooting for her the whole time.


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