Chapter Two


Chapter 2

A low growl rumbled from Angelus’ throat, his dark head rolling back across the pillow as he wallowed in the pleasure Cordelia created. His hands fisted in her dark chestnut curls just to keep them from falling in a wave over her face as she bent over his groin. He wanted to watch as her pink tongue lapped wetly at his taut flesh, to see her lush mouth as it took him in— as she tried to swallow him whole.

Angelus was beyond watching anymore. He was so close now. So close to cumming, but on one upward motion, Cordelia’s lips made a loud pop as she removed the suction of her mouth. She’d done this twice before, the little bitch. Brought him to the brink of orgasm only to hold him off just to watch him writhe against the bed.

Opening his golden eyes, the vampire lifted his head glaring hotly at his beautiful childe. “Nobody likes a cocktease, tigress. Finish what you started.”

Licking at her lips, Cordelia wrapped her hand around the base of his rigid erection. Slick with her saliva and weeping sticky pre-ejaculate, the sight of him made her want to jump on board and ride the rest of the night away. She pumped her hand up and down once, before pressing back against the thick base.

“This is about giving me control,” Cordelia reminded him of his latest lesson. “This is about me doing what I want. Getting what I want.”

Lowering herself prone on the bed so that she came to eye level with his hard penis, she ran her tongue along the sensitive tip. The demon in Angelus wanted to grab Cordelia’s head and shove his cock all the way down her throat. Soon. That would come soon if the teasing didn’t stop, but Angelus was determined not to lose control despite letting her play the dominant role here.

“Move over here,” Angelus hoped it didn’t sound like begging. “Let me touch you— let me taste you.”

“Not yet. Gotta concentrate on this first,” Cordelia grinned evilly. “Can’t get distracted from my little torture session. After all, turn about is fair play.”

So that was it, Angelus realized. Now he understood why Cordelia was so determined to torture him in this fashion. “Fair play? I think it’s called revenge, baby.”

With a smirk, Cordelia swiped her tongue at him again delighting in the way he shook all over in reaction. Their first mating after her turning was all about teasing and submission. Him teasing and her submitting, of course.

Cordelia let out a dark laugh. “I think you may be right.”

Angelus had discovered that his childe was not the submissive type, but she did like to play with revenge. While their sexual encounters were frequent, most were about them coming together for the merit of pleasure alone. As with any new childe, Angelus had to discipline Cordelia and that sometimes ended with sex. Most of their encounters ended that way, simply because the vampire found he couldn’t keep his hands off of her.

Denying him his right to touch her was exactly what Angelus had done to her by binding her hands with his belt. He was a bit surprised that Cordelia had not wanted to tie him up, but she was still quite new to some of the games he liked to play.

After releasing his cock, Cordelia shifted onto his abdomen. The thick shaft lay upright and rigid between the cheeks of her buttocks as she straddled his waist. Angelus reached for her, his hands starting at her hips and moving upward to curl around her breasts. With an abrupt denial, Cordelia grabbed his wrists and shoved them down onto the bed beside his head.

“Don’t move your hands unless I tell you to,” she ordered with a thrill at the sensation of his cock against her soft skin. The slight movement of her buttocks as she bent to position his hands caused Angelus to moan.

The vampire wondered what the hell she planned to do next. He got his answer quickly as Cordelia lifted herself onto her knees giving him a convenient view of the soft triangle of curls at the apex of her thighs. At first, she simply stretched her arms over her head, the act lifting her bountiful breasts. Their pointed nipples jutted out looking tempting from this angle.

Cordelia tilted her head back exposing her long neck to his view, while keeping her hair curled upward in a twist to let him see all he could. Still positioned that way, she let her hands drop to her throat, but the action caused her hair to bounce loose cascading over her back and brushing against the swollen head of his penis.

Fucking hell! Did she do that on purpose?

Running her fingers down the elegant length of her neck, Cordelia moved down to cup her own breasts long enough to tweak the nipples. A groan from Angelus made her stare down lustfully. He loved her breasts. Loved to look, touch, and taste and bite them.

Leaning over him on her hands and knees, Cordelia dangled her breasts above his mouth. “Lick me.”

Compliance was instantaneous as her sire lifted his head to tease one nipple and then the other with his tongue. His lips and tongue swept across her tender flesh with wet eating kisses until the nipples were engorged and her breasts tender and swollen with need.

Grabbing him by the hair, Cordelia pulled his head away as she rose back to her knees. “That was nice, but I want more.”

“Then move back just a bit, baby,” Angelus lifted his hips to rub his erection against her. “I’ve got something for you.”

With a glint in her eye, Cordelia splayed her fingers across her flat tummy moving them down until they spread through her pubic hair and curled into the sopping wet folds of her sex. Parroting the words he had once flung in her face while stroking himself, she purred, “Do you think I need you to take care of all my needs?”

Only Cordelia did not stop after a few titillating strokes of her clitoris. She continued to probe her velvet flesh with her fingers, penetrating her core with first one finger and then two. Her other hand came down to work her clitoris allowing the other to twist its fingers in and out of her wet center.

Angelus was salivating at the sight and scent of her pleasuring herself. He wanted to taste her, fill her with his tongue and thrust it as far as it would go. He wanted to lift his hands off of the mattress where she had ordered they remain to grab her hips and hold her over his face just so he could lap up her sticky fluids for hours.

Moaning at the sensations she was creating, Cordelia had no intention of stopping her self ministrations until she reached a climax with her sire watching and wanting her. All the while, Angelus’ heavy cock was brushing against the soft globes of her ass. His penis twitched angrily seeping thick tears of need from its winking eye as his balls drew up closer to his body.

Getting close, Cordelia panted, “Do you like what you see?”

“Yes, tigress,” he answered, his voice thick with lust. “You’re beautiful.”

“Want me?” She rocked against her hands and consequently his erection as well.

Angelus growled at the edge of his control. “I want to watch you, baby, but I need to fuck you more.”

Continuing to rub her swollen nub, Cordelia removed her fingers from inside herself to spread the clear fluids pooled there across his mouth. Tasting her, Angelus finally lost it. With a swift move, his hands came off the bed grabbing her hips and pulled her onto his hard shaft in one downward stroke.

Cordelia had whipped them both into such a frenzy that they came together the moment he was enveloped inside her tight core. “Angelus!”

Her name was practically a scream on his lips so forceful was his orgasm. “Cordelia!”

“My turn!” She demanded that Angelus release her hips. Nails raking against his chest, Cordelia fought to regain control. To reach the angle where the head of his cock rubbed up against that inner spot that drove her wild. Angelus continued to hold her slightly off of himself so he could piston his hips upward. He was still erect, still spurting fluid inside her. Opening his eyes to her gaze, the vampire saw lust, but also a hint of betrayal.


The tremor in the word made the vampire realize that if anyone had learned something from this lesson, it was probably him. Lowering his hips to the bed, Angelus pulled her upper body down so that her breasts were flush against his chest. He kissed her soft lips until their orgasms subsided. “Baby, you make me crazy wanting you.”

Cordelia shuddered with pleasure at her sire’s words. She leaned back in to his kisses which grew ever more demanding. Voracious, open-mouthed kisses that left her panting for breath she did not need. Angelus’ stomach muscles flexed them into a sitting position.

He kissed his way over to her ear where he lapped at her earlobe before telling her, “Ride me, tigress. I’m hard and all yours. Just take whatever you want.”

Clutching at his shoulders, Cordelia did just that. She flexed her thighs and hips rotating herself into a new rhythm against his hardness. Finding the spot she needed. Feeling her sire deep inside her. Mewling out her pleasure, she leaned into Angelus’ neck pressing her mouth against his jugular to kiss and lick him there.

Angelus’ open hands were on her middle back, supporting her without controlling her movements. It was all too clear what his childe wanted now. He answered that need silently by exposing his neck clearly to her hungry gaze.

Lifting her head for a moment, questioning even that obvious gesture, Cordelia looked at him with hazel eyes that shifted to dark-rimmed gold. Those eyes sparkled with lust and utter glee at the thought of drinking him down. Her white fangs flashed with a smile. She rode him hard as she pulled herself to his throat and bit deep.


Sunnydale was rife with rumor. After the memorial ceremony at the High School, half the town was in mourning for the beautiful May Queen. The other half was gossiping about the cancelled funeral and Cordelia Chase’s rumored disappearance. The director of Sunnyrest Funeral Home swore that her body was there the night before the funeral, but it was certainly gone in the morning.

Though the police report indicated that friends had identified the girl found in Cordelia’s corvette which was parked on Revello Drive, many suspected there was something fishy about the story— especially when some teenagers claimed to have seen the girl at the shopping mall. Her parents swept in and out of town so quickly that people wondered if there was a reason to stay out of the country.

The police investigated halfheartedly. So many strange things happened in this town that it hardly seemed worth the effort. Cordelia Chase’s closet was empty and other personal items disappeared from the Chase mansion. The final report listed the teenager as missing and indicated that the body originally recovered from Cordelia’s presumably stolen Corvette was a Jane Doe. Cordelia Chase might be a runaway, but there was also a chance that her parents had found her and taken her out of the country to get away from Sunnydale. The Chases left no forwarding address or phone number.


“Sunnydale sucks,” Cordelia grumbled. “I can’t go anywhere without someone asking me if I’m ‘that missing Chase girl’ or threatening to call Social Services or the police. Dru and I couldn’t even go to the mall without the salesgirl making a snide remark.”

“What happened?”

Cordelia rolled her eyes adding a sad sigh, “A terrible tragedy, really. The bitch broke her neck when it got twisted in my purse strap. Some people are so clumsy.”

“You are still a fresh face to people,” Angelus pointed out. “That will pass rather quickly, more so than you might expect, even for the beautiful Cordelia Chase.”

“It’s been a month! I’m bored with decorating this stuffy old place.”

Angelus had moved them all into a new lair in the form of an abandoned mansion. The east wing of the large building had been lost to fire, but the west wing and central core remained habitable. Her sire sat comfortably with his feet propped up on the edge of a table while Cordelia stood pacing.

This town’s demon hangouts were not Cordelia’s style at all. “Why can’t we move to Los Angeles?”

Her sire looked up from reading a newspaper article on a recent archeological find here in town. Dropping the folded paper in his lap, Angelus reminded her, “I have business with the Slayer.”

Cordelia was tired of hearing about the blonde. It was always Buffy this or Slayer that. It seemed that the only time Angelus’ thoughts were not focused on little Miss Fights a Lot was when her sire felt like having sex.

That little realization gave her an idea.

She sauntered over to the table, running a hand along the lower part of his propped up legs. Eyeing the newspaper in his lap, Cordelia inquired, “What’s that you’re reading about?”

Sensing what she was up too, Angelus’ mouth twitched before asking her, “Do you really want to know?”

Trailing her hand up to his thigh, Cordelia approached then turned and sat down across his lap centering her bottom directly over the newspaper article. Closing her arms around his shoulders, she nipped at his earlobe before murmuring, “Absolutely.”

“Liar,” Angelus yanked the paper from under her ass. “A little history won’t kill you.”

“No, but your nasty little Slayer might if we stick around this place long enough,” she pointed out the danger. Not that Cordelia had any intention of letting Buffy get close enough to stake her, but Angelus might consider it one good reason to move to LA.

“Let me worry about the Slayer,” Angelus gave her a look that told her the subject was closed.

Cordelia let out a, “Grmph!”

“Giving up already?” Angelus asked in surprise.

“Just regrouping,” Cordelia promised. “So tell me about this article that has you so fascinated.”

Pulling the newspaper around to the front, he pointed out the headline declaring that the Sunnydale Museum of Natural History had made an interesting find while sponsoring an archeological dig on the outskirts of town.

“It’s a huge rock,” Cordelia pointed out the apparent lack of anything interesting.

“Are we still talking about the picture?” Angelus felt her squirming on his lap, subconsciously rubbing against his growing erection.

Blinking, Cordelia realized what he meant. Playing innocent, “What else would I be talking about?”

Angelus smiled at her cryptically, choosing not to follow-up on her coy question. “Since you are bored with decorating, I think I will make a contribution to your efforts.”

As his finger pointed to the picture on the page, his childe looked at him like he had rocks in his head— literally. “You’re planning to rip off a gigantic rock from the museum?”

“It’s more than a rock.”

“Duh! I didn’t think you were planning to start a rock garden in the solarium.” Cordelia rolled her eyes.

The vampire stared down at the newspaper. “Think of it as demon insurance.”



Cordelia stretched out on the couch flipping through the latest issue of Cosmo while sounds of panting and groaning emanated from the other side of the living room. Dru had been reading the article on orgasms over Cordy’s shoulder and suddenly decided that she needed to have one. Spike had been quietly minding his own business watching television when Drusilla pounced, pulling him out of his wheelchair and onto the floor.

Out of boredom, Cordelia had watched for a while as her sister vampiress expertly turned Spike’s penis into a tower of raging hardness. Pulling up her long skirts, Dru positioned herself directly over his erection, lowered herself to the hilt and began bouncing up and down with unbridled enthusiasm.

Realizing that Cordelia was watching, Spike smirked in her direction and added a shrug. It was the one thing they shared in common. He was Drusilla’s childe just as she was the childe of Angelus. There were times when childer did not question the wants of their sire— they just complied. And this was certainly one of them.

Soon, Spike was rocking his hips upward in reaction to Dru’s efforts. The vampiress was lost to ecstasy and did not notice what Cordelia was clearly able to see. The blond vamp could move his legs, something he was obviously keeping from both Dru and Angelus. She wondered why he kept to the wheelchair.

Cordelia got an opportunity to ask when Drusilla left Spike on the floor as she darted away to take a hot bubble bath and talk to Miss Edith.

“How long have you been able to walk?” Cordelia asked point blank even before Spike could pretend to pull himself into his wheelchair.

Jumping athletically to his feet, Spike walked toward her without a limp or any indication that he had ever been lame. He sat down on the coffee table in front of her. “A while. Got to be a habit after Angelus returned. An excuse, I suppose.”


“Because he hasn’t forgotten what I did to save Drusilla.”

“Ah! The torture and attempted killing,” Cordelia remembered. “That might tend to stick in one’s mind, not to mention cause you to get a well-deserved ass-kicking once you’ve completely healed.”

Spike shrugged. “I’d do anything for my princess. She’s my sire.”

Sitting up, Cordelia turned to face him. Their knees touched as she leaned forward to talk to him. It was comfortable. They were family, after all. “Then you know I would do the same for mine— anything.”

“Yeah, chit. I know.”

“So if you ever try something like that again,” Cordelia warned with flashing golden eyes that pooled with darkness, “I will stake you myself.”

His response was to lift one of her hands to his lips. Releasing it, he chuckled. “I always knew you’d make a great vamp. No wonder Angelus barely takes the time to climb out of your bed.”

“Time enough!” He was certainly not in it right now and the sun had not even set yet.

“Did I hit a sore spot, luv?” Spike smirked at her. “Angelus is stalking the Slayer, but can you be sure he’s not banging her as well?”

Cordelia launched herself at Spike claws and fangs unfurled. Both vampires tumbled over the table and onto the floor. The blond vamp had superior strength on his side, but Cordy had flexibility.

“Too much time in that wheelchair has made you slow, Bleach Brain,” Cordy squirmed out of his grip landing a surprising punch to his midsection.

“Getting mad at me won’t change the fact that your sire still has a hard-on for the Slayer, luv,” Spike dodged another blow. He grabbed her and swung her around so that her back was pressed against his chest, holding her still.

Cordelia muttered, “Not for long.”

“What’s that about?”

“I said— not for long,” Cordelia repeated. “That blond bitch needs to stay out of my life and out of Angelus’ thoughts.”

“Can’t stop him from thinking,” Spike countered. “I know you were trying to convince him to leave Sunnydale, but he’s not going anywhere until he has fulfilled his promise to kill the Slayer’s friends.”

She could count the people important to Buffy on one hand. How long could that take? It seemed like Angelus wanted to drag this thing out. To toy with Buffy Summers rather than finish this once and for all. Maybe it was time that she gave her sire a little help to speed up the process.


“You’re leaving me to go out on Valentine’s Day?” Cordelia sounded a little pissed at the idea that her sire was not planning to spend the whole day in their bed with her.

Angelus kissed her lingeringly and then informed her, “I have to see a man about an orb.”

“I don’t suppose this orb can transport us out of Sunnyhell for the evening?”

“No,” Angelus hated the fact that Cordelia seemed bored to tears. “The Orb of Thesulah summons souls from the ether and stores them until they can be returned to the body.”

“Why would you want that?”

“I don’t, but somebody in this town has purchased one,” Angelus told her. “I can think of only one reason for it and it has everything to do with me.”

Looking wide-eyed with horror, Cordelia realized, “Someone wants to return your soul? It has to be Buffy.”

“She’s an obvious choice, but the rumors suggest that it’s someone else.”

“I’m coming with you!” Cordelia wasn’t about to let someone, anyone— most especially Slutty the Vampire Slayer— contaminate her sire with a soul. Not that the human Cordy had not been attracted to Angel, but now that she was a vampire and Angelus’ lover the idea of a soul was unnatural.

Angelus forestalled her. “No, Cordelia. Stay here. I have plans for us tonight.”

“Tonight?” Cordelia was suddenly sidetracked.

“I’m taking you to the Bronze— dancing.”

A laugh sounded as she imagined her sire dancing. “The music at the Bronze doesn’t often reach a snail’s pace. I remember when Angel and I—,”

Angelus growled at the memory thinking of the Soul’s hands on Cordelia’s body.

“There’s no need to be jealous of yourself, silly vamp.”

“Just get ready. I want you to look especially hot tonight.”

She was about to point out that she always looked hot, when she remembered, “I can’t go to the Bronze. People will recognize me.”

“So?” Angelus did not see the problem. “Tell them a lie. Tell them nothing. Break their scrawny human necks. What does it matter?”

“I want to have fun, not get taken in as a runaway.”

Promising her that he would not let that happen, Angelus put one thought in her head that would stay in her mind the rest of the day. “Here is one more lesson, tigress. You don’t have to put up with anything or anybody. You go where you want, do what you want and take what you want. You answer to no one, but me.”


Jenny Calendar looked up from the computer screen absolutely horrified to see Angelus standing in her classroom. The sun had barely set in the sky and he was here in front of her looking dangerous and deadly despite the fact that he wore his handsome human face.

Trying to appear calm, she asked, “Angel— how did you get in here?”

“I was invited in,” Angelus told her. “The sign in front of the school— ‘Formatia trans sicere educatorum.’”

With a gulp, Jenny translated. “‘Enter all ye who seek knowledge.’”

“What can I say? I’m a knowledge seeker.” Actually, the vampire had found out quite a bit of information already.

Jenny could read it in his eyes. He was not pleased. She rushed to explain. “Angel, I-I’ve got good news.”

“I heard,” Angelus stopped her there. “You went shopping at the local boodegy-boogedy store. The Orb of Thesulah.”

Seeing the object in question sitting on her desk, Angelus picked it up looking at it with a mixture of curiosity and determination. “You know what I hate most about these things?”

Answering his own question a second later, Angelus smashed the orb against the floor. “They are so damn fragile. Must be that shoddy gypsy craftsmanship, huh?”

Jenny’s show of bravado was fading fast. Naturally Angelus in his purer demon form would not take kindly to the thought of being cursed again with his soul. She tried to distract him, but he just kept at it.

“I never cease to be amazed how much the world has changed in just two and a half centuries. It’s a miracle to me. You put the secrets to restoring my soul in here,” the vampire suddenly shoved her computer off her desk and onto the floor breaking it. The monitor shattered and began to burn. Tearing out a printout from the printer, Angelus continued, “It comes out here. ‘The Ritual of Restoration.’ Wow. This brings back the memories.”

He balled up the pages and threw them down into the flames. Jenny tried to stop him. “Wait! That’s your cure.”

“My cure? No, thanks. Been there, done that and déjà vu just isn’t what it used to be.” Angelus now turned his attention from destroying her work to Jenny Calendar herself. “My, my, my. Isn’t this my lucky day. The computer— and the pages. Two birds with one stone. And now teacher makes three.”

“No!” Jenny knew in that moment that he intended to kill her. She darted around her desk and headed for the exit.

Angelus watched her flee, an amused twist on his lips. “Oh, good. I need to work up an appetite first.”

Running after the woman, Angelus easily caught her. With a large hand on her neck, the vampire told her, “Sorry, Jenny, this is where you get off.”

At the sound of her snapping neck, a thrill hit Angelus that traveled all the way down to his groin. “Ah! I never get tired of doing that.”

Picking up Jenny’s dead body into his arms, Angelus quickly decided that killing her was not enough. Leaving this body on Buffy Summer’s doorstep would not produce quite the same effect as draping Jenny across her lover’s bed. It was Valentine’s Day, after all. The Watcher deserved to have his present and the champagne, roses and music to go with it.


After listening to his grandsire’s latest escapade, Spike maneuvered his wheelchair so that Angelus could see the pissed-off expression on his face. Staring at Angelus, Spike wondered if he was purposefully trying to bring down the Slayer upon them. “Are you insane?! We’re supposed to kill the bitch, not leave gag gifts in the friends’ beds.”

Drusilla cuddled the puppy Spike had given her as a Valentine’s Day gift. She reminded him, “But, Spike, the bad teacher was going to restore Angel’s soul.”

At this point, Spike didn’t care, “What if she did? If you ask me, I find myself preferring the old Buffy-whipped Angelus. This new, improved one isn’t playing with a full sack.”

Angelus glared at the blond vampire, but Spike only continued his ranting, “I love a good slaughter as much as the next bloke, but his pranks will only leave us with one incredibly brassed-off Slayer!”

“Don’t worry, roller boy.” Angelus confidently assured him. “I’ve got everything under control.”


The music pounded its beat reminding Angelus of a hard furious fuck. A steady, body-thumping rhythm that needed little thought— just reaction to make you move to it in a manner that mimicked sex. Unless you were a vampire with two left feet when it came down to dancing.

So here he was on the periphery of the dance floor standing in the shadows as Cordelia showed him how it was done. At the center of the floor, she moved flawlessly to the music drawing lustful looks from the crowd of young men who noticed she wasn’t dancing with a partner. They flocked around her like bees buzzing around a flower.

Angelus watched in amusement as Cordelia fended them off, laughing at their pitiful come-ons. He was about to head over to the bar for a drink when a man in his early thirties appeared not to take no for an answer. Before he remembered that Cordelia was more than capable of defending herself against him being almost twice as strong as the human, Angelus was at her side. Grabbing the man’s shoulder, he gripped tightly causing him to cry out in pain.

Leaning close, Angelus growled in his ear. “She’s mine, you obnoxious little prick. Don’t lay a hand on her again.”

The guy quickly ran off clutching his shoulder.

Cordelia continued to dance as if nothing had happened, now moving around Angelus in a close circle. He had told her to wear something hot and his childe had certainly outdone herself by dressing in a short red minidress that only hinted at her cleavage flashing little glimpses of her upper body through its tantalizing design. Endlessly long legs with their supple thighs were supported by a wicked pair of red high-heeled shoes.

Placing her hands on him, Cordelia danced against him. “You’ve chased off all of my admirers. Now you’ll have to take their place.”

As Angelus realized what he had gotten himself into by interfering, he chose a distraction technique. Wrapping his arms around her, the vampire pulled her in for a kiss that left the remaining onlookers flushed at its passion. The movements of Cordelia’s hips were now doing more than just simulating sex as they rubbed up against the erection that developed watching her dance.

The song suddenly changed to a slower beat, one that Cordelia thought they could handle together without making her sire feel clumsy. Hazel eyes were pleading as she pressed a kiss against the corner of his mouth. “Dance with me.”

Cordelia turned her face into his neck now holding on. This was actually mind-blowingly sexy as they swayed to the music and into each other. With each turn, she felt him hard and earnest against her, pressing up against her crotch through the barrier of his pants and her red mini. The sensations were just too much. Reaching down between them, she let her hand brush against the bulge in his pants clasping the hard proof of his arousal.

“I thought you wanted to dance?” Angelus growled into her ear. “Seems to me that you want something else. The nosey busy-bodies certainly think so.”

Lifting her gaze to the crowd, Cordelia realized with interest that they were indeed being watched. Several pairs of eyes were turned toward them. Then she caught one dark pair focused on them not with lust, but with hatred and a spark of jealousy. The idea that was stirring in her head only caused her own lust to flare.

“Take me out back, sire,” Cordelia cupped his face and kissed him.

Angelus returned the voracious kiss before chuckling at her over-eagerness. “Whatever do you want me to do in that alley?”

Flashing him a look, Cordelia’s mouth continued to hover over his. “Just take me.”

Her sire did not particularly care if they waited until they got to the alley. The urge to bury himself inside her was nearly impossible to resist. He knew she was wet and ready. The scent of her arousal wafted around him clinging to the air like a heady perfume. Putting his arm around her shoulders, they made their way to the back exit of the Bronze.

Yanking Cordelia into a shadowy corner of the alley, Angelus leaned her back against the barrier of a wall. His hands were pressed against it on either side of her. His sensual mouth twisted into a lusty leer as he asked her, “So is this my Valentine’s Day present from you?”

“No,” she answered with a secretive smile. “That’s coming real soon.”

“Then let’s make you cum first and you can tell me all about it,” Angelus pulled her hips against his as he moved in to kiss her again.

“Get away from her, you bastard!”

Angelus thought for a moment that some idiot was trying to play the hero. Recognizing Xander Harris’ voice and scent, he realized it was accurate. “You’re a little late for the rescue attempt.”

Xander stood his ground raising a crossbow and pointing it in their direction. “I’m not here to save her, Angelus.”

NEXT CHAPTER:     Chapter 3


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