Chapter Seven


Chapter 7

“Where have you been during the past year, Cordelia?”

Glancing at Angel, she turned her gaze back to the front windshield and sped up almost imperceptibly. Her recently acquired corvette rolled along at its faster pace, but Cordelia figured if she wanted answers to her own questions turn about was fair play.

“Here and there,” Cordelia told him truthfully. “In the wake of Acathla, Spike took us into Mexico and Central America. The pickings were good— since there are no Slayers around. Most people turned a blind eye. I stayed with them until I got bored.”

“Nightlife not exciting enough?”

“We were the nightlife,” complained Cordelia with a dark laugh. “Spike’s idea of a good time is an all-night pool hall or kitten poker.”

Angel found himself surprised at the fact that he wanted to know more about Drusilla and Spike. He still felt an attachment to them— Dru for the most part. Spike was mainly just a thorn in his side. “How is Dru?”

“Still missing Angelus,” Cordelia admitted. “When she discovered that Spike warned the Slayer about your plans to end the world, Dru was pissed that he had sided with her over you. She started hanging out with a Chaos demon.”

Thinking about it, Angel asked, “Don’t they have antlers?”

“Sticky drippy antlers,” Cordelia nodded and then shuddered at the memory. “Eew! So not my type.”

Angel didn’t need to ask what Cordelia’s type was— he already knew he was it. That was a fact, although she seemed to prefer him sans soul.

Cordelia gave a little smirk and met his gaze long enough to comment, “Guess Dru takes after her sire. She apparently likes her lovers with a big rack.”

“I’m guessing Spike didn’t take it too well,” Angel chuckled.

“Spike went on a drinking binge and I was left looking after the brainless blond jerk. So not a fun experience let me tell you.” Cordelia almost left him to fend for himself. “That guy has a way of getting under your skin. Pushes buttons you didn’t know you had. Tried to get me mad enough to stake him once or twice.”

Angel looked almost disappointed, “You mean you didn’t?”

Confessing, “No, but I wasn’t planning on playing nurse to a drunken vampire either. I convinced Dru to take him back.”

Cordelia pulled up to the front entrance of the mansion and put the car into park. Before she opened the door to get out, Angel asked curiously, “How did you manage that?”

She started to tell him and then simply flashed him a mischievous smile.

Angel sat alone in the car for a minute longer than necessary as he contemplated that pearly grin. Then he was distracted by Cordelia as she was suddenly being hugged by a blond man with longish hair followed quickly by one with cropped dark hair. They were vampires, he realized. Likely two of the minions she mentioned.

Said minions were a little too touchy-feely as far as Angel was concerned. He was out of the car in a flash and roving over to the trio. Sending the two males a dark look, Angel stood close to Cordelia warning them off. They didn’t know him, so both of the vampires were initially trying to stand their ground and protect their mistress against the stranger, but quickly sensed that they were in the presence of a powerful vampire.

Laughing at their response, Cordelia waved them off. “This is Angel, guys. No need to get so growly.”

“As in Angelus?” The blonde gasped at the fact. “I thought the Slayer got him.”

“So did I,” Cordy admitted with a shrug. “He’s back. Just try to stay out of his way. He has a tendency to stake vamps that disagree with him.”

Angel didn’t deny it. “Just do as I say and we won’t have any arguments.”

The two weren’t certain if that was a legitimate command. They followed the orders of their sire, Cordelia. She told them, “Unless Angel’s orders oppose mine, I don’t have a problem with that.”

Her words suggested that while Cordelia was not contradicting him in front of her minions, neither was she really giving up control. It was something she would only do for her acknowledged mate. As of now, she had refused him that status.

“Angel,” she introduced the two vamps, “meet Tom and Brad.”

He nodded his head in their direction and noted that Tom was the darker vampire while Brad was the blond. Something about that made him pause in thought for a second or two, but he couldn’t connect the reason why they seemed somehow familiar.

Cordelia handed the car keys over to Brad. “My suitcases are still in the trunk. Bring them up to the master suite and unpack for me.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“You’re such a sweetie,” she graced him with a charming smile. “Just move Angel’s stuff around to make room.”

Entering the mansion, Angel was startled to see four more vampires walking toward the foyer from various parts of the house. How many minions did Cordelia have? For a year-old vampire childe, Cordelia wasted no time in enlarging her responsibilities. Then again, with the Cordettes and Sunnydale High, Cordelia Chase was used to people constantly buzzing around worshipping her every move. Thankfully, the usable parts of the old burned-out building contained a number of sleeping quarters.

Pointing to each of them— all male he noted with a frown— Cordelia introduced them as Jude, Keanu, Mel and Trick.

Angel was suddenly making a connection between some of the names and famous actors, whom the human Cordelia had hero-worshipped during her school days. There was even an inkling of a resemblance between some of them. “These guys aren’t really—?”

Catching on, Cordelia threw her head back and laughed heartily. “I wish! No, I just gave Tom, Brad, Mel, Jude and Keanu new names when I turned them. Guys, this is Angel.”

Glancing over at the black vampire dressed smartly in a colorful leisure suit, Angel asked with a raised brow, “What about him?”

“Call me Mr. Trick,” the vamp held out a hand. “I hitched a ride with Cordelia’s crew.”

So he wasn’t her minion. Angel sensed that this vampire had been around for a while. Long enough to know the ropes. He was a bit shifty-eyed and his smile a little too wide. This was someone to keep an eye on and he wondered how Cordelia had come to make his acquaintance.

Taking his hand, Angel gave it an overly-firm shake. “Welcome to Sunnydale.”

“Home of the Slayer,” Mr. Trick laughed with a shake of his head. “A vamp has to stay on his toes around this town.”

“Why come?”


Angel knew that meant trouble. He placed an arm around Cordelia’s shoulders. “Make certain your business doesn’t cause trouble for me or mine, Trick.”

“Just a little possessive, aren’t you? I get it, man.” The vampire could not help but notice that Cordelia’s scent was covering Angel and vice versa. “Don’t sweat it. I’m actually not going to be staying here. My new boss is putting me up in my own place.”

“Good.” The terse reply left no doubt that Mr. Trick was not really welcome.

As the vamp headed out the door, Cordelia winked at him. “Later, Trick.”


Tom and Brad walked through with the suitcases from the corvette’s trunk and headed up the stairs. With a silent nod, Cordelia sent the others with them so they left her alone with Angel in the foyer. There were more questions coming and she would just as soon not be caught arguing with Angel on their first night together in the mansion.

“Why are you back in Sunnydale?” Angel demanded the truth.

“Does there have to be a reason?”

“Yes,” he scoffed. “You wanted to high-tail it out of town the last time we really talked. It seems a bit soon to start coming home to your roots.”

With her hands on her hips, Cordelia told him, “I met some interesting people during my travels. Some of them right here in California. One of them moved to Sunnydale a while back and has political aspirations here. I thought it might be interesting to help out with his campaign for mayor.”

“A political campaign?” That sounded very odd. Since when was Cordelia interested in politics? The only comment she had made to Angelus about Republicans and Democrats was that when it came down to it, they both tasted the same.

Cordy shrugged. “A girl has to have something to do. Besides, I know about campaigning at the High School level. I’ve won my own campaigns. This is just on a broader scale.”

“Who is this guy?”

“Richard Wilkins,” Cordelia told him. “You’ll like him, Angel. He’s really a down-to-earth, polite, slightly obsessive-compulsive man who knows a lot about history.”

Hmm. Angel would save his opinion until he met this mayoral candidate. He was about to move onto another question about her minions when he noticed a familiar scent here on the ground floor of the mansion. “Willow is here.”

Cordelia had almost forgotten about the little redhead. “I asked her to come over.”

“Asked her?” Angel paused on his way to the living room where Willow’s scent was the strongest. “You mean your muscle-bound minions didn’t capture her?”

Noting his flash of jealousy, Cordelia’s mouth quirked in response. “Willow is off-limits to my guys. I already told them that.”

Walking the rest of the way, Angel threw open the door to the living room. With a gasp, Willow looked up at the vampire with an expression that suggested she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She was sitting on the couch watching television and snacking on a bag of munchies. First catching sight of Angel, the redhead was a bit put off by his presence. She was still mad about what he said earlier.

Seeing that Cordelia was with him, her mood instantly brightened. Willow dropped the bag of Chex Mix and hurried over to greet the vampiress. “Cordy, I thought you were never coming.”

“Oh, I was coming,” Cordelia glanced toward Angel with a smile. “It just took me a little longer to get back to the mansion than I thought.

“Why the hell are you here, Willow?”

“Grumpy vampire! I see you’re still into the bad attitude.” Willow crossed her arms over her chest. “Cordelia asked me to come over. So here I am.”

Such a good little Willow.

The grim frown dropped away from the redhead’s face and was replaced by a smile as she looked at Cordelia Chase.

Angel questioned her reasoning. “Do you always accept invitations to vampire lairs?”

“Cordy is my friend,” Willow pointed out. “She’s not a stranger.”

“She’s a vampire.”

“Duh! So are you, broody vamp.”

“I don’t eat humans,” Angel countered.

Willow stared directly into his dark gaze. “Not anymore. Cordy’s not going to eat me— are you?”

“Eat you?” Cordelia smiled at the idea. “I need help setting up my computer network.”

“Oh! Well that’s a relief.”

“Angel, what did you think I was going to do with Willow?” Cordelia walked around the redhead running a hand up one arm and around her shoulders to her other arm. “Suck her down? Drain her dry? Turn her?”

That might be fun.

“Do you want to?” Willow looked at her with a keen sense of interest in the idea.

Angel pulled Willow out of Cordelia’s reach, suddenly realizing that his childe was using her rare mental abilities to enthrall the redhead into doing her bidding. Pointing the girl toward the front door, he gave her marching orders. “Go home, Willow.”

“Do I have to go?” Willow pouted as she looked over at Cordelia for confirmation.

Cordelia sensed that she was going to have to walk a fine line with this one. Her plans for revenge and Angel’s presence were going to cause conflicts. “Run along home, Willow.”

Then she sent out a mental cue to one of her minions. Jude, come to me.

The vampire appeared almost instantly at the top of the steps. “Jude, make certain Willow makes it home safely.”

“Yes, mistress.” Jude rushed to comply and was at Willow Rosenberg’s side before she had drawn three breaths.

Distressed at having to leave, Willow asked the vampiress, “When will I see you again?”

“Come tomorrow after school,” Cordelia told her smilingly. “We’ll talk about your task and catch up on old times.”

“I’ll be here,” Angel commented trying to make the girl realize that coming back into a vampire lair might not be the safest thing, but that he would watch out for her. “Just be careful.”

Glaring at him, Willow blamed Angel for making her leave before she had gotten to spend any time at all with Cordy. “Don’t bother, Angel.”

He repeated, “I’ll be here.”

“Goodnight Cordy.” Willow gave a friendly wave.

Cordelia stood with her hands clasped behind her back. “Goodnight, pet.”

After Jude closed the front door behind them, Angel turned to his childe. “What’s the game, Cordelia?”

“The game?” Her hazel eyes looked large, luminous and completely innocent of any wrongdoing. “Can’t I ask Sunnydale’s resident computer genius for a little help? She’s an old friend, after all.”

“The last time you came across an ‘old friend’ you killed him,” Angel reminded her of the encounter with Xander Harris.


“Are you planning to turn her?” Angel had seen that Cordelia’s minions were all male. If he did not already know that she wasn’t fucking them— recently at any rate— it was not difficult to guess that she had chosen them for their apparent similarities to her idols. The pattern did not suggest she would turn the young witch, but Cordelia might have other ideas in mind.

Cordelia waved off the question as if it was ridiculous. “Oh, that’s not for my Willow. I think she’s the type to need a few more years to mature, but now that you mention it she does have potential.”

“Don’t even think about it,” Angel warned her that it would piss him off. Not to mention the Slayer.

“That bitch has no right to tell me what to do,” Cordelia turned on him angrily. “Neither do you. Angelus might have had some luck in that direction— on occasion. Only my sire, my mate has that right. Sometimes I even listen. Not to you, Angel. You’re not the boss of me.”

Curling his fingers into her silky hair, Angel leaned in to press a demanding kiss over her mouth. “We’ll talk about that again later— in bed.”

Licking her lips, Cordelia commented breathlessly, “Okay.”

She kept staring at him. Maybe this souled version wasn’t her sire or her demon mate in the true sense, but he had the same hard, sculpted, gorgeous body and the same handsome face. After a mere fifteen seconds, Cordy leaned in close with a whispered suggestion as she hovered over Angel’s mouth. “It’s later. Let’s do it now.”

The look of lust in her eyes suggested Cordelia had little intention of finishing their talk about Willow. Angel’s demon instincts were telling him to forget about the bedroom. Just do it right here. After all, he doubted Cordelia would object. Either way, this was a line he couldn’t cross without acknowledging the danger to himself and everyone around him.

Angel wanted Cordelia— there was no doubt in his mind that he wanted her in every way possible there was to have her. The need to possess her was more than just lust, but some primal instinct to reclaim his mate. His demand to keep her in his bed was a risky event. No sleep of the innocent would be found between those sheets if he dared follow through with his own desires. It was difficult enough to be near Cordelia without touching her, much less place himself in a hazardous position to lose his soul.

A hundred years passed before his love affair with Buffy Summers and without a hint of any danger. Without even knowing that the danger of losing his soul existed, Angel tried for a while to lose himself in the simple pleasures of the flesh falling back on his human days as Liam. The strategy had not worked, but seemingly neither did it pose any threat.

What was the key to the damn Happiness Clause?

The vampire had a few theories, but nothing concrete. Could it be love itself? The feeling of love that had crept into his soul with each day that he spent with Buffy? Heartfelt and tender emotions. That is what they had shared. Her innocence and the inherent trust she developed for him— a vampire— gave him a moment where he forgot he was a demon.

So was it love, or just a moment of forgetfulness? A moment where he no longer thought of himself as a vampire, but gave into the side of himself that was still human?

As a human, Liam was something of a wastrel. He was an expert on lust, but love for a woman had never touched his heart. Though some part of him had to admit that he could only define love by what he had experienced with Buffy, Angel couldn’t realistically compare what he felt for the blonde with his feelings for Cordelia. The problem was that he didn’t really know how to qualify his feelings for his mate.

As Angelus, he had been possessive of Cordy and wanted her with his every instinctive sexual urge. They shared their bodies and their blood. Did that qualify as love for a vampire? Angel recognized the feelings within him as need and desire. The urge to possess her was no less than any instinctual urge of his soulless self. Right now, having her was the only thing that mattered. His hundred years proved that there was a loophole to this damnable curse. The problem was that Angel didn’t know what it was.

“My curse comes with no guarantees, Cordelia,” he warned his mate.

With a careless look, she asked, “Is that supposed to bother me? Either way— I win. If your soul remains intact, I still get one amazing fuck. If Angelus returns, I have my mate back without the burden of the extremely large chip on your shoulder.”

“Maybe it’s too big a risk,” Angel muttered aloud. “I want you, Cordelia, but I am not going to unleash Angelus on the world again.”

If Angelus had been here, the vampire would have had her halfway to her first orgasm by now. All this brooding and yapping about it was a yawning bore. Cordelia issued him an ultimatum and told him, “The couch is over there. Hope you’re comfy tonight.”

“Not happening.”

Cordelia walked over to the couch and leaned up against its back. Patting its cushions, she commented, “I’ll send Mel down with a pillow and blanket.”

“Forget it.”

“So you expect me to stay in your bed, but not let me touch you?” Hello, major hottie! What did he think she was— a nun? Already, her hands were curling into his black shirt and pulling him closer. She noticed that he didn’t stop her or attempt to pull away.

Covering one of her hands with his, Angel answered, “There are countless ways of touching and being touched. Of kissing and being kissed. Of making love and having sex. There is a fine line to follow. We got lucky tonight—.”

“I did,” Cordy interjected with a flirtatious smirk.

Angel stressed, “We did. You may not want to hear it, but I don’t want to lose my soul again. If you want this body then you’ll have to learn to accept that.”

Yanking her hands away, Cordelia looked a bit put off. “Maybe I don’t want you. Maybe I won’t accept it.”

A dark and dangerous look settled on his face, one that was distinctively demonic. If she didn’t know any better it seemed like Angelus was staring into her eyes. Angel’s hands came up to cup her face delving his fingers into her hair as he did so. “Then accept the fact that all your future orgasms will be the result of self-gratification because if it’s not me touching you tigress it won’t be anyone else but you.”

Cordelia almost whimpered. He was serious. All too serious about denying her pleasure if it didn’t come from him or the frustrated pursuit of her own fingers. “What can we do, Angel? Will you deny me what I want the most— you inside me?”

He groaned as Cordelia reached out to brush the back of her hand across the tented bulge in his pants. There was no hiding his arousal, not that he cared at this point. Didn’t he always give her what she wanted? Frankly, Angel didn’t want to deny himself that pleasure either. Unfortunately— or was it fortunate?— his demon’s constant urgings kept him thinking of the consequences.

Just the thought of Cordelia surrounding his hard flesh as he thrust into her was almost enough to cause a stupidly happy grin to appear across his face. “I think that is probably on the dangerous list.”

There was a look of growing desperation in her eyes. They hardened into a sharp glare as she asked Angel again. “So what can we do? Surely you and Buffy Dearest had some fun together before you took her virginity. It wasn’t all kissing.”

“Don’t be a bitch about it, Cordy,” Angel warned her adding a reminder. “After all, I took yours too.”

“That was Angelus,” she insisted even while acknowledging that the statements he made sounded an awful lot like the soulless vampire.

“I’m not going to argue about it.” He pulled her up from the back of the couch to settle his hands along her hips.

Maybe she wanted to argue. Maybe she wanted to get him mad. Maybe he’d get so riled up that he would forget about his stupid soul. Forget about it to the point that he’d lose it.

“Just let me touch you. I’ll behave— I promise.”

Behave? That would be a first. “Prove it.”

Cordelia felt a moment of triumph. She would get what she wanted. All of it. All of him. All of that gorgeous, hard male body giving her what she wanted. Fuck behaving! If he wouldn’t play it her way, she’d just take what she wanted and let him find the willpower to stop her.

Trailing her fingers up over his biceps, Cordelia curled her hands around his shoulders and reached up to grasp his collar. She held him there while her mouth plundered his with a long passionate kiss. Just as Angel was starting to take over the kiss, Cordelia lifted her head away. With a determined smile, she released his collar to run her hands down the front of his shirt only to rip it open exposing the smooth expanse of Angel’s torso to her view.

“I liked that shirt,” Angel frowned as buttons popped in all directions.

“Well I like what’s underneath it.” Cordelia flattened her hands against his chest feeling her way across his cool skin. She grabbed the edges of the shirt and yanked them down from his shoulders imprisoning his arms with the material.

Then her hands traveled down to his belt to unbuckle it. Angel pulled off his shirt while Cordelia occupied herself with his zipper. She kept distracting herself from her task by kissing her way across his chest from nipple to nipple, the small male nubs hardening against her flicking tongue.

As Cordy’s hand delved in between his pants and his boxers, she pressed her fingers upon his hard length. Holding still, letting the stiff weight of him fill her palm as her fingertips brushed against the bulbous tip. Angel let out a groan at the initial caress, taking her face into his hands and moving his mouth over hers letting them lose themselves in the touch of their lips against each other.

With a soft moan, Cordelia opened her mouth under his while her tongue darted out to sweep across his in tiny circular motions that fed their arousal. She whispered his name against his lips, letting him know she recognized the difference between him and her mate, “Angel.”

The hand on his fabric-covered cock had not moved. Cordelia continued to hold him, but with only the gentle weight of her slightly curled hand. Angel felt himself jerk beneath her touch at the sound of his name on her lips. As if the movement had broken some spell keeping her hand there, Cordelia withdrew it to lift both hands to his head. Ever so slowly she let the pads of her fingers follow the shape of his jaw and continued upward to lightly dance along the outer shell of his ears.

“Cordy, baby,” Angel started to protest against the loss of her touch on his rigid erection only to let out a growl as her fingers curled around his ears tilting his head back while her mouth started to explore his neck.

At first it was just the touch of her cheek, the sweep of her lips barely brushing against his skin. Then Cordelia started alternating between soft smooches and hard nips. Angel grasped her hips bringing them sharply against his tumescent cock before traveling up the curves of her body to fork through her hair. The vampire clasped Cordelia’s head in his hands without any effort to guide her movements as he exposed his neck to her mouth.

Cordelia felt the rumble of his words against her lips as they emerged from his throat in a deep timber. “Bite me. Let me feel your fangs, tigress.”

The tongue lapping at his throat paused and darted back inside Cordelia’s mouth as her sharply pointed fangs descended. She opened wide and Angel felt a tug of pleasure as the vampiress’ fangs scraped over a sensitive cord. He closed his eyes in anticipation of her bite, but it didn’t come.

“No,” sounded Cordelia’s whispered denial as her fangs retracted. That was for Angelus. Only for her mate. Though denying him this actually pained her leaving a hollow feeling in her belly.

Angel’s eyelids flashed open as his amber gaze focused on her confused expression. He felt anger at her refusal, at her rejection of the offer of his blood. No childe turned down their sire’s blood, especially if it was offered during sex. The demon in him was equally incensed.

“If you’re not going to be my mate, Cordelia,” Angel’s hands left her hair to settle on her shoulders, “maybe you need to be reminded that you’re still my childe— still mine.”

Cordelia looked defiant as if she might choose to leave rather than put up with the sheer force of his will and the warring nature of her own arousal. Her whole body was tingling with need, her nipples erect against the material of her dress and her inner thighs coated in the sticky proof of her desire.

“Get on your knees,” Angel’s signaled with a press of his hands on her shoulders that he was not going to allow refusal.

If he wanted her submissive and bending to his will, Cordelia figured he had a wake up call coming. She sank to the floor feeling the bare hardwood under her knees, but kept her hands flat against her thighs. It was obvious what Angel wanted her to do. Any idiot would know it, but she wasn’t going to play nice and make it easy for him.

“I thought you were going to behave,” Angel stared down at her while fighting against the curling corners of his mouth.

“Fuck behaving!” Cordy repeated her earlier thoughts as a battle cry. “If you won’t give me what I want, I’m not gonna give it to you either.”

One of his fingers crept under her chin keeping her gaze upon him. “Just remember what I told you about your options.”

Ignoring the pain of the hard floor under her knees, Cordelia shifted to spread her legs so her fingers massaged her swollen clit. “Mmm. Maybe it won’t be so bad, Angel. Besides, you won’t be around all of the time. I’m certain my minions know how to get me off.”

Angel’s hands curled into tight fists along his sides at the mere thought of one of those fledgling vampires daring to touch his mate. He didn’t bother to stop his vampiric face appearing or the threatening growl sounding from his throat. Cordelia’s hand stopped its self-gratifying motions as she reacted instinctively to her sire’s displeasure. Yes, her sire, she acknowledged the fact despite what it meant to her. That it might change everything. Cordelia could not deny that any longer as her body provided the proof of its own recognition. She forced herself to open her eyes which had shut against his anger.

“If you want to keep your muscle-bound minions, Cordelia, I suggest that you tell them never to lay a finger on you again,” Angel was completely serious about it. “I won’t have you cuckolding me with your Tom, Dick and Harry.”

“Tom, Jude, Brad, Mel and Keanu,” Cordelia blinked innocently trying to pull him out of his nasty mood. This wasn’t what either of them wanted.

Angel warned her, “Just tell them to back off.”

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” Cordelia placed her hands on his thighs and leaned her upper body closer. “Don’t expect too much, Angel. I still feel the loss of my mate even though you are here. Part of me knows it’s you, but there’s still a difference.”

His chest ached in the area of his unbeating heart. Cordelia’s words left Angel feeling like a demanding, selfish prick. And speaking of which, that part of him was rapidly deflating at his own sense of irritation with himself. “Come up here, Cordy. Get off of the floor.”

It might have been further defiance, but Cordelia’s hazel eyes were soft with desire as she stared up at him and shook her head. Now that she had a choice, she didn’t want to leave. One hand moved from his upper thigh down to his left ankle, silently indicating that he should lift his foot. Cordelia removed the shoe and sock from his foot, tossing them aside before repeating the action with his right foot.

Then her hands wandered back up the thick muscles of his legs and over his hips to curl into the open waistband of his pants. She tugged the black pants down until they pooled at his bare ankles, but left the form-fitting cotton briefs in place. Angel stepped out of the pants kicking them away without ever taking his eyes from hers.

“Let me touch you,” Cordelia’s hands were hovering at her waist as she waited for his permission. “Let me taste you.”

A gruff sound preceded his hands reaching out to hers. Cordelia placed her fingertips in his palm where Angel grasped them and squeezed gently before moving her hands to the skin where his waist met the edge of his briefs. All the anger was gone from his eyes as Angel’s hand crept up to toy with the waves of her hair as he waited for her to make her move. It was a while in coming. Cordelia pressed her hands into the cool flesh of his abdomen, letting her fingertips slip slowly to the waistband of his briefs. Her eyes left his to focus on the bulge created by his penis. Instead of removing the final barrier, Cordelia let her nails rasp over his hips coming close, but not touching his hardening loins.

Leaning up, Cordy pressed a wet kiss against Angel’s navel, dipping her tongue inside and flicking at the surrounding skin. Her hands pulled down the black briefs only to have his cock swing forth to hit her in the face.

“Sorry, it’s a little insistent,” Angel grinned sheepishly only to let out a moan as his penis inadvertently tangled in her soft hair as she moved to a safer distance. Its silky texture on his sensitive flesh was a tease in itself.

Finding herself staring hungrily at Angel’s thick erection, Cordelia felt a moment of relief at the sight of it. After a year of separation, and of thinking that her sire was destroyed by the Slayer, he was back. For that moment, she didn’t care that he had a soul, only that she was going to give him pleasure again. Mind-blowing, blissful pleasure.

As she touched the base of his cock, Cordelia darted her eyes up to find him watching her. No surprise there. The look of lust on his face was accompanied with determined control. She recognized his effort to let her do what she wanted rather than him planning to dominate her efforts. Giving up control was not an easy thing for any vampire, much less her sire.

Angel’s hands itched to curl around his penis since she was taking her time, seemingly worshiping the sight of his rigid hard-on. He noticed Cordelia’s tongue peeking out of her mouth to moisten her lips. God, but he wanted her mouth on him. The things he— in the form of Angelus— had taught her about pleasing him came to mind. Just the anticipation alone was killing him.

Now Cordelia leaned in close, her mouth just above the crowning head of his cock as she looked up at him again. “I love to look at you when you’re hard, so big and thick and all for me.”

His penis jerked in her hand, the darker head stretching out of its foreskin and the shaft swelling to its full length. It was brushing against her face again as if it had a mind of its own edging closer to her soft mouth. Cordelia centered her mouth to lick at the ridge of his cock along the underside where his foreskin met the shaft of his penis. Her flickering tongue darted against that spot causing his eyes to half-close at the sensation she evoked.

Cupping his balls gently in one hand, Cordelia kept his penis pointed toward the ceiling while she softly licked along its underside from the base back up to that responsive spot at its ridge. Her continued attention there brought a moan from Angel who spread his legs a little wider giving her better access to the soft sack containing his sensitive balls.

If she kept that combination up, Angel knew he would be coming in no time. “Let me in.”

Cordelia kept her eyes on his as she opened to admit him sliding the tip of his cock into her mouth. Opening wide, she did not close her mouth around him, but started a circular motion with her head. Though he was large, he slid over her tongue and around to press up against her palate and along the rounded barrier of her teeth. Angel was moaning out his pleasure as he forced himself to keep watching the erotic sight.

Slowly and purposefully, Cordelia kept up her clockwise movements while her tongue danced beneath the crowning ridge. Then she withdrew him from her mouth eliciting a growl of complaint from her sire. Winking at Angel, she curled her hand encasing his shaft with a firm grip before moving up and down the length of his cock. When Angel’s hips started to move with the rhythm she set, Cordelia paused again.

Taking his cock into her mouth, she slid the moist tip of her tongue around the head and closed her mouth around the shaft just behind the sensitive ridge. Letting him slide a bit further, Cordelia twisted her head from side to side as her hand pumped his thick shaft. Her free hand continued to caress his balls which were now retracting closer to his body.

He was getting close, she realized, her body humming right along with his at the idea of giving him pleasure. So close to coming now— him too.

Cordelia wasn’t aware of her actions until she was already projecting her thoughts into his head. Sire. Angel. Mine.

Within seconds, she found herself off of her knees and bent forward over the cushions of the couch. Angel pushed up her short skirt finding no barrier as he had earlier ripped her panties away. Then in one long thrust, he was inside her tight channel pumping into her. His hands grasped her hips which circled around as they found their rhythm together.

“Angel,” Cordelia called out his name. “Yes, that’s what I want. Do it harder. Oh, please sire, fuck me.”

As he stared down at the joining of their bodies, Angel wasn’t certain if her thoughts had forced him to comply with her desire or if he had simply lost control. The truth was this was what he wanted too— to be inside her with her inner muscles clamping down around his cock grasping to keep him there and conversely opening up to invite him in. Felt so damn good.

Bringing his hand down, Angel slapped her ass once while pistoning into her needy depths. It drew a growl from Cordelia who thrust back against him even harder. He reached around her hips beneath them to stimulate the swollen nub of her clit. Then Cordelia let out a cry as her orgasm washed over her in an electrifying wave.

Cordelia was still feeling it when Angel removed his still ragingly hard cock and flipped her over onto the couch. She was panting as her inner muscles convulsed with pleasure. Then Angel leapt over the back of the couch to kneel between her legs. One was bent up against the back cushion of the couch, the other leg stretched out on the floor as she lay supine against the throw cushions.

There was a dangerous and determined look in Angel’s dark eyes as his hands grasped her upper thighs and pulled her down to him. His penis, still slick with her juices, strained thick and heavy as it towered above her opening. Taking himself in hand, Angel bounced the head of his cock against her clitoris several times until Cordelia was thrashing her head back against the pillows. Letting out a whimper, she reached down to curl her red-tipped fingers around her inner thighs. Her thumbs massaged the plump mound of her mons as her index fingers moved to spread the petals of her sex to his hungry gaze.

“I want you so much, tigress,” Angel admitted aloud as he entered her again. Then her name came softly from his lips as he sank to the hilt. “Cordelia— you feel so good.”

Her hands moved up to his shoulders pulling him down to her. Angel balanced himself on his elbows while finding the couch something of a challenge as he started up a slow and steady rhythm. Cordelia released a tiny moan with each long thrust until she begged him, “Kiss me, Angel.”

It was a request that hardly needed the added plea to her tone. Angel brought his mouth down to adorn her lower lip with a long kiss sucking it in between his lips. Then he did the same with her upper lip before pressing his mouth over both lips to lavish them with long, tender kisses.

Kneeling up again, Angel suddenly ripped her dress down the center wanting to feel all of her. Cordelia simply let out a laugh of delight as he descended again to pull down the straps of her purple bra baring her full breasts to his view. His big hands curled around her, thumbs moving along the underside of her breasts. Then he had her in his mouth, his tongue flicking at her soft areola and teasing her nipple. Angel had to bend down to reach her while keeping his cock inside. He turned his attention to the other breast and Cordelia was suddenly raking at his back and rotating her hips against him.

“Enough teasing,” Cordy couldn’t take it anymore. “I want to feel you come inside me.”

Giving her breast one last kiss, he angled himself upward and began a serious rhythm that escalated quickly for them both. The springs of the couch squeaked noisily to accompany their moans of pleasure as Cordelia and then Angel reached a nearly simultaneous climax.

“Angel, Angel!” Cordelia automatically exposed her throat to his gaze begging for final completion. The bite she wanted didn’t come and her eyes flashed open in confusion and then the realization that he was staring down at her neck while running his tongue over his fangs.

Whatever he was thinking, Cordelia let out a cry of relief as Angel bent over her to sink his fangs into her throat. She held onto him wrapping her arms and legs around him as he lapped at her blood. The sensation of his fangs, lips and tongue caused her to shudder with continued pleasure. His fangs retracted, but his tongue continued to lap at the wound until it closed up under his careful ministrations.

Shifting back to his human visage, Angel slipped his softening penis out of her and sat back on the couch. Wordlessly, he watched as Cordelia slipped out of the remaining shreds of her designer dress and crawled up the space between them.


“It’s still me, Cordelia,” he mistook her query. “Sorry to disappoint you, but my soul is still intact.”

“I thought it was pretty blissful,” Cordy commented wryly, “but that’s not what I wanted to ask.”


Cupping his face with one hand, she ran her fingertips from his cheek down to his throat. “Let me taste you?”

Angel froze in reaction to her request. Did she realize what she was asking? He had to remind her just so there was no mistaking the action. “You said you would only do that for your mate.”

Gazing deeply into his questioning eyes, Cordelia responded, “I know.”


Joyce Summers opened the door to the back porch finding Buffy outside. “What are you doing out here?”

Buffy didn’t bother to look at her mother, just continued on with her task. It had to be obvious what she was up to out here surrounded by wood chips.

“I’m sharpening stakes.”

NEXT CHAPTER:   Chapter 8


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