Chapter Three


Chapter 3

“Get away from her, you bastard!”

Angelus thought for a moment that some idiot was trying to play the hero. Recognizing Xander Harris’ voice and scent, he realized it was accurate. “You’re a little late for the rescue attempt.”

Xander stood his ground raising a crossbow and pointing it in their direction. “I’m not here to save her, Angelus.”

“You’re not wanted here,” the vampire growled irritated by the fact that the human was interrupting his assignation with Cordelia. “Leave now and I’ll forget that I saw you here tonight.”

Determined to go through with this, Xander stepped closer. “I’m not going anywhere, vampire. Not until I’ve finished this.”

Cordelia placed a hand on her sire’s chest causing him to look down at her. A silent look passed between them as she indicated that she wanted to handle this intrusion. He gave her an almost imperceptible nod in Xander’s direction, his dark eyes glinting with interest and curiosity wanting to see how she was going to handle her former boyfriend.

As Cordelia stepped out of the shadows, Xander let out a gulp that was only audible with superior hearing. Oh, God! Buffy had been more than accurate when describing Vamp Cordelia. Even watching her in the club had not given him this up-close perspective. Despite that she looked human, her demon visage hidden, there was something about the vampiress that made her even more beautiful than before.

Unbridled passion and power glinted from her hazel eyes, a confidence that went beyond Cordelia’s usual tell-it-like-it-is mentality. Seeing her like this, Xander experienced a moment where his mind flashed images of the two of them together— in one of the many janitor’s closets at Sunnydale High. Her lush mouth on his as they stole kisses between classes. His hands moving to touch whatever he could reach and sneak beneath the edges of her clothes to feel her silky skin.

A smile curled Cordelia’s lips. “I miss you, Xander.”

His eyes darted into focus.

“I miss your sweet wet kisses,” she murmured while approaching at a slow pace, her hips swaying sensually. “I miss your fumbling hands touching me. I miss our arguments most of all.”

Xander. Look at me. Want me?

He had never seen her look so hot. Xander’s eyes raked over Cordelia’s curves and her long bare legs. His body reacted instinctively.

“I’m not here to argue, Cordy,” Xander forced himself to meet her gaze. “I’m here to get this done.”

“Angelus is my sire,” Cordelia gave him a dangerous look. “I won’t let you harm him.”

Raising the crossbow a little higher, Xander told her, “I’m not here for Angelus. I came for you.”

“Me?” Cordelia gave him a surprised look. “You want to kill me? Your own girlfriend?”

“Not my girlfriend,” Xander ground out. “She’s dead. You’re the demon who’s stolen her body and her memories. I don’t want you— or Angelus— defiling Cordelia.”

Xander. Defile me? You want this body too.

Concentrate, Xander told himself. Concentrate.

With each step that Cordelia took, he kept imagining what it would be like to touch her again. They had never gone further than their groping sessions in the closet, but Xander’s fantasies had been far more detailed than that. Seeing her dancing in the Bronze and here in Angelus’ arms, it was all too easy to slip back into those fantasies. Easy to replace Angelus with himself in his mind having seen the vampires doing more than just dancing and about to do more than that out here in the alley.

Before Xander realized it, Cordelia was within arm’s reach. She snatched the crossbow out of his hands tossing it in the direction of her sire. Angelus caught it and snapped the weapon into pieces.

Xander froze in place, knowing that he was in trouble. How had he allowed himself to get so distracted? It was as if Cordelia mesmerized him. As if his lust had driven away any other thoughts. Now he found himself at her mercy.

“Are you here alone, Xander?” Cordelia asked him, her hand running up and down his chest.

He gave no answer finding himself dumbstruck at her touch.

“Or is this a Slayer trap?” Cordelia thought about it. Surely Buffy would have shown by now if that was the case. “I can smell her on your clothes. Has she been consoling you again? Making you feel better?”

Xander glared up at her. “Not that it’s your business anymore, Cor. I suppose Buffy and I were consoling each other. Just a hug or two. That’s what happens when evil vampires kill your friends.”

“Jenny,” Cordelia had almost forgotten that Angelus killed her tonight. “How is dear old Giles?”

“Peachy keen,” Xander looked over at Angelus, his eyes full of hate. “What else would he be feeling?”

Angelus strolled closer with a satisfied grin on his face. “I thought it would get a reaction out of that stiff-lipped Brit. Finding his lover draped nude across his bed, her milky skin covered with rose petals. Just for a second thinking this was already the best Valentine’s Day he’s ever experienced. His heartbeat already pounding in his chest with the force of his anticipation. His cock hard and ready. Her name sounding on his lips as he stares at hers— only to realize that those soft gasping lips are not moaning in wanton desire, but silenced by death.”

Shuddering, Xander reacted with renewed realization of just how evil Angelus could be. He could only imagine the things he had done to Cordelia before claiming her, draining her dry and finally turning her into one of his own.

With her nails curling across Xander’s chest, softly raking them across the smooth material of his shirt, Cordelia realized that he was aroused despite the hatred in his gaze. “Look at me Xander. I know you want me.”

Bitch. His eyes flashed with defiance. He refused to react knowing that the vampiress was already hot and horny long before she came out here with Angelus into the alley. Certainly long before he followed them. The lustful look on her face was just the normal reaction of a vampire, he told himself. Tried to tell himself. Couldn’t quite convince himself.

Cordelia moved her hands up to his shoulders, drawing herself closer. “I can show you things that will make your toes curl.”

Trying to remove her hands from his body, Xander found that she was too strong to be denied. She was clutching his body and now rubbing herself against him and causing his body to react automatically. His heart felt like it was somewhere up in his throat. Blood pounded in his ears, the beat drowning out his thoughts.

Somehow, Xander managed to find the words to say, “I don’t want Angelus’ leftovers.”

Angelus growled dangerously as he circled behind them. “Watch what you say about my mate, Harris.”

Cordelia met Angelus’ gaze for an instant upon hearing his words. This was the first time he had referred to her as his mate rather than just his childe. Toying with Xander had now become something she needed to be done with. Panting with intensified need, she gazed at her sire as he moved up behind Xander. His hands moved over hers as they rested on the human’s shoulders.

“I want you,” Cordelia stared deeply into Angelus’ eyes even as her body shifted against Xander’s hips and his unwanted, but automatic erection. “Want you inside me. I need to feel your touch.”

It was as if she was talking to him, Xander’s muddled brain processed the thought and ran with it. He barely acknowledged the fact that Angelus was standing behind him, his hard body pressed just as close as Cordelia’s. It was more like a rock wall behind him, so his presence was easy to dismiss when Xander was so completely focused on the soft breasts and shifting hips that were writhing against him.

“You feel so good,” Xander muttered as his hands moved down to curve over her bottom and move up her lush body to cup her breasts.

Cordelia dragged her gaze away from her sire. She placed a hand on Xander’s cheek, her thumb curling to his chin where she opened his mouth to allow the entry of her tongue. A moan sounded from Xander’s throat as he reacted without thinking. All he could do was respond to the cool touch by wanting more.

Even as Cordelia accepted the hot, wet kisses Xander returned, her free arm wound up to curl into Angelus’ hair. Letting her sire know she had not forgotten him. That this was as much for him as it was for her. Releasing Xander’s cheek now that he was kissing her of his own free will, Cordelia pressed her hand between them feeling down the length of his torso and down to his hardened groin.

Xander bucked against her touch as Cordelia’s fingers curled over the bulge at his crotch. He fell back against the solid barrier behind him. “Oh, God!”

The cry came as she pumped Xander through the thin covering of his pants, bringing him to a swift climax and milking him with her continued motions. He felt a tug against his hair, exposing his neck to the night air. There was only an instant of pain as the dual pressure of sharp fangs came on both sides of his throat followed by the mind-numbing pleasure that increased tenfold.

His body shuddered and writhed between them as Angelus and Cordelia sucked the life out of Xander Harris’ young body. The excitement of sharing him this way was too much for Cordelia who pulled back before Xander was completely dead. Angelus noticed and retracted his fangs from the boy, letting his still warm body drop to the alley floor beside them.


Angelus sensed her need for him was as strong as his for hers in that moment. The fresh blood glistened in the moonlight against her skin where it dripped against her chin. She licked at her lips tasting Xander’s blood again. “Happy Valentine’s Day, sire. Hope you liked your present.”

“You lured him here,” Angelus realized suddenly.

Yanking Cordelia to him, he kissed her bloodied mouth with such enthusiasm that she nearly came from that sensation alone. Then he pushed her up against the brick wall of the Bronze to continue his ministrations while freeing up both hands to pull up her skirt and rip her panties away. “You did good, baby,” he praised her with his lips barely lifting off of hers. “Brilliant.”

Cordelia fumbled with his belt and zipper, her bare buttocks scraping unnoticed against the rough brick wall as she focused on her efforts to free his thick cock from the prison of his black leather pants. Biting at his mouth, she sucked his lower lip inside only releasing it to repeat her needs. “Want you now. Want you inside me. Want to feel your touch.”

Thrusting his pants down to his thighs, Angelus groaned at the brief pain as the zipper scraped against his erection. It didn’t matter, because now his cock was in Cordelia’s hand being pumped and primed until it strained upward even harder and bigger than before. “Glad to oblige, tigress.”

Picking her up, Angelus slammed into her. Cordelia’s head hit the wall, but she did not care. Wrapping her arms and legs around him, she moved to the fast and furious rhythm he set that matched the music pouring from the club inside. “Yes, sire. That’s it. Harder.”

She clutched at his leather coat and moved her hands up to tangle in his hair. Her face rubbed against his cheek as she licked at his ear. Then Cordelia caught the expression on Xander’s face from the ground below, barely alive.

“Xander,” Cordelia gasped as she realized he was watching them. Despite the horror of facing his own death, there was still a look of lust in his eyes.

Angelus whipped them around so that his back was against the wall. He stared down at the dying human noting the same thing his mate had done. From this angle, Xander had a direct view of the vampire’s hard penis sliding in and out of Cordelia’s tight core. Lust, pain and hatred marred the pale human face with each thrust. Cordelia’s fluids seeped out to lubricate the towering erection and coated the heavy sac below as the vampire’s balls slapped rhythmically between her buttocks and his thighs.

Then Cordelia was crying out her orgasm screaming Angelus’ name into the night. He quickly followed, letting his own climax come to him.

“You’re mine, Cordelia,” Angelus growled into her ear. “Mine for eternity.”

On the alley floor, Xander Harris released his last breath. The light in his eyes that was his soul vanished as it left his dead body behind.

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