Chapter Four


Chapter 4

“Xander Harris, there you are,” Buffy harrumphed as she stomped up the porch steps to her house. “Willow and I just left Giles. I can’t believe you deserted him like that. He would have preferred a manly shoulder to cry on— even yours. As it was we—,” she stopped short.

Willow, who had been following behind Buffy simply screamed as she saw Xander’s body propped on the porch swing. A dozen red roses were cradled in his stiff arms with a note addressed to the Slayer.

“Omigod! Xander!” Buffy crossed the porch in a matter of seconds staring down at her friend’s lifeless body.

“No, no, no!” Willow flung herself against the support of the house trying not to sink to the ground. “This isn’t happening. Not twice in one day.”

Jenny Calendar and now Xander had fallen victim to Angelus’ treachery. As Buffy looked at the wounds on his neck, she realized that this was something more than her soulless ex-boyfriend’s revenge. There were two separate bite marks on Xander’s neck.

“It was Angelus,” Buffy was certain of that, “but I think Cordelia did this too.”

Willow rushed over to the porch railing, leaning over to throw up in the bushes. She hung there for a moment realizing that now she also had Xander’s death to blame on her own stupidity. If she had not caught Xander and Cordelia kissing in the library and run off like a jealous child, then Cordelia would never have been vamped by Angelus. If that had not happened, Xander would never have been so outraged, never have sworn to avenge his girlfriend’s death, never have put himself in danger without the Slayer present as backup.

“I thought he was just upset over Ms. Calendar’s death,” Willow cried. Now sobbing, she did not bother to stop the tears from running down her face. “I never thought he would do something to get himself killed.”

“We don’t know that,” countered Buffy. “Angelus and Cordelia might have followed him from Giles’ house. They could have been waiting for any one of us.”

The redhead didn’t believe that for a second. “He’s been muttering ‘that vamp is dust’ for the last month, Buffy. I think this just set him off.”

“Oh, Xander,” Buffy sighed with glistening eyes. She wouldn’t cry. She had not cried a single tear since Angel lost his soul and Angelus vowed to kill her friends. She wouldn’t cry.

Plucking the envelope from amongst the roses, she opened it to find a plain white card with one phrase scrawled upon its surface. It read: Happy Valentine’s Day, lover.

Dropping the card, Buffy grabbed the roses and ripped the petals from the stems careless of the thorns that cut sharply into her hands. She thrashed the remaining greenery against the side of the house. Willow watched, her entire body quaking in fear having never seen Buffy react this way. Her blond friend was screaming— screaming in pain and rage.

The front door opened suddenly as Joyce Summers appeared. “Girls? What is going on out here? Buffy?”

Her daughter effortlessly lifted one of the porch chairs and flung it over the railing. “He can’t do this to me! I won’t let him.”

“Willow? Xander?” Poor Joyce was confused and had been focused solely on her child’s strange behavior. Then she noticed that Xander had not reacted in any way to Buffy’s tantrum. He had not moved at all. Joyce found herself revisiting the too-recent memory of finding Cordelia Chase dead and sitting in her Corvette in front of their house. “Oh, no!”

With a mother’s concern, Joyce pulled the two girls inside settling them on the couch. Willow immediately pulled Buffy into her arms, rocking her back and forth trying to calm her friend. Motioning for them to stay put, Joyce, turned on the porch light and went back out to examine Xander, trying to be careful not to touch anything. There were rose petals scattered everywhere, even across Xander’s hair, shirt and lap.

“What happened, Xander?” Joyce asked the dead boy as if he might give her the answer. He was a mess. There was blood down one side of his throat, but both appeared to have deep flesh wounds. It appeared obvious that he had been attacked. The puncture holes looked similar to barbecue fork tines.

Then her eye caught on the white card lying on the floorboards of the porch. Rose petals half-covered the elegant script on its surface. Ignoring her determination to leave things untouched for the police, Joyce brushed away the petals and picked up the card. The words were a clear statement that Xander’s death was an act of passion. The fact that his body had been left here at their house suggested the lover mentioned on the card was in fact her daughter.

With a heavy heart, Joyce Summers walked slowly into the house to confront Buffy. She sat down on the edge of the coffee table taking Buffy’s hands into her own. “That young man did this? The handsome one who was here at the house. He’s responsible.”

Buffy couldn’t meet her mother’s gaze. Joyce Summers knew nothing about the darker side of Sunnydale, nothing about her own daughter’s status as the Slayer and certainly nothing about her daughter giving her virginity to a vampire.

Silently, Willow waited for Buffy to speak first. It wasn’t her place to tell Mrs. Summers the truth. Even if she really, really wanted to say something. Willow’s teeth clamped down on the inside of her cheeks just to remind herself not to say anything.

“Mom,” Buffy began with an unsteady hitch to her voice. “We need to talk.”


Hours later, after the police and the coroner had gone taking Xander’s parents with them, Buffy and Willow remained curled up on the couch. Joyce was still in shock at the entire story her daughter had revealed much less having to be the adult when the police and the Harris’ arrived on her doorstep. She wandered into the kitchen to make hot cocoa trying to get her mind off of the events of the night.

“Should we call Giles?” Willow asked.

“No. He’s been through enough,” Buffy shook her head. “We’ll wait until the morning.”

Willow let out a deep sigh, hugging her knees to her chest. “Ms. Calendar was getting so close to Angel’s cure. Why did this have to happen now? If Angelus waited just a little longer both he and Cordelia might have had their souls restored.”

“Maybe it’s too late for that,” Buffy frowned as the thought settled into her brain. “This happened because I didn’t have the guts to stake Angel the moment I knew he was evil again.”

“No!” Protested Willow. “It’s only natural—”

“What is natural about me? I’m the Slayer. My boyfriend is a vampire.” Buffy was suddenly laughing. Explaining, “It’s nothing. I just remembered something Cordelia once told me.”

Though distraught, Willow tried to be the voice of reason. “I can continue Ms Calendar’s research. I know I can. Surely a computer teacher backs up her information. If I can’t find it at the school, maybe she has it at home.”

Warning her friend, “Work fast Willow because I’m not going to let anyone die because I was too afraid to stake my— Angelus. Not again.”

“Oh, count on it.” Willow told her not to worry about that. Considering that it was just herself, Giles and Mrs. Summers left in Buffy’s inner circle of friends and family the odds did not look too good.


“Bloody hell! Now you’ve really done it,” Spike waited until Angelus accompanied Dru on her hunt before jumping out of his wheelchair and stalking after Cordelia.

Cordelia knew why he was mad, but she did not care. “Three down— if you count me. Three to go.”

“Your little plan to help Angelus along is gonna get you staked, luv,” Spike told her. “I can see that Slutty the Slayer is having trouble letting go of her precious Angel, but she is not quite as attached to your hot little ass as she is to his.”

“The sooner they die, the faster Angelus will take us out of this hellhole of a town. And I don’t mean that in a nice Let’s Party at the Hellmouth kind of way.” Cordelia turned to face him crossing her arms over her chest which only managed to prop her breasts a bit higher. “This town sucks for nightlife.”

“You had plenty of fun at the Bronze, you stupid chit!”

“Watch who you’re calling stupid, Bleach Brain,” Cordelia glared at the blond vampire. “I’m not the one who’s been rolling around in a wheelchair pretending to be crippled.”

“Trust me when I say that this act is probably saving me from the reality of it. When Angelus realizes I’m healthy again, he’s gonna rip me a new one.” Spike let that piece of information sink in. “I prefer not to go through that again.”

Smirking, Cordelia felt no mercy. “You deserve it.”

“Just you be careful, silly bint,” Spike growled at her pointing a finger at her chest. “The Slayer may take her Scoobies into battle, but she’s rather protective of them. Possessive in fact.”


“Killing you was nothing,” he gave her a look that suggested Buffy Summers wouldn’t care if she died a thousand deaths. “If it had been some other vamp instead of Angelus, she wouldn’t think twice about you beyond the funeral.”

Shrugging, Cordelia acknowledged that it was probably true. Their friendship had been more of a rivalry anyway.

“The Watcher’s woman was not really a part of the group. Like you, she was linked to the Slayer through her relationship with one of the central figures.” Spike pointed out, “You with lackbrain. The Watcher with the gypsy spy.”

“Are you saying we don’t count?” Cordelia sounded pissed at the idea. “We count.”

“Not like the boy you killed tonight.”


“You’re gonna have more than just a brassed off Slayer, Cordelia,” Spike warned her. “This will push that blond bitch over the edge.”

Cordelia pushed away the hand that settled onto her shoulder. “I don’t answer to you, Spike, so get off my case. I’m not listening.”

“You better listen,” Spike wasn’t about to be put off. He had himself and Drusilla to think about. It was bad enough that Angelus was obsessed with the Slayer, but now Cordelia was pushing her buttons too. “At this rate, your sire is likely to find himself a pile of dust. Where will that leave you?”

Pfft! “That won’t happen.”

“You just do as I say, chit, if you want your sire to survive this little obsession. Because I can tell you that Angelus won’t just stop at killing the bitch. He’ll turn her if he gets half a chance and you’ll find yourself replaced in his bed and his undead life faster than I can say Vampire Slayer.”

Spike’s words hit with more impact than Cordelia expected. She didn’t like what he was suggesting. Not one bit. “Liar! You take that back before I make you regret it.”

Smirking, Spike saw the dark glint in her eyes. At least he had gotten a reaction this time. Cordelia did not want to hear it, but he knew it for a fact. If there was one thing Spike wanted less than one of Angelus’ creative torture sessions it was having to grovel to the Slayer on a daily basis.

“Make me regret it,” dared Spike. “I’m waiting.”

He was ready for her attack when it came. It was foolish fun on his part, but he had been forced to stay in the damn wheelchair for so long now that any action was better than none at all. Even pretending to fight Angelus’ hot little vamp.

Spike. Stop moving.

Glaring at her, Spike suddenly paused in his efforts to dodge out of the way. Cordelia landed a blow to his jaw before crying out in pain as one of her nails broke. “That was your fault!”

“Yeah. My chin got in the way of your fist,” Spike lifted a hand to his face. “I don’t know what you just did, but you’re not getting away with it. If talking doesn’t knock sense into you then maybe this will.”

Grabbing her around the waist, Spike physically carried her over to the couch where he sat down and pulled Cordelia across his lap. Realizing what he intended, she growled at him angrily. “Don’t you dare spank me! Nobody does that to me.”

Hah! Like he believed that one. “Angelus doesn’t tan your naughty little ass on a regular basis? I’ve heard it, luv.”

“Nobody except him, you jerk.”

One arm held her fast against his lap, preventing her squirming body from escaping. His free hand yanked up her short skirt and pulled her lacy red panties down to her upper thighs. Spike looked at his hand as it settled over the firm curves of her bare buttocks while licking his lips in anticipation of this little lesson.

“Go ahead, you bastard!” Cordelia dared him to do it. “Touch me and you know I’ll make you regret it.”

Moving his hand over her ass, Spike knew it was too late for regrets. Their argument and short fight had already made him hard. The sensation of her taut body across his lap only increased his arousal. Touching her at all would probably result in more painful torture than he earned by attempting to kill Angel to save Dru. Daring to spank Angelus’ mate without permission was entirely another story.

Spike’s hand came down across her buttock in a hard slap across her flesh. Choosing not to react, Cordelia gritted her teeth and let him continue figuring her lack of response would cause him to stop. He didn’t. Soon her ass felt like it was on fire. Spike’s hand was causing a combination of friction and stirring blood that simulated natural warmth. She was tingling everywhere centering in her loins.

Realizing that the vampire was turning her on, Cordelia decided she had enough of it. She twisted free just enough to sink her fangs into Spike’s bare arm. “Explain that to Dru!”

Laughing, Spike simply issued a warning. “If you think Angelus is territorial, wait until my princess gets hold of you. She’ll have you on your knees licking out her sweet snatch until she’s convinced that you’re sorry you touched what’s hers.”

“What about Angelus?” Cordelia felt his cool hand settle again on her tingling flesh. “He won’t be happy about that either. Besides, I can tell him that you’ve been faking it in the wheelchair.”

“You’re no tattle tale,” Spike commented. “This is just between us, luv. Childe to childe. With an interest in keeping both of our sires here in the land of the undead.”

Silenced for a moment, Cordelia thought about what he said. This was all about making a point. Though she was quick to realize that his actions were not entirely focused on teaching her a lesson. His cock was a hard bulge beneath her and his hand was no longer content to rub her bottom.

Tucking his fingers further down into the wet folds of her sex, Spike’s voice sounded in a graveled tone as he asked, “Want to come?”

“Not with your help,” she glared into his cool blue eyes.

The second he released her, Cordelia squirmed off of his lap. Standing before him, she did not even take the time to straighten her skirt before slapping him across the face. His head jerked back from the strength behind the move. Then he laughed as she stood there with her nipples poking out at him from beneath her shirt.

“Looks like you’re not immune to my touch, luv,” Spike dared to reach up and cup both breasts in his hands massaging them lightly. Running his thumbs across the erect nipples elicited a reluctant groan from Cordelia who found herself edging closer.

“I don’t like you, Spike,” Cordelia let out another moan as his mouth moved over one breast, his teeth biting down softly to tease her through her clothes.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he growled out his thoughts. Spike moved his hand back to the exposed triangle of dark curls, his fingers delving in search of the erect nubbin that would give her pleasure. “Sure you don’t want to come?”

Mmm! Cordelia’s hips were moving against the feather-light touch. She told him, “No.”

“You’re not sure?”

“Mmm! Damn you, Spike. Stop that.” Cordelia felt his fingers inside her even as his thumb continued to rub against her clit.

“One day,” Spike promised knowing that she was right and this needed to stop, “if he doesn’t get himself staked first and Angelus is feeling less territorial, he’ll let me have you just so he can get off on watching you get fucked.”

Cordelia flashed denial from her golden gaze, but was too busy grinding herself against his talented fingers to comment.

“I can’t count the number of times we’ve had Dru between us,” Spike leered as Cordelia gripped his shoulders. He continued to stroke her without attempting anything more than bringing her to orgasm. Making her come would be a little victory over both the chit and her sire no matter the consequences.


His blue gaze focused on her face, the topaz eyes shifting back from golden to hazel and the lush lips that formed the words he wanted to hear. “You want me, Spike?”

“Bloody hell, yes!”

“Too bad.” Extracting herself from his fingers, Cordelia pulled up her panties, smoothed down her skirt and walked away.


“I found it, Giles,” Willow showed him the orange computer disc. “This is the cure for Angel and Cordelia.”

Over a week had passed since they laid Xander and Jenny to rest. There was no sign that the vampires had turned him. It was actually a relief to know that Xander was at peace rather than one of the walking dead like Cordelia. Even if they managed to restore her soul, she would always remain a vampire.

Giles stared down at the disc from across the library counter. “Part of me wants to trash the damn thing. Angelus deserves to pay for everything he’s done, but Cordelia was his victim.”

“Should I continue?” Willow frowned.

“It was Jenny’s wish that Angelus’ soul be restored,” Giles told her to keep researching. “It’s what she would want.”

Willow nodded her understanding. Despite their own grief, Willow had immersed herself in her studies, in teaching Ms. Calendar’s class and in researching the curse that would cure Angel and Cordy. Giles had bogged himself down with school business and training Buffy. When Buffy was not at school, training or patrolling for any sign of Angelus, she was at home with her mother. Joyce had become unnaturally clingy over the past week wanting to know where her daughter was at all times— even if that news was that she was going to stake vampires at one of the cemeteries.

“We need some magical items,” Willow told Giles. “There is a reference to an Orb of Thesulah. I’m going to need two.”

“Yes, I think that I’ve read about those orbs,” Giles nodded at an inkling of a memory. “Something about storing souls until they can be transferred. Good God! That was what Jenny was muttering about the other day. She found one.”

“I’ve searched everywhere,” Willow informed him that her search had come up empty. “I think Angelus destroyed it.”

Giles felt suddenly focused in a way that he had not been since Jenny’s death. “I will contact the Council. They have the means of locating the orbs much faster than we can and arrange immediate shipment.”

Then Willow brought up another concern. “I can only cast one spell in a twenty-four hour period. Who gets the first soul? Angelus or Cordelia?”

“Concentrate on Angelus,” Giles decided quickly. “He is the dangerous one. The sire. The one out for Buffy. Stop him and Cordelia will be a weaker link. She is a new childe, barely over a month old. Though she will gather strength quickly, Cordelia is nowhere near as dangerous as Angelus.”

After a thoughtful pause, Willow warned him, “Don’t count out any demon that thinks she’s Cordelia Chase.”


Buffy was getting frustrated at not finding Angelus. For someone who had vowed to kill all of her friends, he was not making himself visible enough track down. He was taking his time despite offing Xander on the same night as Jenny Calendar. Buffy figured that was a fluke. Willow had been right. No doubt he’d gone off half-cocked in search of Angelus.

How had Xander found him? How had Xander managed to locate Angelus when Buffy with all of her Slayer abilities could not?


Suddenly Buffy realized that she had gone about this the wrong way. The vamps here in Sunnydale were either loyal to Angelus or afraid of him. They were not about to give up any information on the master vampire even with the threat of being staked. No, it wasn’t the cemeteries or the demon bars that Buffy needed to patrol if she wanted to find a way to locate the vampire’s lair.

It was the Sunnydale Mall.


In less than a week, Buffy located the mansion and an opportunity that could not be missed. Normally during Cordelia’s little excursions, she was accompanied by Drusilla or a number of vamp bodyguards. Tonight, Buffy found the brunette vampiress sneaking out of the mansion on her own.

“What are you up to?” Buffy muttered as she followed at a safe distance downwind. She didn’t seem to be hunting for she passed up several opportunities that most vampires would jump at.

Cordelia was dressed completely in black. Not her usual color choice, but a good one for a vampire who was keeping to the shadows. Leather jacket, a silky top that came just to the edge of her belt, leather pants that hugged close and matching boots. Buffy got the impression that she was dressed for business. Vampire business.

Following for about ten minutes as Cordelia took several shortcuts through town, Buffy finally realized that they were heading in the general direction of Willow’s house. When the vampiress made a move through the large wooded area that led toward the back of the Rosenberg’s subdivision, Buffy decided it was time to make her move.

Buffy pulled a stake out of her pants pocket preparing to launch it in Cordelia’s direction when something distracted her.

Hello, Slayer.

The stake lodged into a tree next to Cordelia’s head. Oops! Buffy missed. How did that happen?

Cordelia turned to see Buffy Summers momentarily stunned at her misfire. That was not likely to happen again. The Slayer was not her objective tonight and Cordelia was not so stupid that she thought she could win against Buffy in a one-on-one fight. Turning, she ran through the woods hoping to leave her behind.

Shaking off the strange sensation that made her head seem like it was full of cotton, Buffy darted after Cordelia stopping only to yank her stake out of the tree trunk and tuck it back into her pocket. She finally caught up with the vampiress in a woodland clearing that was the site of some old half-rotted structure that backed up to a deep gully.

Trapped, Cordelia had no choice but to face the Slayer. She opted for the friendship card. “Buffy, it’s me. Cordelia Chase. Not some faceless vamp you never knew.”

“I know what you are,” Buffy stalked forward looking menacing despite her petite stature and tiny build. “A demon. A murderess. You killed Xander.”

“He came after me,” Cordelia pointed out. “It was self-defense.”


“It was, too! He had a crossbow.”

Buffy countered, “And you had your fangs ready to rip out his throat.”

“He died with a smile on his face,” Cordelia reminded her as she stood with her hands on her hips.

“You won’t,” Buffy promised.

The Slayer’s initial attack left her flat on her back with Cordelia towering above her, a wide smile on her beautiful face. “I’ve been practicing.”

“Good!” Buffy flipped to her feet and simultaneously performed a move that left Cordy staggering back onto the outer shell of the old building. “I prefer a challenge.”

Cordelia pulled away from the wooden surface lucky that her jacket had protected her from the pointed remains of the support beams. The rickety building collapsed behind her as she came at Buffy with a move worthy of a ninja-trained cheerleader. Those instinctive demon fighting abilities never ceased to amaze Buffy, especially when they combined with skills left over from their human existence. Acrobatically, Cordelia flipped in the air, her booted feet connected with the Slayer’s jaw.

Lying on the ground again, Buffy glared up at her opponent. That actually hurt. Not to mention the fact that her face would be bruised in the morning. Catching sight of an iron object in the grass, she threw it at Cordelia who was fast approaching for another attack. The vampire staggered back a few steps giving Buffy the time to hop back to her feet.

Yanking out her stake, Buffy tried again. This time the stake connected causing Cordelia to cry out in pain and surprise as it impaled her flesh. Only the wooden weapon did not hit her heart. After a second of realizing that she was not going to come apart in a big ball of flying dust, Cordelia pulled out the stake and tossed it over the edge of the gully.

“Dammit, Cordy! Will you just die already,” Buffy threw her hands in the air.

Laughing, Cordelia realized that the Slayer was having a more difficult time killing her than originally anticipated “Frustrated, Buffy? Maybe you just need to get laid. Being with Angelus everyday— I can tell you he knows how to give a girl what she wants.”

Buffy scowled at the brunette, her fists clenching and unclenching beside her. “Shut up, bitch.”

“Oh! I keep forgetting that you know that already,” Cordelia smirked at her. “You know what he feels like. Had his hard cock inside you making you come.”

“I said— SHUT UP!”

Cordelia licked her lips and ran her hands over her lush body. “Do you think about that night? Remember how he touched you?”

Yes. Buffy admitted it to herself if not to Cordelia.

“What’s it like, Buffy? Knowing that Angel is mine? Knowing that he’ll never touch you again?”

No longer thinking, the Slayer simply reacted by flying at Cordelia with a furious shout and sent them rolling on the ground. They were grappling for any advantage. Cordelia was fully in command of her actions, but Buffy’s rage had her on the edge of her control.
They fought hand-to-hand, punches flying and nails scraping.

Finally, Buffy wedged Cordelia’s body between her strong legs and flipped her over onto the ground again. As Cordelia struggled to her feet, Buffy saw an opening. The vampiress was standing directly in front of the ruins of the old building. Sharp boards were pointed at odd angles across the ground. Running full tilt into Cordelia, she grabbed her around the waist and leapt into the maze of boards.

Cordelia felt something sharp and heard Buffy’s simultaneous cry as they landed together in the center of the ruins. Then suddenly, before either vamp or Slayer could take note of their injuries the ground beneath them gave way. Cordelia fell straight down into the dark hole beneath them landing on her back on the rocky ground below. It was then that she saw the large board piercing her abdomen and felt a trickle of blood seeping from her throat.

Only Buffy’s fast reflexes saved her from falling. As it was, her feet were dangling down into the darkened shaft that dropped straight down for about fifteen feet. She gripped onto the edge of the boards pulling herself slowly up to the surface. Breathing hard, she lay on the ground exhausted as the rage slowly subsided replaced by a sense of loss and a sharp sense of pain.

One of the smaller boards had splintered digging into her thigh. Ignoring it, Buffy stared down into the deep hole realizing finally that it was some kind of old mine shaft. She saw Cordelia lying still in the shadows. Wounded and bleeding. There was no way to follow her down to finish the job. Besides, Buffy noted that this clearing was on the eastern side of a hill. It would face the sunrise.

Slowly rising to her feet, Buffy plucked out the splinters from her thigh. Tossing them on the ground, she noticed something glittering from the end of one of the boards. Taking it, Buffy found herself smiling grimly. She knew what she had to do. It was the one thing that would draw Angelus out into the open.


Spike rolled in to the living room carrying a box on his lap. “You’ve just had a delivery, Angelus. Smells like roses.”

“It came here?”

“One of Willie’s boys dropped it off,” Spike revealed that it wasn’t the florist making a pre-dawn delivery. “I didn’t bother with a tip.”

Angelus ripped open the box to find a dozen red roses beautifully arranged against the backdrop of soft tissue paper. A white envelope with his name on it was tied with a velvet ribbon. It was slightly bulky indicating that there was something inside other than just a note. Sniffing at the paper, he caught the slight scent of the Slayer— her saliva on the envelope. There was also a small hint of blood.

Cordelia’s blood.

Dropping the flowers back onto Spike’s lap, he opened the envelope and pulled out the white card that identically matched the one he had left in Xander’s dead hand except her message was slightly different. It read: Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, lover.

Inside the envelope he found two objects: the claddagh ring he had given Buffy and the necklace he had given to Cordelia.

Spike stared at the necklace. “Doesn’t that belong to—?”

Angelus didn’t wait to hear the rest of the question. He launched himself up the stairs and kicked open the closed door of their bedroom. Empty. So was the bathroom. Trying to concentrate, the vampire quickly realized that he could not sense his mate close by. She was not in the mansion.

Howling in rage, Angelus was back downstairs in a flash to find both Spike and Drusilla waiting for him. “That blonde bitch has Cordelia.”

“Staked her,” clarified Spike.

“No,” Angelus shook his head in denial unwilling to think that just yet. “I’d know. I’d know if she was dust.”

Drusilla curled an arm around her sire’s shoulder pressing her cheek into him. “Naughty Slayer has been playing games.”

Taking Dru by the shoulders, Angelus looked down into her dark gaze. “Can you sense her? What can you see, Drusilla? What do the stars tell you?”

Palming his face, she leaned up to kiss his cheek. “Cordelia lies in darkness, but the sun is fast approaching.”

“I’m going out,” Angelus stalked toward the door.

“You’ll never find her in time,” Spike warned him. “The sun is almost up.”

Growling out his anger, Angelus responded by vamping out. “Never? I don’t want to hear it, Spike. If anything happens to Cordelia, the Slayer and this whole godforsaken planet are going down with her.”

NEXT CHAPTER:   Chapter 5


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