Tasty Tidbits

I know that I’m in writer’s mode when I wake up thinking about Cordelia and Angel. Sometimes just Angel, but let’s not digress.

Plans, plots, and brainstorming sessions for the next 20 scenes of Season of Solace are in the hands of my friend and fellow C/A-lover, Sachi, known to most of you as Califi.

While waiting for her stamp of approval, I glanced through my Random Plot Bunny list and decided to write a quick little ficlet. I wrote two instead. One squeaked into the Short Story category. Sticky Note to Self: Must practice writing in a clean, decisive way using a modicum of words. Obviously, I haven’t started that yet.

Latent, Lingering Lust & Lies is a post-episode ficlet set after ‘Eternity’ as Angel contemplates the lingering effects of Doximal and the lies he must maintain if he is to keep Cordelia’s friendship.

The second story, Heartstrings, takes place immediately after ‘Provider’ as Cordelia unintentionally strings Angel along.

They’re just tasty tidbits to nibble on until the next SoS update.

Maybe I owe the creative Powers that Be a thank you for revving up my urge to write. All the talk about reboots must have flicked my fan fiction ‘on’ switch. And I’m not the only one! Even as I type, Cali is working on a new scene for Mercenary Hearts, a challenge fic with C/A as its central pairing. Angel and Spike are mercenaries for hire arriving in Sunnydale to close out their current contract. I’ve been getting the sneak peeks, but I am so ready for more.

If you’re also a writer of Cordelia/Angel(us) fan fiction and want to share your stories, you can submit them to me for inclusion in the Angel’s Oasis Fanfiction Archive and/or to Califi to be included at GoTeamC/A. Check out her Bloggy Bit for more info about her site.

~ Lysa ~

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