Reboots: Bothered and Bewildered


Why can’t Hollywood come up with an original idea anymore? If it’s not a reboot, it’s a spinoff, or a modern shoutout to a classic show with iconic characters. There have to be some sparkly new ideas out there.

Being a fanfic writer whose major creative contribution involves creating smutty sagas with other people’s original characters, it might be a little hypocritical of me to protest too loudly. Yet, I must.

News of a reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has certainly sent shockwaves throughout the fandom world in recent weeks. Hate it or love it the idea is generating a lot of buzz. Here’s me buzzing.

Reboot of BtVS: Bad

A new Buffy for a new generation. Concept and characters the same, but with different actors in a current-day Sunnydale? The dynamic would be completely different. The idea alone has created discord within a very loyal fanbase.

Spinoff of BtVS: Been There, Done That

Angel got his own show, and I thank the network Powers that Be for that creative move because it’s the reason I started watching Buffy in the first place. An expanded universe of goodness. Same world, same characters and actors, and until the networks separated them, even crossover episodes. Maybe they missed an opportunity by putting Faith in jail rather than in her own spinoff.

Shoutout to BtVS: Good

The fact remains that we love these shows, BtVS and Angel. Are they perfect? No. Want to travel back in time to tweak the things you love, hate, or envision just a little differently? Me, too. Set the time capsule to 2002. Let’s go!

Does our passion for an original creation make further exploration of that world wrong? Absolutely not. That’s why we have fan fiction. Maybe television can do that, too.  Maybe it’s still Sunnydale rebuilt from the ashes with a new Hellmouth emerging. Or better yet, a new town with a completely different vibe. The new Chosen One with new friends, foes and personal woes. A modern spin on a very old tale of a girl with the strength and skill to fight the forces of darkness.

Is a time jump of twenty years enough? I’d want this show in a bubble. Make it stand on its own. No guest characters from the original shows. No unnecessary references to those characters. Create something that feels like BtVS in the world of BtVS without it actually being BtVS all over again.

I’m interested to discover more about the plans for this reboot, rework, spinoff, shoutout.  Will I watch it if it happens? You bet. I reserve the right to be judgmental and scrutinize every aspect of every detail on the show. That comes from the heart because it’s what fans do.



  1. Agreed londonaux! Plenty of material out there if they can’t come up with something new. As always, I’m sure it comes down to the networks looking to build on an already established fanbase rather than risking it with something fresh. I could go for this if it was set far enough in the future that it let the writers play with the world of the Chosen One without Buffy & Co. actually being a direct part of it.


  2. No, I hate remakes. Many good European series become Hollywood’s unit wars. (they are all the same) because people are too lazy to read subtitles.
    How many remakes can you make?

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    • Hi Trix! Thanks for stopping by. I’m of two minds when it comes to the subtitle thing. On the one hand it is nice to see characters and locations often in their natural settings. These films/shows often have a more cultural appeal to them than a purely Americanized version. On the other hand, with the subtitles, you can’t take your eyes off the screen for a second in case you might miss an important line of dialogue. There was one Turkish series I watched mostly on You-Tube, I think, that was really good even though I had to suffer through the subtitles. I wanted to cry when I found out the rest of the episodes had no subtitles at all. For a crazy moment or two I thought about learning Turkish. Then, more recently, there was the whole Broadchurch series with David Tennant. I really didn’t get that. He had a perfectly okay show with the BBC, and then Hollywood dived in to redo the show…with the same actor. Why bother with that? It befuddles me.


  3. I don’t like the idea of a reboot either. Buffy was great AND given time to finish. If they are going to reboot anything, Dollhouse would be my vote. Not only was it showed out of order and cut short, it seems more in tune with what people are into lately (as opposed to its original airing). It would be great for binge watching, too.

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