Breaking the Rules

Happy New Year!

I’m ringing in 2020 with a new short story based on one of my personal fanfiction classics.

When Voyeurism Leads to Obsession

Breaking the Rules is set in the Double or Nothing storyverse. Consider it another Bonus Fic / ‘What If’ scenario leading to Angel’s more obsessive feelings for Cordelia.

There is no heavy plot here, or a need to have memorized all of DoN’s twisty turns.

You can read this short story as a standalone.

Call it smut-centric.

All you need to know is that the Fates granted Angelus his own existence, and Angel is concerned that Cordelia has fallen for his evil twin’s seductive schemes.

Keeping an eye on them seems like the smart thing to do for her sake, but Angel becomes obsessed with watching them even during their most intimate moments.

Getting caught turns into an invitation that Angel readily accepts despite the red tape and rules binding his behavior.

My New Year’s FanFiction Resolution is to focus on writing the next new segment of ‘Season of Solace’. Yes, I know. That’s always my resolution. Blame Angel, Cordelia and Angelus for the delay because they know exact what to whisper in my ear to distract me.

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