Season of Solace

Season of Solace Angel and Cordelia

It’s time to catch up with this epic adventure.

Season of Solace: A Slayer’s Plot and a Dark Prophecy Unite Cordelia and Angel.

Season of Solace: Home                 Season of Solace: Scenes 191-200

The forces of darkness are gathering strength. The team’s first victory over Kalesh comes with more than just a win for the good guys. Their prize could be the only way to put an end to the high priestesses’ plans. Protected at the Crawford Street Mansion, Cordelia is focused on her relationship with Angel. Moving ahead seems impossible in the middle of an apocalypse, yet the decision might already be out of their hands. Taking the next step could result in consequences Cordelia doesn’t quite understand. 

This story is an active Work-in-Progress most recently updated on 28 September 2019.

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