K&C: Where Dark Things Dwell (PG13)



for the
David Nabbit invites the AI gang to a Dungeon & Dragons Halloween party
where all the other costumed guests turn into their characters and the dangers are real.

What are your thoughts about ‘Where Dark Things Dwell‘ (PG13)?
Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated. 



LOL! That was such fun! I loved all of it. Your C/W/A banter was superb. Cordy was hilarious but what I loved maybe even more was your quippy Angel.


As he licked away the thin trail of blood from his upper lip, she demanded,

“Show me the vampire rulebook that says you can’t dress up for a party.

Besides…you promised you’d come.”

“I never agreed to this, Cordelia.”

“Sure you did. I have a witness.”

“Witnesses can go missing.” Something he didn’t really mean, but at the

moment wished he did.

He had more than one fine moment of one-upmanship and that’s always nice to see.

Your D&D descriptions were great. I’ve never played it, but it made me think that maybe you had on more than one occasion. So either you researched it well or just faked it well enough to fit my imagination or are a master of the game. Doesn’t matter – great job!

Thanks for taking up this challenge and doing such a great job on such short notice.


This was so much fun to read. Is it wrong that I’m hoping for a sequel?


Wow. My fic could be the new born baby of your fic…atleast that’s how it seems if we were to compare the size
Anyway – this was AMAZING. Truly. I am totally in awe of your efforts and where you took this fic. I love me some good ol’ A/C/W banter and your words and descriptions really brought the entire story to life
A wonderful adventure. Thanks for sharing!


totally loved this fic and and expanded version would be too fab


This was wonderful. Thank you.


Brill Lysa, what a treat for Halloween.

This in particular:

‘Magic knockers ‘- rotf lmao

I’m suprised that didn’t come back to bite Wes!


Okay, I’m just gonna say I love when David is in the story, he always brings the wacky! This was no exception to that rule.


Great story, very fun. Loved the close family feel the trio had, and the mentions of Doyle plus everyone loves LotR


I am sooo bummed.
You can write this much, this good in 4 days. I’m very jealous.
If I could write like you, my story would have been ready 2 years ago.

Excellent work.


Squeeeeee!!! A New Lysa fic!!!!!
You are such an amazing writer! I know next to nothing about D&D and yet you took me there with such magical imagery!! You rock!!
I loved this fic! Divad the hafling!! LOVED IT!
Thanks so much for writing this! Just what my Halloween needed was some wonderfully written C/A/W fics!!



I love it. It’s so fun, adventurous and with great dynamics. And there was David Nabbit too- :°D *-*


Angel’s raw stare did crazy things to her equilibrium. All at once he looked

incensed, savage, salacious. He never looked at her that way, eyes dark and

penetrating, full of things he couldn’t have. It speared through her in an

instant drawing a reaction that Cordelia never expected.

Blood pounded in her ears. Her throat constricted. Nipples tightened almost

painfully. A slow burn licked at her belly as his tongue trailed across the seam

of his lips.

Thank you so much for your fic, Lysa, I loved reading it.


A wonderful story – a real fairytale. I loved it. It was truly magical, romantic, exciting and everything great. Your characters are spot on, and the background so well described, that I could see the story as if it were a film.
I read it over two days and could not wait to read the second half.
Loved how Cordelia thought she needed a tiara “Elf royalty here!”, and how Angel got into the swing of things.

Thanks very much for so much hard work. It is really appreciated.


Lysa, this was so amazingly wonderful I don’t even know what to say! I am ridiculously jealous of your gift with Cordy-gab. I started saving my fave lines to quote back to you, but I ran out of room! Every bit of dialog was pitch perfect – it felt like a great episode (way better than the Pylia arc IMO). And the story was so much fun! Adventure and mystery and a dash of mysterious romance, all whirled up in a great story sandwich. Uh, that sounded a bit weird, but you know what I mean. Loved that brief moment when Angel first saw Cordy’s costume, and the build-up of her convincing him to attend the party was great fun to read. I loved every bit of it!


Wow superb fic I love it sooo much lol. I play a little D&D myself so I can relate to this some. Now the question is did Cordy really secure Angel’s soul? The only way to find out is if you make a sequel even if it is a whole lot shorter lol.


Great story. I loved the dark and broody Angel. You wrote him so perfectly. Well, all of your characters were spot on.


Out of curiosity have you ever considered doing an nc-17 version for Where Dark Things Dwell?


QUOTING TOOTYNFROOTY: Out of curiosity have you ever considered doing an nc-17 version for Where Dark Things Dwell?

Yes, I have considered giving WDTD an ‘upgrade’. Maybe I’ll get around to it by next Halloween.


This was delightful and I love the part where Angel and Cordy are sleeping and Wesley realises that something more could be going on between the two and how possessive Angel is towards Cordelia.Fantastic job.


QUOTING LYSA: Yes, I have considered giving WDTD an ‘upgrade’. Maybe I’ll get around to it by next Halloween.

That would be awesome.


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