K&C: What the Heart Wants


What the Heart Wants_Final

A sprained ankle, a demon princess, and a hot day
prove to be too much for Cordelia and Angel. The feelings they have kept under wraps won’t be denied, but is this really love or just risky business? 

What are your thoughts about ‘What the Heart Wants‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated. 



I do not waste time, as soon as I read the update e-mail I was on D&D.
It’s so good for you to be back !!!
I realy miss your stories ; and “What the Heart Wants” is just fabulous !
I look forward to the next one  😉


What the heart wants is great smutty fun! Great job Lysa!



Lysa, it is wonderful to read you again, I cannot wait to read your new fan fictions!!! Welcome back ! It’s wonderful to see a writer still interested in 2013 (as I am – will never stop reading angel fanfiction!) and I cannot wait to read your work! Off to read “What the heart wants” , I simply cannot wait anymore!


Do you know how happy I am? So freaking happy there isn’t even a scale to measure it on. Seriously. If life hadn’t kept me so busy I would have been here sooner to read the new fic. I’m super glad you’re writing for these two again. I loved What the Heart Wants–awesome writing as always! I can’t wait to read more from you!


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