K&C: What the Heart Wants


What the Heart Wants_Final

A sprained ankle, a demon princess, and a hot day
prove to be too much for Cordelia and Angel. The feelings they have kept under wraps won’t be denied, but is this really love or just risky business? 



I do not waste time, as soon as I read the update e-mail I was on D&D.
It’s so good for you to be back !!!
I realy miss your stories ; and “What the Heart Wants” is just fabulous !
I look forward to the next one  😉


What the heart wants is great smutty fun! Great job Lysa!



Lysa, it is wonderful to read you again, I cannot wait to read your new fan fictions!!! Welcome back ! It’s wonderful to see a writer still interested in 2013 (as I am – will never stop reading angel fanfiction!) and I cannot wait to read your work! Off to read “What the heart wants” , I simply cannot wait anymore!


Do you know how happy I am? So freaking happy there isn’t even a scale to measure it on. Seriously. If life hadn’t kept me so busy I would have been here sooner to read the new fic. I’m super glad you’re writing for these two again. I loved What the Heart Wants–awesome writing as always! I can’t wait to read more from you!


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