K&C: Undercover Lovers



It’s a case of undercover lovers when Cordelia & Angel discover their mutual feelings.

What are your thoughts about ‘Undercover Lovers‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated. 

This story was originally entitled ‘Swimming Through Sunlight’. After receiving much stalkage and flak for my original evil ending, I expanded the fic. No such thing as a short story around Lysaville.


oh nice but a very creepy ending.


Loved the image of Angel skirting the sunlight, courting danger and death by fiery crisp, all to stalk (errr, I mean, protect) Cordelia. But even more, I loved that accidental kiss. It started so small, the merest brush and just lit up, sparked and ignited and yowsers! Great visuals – Cordelia’s moan, the thump of her bag, all fantastic. And just when I thought we weren’t going to get any closure on the MOTW, you gave us that deliciously creepy vortex.

Which of course, leaves room for the sequel I’m now shamelessly begging for. Do Cordelia and Angel get sucked into the hot-couple-sucking-vortex? Or …

Enquiring minds would love to know.


Oh, I am *so* glad you posted this here – now even more people can stalk you for a sequel!

Hot stuff honey, as always.


Lysa…a beautifully written standalone except for one thing; this screams SEQUEL!


Ah, Dense!Cordy would totally think that display of jealousy was just an act, glad Angel cleared that up for her. So what happens next?


Oh, That was messed up!
You have them realize their feelings, you have them talk about the friendship, you have them discover the curse isn’t a problem, you even get them together, and then you cut out as the baddie makes his move! Bad, Lysa, Bad!
More, please


This was so sweet. But very interesting ending! Is there any way we shall get a sequel sometime in the future?


Didn’t I tell you a sequel would be asked for?

Delightful- love the title, btw. Also liked where it was placed (negates the pregnant Darla shizz, lol) and the fact that Angel doesn’t come across too dorky as he did in the show. Small doses always made more sense to me than when it jumped from beige to full on dork.

Hawt and sexy and of course abound with squishy emotions. Perfect.

Thankee for posting – and when can we expect the sequel? lolol.


I concur…a sequel is definately required….
That was awesome, but a tease…definate tease



I totally agree a sequel is definitely required… you can’t just end it like that


I loved it!!!

I love hot for Cordy Angel without him turning into a dork!!!

i love Lysa fics!! more more more!!


Oh, That was messed up!
You have them realize their feelings, you have them talk about the friendship, you have them discover the curse isn’t a problem, you even get them together, and then you cut out as the baddie makes his move! Bad, Lysa, Bad!
More, please


Thanks for the FB everyone! This was supposed to be one of those spur of the moment ficlets. But it took me 3 or 4 days to write it! I kept getting interrupted by RL stuff.

Gotta admit that I wrote the cliffhanger ending just to be evil. mwahahaha. There is no sequel. After all, we all know Angel is gonna save the day and get the girl…at least in the Lysaverse.


That ending was just plain mean. How much chocolate is it going to take to get you write a sequel?


Very good. That ending was great. Exploring the angst side of life. I like it. Your turning pages I like Lysa. Who can resist a good bit of angst eh?

Very good.


Loved it Lysa! I even loved the ending. We know that Angel’s going to save the day and now we know he’s gonna get the girl too….
Who cares what the big bad actually is….


Wow that was pure a Lysa fic.
Yup you are evil with that kind of ending
Perhaps we can change your mind ????


Omg…Loved IT!

HaHa Wesley caught them in the act. So funny!


Too cute! Of course Angel and Cordelia would handle being sucked into a demon’s hellcave with a bit of aplomb. Then poor Atlosh couldn’t get what he needed from them at all. Wes’ attempt at convincing himself that C/A had a fight was hilarious, he would try to look at all possiblites before jumping to that conclusion!


yay a sequel and I absolutely loved it! You totally rock


This is beautiful, Lysa, a sweet and non-angsty read. I love your descriptions of the living situation, the fighting over the remote and bathroom sharing. You’ve perfectly highlighted one of the things that makes C/A so great – they’re friends who become more, gradually encroaching on each other’s territory. Lovely.

And that ending is a total tease!!! Please, please, please can we have a sequel?!


Is it wrong that I like the demon? His observations are great and reasons I like A & C, the confidence in each other, the ability to push the pain out of mind, the skill to kill a demon real quick. The guys running in face of the stench was pretty funny, too.

Thanks Lysa. It was an even better ending than the first! Very creative villain too…

Hee! Very cool — and sexy! Though I almost felt sorry for that demon thing…

Now, why exactly were Wes and Gunn so freaked out? The smell? The near-sex? Angel giving them the sting-eye from behind for getting Cordy hugs?

Great job and Great fun!

Great story! And a change of pace, too. I was in the mood for a Cordy/Angel story and came looking for one. Yours was perfect! —-BethS

This is great. I loved the sense of momentum where the build up of the story matched the out of control feelings between Angel and Cordy, each having to confess how they truly feel. Then the mysterious vortex appearing from nowhere.

Wonderful. Thanks.


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