K&C: The Stakeout



All’s Fair in Love and War…and Stakeouts as Cordelia takes a case to prove a point.

What are your thoughts about ‘The Stakeout‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated. 

Thank you for reminding me why I love these two so much! It’s been years since I read any angel fics, but reading this one shot aggshdhdhdjdub no words! The characters felt like coming home! I wished that we had more of an insight into Angels thinking and reasoning, and that it was a bit longer (it seemed like you were building up a bigger case there, that could’ve been cool to read about) but regardless of how short I felt this was (it could’ve been 300 pages it still would’ve been too short lol) than you for writing this! Much love

Oh my Lysa! You did it again!

As soon as I saw your email I had to go and read “Stakeouts”.
All these years on and you still have the magical touch that truly capture the characters as we know and love them! Wonderful piece of writing again but whyyyyy or whyyyy did you end it when the good (naked!) bits were coming! Haha!

Thanks for this short piece! Brilliant!

Lysa!!! I just read Stakeout, it was amazing! Thank you so much!


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