K&C: The Mirror Crack’d



A magical mirror discovered at the Hyperion Hotel holds the key to Cordy & Angel’s future happiness, but only if they can unravel its mysteries.

What are your thoughts about ‘The Mirror Crack’d‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated. 



Awesome start. How the mirror works should be interesting. How Wesley reacts to C/A should be pretty funny. Please post more.   —–Kelly



A fabulous start and I can’t wait for more.I loved the appearance of dork Angel and Angel admitting that Cordy could get him to do almost anything.



EEK! I think finding a mirror able to read my thoughts would creep the hell outta me. But that was a great premise, love that the team could help Alice and that she could help them. Love the Wes love!



That mirror is freaky thinking about it now but at the same time could be fun as in the case for Angel and Cordy.I just loved Angel in this part and him being so smug that Cordy wanted him.Also glad that they were able to realize that Cordy was sick so she could be healed.



Great piece Lysa.

The funny reparte and family feeling of them all getting along despite the ups and downs.

I think that nirror could do a series on its own.

Now, I think we need a smutty epilogue! (Runs and hides)



Wow,a *big* Thanx’s,Lysa !!!  —–Trix



This was fantastic. I love the Wes/Cordy/Angel family dynamic. Your characterizations are always so spot on. I loved C/A together.



Loved this, Lysa! And your posting timing was perfect too! I had two exams this week, so I gave myself little study breaks (rewards!) to come and read a post at a time. It was wonderful. I loved the transition from the friendship with unspoken attraction into intense attraction and their realization of their mutual love. The dialogue was great and the descriptions were so wonderful I felt like I could see it all unfolding.

The mirror is such a unique and creative idea, and it made for a wonderful drama, romance mystery all rolled up into one.

Thanks for posting such a great read!



How very romantic! Loved this Lysa, I think it’s my new favourite fic by you. It had everything – romance, great plotline, sexiness, season 1 Wes, humour, drama, and more than anything, your writing was phenomenal. You have such a wonderful grasp of the characters, staying true to them the way they were back then without losing sight of where you wanted to go with this fic. There were too many great things about this story for me to pick a favourite part but I’m thinking that first kiss and the holding each other after it was the real kicker. Damn, I love those two.

Great job hun, truly fabulous. Now riddle me this – any chance of a sexy sequel? :waggles eyebrows:




Loved it Lysa. Wonderful story with a really cool plot.
You sure packed a lot in short time frame but I loved it.



As usual Lysa, you do NOT disappoint!!

I love the premise. The mirror, the gem of Amara history, and the trek thru the Hyperion. The kisses with Angel and Cordy were just HOT!!!!

I would have loved a smut scene! I love it when C and A get together for the first time in a fic! Esp. yours!

And what wonderful news that you are working on Season of Solace!!

Thank you for the wonderful read!!!!



While I am positive you are a fabulous health care provider…you truly are an outstanding writer. This is a terrific tale, and today a happy ending was just what the Doctor ordered!

Thank you for sharing your gift!




WOW!! I really liked this story. Really good. I don’t think I’ve read a better one. Point me towards more of your fics because if they’re anything like this, wow!!



Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! I need more that was just HOT



So sorry it took me so long to respond, L *penitent hugs*. I’ve been meaning to pop on and do it, but, gah. Time is not my friend at all lately.

Anyhoo, guess what???

I knew this would be a hit *squee!*

When you tell me you have no imagination when it comes to new ideas for fic, maybe now you’ll understand my very loud PFFT.

Reads fantastically the …how many times was it? lol, that I’ve read it, and it’s lovely to go to it again, but this time on the forum.

Thanks so much for a wonderful, amusing, intriguing fic, L. Wonderful, insanely hot, and beautifully romantic. Loved it.



Awww, what a wonderful fic, Lysa. I think I love UST better than smut (strange as that sounds), and this fit the bill quite nicely. I’m absurdly fond of the small moments – like “Cordy wants to try out some beds” (HEE!) and Cordy’s reaction to Wesley’s Eureka moment (it seemed she was surprised and amused by it, like it was the first time she’d heard it, which ties so nicely into canon). I love the use of the mirror. The hot C/A, as well as Alice’s story, and, again, the little things like five-year-old Wes & Cordy. The Gem of Amara tie-in was brilliantly done; I love the idea of exploring that history. And mostly, I love that it wasn’t all wrapped up tidily at the end. Wes is gone, and the curse is, at least for the moment, still a factor, and Cordy’s visions are killing her. But there’s hope for all of it, making it happy but not perfectly so, which is just how I like my C/A endings. Lovely!



This was a lovely fic, Lysa. From start to finish, you had me not only hooked, but also picturing the mirror showing my fantasies!!

*drifts off as images of shiny sports cars drive around head*

Never mind!

I thoroughly enjoyed this and know for certain I’m going to be reading it again in the future. Well done sweetness



What an awesomely wonderful fic!

There’s so much suspense in there. I never knew what was going to happen next, never expecting what did. There was so much stuff

in there — feelings up and down, background info etc. — yet it never felt like it was too much. Just thrilling. Couldn’t stop reading it. And I’m a sucker for a happy end.



This was wonderful. One of those stories that has you smiling all the way through. And I loved how you included so many of the best things that came from the show: Angel’s broodiness and caring, Wesley’s wanting to be helpful, Cordy’s bluntness and determination, and the way all three interact to help the helpless.
Best of all a happy ending.
Thank you for a lovely story.

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