Soulbound – Book 2: Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

“Good morning, Harry,” Wesley projected a cheerful smile at the curly-headed blonde.

The former Mrs. Doyle was still in her bathrobe. “Hello, Wesley. Come on in. It’s your apartment now.”

“Just temporarily,” he assured her as he entered. Didn’t want her to think he couldn’t afford any better. Then again, her ex-husband did live here prior to his death. “Did I return too early? I thought I would grab a change of clothes and a shave before heading back to the office.”

“Go ahead.”

Wesley didn’t budge. “Have you made much progress?”

“Yes,” Harry told him. “Quite a bit. I stayed up late and got most of it done. Separated everything into piles and boxes. What I want to keep, what can be donated and a few things that belong to your friends.”

Puzzled by the words, Wes parroted, “My friends. Angel and Cordelia?”

Nodding, the attractive blonde pointed in the direction of the box on the kitchen counter. “That’s all of it. Not certain why Francis would have— well, lets just say he had some personal belongings that need to be returned.”

Wandering over to the countertop, Wesley pulled down the box and carried it over to a nearby chair. He sat down placing the box on the floor so he could sift through. The first item was a riding crop.

“Cordelia used to have horses in Sunnydale,” he told Harry who was watching him with interest. Then noting some clothing in the box he commented, “This is probably part of her riding habit.”

“Mmm hmm!”

Harry knew exactly what kind of riding would be done in that habit. At least she could imagine that she did. The look on Wesley’s face when he yanked out the black corset was priceless.

“O-Oh dear!” Wes wondered what else he would find. Looking further, he saw a tiny little black skirt and boots with dangerously high heels. And there was something else at the bottom of the box. Reaching for it, he asked Harry, “Are you certain this belongs to Cordelia?”

With a shrug, Harry pointed out, “I got that feeling when I saw her name on the box. It was hidden in the closet.”

Glancing down, he noted that one side of the box had her name scrawled on it. “I suppose it must, then. Perhaps it’s a Halloween costume.”

“You don’t think Cordelia is the type to wear it just for fun?”

“Certainly not! Cordelia Chase is really a very sensible girl when it comes down to what’s important.” Wesley reacted with affront. Then he looked down at the photo frame in his hands instantly dropping it to the ground upon seeing the subjects.

On impact, the frame broke shattering glass across the floor.

Harry met Wesley’s horrified gaze. “You were saying?”

Cordelia whispered against his mouth, “Angel.”

The vampire had her head spinning in reaction to his spoken desire. Something deep in the staring amber of his eyes, something in the growl of his voice had Cordelia closing her eyes in shuttering submission. Then her head lolled back tilting to the side as her body made an instinctive reaction to the presence of its mate by offering her neck to his fangs.

Angel licked at his lips as he saw her exposed throat, the vessels pulsing with his love’s lifeblood. Bending over her, Angel brushed his lips against the spot that was once marked as his. The pulse there leapt against his touch. Then his arms wound around her, holding her as he nuzzled closer.

Moaning in want, Cordelia felt the brush of his mouth turn to soft wet kisses followed by the tingling flat of his tongue. He sucked her skin into his mouth, holding it there to let the blood well up beneath her skin. Then he kissed the spot again before lifting his head away.

She shuddered clutching him close, but Angel turned her chin facing front. “Open your eyes.”

The command elicited the desired response and Cordelia found him staring at her with his fangs bared to her gaze. “Still want to stop?”

Silent uncertainty was his only answer.

“Do you trust me, Cordelia?”

The answer was an instant whisper, “Yes.”

“You know that I love you,” Angel stroked her cheek. “That I’d never let anything harm you— including myself if I can avoid it.”

Cordelia felt her throat closing up with a growing panic. He was going to stop this, she knew. Wasn’t that what she wanted? He knew the dangers all too well. She could only give a tiny nod.

“I-I love you too, Angel.”

He pressed a soft kiss on her mouth soaking up the love spoken there. “Then trust me to do this right. Trust me to keep you safe.”

She was clutching his waist with both hands, looking anywhere now except his eyes. She didn’t want to stop. Didn’t want to play it safe. What were the chances of finding perfect happiness on the first try anyway? Considering his past experience with that one, Cordy figured that the odds were all in the curse’s favor.

“So is perfect happiness not an issue?” Cordelia wondered where he was taking this. “Do you think I can’t create a little bliss?”

“You are my happiness,” Angel told her smilingly. “I have no doubt that we will float on a sea of bliss when you’re done having your wicked way with me, but I want you to know the curse— no, it’s not an issue.”


“Just trust me.”

“Are you only telling me this so you can—?”

Cutting in, “Trust me.”

Cordelia fell silent for a thoughtful moment. “Just answer me one question, Angel. I’ll decide then.”

There was a hesitant look in his eye as he agreed to her terms. “O-Okay.”

“I know that you’ve been hiding something from me— something about Angelus. He— you said some things that made me realize that I can’t remember everything about what happened in Sunnydale.”

Angel looked a little scared. “What’s your question?”

“Is it true that I’m not a virgin?”

Rubbing his forehead across hers, Angel suppressed a laugh. Then he looked into her eyes, stroked her cheek with his hand and told her the truth. “It’s true. You’re not.”

Cordelia stared back and a look of strange satisfaction came across her face. “That’s what I thought.”

Moving her hands up from Angel’s waist, she wrapped her arms around his neck leaning in to kiss the skin just in front of his ear. “You can explain later. Just make love to me, Angel. Make me yours— again.”

A shudder passed through his vampire body as Angel beat back a sudden animal urge to toss Cordelia onto the bed. He tugged her back so he could see her face. The light of her love shone from her eyes carrying with it a spark of her soul. Subconsciously, he felt their connection and let the last shred of doubt slip away.

“Someone here has a lot more clothes on than I do,” Angel leered playfully.

Cordelia laughed in response suddenly not so shy knowing that she wasn’t a virgin— even if she couldn’t remember when or how it happened. All she knew was that it was Angel or his soulless alter ego. For some reason, that didn’t seem to matter as long as it was him.

“Planning to do something about that?” She let her hands fall down to play with the short folds of her skirt and sending him a doe-eyed expression.

Angel glanced down at the red silk blouse now crumpled and stained with his saliva. He knew what he wanted to do. But that could wait. “In a minute.”

Then he latched back on to her mouth, inflaming them both with kisses. To Cordy it seemed like he kissed her forever, each one different than the last. Angel’s hands touched her atop the barrier of her clothes rousing a hunger that left her moaning and rubbing her body against his.

She did her share of touching too, but the vampire in her arms refused to let her explore any further south than his waist. He kept pulling her hands back up to his chest or neck until finally Cordelia shoved at his shoulders. “Let me touch you!”

Her insignificant push didn’t budge the vampire, but he grinned at her effort. Angel told her once again, “In a minute.”


Reaching down with crossed arms, Cordelia grabbed the edge of her shirt jerking it over her head. As her long chestnut hair settled around her shoulders, she flung the top to the floor. Angel gazed lustfully at the nearly translucent covering of her red bra. It left little to the imagination, except that he wondered how she would taste through the thin layer of silk.

Angel bent her back over one of his strong arms giving his mouth access to her breasts. Through the silky barrier, he tongued first one nipple then the other until they were hard points again now chaffing against the wet fabric. Then his hand shifted along the flat of her abdomen, fingers dipping down to her center.

Letting out a cry, Cordelia held onto Angel’s shoulders as she felt him touch her most intimate flesh with the briefest contact. Just enough to drive her wild. To find that she was moist and ready. Enough to make her want more just as he removed his hand and righted her so that she knelt before him again eye to eye.

Angel curled his fingers into the straps of her red bra, his thumbs momentarily stroking the upper curve of her breasts as he tugged her close then let the straps fall down her arms.

He cupped her shoulders before running a hand down her right arm— holding her hand. As he lifted it to his mouth, pressing a kiss into its palm before holding it to his chest. “Touch me, Cordy.”

Finally given permission, Cordelia didn’t know what to touch first. So her hands went everywhere just groping randomly until he guided her hand to the rod of tumescent flesh announcing his arousal.

“You’re so hard,” she gasped letting him show her how he liked to be stroked.

Winking at her, “That actually comes in handy later.”

Then he was moaning at her touch, his hands now rushing to remove the rest of her clothes. They soon joined her discarded top on the ground leaving Cordelia nude and beautiful before his eyes.

Angel gently lowered Cordelia onto the bed covering her with his body as she opened the cradle of her hips to him. Her legs wound around him as she called out in need. “Angel. Please, now.”

“Yes, now,” Angel agreed thrusting slowly into the tightness of her core until he was completely enveloped.

They lay in silent tandem staring into each other’s eyes as their bodies moved as one. Reaching for a nearby summit, ever closer with each thrust and retreat and each unspoken invitation. The peak was drawing closer still when Cordelia reached up to stroke her thumbs across his handsome face.

“Angel,” she gasped his name aloud, the first sound other than her ragged breathing in minutes. “Now, now.”

Looming above her, the vampire knew what she wanted. Knew the plea in her eyes and the hitch in her voice. She wanted to be taken in every way he could claim her and Angel knew too that he would not deny Cordelia anything. Her hands were still on his face as he let the change come over his features now ridged and fanged.

“Are you mine, Cordelia?” He needed an answer. “Tell me. Are you mine?”

“Angel! Yes, yes, yes!” She flung her head to the side and pulled him down to her throat.

Biting down, Angel heard her pain almost instantly give way to pleasure as her orgasm washed over her. He followed her over the edge as he tasted her blood for the first time in almost a year. Shuddering in pleasure, Angel let it pool in his mouth before swallowing her essence. Then he was lapping at the wounds, closing them even as he continued to bring Cordelia through the wake of her pleasure.

She wrapped her arms around him holding close as he rocked her body until finally she lifted her gaze to his. “Mmm! That was— wow!”

“Always,” Angel kissed her nose. “You inspire me.”

Arching a brow, Cordelia queried, “Happy?”


“Too bad,” she smacked him on the shoulder as she scooted for the edge of the mattress. Joking, “Now I’ll have to stake you.”

“Where are you going?” Angel asked as she grabbed the sheet from the bed to wrap it around herself.

Cordelia reminded him that she was supposed to be working today. He countered with, “Come back to bed. I have a little pull with the boss.”

Heading for the bathroom, she paused remembering her shower this morning where it seemed that Angel’s hands were soaping and caressing her skin. Mmm! Wet Angel. Looking over her shoulder, she gave him and inviting look. “Showering now. Wanna come?”

“With you around, that’s a highly likely possibility,” Angel darted out of the bed and reached the door before she did. Winding her out of the sheet, he told her, “This stays here.”

Cordelia was humming along with a song on the radio when Wesley Wyndam-Pryce arrived back at Angel Investigations. He was dragging his feet, looking crumpled and wrinkled in the same suit he had one when he left at nine o’clock. The far-away look in Cordelia’s eyes finally focused upon him and her lazy smile turned into a warm grin.

“How was lunch?”

“Uh— never had it.”

That was a surprise. “Harry turn you down?”

Wes was sounding a little muddled. “Forgot to ask.”

“Chickened out, you mean.”

“No. Just forgot. Other things on my mind,” Wesley explained. “Just a bit distracted.”

Cordelia had to laugh at him as he made his way over to the couch, reaching out to touch the cushion as if he wasn’t certain it was there. “What is it, Wes? You look like you’ve encountered dimension-hopping demons again.”

The idea actually seemed to perk him up. “Another dimension? Yes, that would be a comfort. Hadn’t thought of that.”

Walking over to the Englishman, Cordelia bent over to look for head wounds. “Did you hit your head while you were out?”

“No.” The question seemed out of line. Wesley was about to chime in with a few more timely queries of his own when he noticed that Cordelia was dressed differently than she was this morning.

“Weren’t you wearing— red?”

“I was.”

Cordelia now had on one of Angel’s large white shirts, the ends tied at her waist. Loose black sweat pants covered her long legs, but her feet were bare.

Then his eagle eye spotted the small bandage on her neck. “What’s that?”

“Vampire bite.”

“Oh. Angelus?” He couldn’t recall her being bitten the other day, nor seeing the bandage before now.

“Guess again.”

Wesley didn’t want to guess again. He already knew. The startling evidence found in the pictures at Francis Doyle’s apartment suggested that Angel and Cordelia had been deeply involved for a lot longer than he first suspected. Strange, but they had given nothing away to suggest that was the case. Wesley certainly didn’t know about any such affair taking place, especially in light of the entire Slayer/Vampire fiasco.

“You’re sleeping with Angel,” Wesley muttered knowing she would wait until he did voice a second guess.

Cordelia grinned joyfully and swayed to the music.

“You’re both playing a very dangerous game.” Wesley warned her as he got to his feet.

“I told you— we know what we’re doing.”

“Do— What is that around your neck?” The ex-Watcher caught sight of her crystal necklace.

“Geez, you ask a lot of questions,” Cordy complained as she lifted the crystal to his view. “Angel gave it to me.”

The white crystal was streaked with thin black lines. He touched it noting its size shape and texture finding it to be just as he expected. “Cordelia. Th-that crystal—”

“It’s an old family heirloom,” sounded Angel’s voice from the shadows.

The look on the vampire’s face challenged Wesley to defy his words. “H-How nice that you have given it to Cordelia.”

“I like it,” she commented, letting it drop back down to her cleavage.

“Was there something you wanted to say, Wes?” Angel asked looming close and placing a protective arm around Cordelia’s shoulder.

With a determined look, Wesley answered, “Yes. I am concerned about you two.”

“Don’t be,” Angel answered. “I don’t want you— concerned. If you’re worried about the curse, I’ll tell you what I told Cordelia. It’s not an issue for us.”

Sighing, Wesley threw up his hands in defeat. “Very well. You’re both adults. Just don’t blame me if I keep a few extra stakes around the office.”

“Pfft!” Cordelia rolled her eyes.

Angel let out a laugh.

Walking back over to the door, Wesley turned back with a pause. “Don’t laugh. There is no place in this office for perfect happiness. Just remember— I’ll be watching.”

“Geez, I hope not,” Cordelia quipped. “Are you leaving now?”

“Oh, I’ll be back,” Wes promised. “I just— remembered something I forgot at home.”


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