Soulbound – Book 2: Chapter 18

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Chapter 18
“Where are you going?” Cordelia asked Angel as he put on his jacket preparing to leave.

Nodding toward Barney, their demon client, he explained, “To check out his apartment. He thinks whatever is chasing him knows where he lives.”

Cordelia looked none too thrilled to be left alone with their client whose mannerisms and tone gave her a creepy feeling. Then Angel paused on his way out the door. Catching her attention, he grinned, “Hey! And behave yourself. I don’t want to find you two necking on the couch when I come back.”

There was one stop Angel had to make before heading over to the demon’s place and that was the chamber of the Oracles. Assuming they would let him in, Angel was planning a few of those pesky questions they loved so much.

Greetings, lower being. The female Oracle was all friendly politeness. You have forestalled the coming darkness for a time, our fallen Seer now a hero laurelled.

“You lied to me about Doyle,” accused Angel as he stared down the Oracle whose dark eyes appeared somewhat bewildered. The higher beings did not react to his fury, only his statement.

Stepping forward, her brother raised a hand toward the vampire to silence his further accusations.

We, the Oracles to the Powers that Be, do not condone mendacity. Truth spoken may be heard as one wishes and not as intended. The augury indicates ‘all you love will live then die’. Is it not true for all mortals? Though in the case of your friend the thread of life was cut short. What is done—

“—cannot be undone,” Angel finished. “You keep saying that. But I— we need Doyle back. You can fold time, you’ve done it before. Bring him back.”

Would you undo his noble act? Sacrifice yourself instead of the willing? Leave your seer alive and your love on a broken path? This is not to be borne and the Powers will not see it happen.

Somehow, Angel knew that would be their take on it, but he had to come here. Had to ask them to try. Doyle was not the only one affected by this seeming interference on their part. “Why Cordelia? Why give her the visions? Was this predestined? Did the Powers manipulate us as it seems?”

So many questions, brother. The female’s toga swooshed around her ankles as she turned, staring closely at Angel as if he was a curious specimen.

Provide them sister so that he may leave.

Angel sensed his frequent visits were becoming an irritation, but he deserved the truth from them. He was going to get it.

That she is your seer was destiny’s call, for the auguries have long shown it to be true. That she is your mate and your soul came unknown to our eyes, for we saw only danger. That she is your love remains your desire alone, for all mortals and those creatures of soul-possessing nature have the free will to choose.

Her words made perfect sense, Angel realized with a moment of clarity. “What can you tell me about Cordelia’s vision? This is new to her. She wasn’t certain what the vision meant.”

Those answers lie within you.

Great. Back to the cryptic message crap. “What next?”

One from your past arrives. Welcome him, for he shall become your counsel, your Watcher, and the guardian of love’s greatest gift.

Before Angel had the opportunity to ask anything more, he found himself zapped back to the antechamber in a burst of brilliant light. As per usual, the Oracles confounded him with their cryptic predictions. One from the past, they’d said. A Watcher? Love’s greatest gift? There was nothing to do, but concentrate on the present and hope it would all make sense when the time arrived.

Arriving at Barney’s apartment, he began searching the place when the sound of footsteps approached from the hall behind him. Angel had left the door ajar, so was unsurprised to find it swinging open in the next minute. A dark silhouette stood in the doorway carrying an armed crossbow that was now pointed at the vampire’s chest.

Then Wesley Wyndham-Price stepped into the light greeting the vampire with a look that signaled he was not the one expected inside. “Hello, Angel.”

Angel kept his hands in his pockets, attempting to look non-threatening since that was an obvious concern of the man before him. “Wesley.”

“I wager you never thought you’d see me again,” the leather-garbed Englishman said.

“To tell you the truth,” Angel admitted frowning, “you weren’t the top Watcher on my One-From-the-Past list. Nor the most-likely-to-wear-leather list, for that matter. What are you doing here?”

Still pointing the crossbow, Wesley watched the vampire’s approach wondering if this was Good Angel or Bad Angel. The latter would make him Angelus, of course, and the vampire had answered to Angel. Wesley realized that could just be a ruse.

“Hup-up-up!” He pointed the weapon closer. “I’m the one asking the questions here. I think it only fair to warn you that any sudden movement and I’d be forced to—”

With lightning speed Angel reached out and knocked the crossbow to the floor. Wesley stared down at it for a second before taking a deep breath. “Right. You had a question?”

Suppressing a smile, Angel took the opportunity to take in the changes that Wesley had made to himself over the past months. The suit and tie guy had adopted black leather. Not expected at all, he thought with amusement. “Interesting look. Motorcycle? The Watchers Council trying out a new look?”

Holding his head erect, sauntered into the room trying not to give away the fact that the leather pants chaffed in all the wrong places. “In point of fact, I no longer work for the Watcher’s Council. I came to the conclusion that I was of greater value to the world at large working autonomously.”

Wes tried to position himself with his bended knee on the bed trying to project the right look to assure the vampire that he was confident, competent and knew exactly what he was doing. His booted foot slipped off the bed causing him to falter, catching himself on the side of the mattress.

Watching with a growing understanding, Angel nodded. “They fired you.”

“Hardly,” Wesley countered. “With Buffy unwilling to follow Council orders, there was simply no opportunity to function as Watcher.”

After a beat, the Englishman added, “And that’s why I’m a rogue demon hunter.”

Angel deadpanned, “You’re a demon hunter.”

Rogue demon hunter,” corrected the former Watcher. “And I’m on the trail of a rather nasty bugger right now. So you best stay out of my way.”

Wesley explained that the demon left his victims mutilated. Each one possessed a power of some sort: telepathy, poison tongue, healing hands. Whatever the physical source of that power it was ripped, gouged or torn from their corpses.

“He’s collecting powers,” realized Angel with a frown. The vampire had a bad feeling about this all of a sudden and described Barney.

“No, that’s not him at all,” Wesley denied. “This demon is quite enormous and powerful, not like the one you describe. More of a yellow-green rather than ruddy in complexion. Lately, he’s been secreting some sort of viscous, yellow fluid.”

A blob of and unknown gooey substance dripped onto Wesley’s jacket from above. “Like that?”

Dropping from the ceiling the demon attacked, throwing Wesley across the room so that he crashed against the wall and slid to the floor. Angel stepped in going blow for blow with the beast, but he too was knocked to the floor. As soon as Angel was out of the line of fire, Wes raised the crossbow that he had landed upon and aimed it directly at the demon’s chest. He fired, hitting dead center.

The demon shrieked and then jumped out the nearby window, escaping.

Cordelia was in the middle of sketching the ugly blobby thing from her vision when Angel returned, accompanied by another man. She was stretched out across Angel’s bed, having gone in there to escape the irritating clamor of the empathy demon’s conversation. She concentrated on the object, never looking up.

Barney got up from the couch only to call out in panic as he realized, “That’s the guy. The one who’s been following me.”

He darted off up the stairs, so Angel left to bring him back, pausing to instruct Wesley, “The books are over there.”

Cordy ripped off the drawing balling the yellow paper into a wad that she let drop to the floor. Tossing the pad aside, she looked out the open bedroom doorway and realized that there was a leather-garbed man bending over Angel’s books.

Oh, good! Another victim. Might as well give it a whirl.

Tapping him on the shoulder, Cordy didn’t wait for introductions. As soon as he turned to face her, she latched onto his lips and kissed him until she was certain something had to take. Wesley was a little light-headed by the time she lifted her head away.

With her fingers across her mouth, Cordy registered surprise that the stranger felt and tasted so familiar. She blinked twice before realizing that the man was none other than Wesley Wyndam-Pryce.

“C-Cordelia?” He thought he might be seeing things. The shapely brunette that had been sprawled across Angel’s bed was none other than Cordelia Chase from Sunnydale. “I-I-I didn’t know you’d be here. Are you— are you living with Angel?”

“Working with Angel,” she clarified with reluctant irritation.

“Oh. Well, that is a good thing considering that welcome kiss,” Wes commented. He doubted the vampire would be pleased if it had been otherwise. Though that did not explain how she felt so comfortable in a vampire’s bedroom.

Cordelia stalked back to the couch. “It wasn’t a welcome kiss. It was an experiment.”

Was she comparing it to the one kiss they had shared after her high school graduation? “Well, I for one thought it much improved over the last time. Perhaps next time—”

“No next time, Wes,” she nipped that idea in the bud. “I told you— experimenting. No flashy glowy lights. No transfer of visions— long story. It didn’t work.”

Well if she wanted to see stars, Wesley would need to work up to that. He went onto tell her about the dangers of his job as a rogue demon hunter. That drew a look of confusion. Cordy asked for clarification, “What’s a rogue demon?”

Angel returned with Barney. He explained that Wesley was not after him, but rather the demon that was really after him. They had discovered why the demon was following him— it wanted to steal Barney’s empathic abilities. Wesley returned with an open book, reading about the beast in question.

“It’s a Kungai.” Wesley paraphrased, “It’s of Asian origin. Possesses a Tak horn capable of consuming its opponent’s life-force. We were lucky to have escaped with our lives.”

The vampire decided that Barney, Wesley and Cordelia should stay put while he dealt with the Kungai. That brought arguments from everyone except Cordelia. She was still trying to get a good depiction of the ugly blobby thing. It seemed obvious that if she couldn’t get rid of these dratted visions, Cordelia was going to have to take drawing lessons.

Barney didn’t want to stay with the grumpy secretarial assistant. “She’s drowning in her sorrows one minute, attacking me verbally the next and then totally ignoring me. After the kiss she laid on me when I arrived, I thought you guys had great customer service for your clients, but this treatment is just not right.”

Wesley caught the fact that Cordelia had been kissing this demon client of theirs as well as himself. He’d have to remember to ask about it later. In the meantime, he argued about being left behind. This was his demon they were chasing. He had a right to accompany Angel on this mission.

“I work alone,” Angel told him as he went through the weapons locker.

The former-Watcher hoped he would listen to logic. “I know how to track him. You are not going to catch him without me by your side.”

“I had someone by my side,” the dark look flashed a warning. “He’s dead now. I won’t let that happen again. I work alone.”

With that, Angel disappeared up the stairs leaving all three behind. Wesley excused himself to go change, having brought his pack inside from the motorcycle. He made it clear to Cordelia that he planned to follow Angel into Koreatown as soon as he was ready.

After Wes’ departure, Barney and Cordelia went into the kitchen where she offered him some coffee.

“Its kind of strong and a little clumpy,” she pointed out. “Never could brew the real stuff. I’m more of an auto-drip girl.”

“Yes, you are,” Barney’s face took on a dark look.

“What?” Cordelia caught the insult and was astonished. “For someone who is named after a big purple singing dinosaur, you have a lot of nerve.”

Then the empathy demon began to skim her thoughts, digging a little deeper. He taunted her about her acting career, stating that even he was a much better actor. After all, none of them suspected a thing. “Fooled you!”

Cordelia tried to run, realizing quickly that their client was really not a good guy. Barney raced around the kitchen table as she hot-footed around to the other side. She had been telling the empathy demon about trying to rid herself of the visions, having decided that he deserved some explanation for the kiss.

“So, you hate your gift?” Picking her up, he threw her against the table so that she lay on her stomach. Then he proceeded to wrap the cord from the floor lamp around her wrists. “I bet you would love to rip those pretty little eyes out if you could.”

Her hazel irises were drowning in a sea of white as the demon spoke, “I know I would.”

Wesley arrived at the local demon spa, quickly locating Angel. The vampire noted his change of appearance without comment and nodded the Watcher’s attention toward the dying Kungai demon stretched out on one of the massage tables. After several attempts at various demon dialects, Wesley muddled his way through the difficult language.

“He’s trying to describe his killer,” Wesley realized and then repeated the words. “Demon, heart, reader.”

Angel’s head came up with a start. “An empathy demon. Barney.”

Wesley could barely keep up with the vampire who ran out of the spa doing a flying leap into his black convertible. Mounting his own vehicle in less swashbuckling fashion, Wes turned on the ignition and sped back to the offices of Angel Investigations. Despite the mobility of his motorcycle, he could barely see the Plymouth in the distance ahead.

Angel had already searched the office upstairs by the time Wesley made it inside. He took the stairs and found the kitchen to be a mess as though a struggle had taken place there. The vampire in his bedroom crouching down to pick up a discarded wad of paper. Wes remembered that was where Cordelia had been earlier.

“This is all my fault,” Wesley whined.

“We both left her here. Neither of us knew,” Angel stood up in one smooth movement.

“I should have,” countered Wesley. “All this time I’ve been tracking the wrong demon. If anything happens to Cordelia because of me—”

The vampire practically growled his response. “Nothing is going to happen to Cordelia. I won’t let it.”

Angel uncrumpled the paper in his hands, turning the sketch one way and then they other. Finally, he realized, “I know this. It’s a sculpture by Van Gieson, Maiden with Urn.”

Handing it over to Wesley, he explained, “Cordelia saw this in a vision. It could be telling us where Barney took her.”

A quick computer search showed the most likely location for the sculpture. Right here in LA at the Ramsey Hotel. While Angel performed a more detailed search, Wesley kept running the one untraslated phrase of the Kungai demon over and over in his head. Then it came to him.

“Angel! It’s an auction. The Kungai demon indicated that its Tak horn was to be sold at an auction.”

Across town, Barney was already starting the bidding on lot number thirty-two. After removing Cordelia’s gag so that the crowd seated in the hotel convention center could get a better look at the girl’s face, he checked to make sure that her wrists were still secure.

“The magnificent eyes of a seer. Your very own pipeline to the Powers that Be, folks,” he introduced the auction items. “The possibilities are endless. Keep the girl as a slave, remove the head as a trophy or simply harvest the eyes. In any case a unique party icebreaker. Doesn’t get any better than this. Let’s start the bidding at two thousand.”

Oh, God! Oh, God! When was Angel going to get here? He had to come. Cordy knew that he had to come. He better come, dumbass vampire!

The bidding continued with two vile looking demons upping the ante one after the other. When the offers slowed down a bit, Cordelia decided it was time for a little stalling. When the top offer reached eleven thousand and Barney looked like he was going to pound his gave, Cordelia spoke up.

“Hey! You know you pay twice that for cataracts. These eyes are flawless even without the stupid visions! That the best you can do?”

Barney gave her an impressed look. The bidding climbed rapidly after that reaching twenty thousand when one of the two main bidders lifted his auction paddle and dealt the other one a crushing death blow. As his opponent fell to the ground few took much notice of it, assuming that the winner of the match would now take home the seer’s eyes.

Said eyes were wide with fear, but Cordy called out to the rest of the crowd. “Come on, guys! Have some huevos. Whitey here is stepping all over you. You know what else these eyes can do? They can see stuff like- uh- danger, and— and evil and locations of buried treasure!”

A few more got in the game, but that all came to an end when the bidding with another new participant. Cordelia noted a well-dressed business woman holding her auction number aloft. Her confident voice called out her offer. “Thirty thousand.”

No counter-bid came. “Sold to the lovely lady from Wolfram & Hart.”

Cordelia was dragged backstage where the lady lawyer proceeded to demand the items of purchase— now. No need for the rest of the body, she claimed. She only wanted the eyes themselves. Barney and his assistant argued over who would get to pluck out Cordelia’s eyes.

Then Angel and Wesley arrived taking out hotel security right and left. Well, perhaps just Angel. Wesley was hopping around trying to remove the knife he had taped to his ankle. Within minutes, the enemy was finished. The lawyer took a back way out, reporting the loss of the seer’s eyes and Angel’s interference to her superiors by cell phone. Barney was dead— killed by Cordelia who stabbed him in the back with the Tak horn from the auction. It sucked the empathy demon’s life away leaving only a dried up shell.

“Cordelia!” Angel called out to her after dropping the last of his opponents to the ground. He was at her side in seconds, holding her shoulders and turning her to his view to ensure that she had no injuries.

Wesley watched from his position on the ground as the vampire took Cordelia into his arms, kissing her almost frenetically. He realized that while Cordelia claimed not to be living with Angel, they were far from uninvolved. Thoughts of Sunnydale returned. He had not been present for the whole Angelus incident, but Rupert Giles had informed him of the entire affair— and wasn’t that a proper choice of words.

Buffy Summer’s love affair with the vampire had resulted in the loss of his soul, the death of Giles’ beloved and nearly caused the world to be sucked into hell. All because of a moment of bliss.

And now Angel and Cordelia appeared to be on the road to bliss. That couldn’t be good. What was Angel thinking? Well— probably the same thing that Wesley had when Cordy kissed him. That was neither here nor there, he decided. These two needed watching.

Unfortunately, it appeared that it would have to be from a distance. After gathering his belongings, Wesley walked back into the kitchen where he was surprised to find the vampire cooking. Mmm! That smelled so good. Wes hadn’t eaten— since yesterday, he realized.

“Well,” he addressed them noting that Cordelia was seated at the table waiting patiently for her food, “I’ll be off then. Angel. Cordy. Who knows when our paths will cross again.”

Shaking Wes’ hand, Angel then turned to reach into the fridge pulling out a carton of orange juice. “Wesley.”

“Do you even know where you’re headed?” Cordelia asked as she watched Wesley put on his khaki jacket.

“Us rogue demon hunters rarely do. Wherever evil lurks, wherever the forces of darkness threaten humanity, that’s where I’ll be.”

Cordy reached out for the glass of juice that Angel held out for her. Taking a sip, she gave Wesley a smile. “Okay. Keep in touch.”

Hearing the Englishman’s stomach growl, Angel decided that he’d had enough fun. “Sit down Wesley. Have some breakfast.”

“Ooh! I suppose so,” Wesley eagerly hurried back to the table.

“After a night of fighting the lurking evil,” Cordy explained with a grin, “we get eggs.”

“Toast?” Angel offered him a slice from the small stack.


It wasn’t until Wesley had gulped down his own food that he noticed the extra plate had already been set out for him. He thought about their lost companion— Doyle? Wondering if the extra plate was automatic, a reflexive action, and not intended for himself at all. But as Angel and Cordelia recapped the events of the night, they included Wes into their conversation. For the first time in— well, since he had arrived in California, Wesley felt a strange sense of belonging. That he had suddenly found a niche where he could belong. Somewhere to make a difference.

He would make himself useful until they decided to keep him around for good. In the meantime, he would watch and wait— and keep an eye on them for their own protection.

Over the next couple of weeks, Wesley insinuated himself into their good graces. At least he tried to do so. Between Cordelia’s visions and Wesley’s demonology skills, Angel Investigations had a couple of very successful cases.

The stories of Angelus were bad enough, but when Wesley discovered that recent deaths right here in Los Angeles were the same style shown in his research on Angel he began to worry. If Angelus was back, bliss had been had when he had his back turned.

Cordelia was incensed that Wesley would accuse her of sleeping with Angel. “I’m not Buffy!” She practically screamed at him. “I know he’s cursed. So we’ve kissed a few times. Pfft! We know what we’re doing!”

Wesley doubted that very much.

Angel wasn’t much better when Wesley went to him. “Stay out of it, Wes.”

That was all he had to say on the matter, though it quickly became clear that Angelus must be coming out to play. The slayings continued until Angel ordered them to chain him to his bed. Cordelia had a lot of fun with that one despite being worried about the vampire. Wesley never left her side despite the fact that she was determined to sit in a chair the whole night.

When another killing occurred overnight, they knew it was not Angel. Unfortunately, Wesley understood the vampire’s despair when Angel determined that he was still the responsible party. Penn, one of Angelus’ bloodthirsty progeny, had come to LA on a killing spree trying to relive his descent into the vampire world by reenacting his first kills. The kills he completed at his sire’s side.

Cordelia expressed concern to Wesley, telling him that Angel had been hesitant to kill Spike when he was in town to steal the Gem of Amarra. “It’s in the blood, Cordelia. The blood is there inside them. It always remains a binding link between mates, between sire and childe, and between clans. Angel is descended from the Order of Aurelius.”

In then end, Angel did not kill his wayward childe. It was Detective Kate Lockley whose help on previous missions had been valuable who dealt the killing blow with a broken four-by-four almost taking out Angel in the process. Now she reacted to Angel with fear and hatred that made Cordelia’s hesitancy against vampires seem negligible.

Their next little caper came as something of a shock to Wesley who had never been quite so directly involved in demon slayage. Especially demons of truly enormous size. If he thought the Kungai demon was enormous, then Wesley decided he needed to review the meaning of the word.

Cordelia decided that it was time to leave mourning Doyle behind her and accepted an invitation from some of her acting acquaintances. When the trio of young women came to pick up Cordy at the office, Wesley had to admit that it was a bit difficult to see through all the steam on his glasses. These ladies certainly were— what was it that Cordy called it? Oh, yes— drool-worthy. That was just her description of herself, which Wes certainly had to agree with.

Not that he said anything or looked like he was interested in Cordelia in anyway. Angel emitted a dangerous vibe whenever she told him that she was going out with friends. He was completely possessive in his questioning and demeanor. Wesley figured that it was a good thing the girls were picking Cordy up. He had a feeling that there were men at the club and if they had been here too— not so pleasant fireworks were likely to explode.

Close enough. Sarina, one of the well-coiffed women, told Cordelia, “Girl you are looking hot tonight. Wilson won’t be able to take his eyes off you.”

“Sarina,” she sighed heavily. “I told you I’m not—”

Oh, dear! Too late. Angel heard the question and immediately went into interrogation mode. “Wilson?”

“Wilson Christopher. The fashion photographer who’s had his eye on Cordelia,” Sarina explained to the man who had been introduced as her friend’s boss. “Cor has been a bit standoffish the two times they’ve met, but Wilson is such a hottie. You know what they say— third time’s the charm.”

Flashing a doe-eyed look at her vampire, Cordelia promised, “I’ll be good.”

“Oh, yeah.” Emily, the tall one, sounded like she didn’t believe a word. “With Wilson? It’ll be really, really good.”

Angel was looking dark and brooding in his corner of the room. That was when Sarina invited him to tag along. Turning to Wesley, she cooed, “That Hugh Grant thing is starting to work for me. You can come too. Keep us company until the boys show. They’re always late— but it gives us time to flirt.”

Agape, Wesley could only stutter, “Th-that’s very kind of you.”

Then Cordelia was suddenly struck by a vision forcing Angel and Wesley to ignore her pain in favor of covering for her. They were certain she would not want these friends to know the truth. Cordy scribbled down the address they needed to go to in order to take care of the demon in the vision.

Sarina waved them off as Angel dragged Wesley along behind him. “Stop by later. We’ll be at La Brea.”

“M-my, they were attractive,” Wes muttered as the vampire practically tossed him into the passenger seat of the car. “Wonder who this Wilson person is. I haven’t heard Cordy say anything about meeting him. Have you?”

Angel’s stoic silence was enough to indicate that Cordelia said nothing to the vampire about meeting Wilson Christopher on two separate occasions. It puzzled Wesley who thought it certain that the ex-cheerleader was hung up on Angel. The two of them had been dancing in a little circle of angst these past two weeks.

“Hurry up,” Angel ordered upon their arrival, handing Wes a sword. “Let’s get this done.”

Only now, at Cordelia’s apartment-warming party could Wesley even think about what happened next with anything other than horror. No not the hatching baby demon. The other one.

Wesley danced his way over to Angel and Cordelia who were huddled up near the wall. She was encouraging him to have a little fun, but Angel wasn’t playing. He stalked off to the kitchen to spend time with Dennis— the ghost. Trust Cordelia to have an apartment complete with invisible roommate.

“Still brooding?” Wesley asked.

With her hands on her hips, Cordelia was still staring after the vampire. “He doesn’t think I should have a party so soon after Doyle’s death. I can’t stand the funk we’ve been in so I just wanted to have a little fun. Is that so bad?”

“No, Cordy,” Wesley assured her.

“Angel is bad enough, but Sarina, Emily and Sarah still refuse to speak to me after what happened.”

Wesley nodded his understanding— even if he couldn’t see why saving the girls from becoming pregnant with demon spawn was a bad thing. After dealing with the hatchling, Angel and Wesley had appeared at La Brea not long after the oozing-with-charm Wilson Christopher and his buddies arrived. They were not very pleased when Cordelia’s boss and co-worker suddenly showed up.

“They should be grateful,” Wes pointed out.

Cordelia crossed her arms with a glower. “They don’t know that the guys were scummy demon-worshippers. They don’t know that their dates were going to seduce them and act as surrogate fathers to the demon’s hell spawn.”

Her voice was an angry whisper that Wesley was glad was not entirely directed at him.

“It was very fortunate that those young men stopped to discuss their plans for the evening. If not for Angel’s sensitive hearing, they might have gotten away with it— even after he finished with the questioning.”

The vampire had discovered their plot and learned that the surrogate insemination could only happen on that night. Angel proceeded to kick their collective asses all over the back alley behind the club. They vanished into the night, barely able to lift themselves off of the ground.

Though Wesley hadn’t seen it, he was certain that Angel had an extra special message for Wilson Christopher.

Finding Angel return with bloody knuckles and gashes, Cordelia forgot all about the man the girls had hand-selected for her. Until they angrily reminded her that their dates were also missing. Putting two and two together, the trio of women realized that Cordelia’s hot looking boss had been in a fight— with their dates.

He gave them no explanation other than the fact that he discovered the four men were not the kind that they should be out with.

“Cordelia, are you coming?” Sarina asked her as she rose from the table. The two others stood as a pair, reminding her of the Cordettes— her Sunnydale subjects. “There are other fine looking fish in this crowded sea. Interested?”

“No, Sarina.” Cordelia told her. So not a follower. Besides, “My interests are right here.”


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