K&C: Red Velvet Ribbon



Christmas, C/A romance and snowstorm smut.

What are your thoughts about ‘Red Velvet Ribbon‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated. 


Jumping up and down doing the happy happy joy joy dance.

Lysa this was the bestest of Christmas’ ever.

Loved the story, loved the snowball fights, and my am I flush after reading the end.

Thank you darlin!




You made all my Christmas dreams come true. *sigh*

She shoots, she scores with the scoop! *hee*

As Cordelia straightened up and moved back a step to let him get closer to the trunk of the car, Angel simply scooped her up in his arms and headed in the direction of the lodge. Unintelligible protests sounded for a few seconds before Cordelia settled her arm around his shoulder. “Not exactly what I had in mind,” she told him, “but I suppose it will do.”

Her slight weight required no effort, but the sensation of having her in his arms left a heavy impact. It felt right, familiar, and Angel couldn’t stop stealing glances at her all the way up the hill.

Tucking a finger under her chin, he tilted it upward, his mouth coming down to capture hers as it parted slightly with surprise.

Hints of hot chocolate and cinnamon graced her lips. Her warmth drew him closer, hands sliding along the smooth sleeves of her robe and back up to run his fingers through her hair as the soft, explorative kiss deepened on a moan. Cordelia’s arms wound around his neck as she stood on tiptoes, the present in her hand forgotten as sensation took over.

His mouth alternated kisses, soft and gentle, firm and needy, taking and giving. She trembled in response, her body tingling under the skilled touch of his hands as they followed the curve of her spine.

“Touch me,” he encouraged as her eyes flashed up to his again, voice deepening in anticipation of having Cordelia’s warm hand wrapped around him. Tentative, her shy caress grew bolder at his reaction, his hips moving, buttocks flexing as he countered the movements of her hand, eyes half-closed, watching her.

Ok, I just get back off the floor when again. I think this is a pattern so I’ll just say, the story, the playful family banter, the picturesque setting, the smut – it all worked so well. You’ve definitely delivered a beautiful Christmas story and made me all giggly, too. I :wub: you so much!



You can’t stop there girl no one will ever forgive you, we need to hear about the mistletoe and all the other stuff too, we need more smut.

Talk about hot girl you rock and this song so suits it big time. Can’t wait to see what all the other stuff that you’ve got

from Kim



I’m sorry, but I’m totally going to have to worship you. This fic was positively fantastic! I love it!



Read this over at AO, but just wanted to let you know how great it is.
You set the mood with the blizzard and the fire perfectly! And what a great addition of Angel being able to walk around during the day! That was fun and different. Thank for a wonderful Christmas fic.





Okay… where can I get a Christmas Eve like that!!?? Lysa, you gem, you doll… creative genius you!! I want an Angel blanket! And the title picture is so cute!


Angel pulled her close, realigning their bodies so that she was practically sprawled on top of him, their legs tangled. “The plan was to share a little body heat, not to treat me like a blanket.”

That’s all I want for Christmas, I promise!



Yumm Lysa, you’ve set me up nicely for Christmas.

The idea of log cabin, snow and a randy vampire…… slurp. Hot smut…

More please.



Lysa, that was just full of Christmas fun I’ll be the first to say the smut was great but the romance made it that much better. A log cabin!!! In a blizzard!!!! Perfect place to set it.

Thanks for the extra special birthday gift (I know it’s for everyone, but it couldn’t have come on a better day!)



I will tell you quite honestly – that was by far the best damn thing you’ve ever written. The tingles in my stomach are *still* going strong and those are all the way back to the first kiss! The characters, the settings, the descriptions of emotions and sensations -[whistles]


There were so many little things I loved, like Gunn’s “all’s fair in love and snowball fights.” and Wesley’s “In that case, we should feel quite at home.” And of course, the housekeepers and just the *mention* of the hilarious and adorable David Nabbitt.

Above all else, this story just oozed sexiness and you didn’t have to be overly smutty or crude to make heartbeats quicken or butterflies flutter. I was a gooey mess the whole way through, simply because of incidents that almost happened, and moments of complete, beautiful intimacy which are ten times more powerful than wild animal sex. [g]

Originally Posted by Lysa
Blunt to a fault, Cordelia never failed to point out the obvious. The hand that rubbed her back moved up to her head, the gentle pressure prompting her to lift up to let him see her face. His mouth touched her forehead, the beauty mark on her jaw line and all too briefly the soft surface of her lips. As Angel moved his head back down to the mattress, Cordelia nearly followed in search of another kiss.

Absolutely brilliant – definitely a case where less is more.

And mmm, seductive, deep voiced Angel!

This is a story I will come back to again and again – gives you the chills in the best possible way, yet makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and wonderful inside. You’ve outdone yourself lady – well done.

And more importantly – thank you and Merry Christmas.



Hot sweet and sexy!This is a truly amazing fic you’ve written here. One of my favourite holiday ones in fact.

The detail you went into made this fic what it is, thank you so much for sharing and Merry Christmas hun.



*Swoon* Lovely and Christmassy, Lysa. Thank-you

Loved the Snowball wars – it was nice to see our favourite characters having some good old-fashioned fun for a change.

The smut was hot, but fit the romantic mood that you painted so well. *sigh*

This was one of two presents from Angel and she burned with curiosity to know what was inside. Standing, Cordelia moved closer to the fireplace where the glow of the lazy flames provided a little more light. Holding the package up toward the light only created a dark silhouette

I wanna know what Angel bought her though…





God, wonderful as always and can I just say a huge thank you for such a fab holiday treat! Log cabins and freezing snow all melted by fab hot smut with a big dollop of romance as a side order

“Touch me,” he encouraged as her eyes flashed up to his again, voice deepening in anticipation of having Cordelia’s warm hand wrapped around him. Tentative, her shy caress grew bolder at his reaction, his hips moving, buttocks flexing as he countered the movements of her hand, eyes half-closed, watching her.

I don’t know about anyone else, but phwoarr!!!

love it, thanks babe and merry Christmas



OMG, Lysa, what a beautiful fic!! Loved everything about it: the setting, the snowball battle, the banter, the smut the mood…everything!! You are my hero!! And the whole alone in the cabin plot is perfect. I’m just curious about one thing; you didn’t tell what Angel bought for Cordy. Thanks for sharing with us!! *mwah*




I second everything Gabriella said. Lysa, I loved this story. It really put me into the holiday mood and I thank you for it.

You always pay such great attention to detail when you write and in this story you perfected that quality.

As for the end- woooohooo- encore! Drool. That was very romantic and very HOT!

Thank you and Happy Holidays.



“I take chances with you everyday,” Cordelia reminded him, her grin now a softer smile full of warmth and optimism, adding lazily, “so I suppose I could get used to kissing you.”

“Think so?” he smiled just before touching his lips to hers.

“Know so,” she muttered against his mouth meeting him kiss for kiss.


This story had everything I love. C/A yummies, humor, angst, friendship. Loved it!! I wish Christmas would go on forever.


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