Rapture: A Lusty Little Drabble


A tasty tidbit with Angel and Cordelia in the throws of passion.

  • CONTENTS:   Cordelia/Angel in AtS
  • CATEGORY:   Drabble
  • RATING:   R
  • LENGTH:   Drabble / 100 words
  • NOTE: This drabble was eventually incorporated into ‘Red Velvet Ribbon’
  • STATUS:   Completed


Angel’s mouth trailed dewdrop kisses tingling across her skin, cool and wet.

Tongue dipping into nooks and hollows.

His hands slip-sliding over warm curves, cupping and teasing sensitive flesh.

Their bodies moving to the rhythmic cadence of her heartbeat.

On a husky moan, Cordelia’s legs locked around his.

His head snapped up, amber eyes gleaming.

Fingers tangled in the short spikes of his hair, his name fell from her lips, pleading completion.

Hungrily, he claimed her lips,

no longer languidly exploring the soft curves, but in a needy, carnal kiss.

One wantonly returned as they tumbled on toward ecstasy.

The End.

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