K&C: Puzzle Pieces



Angel responds to Cordelia’s sudden dating frenzy.

What are your thoughts about ‘Puzzle Pieces‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated. 


Lysa, this was wonderful as usual. The tension between Cordy and Angel was great. I loved the bonding between Wes and Angel as they both dealt with their jealousy- I think it was often overlooked that they were both dealing with similar emotions at the same time. And the love scene at the end- whew, that was hot. It was great how you used the words from WitW- only this time it was real. The ending was so sweet- it was a nice touch using it to open the story. Thanks for posting this- it was a great read.


Lysa, that was beyond beautiful, babes .

I just can’t find the words to express how much I enjoyed every word- and find it impossible to choose a particular quote.

His reaction to the lost puppy comment was breath-taking and Wowser!- Loved this so much!

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,



Absolutely marvelous Lysa, I’m sure Kim will love it.

Laughed at Angel’s attempts to frighten off her dates.

The end was just perfect, sexy and hot.

This ‘challenge you’ is a great idea.


God Lysa

That was just perfect, a totally perfect antidote to the crappiness of this night. Thank you and I’m sorry if the FB is crappy but I’m kinda punch drunk. Wonderful style too, totally Angels POV, first person thoughts and feelings, wonderful and one hell of an example of exactly how it should be done.

Angel was wonderful, your depiction spot on in my opinion and so detailed it was amazing. Cordelia, a picture painted by Angel and so true of how I feel about her and who she is. Same for Wes too. I loved it so much and like Cali I’m struggling for quotes because the gems in this are just too numerous. Suffice it to say it is all outstanding.

Can’t wait for the next fic!

hugs, Helen


OMG Lysa, this was amazing, i am speechless. Loved the way you wrote Angel and the way you got into his mind and gave us a clear picture of his wants and desires. This fic was perfectly mapped from the beginning to the ending, i loved the way you started and ended the story, the connection between the two was perfect. I can’t wait to read more from you.


Wow. I’m stressed and tired and I get to come home to this beautifully written, scorching hot story. I so loved every word, especially your “Angel perspective.” Personally, I found it intriguing to see things from his perspective and you write it so well!

Lovely job and thanks for brightening a very bad night!



Wow, Lysa, I’m with Cali, words just don’t exist.

Just when I think you’ve done your best writing yet, you go and prove me wrong. Your ‘experimental’ style mirrors that of a pro, and I swear you have such a talent to perfect the full first person on your first try.

The opening paragraph was very poignant, and mirroring it in the end was brilliant. Loved that Connor was in it as well, supplying the imagery and metaphor of life.

The way you work emotion into your writing is unbelievable, and the way you pull emotion from the reader is even more extraordinary. Ok, so I started crying! Exactly! What the hell? I don’t really know why, but I was just emotional I guess. It wasn’t tears of sorrow, so that only leaves tears of joy. You know, I think it was an overload of emotions all at once, being shocked by what happened.


Lost puppy?

It had been some time since Cordelia had referred to me as a lapdog, but I never liked hearing it then and I certainly didn’t like the comparisons now. I stalked down the corridor and backed her up against the wall pinning my hands on either side of her head leaving her breathless at my sudden move.

“You’re right, Cordy,” I told her much to her surprise. “I’ve been running after you for weeks and I’m tired of it. I’m tired of watching you go off on dates with men who don’t know what they’ve got, tired of scenting them on your skin after you’ve kissed them goodnight, tired of fouling up your dates and behaving like an idiot as I track you around town.”

“Around town? Not just the museum,” Cordelia’s eyes got a little larger as the truth came out.

“You have no idea of the things I’ve done to keep you from going out at night,” I said mocking my own behavior. “What I’ve done to bring you back to me.”

Blinking at the enormity of what I was admitting, Cordelia seemed to keep repeating what I’d just explained. “You kept me from going out?”


I expected the lecturing to begin right after the screaming ended, but to my surprise I could have heard a pin drop in the hall. The soft sound of Cordelia’s breathing was accompanied by her staccato heartbeat tripping along a little faster than normal. My eyes closed listening to the sound and memorizing it.

“Why?” she finally asked in that soft voice she usually reserves for Connor.

“You want to hear the excuses?” I asked with a self-derisive smirk. “I assure you that I’ve accumulated many.”

The arching of her eyebrow was answer enough.

My hands left the wall to cup her face as I pressed my cool lips against the warm skin of her forehead. I followed with another on the curve of her cheek and felt the butterfly touch of her eyelashes against my skin. Her hands curled under my elbows moving along the back of my sleeves as I continued with my habitual path to place a kiss over the beauty mark on her cheek.

“Angel,” she sounded out my name turning her face to align itself under my mouth.

“I’m so in love with you, Cordy. I can’t stand not being able to touch you the way I want too,” I admitted caressing her face and throat with the backs of my fingers. “I’m tired of waiting in the wings as you parade around town with other men hoping my turn will come.”

This is the part that had me weeping. And i loved it so much I have to quote it as my favorite part, even though the whole fic was beyond superb.

You’ve taken Kim’s challenge to an all new level. Thank You!!!



I am sure that Kim will love it too


I do love it this is truly a great wonderful brilliant fic.
I am glad that you were able to cut your teeth into a new style, i sat here thinking wow wow wow and more wow, the fic really drew you in you knew what Angel was thinking.
The smut was hot that’s for sure you really know how to give people what they want.

Love how you had them both admit how they felt, and had been feeling all along, that was my fav part of the entire fic

Have to agree that giving you these challenges is a very good idea, because you have done so well with them all.

Can’t wait to see whose challenge you take on next
from Kim


Wow Lysa,

I have to agree with cali on this.

It was beautifully written.

The way you described Angel’s thoughts was truly heart wrenching.

Beautiful end to a beautiful story.



Lysa no worries about this style of writing for you…. you have truly out done yourself absolutely fantastic piece of writing… I was so involved and when I had to wait to finish it I was sad… now that I have all I have to say is…. unbelievable!! This has taken your writing to where I could only hope to go with mine… wonderful!


I think everyone else has already said it, but wow Lysa, that was so beautiful. You were right there inside Angel’s mind with him, every step of the way.


It had taken me almost two hundred fifty years to understand the lesson about puzzle pieces, so I figured our son could use a little help. Letting go of the block, it slipped into place.

A perfect fit.

Loved the way you started and finished the fic and changed the ‘my’ son to ‘our’ son in the last line.

Truly brilliant



Lysa babes, I really enjoyed reading this. When you told me you was doing this from Angel’s POV, I was so intrigued to see how you would pull it off.

I don’t even know where to begin, is there feedback that can cover this? Somehow, I doubt it.

This gave me such an insight into how and what Angel deals with and thinks of Cordy. The word interesting doesn’t do justice to this.

It was so very funny in parts like pairing Wes up with Aura, oh how would I love to see that actually happening! The only thing that would be equally funny is if you paired him up with Harmony!!!

I did feel a little bad for Cordy when Paul had to leave on business but that was quickly remedied when Angel got his act together at the gallery.

One of the bits that stood out to me the most was how you took the conversation from WITW and used it in a situation with a better outcome. I hope for their sake the security cameras were pointed in another direction!

You handled the POV smut in a way that didn’t decrease from the hotness, I could imagine writing smut from a man’s, particularly Angel’s, POV is a hard thing to do…

Pardon the pun!

Anyhoo, you managed to do it and did it very well.

Stopping now before I’m here all day! Muchly looking forward to your next fic hon.


Ah, le wow? You are amazing kiddo!


“Your boss gives you his meat?” There was a hard emphasis on the last word as if he was trying to read between the lines.



Truly an engrossing read…tons of feeling and sexy as hell. You did an amazing job at keeping it in first person Angel. Lovely.



Hi Lysa,

As always wonderful fantastic work hun.


This is one of the best post WITW fictions I read.

Good work



Lysa, this is wonderful. Of course, that can be said about all of your stories (and often is). The dynamics were perfect and, while I normally don’t enjoy reading in the first person context, I loved the feeling that I was inside of Angel’s head.

And, of course, the smut was FANTASTIC! Thanks so much.



This was beautiful Lysa. You mentioned this being a new writing style for you and I have to say you did a great job with it. I liked having it in first person POV because I think it emotionally resonates more that way. You feel what Angel’s feeling.

There is so much to love about this. All those little moments that touched me. The Cordy/Baby Connor cooing and cuddling (I loved what we got on the show but I wish we had gotten more. Baby Connor was too adorable and I loved seeing him with Cordy and Angel), the Cordy/Angel goodnight kisses (who knew forehead kisses could be so sexy. I was on tenterhooks wondering every time he did it if he was going to make his move and finally kiss her), Angel contemplating just where exactly Cordy fit into his life, not really realizing that he could have her as both a friend and lover because he’s never had anything like what he has with her before, and lastly that scene in the gallery when he finally admits to her that he loves her followed by that mind-blowingly hot smut. I don’t know how you manage to outdo yourself with each new story but just when I think it can’t possibly get any hotter or sexier, it does. Loved the use of the WITW dialogue especially the “I’m only alive when you’re inside me.” line. I like how the story begins and ends with the same scene yet there’s so much more hope in the end. I love the image of Angel, Cordy and Connor having a picnic in the lobby of the Hyperion. Amazing story from first word to last. Thanks for sharing it with us.


You already know how much i love this fic, how truly much i love how you took my challenge and used it to cut your teeth on a new writing style.
Once again you have proven what we all know and that’s how talented you are.
Girl you rock and are in my top ten list that’s for sure
from Kim


*sigh* Lysa, you really are a truly gifted writer. I was enthralled with this the entire length of it. I lose myself in your writing, and you’re a pleasure to read. Please keep your wonderful stories coming!

With this fic in particular, I loved how you got inside Angel’s head. You were so true to his character, and I loved how we were taken on the roller-coaster ride of his emotions throughout the entire piece. Truly sweet.

Excellent job, hun.


Hi Lysa

Thanks for replying to powers that be with the name to your story “Puzzle Pieces”, I just read it and it was good.



I do enjoy a jealous Angel. I just loved this fic. And the ending was wonderful.


I’m absolutely speachless! I love stories from Angel’s POV and you did such a wonderful job of going into his thoughts.


“So you won’t be seeing him again.” Did that sound smug? I hoped not, but I could not stem the tide of triumph that claimed me.

I love a jealous Angel, and it’s made even better by the humorous thoughts you added in.

Five seconds, baby, with my help of course.

Yeeeeeeeaaaah, baby!

Not trusting my voice, I simply nodded.

This part makes me a little sad. I really like seeing Angel through your eyes, his vulnerabilities, his jealousy, anger, lust. Wooo, what a ride.

I also really enjoyed Aura hitting on Wes and asking him out, and the protective Cordy part.

A job well done and another absolutely fantastic fic, Lysa! —–Lissette


Review for Puzzle Pieces
This story was so cute and sweet, and had me smiling from start to finish. I like how you wrote this one entirely from Angel’s P.O.V., and in the first person. It was great to have not only this insight into his private thoughts, but also his feelings for Cordy. Angel running around sabotaging Cordelia’s dates was hilarious. I enjoyed how the love scene was reminiscent of WITW right down to the dialogue, except this time there were no ghost between them and they got to finish what they started with no interruptions. And, Connor made it to 11 months-old instead of being ripped away to Quor’toth and returning as a damaged teenager? yay! Love a happy ending!



Fantastic, fantastic fic!!!

I loved your spin on what happened post WITW; much better than the actual show! Angel and Cordy’s reaction was great, especially jealous Angel. Loved Cordy going out on all of those dates, and Angel’s reaction to them.

The ending was fantastic! I’m so glad they both managed to say how they felt. Plus, I loved how you incorporated the fact that some of her dates had said she was in love with Angel

Thanks for writing!


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