K&C: Phantom Hand of Fate



Cordelia & Angel fix Wesley up on a double-date.

What are your thoughts about ‘Phantom Hand of Fate‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated. 


Lustful, Heartache, Romance, Comedy these are all things that describe this fic.
this is so good once again Lysa you really came across with something good LOL this is so funny
from Kim


That’ was good…the harry potter thing I had to read over cause I wasn’t expecting that…


That was wonderful hun.

Harry Potter. Adored Dennis in this fic.


Thank you, Thank you Lysa. It was wonderful, just great.


Gathering up all of the discarded clothes he had collected on their way upstairs, he floated them together into one large bundle and released them over Cordelia and Angel’s heads before darting out of the room. He heard them both shriek his name, “Dennis!” just before their laughter followed him down the hall.

The addition of Phantom Dennis was a genius idea – it’s a good job he’s a bit of a Peeping Tom!
Loved him re-arranging Angel’s closet too


Cordelia sent Angel a conspiratorial glance. Now that the vampire seemed to be on her side in arranging someone for Wesley, she felt certain they would find him the right woman.

Cordy reminded me of Jane Austen’s Emma, trying to set Wes up, but not quite getting it right.

Wes is one of my favorite characters and I wanted to see him happy, so it was lucky that Dennis was around to suggest the right woman. I never would have thought of Harry, but you’re right she’s perfect for him.


Then Cordelia chimed in, “And it’s not like Dennis doesn’t already watch us when we have sex.”

The waiter had just walked over to help clean up the spilled wine and refill Angel’s glass. He looked at them with a bug-eyed expression, asking Angel, “Will there be anything else, sir?”

LMAO! Which brings us on to the C/A – hotness itself! Loved Cordy’s line below:


As her keening cries filled his ears, Angel lifted his topaz gaze to hers, unnecessarily breathing hard. In a graveled voice, he remarked at the sudden realization, “We don’t have to do it this way anymore.”

Still panting in reaction to the shuddering waves of pleasure, Cordelia touched her mouth to his ear. Her hot breath covered him as she reminded, “All safeties are off, Angel.”

Have to say you’re doing an amazing job with all these challenges, Lysa.

I’m in awe of the fact that you are able to take every challenge given to you and write them so fabulously well.

No way I could do that!

Thanks again

Hugs Becky


LYSA, this was brilliant, sweet, funny, heartwarming and very hot. Loved Dennis, his playfulness was a breath of fresh air. Loved the way you fixed the curse and that you used that plot to bring Harry into Wesley’s life, they are perfect for each other. Thank you for sharing this and can’t wait to read the next one you have up your sleeves.


Becky got my fav quotes, except for this one….

Dennis simply knew that boners and cold air never mixed.

That is quite possibly my all time favorite quote from any story ever. Holy cow that was funny. Loved everything about this story, it’s the closest thing to perfect there is. Right now, if I were under some ancient curse by gypsies that disallowed perfect happiness, my soul would be in trouble, that’s how perfect this story is.

My kids already think I’m evil. *g*



oh my gosh. holy cow.

Dennis simply knew that boners and cold air never mixed.

how funny was THAT!!!!!! Loved loved loved the moving the desk scene. Angel can chase me around a desk anytime, anywhere. Mucho loved Dennis rearranging Angel’s closet. Because you know Angel is the most anal retentive manpire ever. Wesley catching them in the cloakroom….oh my god. That was beyond hysterical. Wes’ new office…that was sweet. You had me frightened with the mention of Kate. Don’t do that again. Yikes. Loved Harry Potter (heh). Got to thinking, how perfect would that have been.
Cordy and her naughty feet….Angel and his naughty mouth….holy cow this was about the most perfect story ever. You so completely rule.

Then Cordelia chimed in, “And it’s not like Dennis doesn’t already watch us when we have sex.”

The waiter had just walked over to help clean up the spilled wine and refill Angel’s glass. He looked at them with a bug-eyed expression, asking Angel, “Will there be anything else, sir?”

*bows on humbled knees* I’m not worthy. ——B


Ooh. Harry! Perfect match for Wesley! Heh. I would have kept Doyle as a last name if I was her, though. I always did wonder why they never brought her back into the fold, her field was Demonology. Duh.

This was fun, I especially loved Dennis, and he views the AI team as ‘his people’ and made sure that Angel and Cordy never crossed that little line!

Great fun!


Lysa, you’re just brilliant.

I love Phantom Dennis when he has a mischievous side. Angel and him would so mix like oil and water, getting up each other’s noses. And then resolving to ignore each other during other times. Cordy turns into a referee between her two dead guys!! love it!!

Anyway, I am officially a W/H shipper, they are perfect for each other!!!


Wonderfully written as per usual, Lysa, and had to laugh as well as worry over them constantly rubbing out and redoing that line in the sand…cloooooooooose! and way hot b/c of it!

I know you had your doubts at how to pull this off, and can I just say, you did more than pull it off- you came out victorious

Lovely read and can’t wait for more, babes.



I loved the way you wrote Dennis. His rearranging of Angel’s wardrobe cracked me up. The chemistry between Cordy and Angel was so very well done. Plus Wes was written so well. *sigh* I miss S1-2 Wes. This story was great.


I loved it! Dennis was an inspired addition to the cast, adding a lovely touch of humour to counteract the HOT impact of Cordy and Angels rising desperation! Wesley is such a star and adding Harry was great. I wish they’d brought her back on the show I really liked her.
The smut was just perfect and never too detailed lol. All in all a gripping hut and smutty story!


Fantastic job, as always, Lysa. Love the way you write them, and how deep your smut is. You reach them (and us as readers) on a very emotional level and it’s a joy to read.

Good job, girl!


Ah, nostalgia! What a wonderful reminder of the glory days of seasons 1&2. Everything about this fic made me smile. I adored the way you wrote Dennis. The scene where he rearranged Angel’s closet was hysterical. Our obsessive-compulsive vamp is such an easy target to torment. *LOL*

I really liked Harry in The bachelor Party and was sorry that more wasn’t done with her character. You’ve written her in such a way that she fits right in with AI team and their Dennis the menace. I can see how she would be the perfect woman for Wes. As always, I loved the C/A interaction and their ability to embarrass poor Wes. Another great story that brightens up my day (or more accurately, my night).



Absolutely amazing! I’ve just spent the past few days reading and re-reading ‘First…’ and ‘Next Connection’ (and loving them), and I was desperately thinking how long it would be before I got another fix of your brilliant writing! And I haven’t even gotten started on ‘Double or Nothing’!

Like I said, this was amazing! It was great to see Dennis again, and he was brilliant. Funny, mischievous and wonderful to see interacting with the gang.

And as always, all that A/C goodness was perfect!

Please post again soon!



Actually [and I can’t believe I’m saying this, lol!]I think it is perfect as it is, babes- but a C/A sequel would be cool

Wonderful wonderful and I’m not gonna quote cos there is way too much, hehe! Can’t wait for more of your lovely challenge quests, Lysa- love ’em, hoo boyyyy!

Sachxx and you DEf deserve a lick!


Dennis! I so love our friendly ghost and love seeing him featured in so sexy a story!

LOVED the Wes and Harry plot, I never thought about it but they make a cute couple and she blends in well.

As for A/C… HOT, HOT, HOT!

And that’s a very, very good thing!

Lovely job!



You’re going to earn yourself another title. The Challenge Queen. As usual this was fantastic.


Unhooking the bra seemed too complicated for Angel’s brain at that moment as he simply hooked two fingers beneath the straps and tugged

Yeah that’ll addle his brain LOL

Now where’s your next challenge fic.



This is brill, Lysa. Hot and sexy.

Loved the inclusion of Harry, often wondered what happened to her, I’m sure they could have used her more on the show, what with her demony knowledge.

As for Dennis, , he’s just what you want in your house.

These are fabulous fics, keep ’em coming.

Every time I read Phantom Hand of Fate, I still laugh when Wes catches C/A in that very naughty

Hey Lysa, I reread Phantom Hand again, have you ever thought about adding Harry to another story? Thought she could’ve been great in the Fred role for the show.


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