K&C: My Share of Miracles



Angel contemplates the holiday season.
This ficpic was my very first attempt at fan art.

What are your thoughts about ‘My Share of Miracles‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated. 


Awwwwwww. This was the sweetest fic. Great job!


As Debs said it’s a miracle in itself that Angel made a move.
Lysa this is such a wonderful fic you did a great job with it


Excellent story, very sweet. Thanks!


Short and incredibly sweet without being saccharine. Glad to see that Angel learned to appreciate the miracles in his life. I have to go against him and agree with everyone else that baby Connor dressed in a reindeer outfit, “creepy antlers” and all would be too adorable for words. Makes me smile just thinking about it. Thanks for the lovely story Lysa.

I also thought this was a nice touch.


“Adorable,” Angel muttered reluctantly as he got distracted by the sight of Connor’s tiny palm spread out across the bare skin at her throat.

It’s such an Angel thing (or should I say a vampire thing) to notice something like that.


Lysa, I think this is the feel-good story of the year. As Tracy said, it’s a lovely fic. I’m hoping for a sequel even though Christmas is passed. I would love to know if Angel won the drawing and what the spell consisted of. Thanks for such a divine story with a message we could all take to heart, not just a brooding vampire.



Wow! I absolutely love it. Such a feel good Christmas fic, I only wish I had the chance to read it before Christmas. Lysa, you have outdone yourself! Three wonderful holiday stories, all really well done. You are my hero

Brilliant job once again, which is amazing in itself since you gave us 3 very Christmassy, well-written fics this year. I love the way Angel finds himself losing all the battles to Cordy. Very sweet story. Thank you!!!



Lysa –

A wonderful holiday story…but it is begging for more…heck do Wes and Gunn get untangled from the lights?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ya!




Waiting for some miracles to happen might take a lifetime, but that didn’t mean he should ignore the blessings he had been given in the here and now. People, unique and precious, filled his existence and were long overdue for a share of his feelings on the matter. Cordelia, especially, who accepted him for his faults and never hesitated to point them out when necessary. One glance from her and he was reminded just how much of a man he wanted to be.

*big sigh* Amen to that!!

Thank you for this beautiful and sweet fic!! I loved it to bits and I second L in saying that you have outdone yourself!!



This was very touhing and very sweet. I was looking for something to make my day that much bearable and this fic made it so much more than bareable.



Thank you for this Lysa, you painted a wonderful heartwarming xmas scenario and it made me want to be a part of their festivities.


Angel stood in the shadows, quietly observing the scene before him as his family was all gathered around the Christmas tree, still bare of decorations. He’d come to realize exactly what this hodgepodge group meant to him. They were more than just co-workers and friends. In a way, they were also one of his miracles and he had come to depend upon and rely on them as much as they ever did on him.

So true.



Awww, so sweet! I loved it.


It truly was a miracle that Angel actually made a move!


Angel wasn’t capable of conversation just then. All he could do was lift his fingers to her face, letting the tips glide across the warm curve of her cheek and sliding them back to curl around the nape of her neck. As her lips formed a soft circle, he pressed his mouth to hers. For an endless moment, neither moved, just feeling the sensation of being lip to lip.

Until a soft sigh passed between them and Cordelia melted into his embrace, her arms looping around his neck. The long, drugging kiss that followed left them both a little scatterbrained as they came back to the reality of wolf-whistling, boisterous clapping and the loud squall of a rudely-awakened infant.

Ahhh…loved the kiss, the sigh and the applause from the crowd! Wouldn’t that have been a wonderful TV moment? *sad sigh*

You have done a beautiful job of feeding us special Christmas moments this year, Lysa. I’m so glad your muse was so generous. Bless you and your talent and have a wonderful Christmas!!


My name’s Serena. I’m an italian girl and I’m a very great fan of Buffy and Angel. I read you fanfiction “My Share of Miracles” that you sent to the site Angel-us… It is nice and it remembers me the episode “Amends” of Buffy the vampire slayer… that was one of my favourite episode (because there was still Angel obviously!!!!) I don’t like very much the final part because I don’t like the couple Angel-Cordy but the story is very very fine… also in Italy there are a lot of fansites of Buffy and Angel and there are some beautiful fanfictions. I’ve never written one (but maybe I will) but I created some videos with scenes of Buffy and Angel and with a song that I like…
As I told you I’m a great fan, but unluckly in Italy not all the series of Buffy and Angel have been broadcasted yet… The first series of Angel was broadcasted only last summer and at about midnight!!! about the second I think that it will take a long time before it’s broadcasted… I think I’ll buy the dvd…
Anyway I liked your story very much!!!


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