K&C: If We Fall in Love



for a
Challenge at DamnSkippy’s LiveJournal Site: C/AatLast
Cordelia discovers that Angel has written her a love letter.

What are your thoughts about ‘If We Fall in Love‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated. 

THE 4-PROMPT CHALLENGE: Training, Blue Jeans, Love Letter Found, Lyrics


Hooray! Another C/A fic and a Lysa one at that! First, I have to thank you for not making it a literal songfic because they’re not my favorite kinds of fics. And it’s very creative of you to make up new lyrics just for C/A. How cool!

When I put the “love letter found” prompt in the table, I actually had an angsty version in mind. Maybe an old letter to Buffy that Angel might have written in S1 and still had that Cordy found while putting away his clothes or something. I guess that’s because 90% of the writers I know are dark, angsty ones. But I’m very happy to have you interpret it in a positive C/A way and make a romantic story from it.

Wondering if he was still hung up on feeling guilty about the accidental kiss or their little reenactment upstairs, Cordelia leaned against the wooden railing and watched him. “That your new sparring partner? Maybe you prefer her to me.”

Angel glanced her way. His mouth curved upward just a fraction hinting at a smile. “She does have certain qualities. Quiet. Stays put. Easy to handle.”

“And a natty dresser,” Cordelia briefly eyed the tattered dusty material pinned in place.

This is the kind of interaction I love to see in fics and on screen. Just the two of them kidding around, so comfortable with each other. It’s just easy and that’s what I adored about their relationship until JW/ME decided to muck it up.

I also liked the moment you had between them when he was rushing off to handle the vision. Angel’s possible impending death and Cordy’s confusion about not wanting him to go; Angel seemingly understanding what she was feeling even if she didn’t but not taking full advantage and just comforting her with the forehead kiss. It gave me good shivers!

Thank you for participating!

Btw, you didn’t have to use all the prompts in one story, but since you did you get a super duper banner! Now I just have to figure out what that will be. 🙂


A love letter from Angel.

How awesome does that sound? I love the words you put in his mouth, and how he stopped her from getting it out of his drawer. The sparring, and the idea that he kissed her when she was asleep, just so them, you know?

And now I have this image in my head of Gunn cooing over baby clothes. *g*


Wonderful Lysa, so romantic.


Thank you again for entering the challenge and doing great things with the prompts! This was a perfect end to my hectic weekend. I love romantic, coming together C/A fics. And very clever way to use the “blue jeans” prompt. Although if someone else gets that prompt, I hope they put Angel in them because that image is just too sexy for words.


Adorable and I love Cordy snooping to find the letter.


Loved this. It was just so wonderful and natural, and I love the idea that Angel would write a love letter, since speech is a bit beyond his grasp with Cordelia around.

Great job!


OMG, this so deserves to be an episode or at least the story off the cameras, ya know? I love the thought of Angel writing a love letter, it seems so in character for him.


Loved it. And yay for a happy ending!

I really enjoyed the part where Cordy was trying to figure out what Angel had hidden in the drawer and Angel was all shy, embarassed and bashful. Great scene.

I also liked how Cordy’s feelings for Angel were there beneath the surface and she knew he meant a lot to her, but didn’t completely realize why until she found the love letter.


Agree with Samsom, the use of a letter really works for letting Angel get his feelings out there without the stuttering insecurity. I also like how despite her blindness to Angel’s feelings for her, Cordelia still knows him well enough to make guesses about what’s in the drawer and then to realize her own feelings after she reads the letter.
How cute must Connor have been in his litte jeans and Notre Dame shirt.


A yummy Lysa fic!!

I soooo loved IT!!!

Wonderfully romantic!


wonderful job!


Wonderful. You’re the still the master.

Loved every minute of it and not many fics do that to me. Most have parts that seem to drag, icluding my own lol, but this never once dragged. Every word, every sentence had me dying to read on.

I guess you still have much to teach me, oh great one.

P.S. THere were a few grammatical and punctuation errors but who cares? It was great regardless.



Finally managed to get caught up with this Lysa, what a treat.

Loved how Angel can express himself on paper while he stutters to speak.

Sneaky Cordy, but of course he just knew she wouldn’t leave it alone once she knew about it.


So sweet and a happy, happy ending. I totally loved it!!


Oh, how perfect is this, Lysa? *happy shipper sigh* Absolutely perfect, that’s how.

I loved it. It never occurred to me that Angel might put his feelings in a letter…though it definitely occurred to me that Cordelia would go snooping when Angel was out of the way. *G*

This was lovely. Really. 😀


So sweet and romantic. I have a giant weak spot for the ‘misunderstanding during declaration’ fics and this was beautifully done. I loved their dialogue in this – it was wonderfully natural. Cordy’s teasing, Angel’s confusion – on point! I’m always impressed by how much activity you can fit into a short story – plus a happy ending!



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