Shiny and New

Talk about an inability to let something go. I’m like a hoarder of all things Cordelia/Angel. Mine, all mine. Sure, there are other shows and characters to love, but none inspire quite like these two. Their relationship truly developed over the course of BtVS and Angel into the deepest kind of friendship, a familial bond, and into a love they were never able to explore. Most of my fellow C/A writers have gone on to other things, different fandoms, or life in general. While I am often tripped up by having to do a little adulting of my own now and then, I still love to write. This shiny and new version of Darkness and Daylight comes after numerous frustrating rounds of technical glitches at my last site. This is the first day of what will probably be a long process of adding content to the new site. If you stumbled on this spot before it is finished, I will continue to maintain the original one, so you can access the fics there for now. Thanks for reading, and most importantly, thanks for continuing to love Cordelia and Angel.

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