K&C: Freedom’s Prize



Cordelia gives Angel some special TLC after he is rescued
from being enforced into a role as a gladiator in a demon fighting ring.

WRITING TEAM: C/Aphrodisiac (Califi and Lysa)

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What are your thoughts about ‘Freedom’s Prize‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Welcome. 


Like most of the older stories, this one and its feedback slipped off the forum board long ago. It was fun to work with Califi on this story. Two smutty minds working together can only lead to deliciously naughty things. The writing process is so different for everyone, so it was interesting to see how the characters, our writing styles, not to mention British vs American cadence and terms, all came together. I think it worked fairly seamlessly.


Lysa! I just re-read Freedom’s Prize! Still love it, Cordelia tending to her manpire is still all kinds of hotness!


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