K&C: Double Take



This starts off as a parody of my fic ‘Double or Nothing’
and then takes its own threesome-ish twist
with Angel, Cordelia, and Angelus working out their relationship issues.

Same challenge criteria. Different fic.

Awards: Wicked Awards – Round 1 – June 2009 – Best NC17 – Winner

What are your thoughts about ‘Double Take‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Welcome. 




It was a wonderful treat to have sneaky peaks so big thanks for that. Not that I could offer anything since it was superb without any input from me.

I’ve said by pm and I’ll say again here. I just adore you and could worship at your feet. I love your imagination, its wonderfully sweet, tender and excuse me fricking HOT!!!

Your original fic perfectly blended the two vamps, Angel and Angelus and this is another option that no one can help but adore and go all quivery over!

I adore the whole premise that the two vamps Angel/Aus want Cordy so much that sharing is not only acceptable but bloody well imperative and she accepts cos she loves them both cos they ARE the same slpit into two. HOT DAMN lucky Cor!!!!!

Wonderful hot and impossibly smutty. I need a shower now dammit!

Loved it beyond words and no I’m not sending sunshine up anywhere (wink).

Hugs and thanks again, Helen



WOW Lysa! I am speechless, that was brilliant and so very hot. Loved the way you wrote A/C/AUS together, the way Angelus got C/A to admit their feeling for each other in the end was a masterpiece. Later on i had to pick my jaw of the flour, when Angelus came up with the idea of making Cordy both his and Angels mate. I wonder how that will work out? what will the scoobies think or do? etc…..

Once again thank you for giving us another wonderful taste of the DON world.



Ahead of time that’s good very good, both names really suit this fic.
You took a Fifty chapter fic and broke it down to only a couple, you gave us what we wanted the first time around.
Poor Buffy well not really, i think that if Angel had a soul in BTVS then this is what there lives would be like.
Incredible, Smut, Hot, orgasmic, brilliant, wonderful, and truly a good read are what describes all this.
Hey that means i can’t help stalk you anymore that’s not good lol
from Kim



Ummm Lysa, is it hot in here?

Lovely fic, just what I like, hot and heavy.

I love the way you write both A’s, so different but so alike, in ‘many’ ways.

I wonder how it’ll work with the others when they find out.

Wonderful writing as per usual, keep it up.



Lysa you are a smut goddess. That was just amazing.




Angelus preferred Cordelia’s plan. “If I promise that we’ll live happily fucking ever after, will you two shut up so I can sleep?”

LOL!!!! Best quote ever!!!! So damn fucking hot!!!! you SO haave to make a sequel of this!!!! you know, during sex, double take!!!! Anyway, my god is it just me or the room is gettin hotter!!!!!
Anyway love love love the fic!!! great changes from the original fic!!!! MORE!!!!!!!

I can’t wait to read other of your nc-17 fics!!!!



No words…There are just…No words…



Not only was this the hottest story I’ve read in a while, but it is now on my top favorites list!

I loved the way you played and combined both Angel and Angelus and their love and need for Cordy. Wish I could have felt sorry for Buffy, but you, I just am not in the mood to feel happy towards Buffy lately, so this treatment of her suited me just fine. Although I must admit, I loved the casual way she handed the jar to Buffy, it worked so well!

Seriously though, this was a fic that was delicious and sensual and downright sexy as hell.

Are you getting an idea of how much I love this fic, not to mention your writing style? If not, let me state it clearly here, but dear, you ROCK!




Whoa Lysa!!!
Gotta say that this is just GREAT!! Loved Double Or Nothing and I also Love Double Take!!
Great, great work honey, really!!! Where are your ideas coming from???
You really have to write more of that kinda fic soon!
Pleeeeeaaaasssseeeeee!!!!! *goingdownonmykneesandstartbegging*



Oh. My. Gosh. Wow! I loved Double or Nothing and when I read the summary I thought, this will great, I love parodies. Boy, now do I really love parodies.

I have never enjoyed threesomes, but how can you argue with two vamps from the same package, one an angel and one a devil (forgive the lousy pun *LOL*) in love with the same girl? Why would you want to? I mean, what more can a girl ask for? Clearly nothing as far as Cordelia is concerned, but could *I* possibly request a sequel, or at least a little more smut?

I know this makes me sound greedy, but I actually *am* so this is pretty accurate and when someone writes as well as you, how can you not crave more?

Please post more soon (pretty, pretty please).




I had to show my appreciation for this fic here (ST)  as well. I forgot to say how I found it highly amusing as well, and loved the parodical sarcasm throughout. Thank you again for fullfilling the request!




There’s not much I can say except WOW! I’m one of those who’d hoped to see a little A/C/Aus action in DoN, and you didn’t disappoint here. Jesus, woman, you make me not feel so bad being single and alone, because I wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than these two guys. (OK, not really, but it’s my excuse and my fantasy.) Now that we have this AU of A/C/Aus I wouldn’t be unhappy to see more stories set in this perfect world



Wow Lysa, You ROCK


This is intolerable, thought Angel as he headed into the study not bothering to turn on the light.

There is so much I want to quote, but I’m going to limit myself to this one. It just tickled my fancy, it’s like Angel is channelling Giles, ‘intolerable’ LMAO.

This was wonderful, so very very hot. I loved the claim, it was hot, but it was also so tender and beautiful.

Thanks for two such terrific fics.




I worship at the feet of you! (bows down smilie) <—- see look, me.

Thank you so much for this fic, ever since that first chapter of DoN I was desperately wanting to see this play out. You’ve written one awesome epic but still been able to deliver an equally superb ficlet (I only call it that b/c it pails in comparison to the size of DoN).

I love how you referenced the original, but were still able to keep them completely separate. It all seemed so knew, not like it was a challenge that you had already mastered.

Cordy’s jealousy was great, and her answer to it was so very satisfying as a reader – and Im not just meaning the Angelus lovin’, but the instinct to get her revenge.

Angel’s love and heartbreak for Cordy was full of indecision for me. I didn’t know whether to feel sorry for his gentlemanly suffering, or elated at his internal torture. Truely brilliant.

And I can’t forget the smut, especially the last round, damn!!!! That’s what we were all hanging out for, and you didn’t disappoint at all. To reference one of our loved members, that was Scorching!!!!

Again, Lysa, you are just an outstanding writer, and you’ve given me another outstanding fic to add to my favorites and read over and over. Thank You!




and what a wonderful way to wake up!!! awesome job!




I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! (that about sums it up… )



Love this love this so much



WOW, no words can describe how hot that was loved it….I never read Double or Nothing but I am gonna hafta now, hope you’ll make a sequel to this so we can see them living “happily fucking ever after”.




Man, I don’t smoke, but I feel like I need a cigarette.



Way Hot!!!!!!



This was just GOD!!! I need a cigarette… wow. I wanted to see Angel get a little more action if you know what I mean, but damn you did good.

I love this forum.



So beyond hot, there are no words!

I can however say that I really loved how you wrote Angelus, and Angel! Angelous and Jealous Angel were just priceless, and I just… loved it!

This was a purely fantastic fic, and the lack of comment truely is because I don’t know quite what to say at the moment!!!



Holy cow. That was…..that was wow. That was brilliant. Excellently plotted, incredibly original premise, great dialogue, well paced. And may I say that the smutorama…..well, holy cow. You really did a wonderful job of distinguishing between the two Angels…..very very good job of differentiation.

And thanks for monopolizing my day. Now I have to walk around all day jealous of Cordy.

And did I mention that this was brilliant? I did? Well, it bears repeating.




WOW!!!! Another great work, Lysa!!!! This fic is amazing!!! Loved it!!!!



Lysa…I LOVE you! You write A/C/Aus like nobody’s business. Whoo *fans self off* I just read Double Take, and AHHHH! It just makes me love DoN even more. I still read it over and over and over and over again because it’s a classic. You are just amazing, and thanks for giving me something SO great to read. C/Aus is my FAVE and you knock it out of the park. Just keep up the good work. I need more All The Days like an addict needs crack.

Lady D


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