Vampire Wrestling


Vampire Wrestling

If only the Scoobies weren’t there when it happened.

Double or Nothing Bonus Scene – It’s not story canon, but what if….

The wrestling practice room was deserted at this time of day, making it a perfect spot for a clandestine Scooby meeting whenever the library was already occupied for a study group. Cordelia thought nothing about being directed there, even if the message found in her locker came from Angel rather than Giles.

With either one, the topic could be anything from the next apocalypse to the latest Buffy drama. She was betting on the latter. Classes were still in session, but her drama teacher bought her excuse to leave early.

Figuring she would have to dash to cheerleading practice afterward, Cordelia swung by the girl’s locker room to grab her pompoms. She was certain news of the next apocalypse would not start without her, and if it actually was Buffy-related craziness, it needed to be put off as long as humanly possible.

Cordelia entered the room with a bounce in her step, ready to make an excuse for her tardiness, when she stopped in her tracks, seeing the impossible right before her eyes. Blinking did not clear her double vision. There were two of them, Angel and Angelus, standing right in front of her, identically dressed in black. Shock was the only thing preventing her from screaming.

Despite the matching clothing, she could sense friend from enemy from the moment she looked into their eyes. Jaw dropping in sudden realization Cordelia knew what this was about. Angel had been working on something for weeks, conducting solitary research, and finally disappearing for a few days. No wonder he had kept this insane idea to himself.

Anger nudged away most of the fear. “This is your genius plan for getting rid of the curse?”

Angel held up his hands urging her to calm down. Hah! Like that was going to happen. Not. Trying a new tactic, he pointed out, “Technically, it was your idea. I thought you deserved to hear about it before I talk to the others.”

“Don’t give me credit for this disaster waiting to happen.”

The whole ‘separate the good you from the evil you’ sccenario was just wishful thinking that also involved chaining up, torturing and staking Angelus. Some well-deserved payback for what he had done to her.

The memory of his muscular body pinning her into the freshly mown grass of Pine Grove Cemetery came to her in an instant. He planned to kill her that night, and worse, if only he had not been interrupted by a timely rescue. Veiled threats had accompanied his stolen caresses, sounding like whispered promises. His hands touching her explicitly, fingers pressing into her flesh, as he told her she was going to be his.

Being bitten by Angelus was not what scared her, though the idea was not exactly on her ‘To Do’ list. Any other vampire would have been scratched, or kneed, or screamed to dust. Not him, though. Not Angelus. After that initial screech of surprise, she had practically melted into his touch, craving it because those were Angel’s hands. His aroused body felt so good on hers, and for a frightening instant, she had wanted to be his.

Now he was here in front of her and despite the distance that separated them, she felt herself react to his presence. How was she supposed to think clearly while Angelus ate her up with his eyes? Dark thoughts and lustful intention filled his gaze as it swept over her every curve, causing tingles and tremors, and a flash of heat blooming at the junction of her thighs. Just one look and she could feel herself react with both fear and arousal.

Ignoring Angelus was impossible. Not trusting him one bit, she kept watching him to make certain Angel stood between them, but Angelus was watching her just as closely. Dressed for practice, Cordelia figured she could make a run for it if needed, but the challenge in his gaze almost encouraged her to make that move because it was just what a predator wanted. Chase and catch. They had done that before.

“Do you stake him now or wait for Buffy?” Cordelia asked plainly. “Where is Buffy? Where is everyone for that matter?”

Angelus chuckled to his souled self, “You thought she’d be on your side.”

“Well, I’m not on yours,” Cordelia sidestepped his approach and moved toward Angel. “I’m not going to let my neck get caught in the middle of this.”

Looking quite annoyed that this little announcement was not going smoothly, Angel assured her, “He can’t hurt you.”

“You’re crazy if you think Angelus will behave,” Cordelia snapped at Angel even as she used his frame as a shield.

Angelus let out a gruff laugh, “No promises, kitten, not when it comes to you.”

Grabbing onto Angel’s arm, she snuggled in closer feeling much safer that way. “See,” she poked Angel in the side for emphasis. “I told you he has his own agenda.”

Angel’s mouth was moving. Sound was coming out. An explanation. Fate, no the Fates owed him a favor. The hows and whys of it seemed less important than the urge to turn around and run, but Cordelia forced herself to look away from Angelus, whose magnetic allure kept drawing her attention. Maybe Angel wasn’t the only crazy one.

A sigh escaped as Angel closed his hand over hers. Just a supportive gesture of concern and comfort, but it went a long way toward easing her tension. These past months since Angel had returned from Acathla’s hell dimension, and Cordelia’s recovery from her rebar injury had witnessed an overhaul in their formerly distant and casual friendship. It had taken some time, and trial and error, but they had something real going on, even if it was almost completely platonic, barring an occasional awareness of lingering attraction and a few stray fantasies on her part.

“Don’t make empty threats,” Angel warned Angelus coolly. Telling Cordelia why he was so calm about this, he said, “The spell that separated us and anchored my soul also prevents Angelus from harming humans.” Getting one over on his evil self was unprecedented, and it made him smile, even if it was just the subtle upward shift of the corners of his lips.

The explanation drew a scowl from Angelus, who scathingly added, “I have to fight the Good Fight and live under the Soul’s supervision or else I lose any chance at my own existence separate from his.”

Hearing that Angelus had no power to harm her suddenly gave Cordelia her confidence back. She stepped away from the protective shelter of Angel’s tall frame. “Oh, really?” When Angel confirmed the statement to be true, a flood of relief washed over her, but also a spark of excitement. Take the fear factor away and suddenly all that was left was a simmering attraction and the simple need for revenge.

She could feel Angel’s fingertips on her lower back, a sign that he was not really letting her out of arm’s length, but somehow encouraging her to form a truce with Angelus.

“Here to kiss and make up?”

Angelus did not budge or flinch when her hand arced up to slap him across the face. Her palm stung at the force against his cheek. It was Angel who called out her name, too late to stop her, trying to caution her about provoking him. She barely heard a word. Triumph roared through her veins pulsing fast.

“Feel better?” Angelus asked.

Huffs of indrawn air released slow and deep before she could find voice enough to say, “Yeah.”

“My turn.”

Angel growled another warning, “Don’t you dare…” he began, but it was a wasted effort, which he should have anticipated. He might as well be waving a red flag in front of a bull.

Cordelia did not need reminders that Angelus was going to do whatever Angelus wanted, especially if that involved her.

A frisson of anticipation hit as Angelus pulled her up onto her toes, and claimed her mouth with a savage kiss. Cool lips pressing against her warmth, feeding the fire inside her, making her moan for closer contact, and opening her up for the intrusion of his tongue. Instead of feeling revulsion, all Cordelia could do was respond as if she had been waiting for it forever.

Although her head shouted its denials, and Angel’s angry expletives shot out at his soulless double, her own thundering pulse was all she could hear. Despite it all, it felt good, so right, to be in his arms.

As if from a great distance, Angel sounded out another demand, each word a singular syllable of disdain. “Let her go.” Cordelia’s thoughts were swimming. It was so sweet for Angel to look out for her, but he knew how good this felt. He had been here before. Not with her, but definitely with the kissing and the touching. These practiced lips and hands knew what they were doing, and Cordelia was not quite ready to stop.

Yeah, it was crazy, but it was too easy to get lost in what he was feeling.

Winding her arms around Angelus’ neck as she leaned even closer, her breasts pressed flush against his chest. Her nipples were achy little points begging for friction, seeking contact. Cordelia clutched her pom-poms in one hand, and the nape of his neck in the other, clinging to his lips as one kiss fed into another, unable to resist the way he was making her feel.

Angleus’ big hand reached under the short skirt of her burgundy and gold cheerleader uniform to cup one firm, rounded cheek. Squeezing her ass, he pulled her even closer to rub his growing erection against her lower belly. Despite the layers of their clothing, Cordelia felt it hardening against her making her writhe closer as her panties dampened.

She should hate the way her body responded so wantonly to his, hate him, but this was hot. He was hot, and so freaking irrisitible. Making it even hotter was the knowledge that Angel was there, watching it all. His hands were on her too, sweeping across her hips, reaching between them, and for a millisecond, she thought she heard him moan her name as his cheek brushed against hers.

Maybe he thought it was hot, too. Or… not.

With a suddenly bruising grip, Angel pulled her away from Angelus, and sent her reeling across the floor mats. Her pom-poms went flying as she lost her balance toppling onto her ass. Confusion and embarrassment kept her stunned for a moment. Realizing just how caught up she had been, and the fact that Angel had to yank her away from his evil doppelganger, Cordelia felt an inexplicable surge of red-hot anger. Leaping back to her feet, she rushed over to where the two vampires were grappling on the floor. They were fighting each other when she should be the one kicking butt.

Angelus had no business kissing her at all, much less making her want him that way. Boy howdy! He could kiss. If only he wasn’t evil. Hmm, she supposed that would make him Angel, which would make kissing off limits considering the whole friendship thing, not to mention that his girlfriend would probably not like it.

Speaking of Angel, chivalry was looking a little more like jealous rage, which was just a stupid thought because they were just friends. He did not care about her that way. If Angelus really could not physically hurt her, why should he care if they were making out? Duh! Lots of reasons, she supposed, including the fact that she did not want an evil vampire macking on her, even if it it was the hottest kiss she ever had. Would Angel kiss the same way? Cordelia wondered about that one. Maybe a little too much.

One of them, Angelus she decided, had transformed into vampire form, baring his teeth, and winding up a punch that knocked Angel back. They were both on their feet again for about two seconds before Angel leapt forward, wrapping his arms around the other vampire and took him back down to the floor. Landing on the open mat, they rolled, and punched, and wrestled their way over to where Cordelia stood tapping her foot, arms crossed and impatiently waiting for them to come to their senses.

Angelus punched his double in the gut and took the second or two offered by Angel’s distraction to look directly up Cordelia’s skirt. “Great view.” He let his hand circle around her ankle stroking his fingers up her silky calf.

Her friend growled in fury. “Keep your hands off Cordelia,” Angel raged as he balled up his fist and bashed against Angelus’ jaw.

Cordelia found herself protesting. “Hey!” She just was not certain what it was she was most peeved about, the fight, the leering, or the fact that despite their kindergarten tactics, having them fight over her felt surprisingly sexy.

“It wasn’t just my hands,” Angelus commented with a grin as he tossed Angel head over heels across the floor. His head cracked against the hard floor as another punch connected. Enjoying the fight, Angelus used his leg to flip Angel onto his back and pin his shoulders down long enough to stare down at him. “You know as much as I do that she likes it.”

Cordelia knew he meant it. The thought scared her because she knew what Angelus was capable of in doling out pain, but something deep inside her recognized a sliver of desire at the thought of his touch, and what it might be like to have someone totally in control of your pleasure. Not that Cordelia had much experience with that, but it was enough to know that the overeager fumbling of high school boys was not for her.

“Not even a whiff of fear anymore, just that sweet creamy cunt begging to be tasted. Our girl wants us.” The graphic words made her picture his tongue sliding along her dewy flesh and proving just how skillful he could be. Just the idea of it was too much to ignore. He needed to shut up. Now.

Cordelia snapped, “Get over yourself! I never wanted you.”

The chuckle that sounded made her realize that Angelus had drawn out a confession of sorts. Her shocked gaze snapped up to Angel who stared back at her, nostrils flaring, all too obviously taking note of what his evil half had to say.

Time to put and end to this, she decided determinedly. Walking straight out of the room was one choice to make. No way was she going to do that because it would just make her look weak. That was the last thing she needed to do with Angelus. Jumping into the fray, Cordelia grabbed for him. “Get off of him, Angelus.”

Just as she curled her hands around his bicep attempting to pull Angelus away from Angel, he released another forward punch. The move swung her body downward unintentionally sending her crashing directly on top of Angel.


Cordelia let out a whoosh of air as she connected with the hard body beneath her. Momentarily out of breath, she could not speak for a moment as both of the vampires called out her name in obvious concern as the fight came to a sudden end.

“Are you okay?” Angel asked, his hands coming up to her shoulders, steadying her as the rest of her body was sprawled across him.

Gasping for air, Cordelia stared into Angel’s concerned eyes. For a moment, all she could do was react to the sensations strumming through her body as Cordelia realized she was sandwiched between the two of them. Somehow, she did not think that was just a lucky fall, and while she was pretty certain that one of them was to blame, it was not difficult to guess the culprit.

“How about you? Brutus here was giving as good as he got.” Her hand moved to brush her fingers over the dark swelling bruise that marred Angel’s cheek.

Before Angel could assure her that he was fine, his double leaned close to suggest, “Try kissing it better.” Angelus’ hand traced a path from her hip up to her rounded breast giving it a squeeze. Cordelia released an outraged gasp and squirmed only to realize that her awkward position left her pressed quite intimately against them.

Glaring over her shoulder at Angelus, she demanded that he move. “Would you get your big hulking body off of me?”

Sensing the quickening of her heartbeat, Angelus brushed his mouth against her ear. “Are you sure that’s what you want? Feel what you do to me.” The thick buldge he ground against her was all too obvious. “I’ll bet he’s just as hard. Do you want him, Cordelia?”

The question pulled her focus back to Angel, who seemed unable to move, and was looking at her like he was terrified of hearing her answer, yet his hands clasped her hips holding her flush against the iron-hard rod in his pants. The cotton panties of her cheerleader uniform provided only a thin covering allowing her to feel everything. Angel could not deny his arousal, though she supposed he could try to blame his nature instead of his feelings.

Angelus might be the one hoping to get in her panties, but he knew which buttons to push. It might be crazy, but the chance for her to be with Angel might never come again. Tonight or tomorrow, he would tell Buffy about his deal with the Fates, and that his soul was safe. After that, she knew Angel’s celibate days in Eunuch City would be over. The only thing left between them would be their friendship, and perhaps more than a hint of regret.

Maybe it was just the demon whispering sweet nothings in her ear, letting his hands roam along the bare length of her thighs, and up to briefly cup her breasts, that made her give in to her desires. Her, “Yes,” sounded out on a wanton moan.

The hand stroking along her spine lowered the angle of her body as she easily flexed closer against Angel. She was not really sure which one of them did it. Just that the result brought her into kissing range. With a short pause to make sure he wasn’t grimacing with disgust over the idea of locking lips, Cordelia was a little surprised to see the degree of lust in his eyes as she answered that question.

Angel fought against that truth for a second, one hand drifting up to touch her face, his thumb stroking at her bottom lip. “Cordy,” her name came out almost as a whisper against her mouth as if he was trying to warn her that there could only be one kiss to satisfy this mutual crazy need suddenly bounding between them.

That is all this could ever be, a solitary moment never to be repeated. If he let it happen.

“You should learn to listen to those instincts,” Angelus purred against her ear, but he was looking at Angel who still had not removed his gaze from Cordy. “Don’t deny that you haven’t wanted this, wanted her on top of you, beneath you, in any of a hundred positions you’ve imagined.”

Angel’s chest rumbled with anger as he realized just what secrets his evil double was revealing. The fact that he fantasized about his friend was something Cordelia did not need to hear. The other vampire was only speaking the truth. In spite of loving Buffy Summers, Angel had often thought of the brunette.

He was grateful for her friendship and enjoyed her company, but their time alone was rare. So Angel sometimes imagined them alone together and most of those imaginings ended up with them both naked and engaged in the sultriest sex his imagination could devise. It bothered him that he so often took himself in hand to ease his many frustrations using Cordelia as his fantasy lover, but the constant encouragement of his demon countered his doubts within seconds.

Now Angelus sounded out those secrets, his words coming out in throaty whispers against Cordelia’s ear, asking her, “You knew we wanted you.”

“No,” Cordelia’s voice sounded in hushed tones as if speaking too loudly might break the spell she was under. Staring down into Angel’s eyes, Cordelia thought that it was clear to her that Angelus had wanted her. For his evil purposes, of course, but he had certainly wanted her. Why had it never occurred to her that Angel wanted her too?

Before Cordelia could think about the consequences of her actions, she leaned down to kiss him. At first, her soft lips simply plumped over the contours of his cool male flesh, the sensation leaving her tingling. Her eyes darted to his noting the flash of midnight fire in his gaze just before Angel’s hands curled into her hair and pulled her back down to him. Angel all but devoured her with his kiss, tasting her lips, opening her up to the intrusion of his tongue, rasping against the roof of her mouth and moaning deeply so that the sound waves resonated inside her.

Lost in the kiss, Cordelia barely remembered that Angelus was there until one hand slipped between her legs. Long, thick fingers probed inside the elastic of her cotton panties. His touch was uncharacteristically gentle, deliciously stimulating, making her body sway into it even as her tongue dipped into Angel’s mouth in response to his tantalizing kisses.

No one had ever kissed her that way before. Like he knew just what would make her desperate for more. As if he could know every secret she possessed just by the way his lips claimed hers. Or the way his voice rumbled with need as his lips formed her name against her throat.

Practically delerious with the need for more, Cordelia felt an urgency propelling her onward. A craving for that would no longer settle for teasing caressess and kisses. She needed to touch him, wanted to be skin to skin. “Angel, please!”

Struggling to her hands and knees she tugged at the buttons of his shirt. He made quick work of them leaving his smooth chest bare to her touch, but Cordelia had other distractions as the changing angle of her hips gave Angelus better access, his long fingers sliding in and out in a maddening rhythm. Arching back, she felt herself sway toward the contact, a gasp on her lips, eyes closing momentarily at the wild sensation.

The distinct riff on Angelus’ zipper being lowered accompanied Angel’s swift removal of her top. A flash of panic hit as she stared wide-eyed down at Angel as he palmed her breasts, his thumbs cresting up to her pebbled nipples, eliciting a little moan from Cordelia at their surprising sensitivity. His mouth followed with a trail of wet caresses, teasing licks, and gentle sucks that left her grasping at his shoulders.

A mewl of protest sounded when he moved away, staring at her with a lustful expression darkening his gaze. Before claiming her mouth again, he gave her one last chance to end this insanity. “Do you want this?”

The soft “Yes” barely sounded before his lips covered hers in a torrid kiss. His hand cupped her cheek, keeping her distracted from the direction of his other hand sliding down past her waist and beneath the short skirt of her cheerleader uniform. Fingers curled into the bunched material of the panties Angelus had pushed out of the way to make room for his purposes, and ripped the thin burgundy material away.

Cordelia lifted away from Angel’s kiss momentarily to stare back at Angelus. He slid his fingers out of her, causing her to bite back her instinct to tell him not to stop. The protest caught in her throat as he pushed his leather pants down exposing his sizeable erection. Even as their eyes clashed, he stroked up and down the length of his rigid penis making his intentions all too clear. Angel’s question was all encompassing, not just about them.

No doubt she should be screaming at him, telling him that his touch was unwanted, and that there was no way she was going to let him go further. Her breathing was ragged, harsh pants, making her fight for the right words that would let her off the hook for wanting him, wanting this, wanting both of them. Suddenly, it did not matter, as a burst of clarity overcame the last shred of fear. She wanted this.

Dragging her tongue across her lips, she asked, “Do you need an invitation?” trying to maintain a shred of control even if it was just an illusion.

Angelus decided to play along. “Guess I do, kitten.” Teasing her, he rubbed her sensistive pink folds with the broad tip of his cock, poking without penetrating.

Cordelia swiveled her hips until he let out a moan of his own. He glared back at her with a look signaling he was both pissed off and impressed. Taking hold of her hips to hold her steady, he pressed his sex into the hot crevasse that opened and tightened around him. Fighting the urge to thrust hard and bottom out in a single push, he made the effort to let her adjust to his size, finding it made her all the more eager for it.

That sweet ass flexed under his hands as her hips pushed back against him. “Fuck, you’re so tight.” He wanted to come right then, but held off knowing it would be so much better if he waited. It was not easy to restrain the urge, especially when Angel’s fingers dipped between Cordelia’s splayed legs to tease her clit, and occasionally slid along his thrusting cock or teased at his balls.

Whether or not those touches were inadvertant, Angelus did not really care. Whatever felt good was fine with him, and it felt damn good to be on top of them both this way. Especially when Cordelia called out his name, urging him on as he flexed his hips forward again, starting to fuck her in earnest, and Angel’s attention was fixed to her every response.

“Angel likes to watch. He gets off on it.” The revelation was far too truthful for comfort. Angelus knew he wouldn’t want Cordelia to know just how aroused he became from his voyeuristic habits. Indulging himself like this was far too rare. Providing their lover with a better understanding of her crush was his way of heightening his pleasure. Teasing with a hint of torture even as he made Cordelia keen with lust as his thick cock rocked into the tight glove of her body roused him even more.

Watching was about all Angel could do during the years he avoided close contact with humans. It became a habit. Lurking was natural for a vampire, and a little voyeurism was necessary to one who curbed his lustful nature. He knew that Angelus was not just talking about generalities. He meant Cordelia. He had already hinted at it.

“Show Cordelia how you jerk off every time you watch her from her bedroom balcony.” Angelus chuckled in Cordelia’s ear as he pulled her body upright against his chest, his cock thrusting deep inside her. “He’s such a stalker.”

Cordelia was too busy to protest what she knew was probably a lie. Even if it was a hot lie, the change of position was distracting. It only intensified the delicious sensations making her writhe against Angelus as he never missed a beat. All she could think of was that it felt, “Good, so, so good,” as she rode him in a relentless rhythm that managed to shut him up.

The first flickers of her orgasm nearly took him over the edge, but Angelus was far from ready to let this end. He stroked her through the waves of bliss that followed, enjoying every throaty cry and involuntary reaction. Still hard, he decided to get serious, pounding into her tight heat, and enjoying her flexibility. His hips crashed into the rounded curves of her ass, and he thought about having her there, too.

What was it about Cordelia that made him so needy? He wanted everything from this vixen. Realizing that made him lose his last shred of restraint as he thrust deep, coming hard and grunting out a few intimate, if crude praises. Short, deep strokes sent her into another white-hot orgasm, her body convulsing at the intensity. Crashing back against him, a smile of pure rapture spread across her face.

“That was awesome,” she said breathing heavily through the words. Reaching up, she touched his cheek signaling that she acknowledged that he was the one responsible.

Angelus held himself still for a moment, still semi-hard, enjoying the snug warmth of her body and the scent of their lust fragrancing the air around them. He pressed his lips to the rapid pulse at her throat, enjoying the beat and the temptation it represented. Blunt teeth nipped at the spot before he let the idea go. He could not bite her even if he wanted to do so.

“Fucking Fates,” he muttered bitterly as he tamped down the desire to bury his fangs in the soft skin of her neck, wanting the coppery taste of blood filling his mouth, sliding down his throat. No biting was part of the deal that allowed him his own existence, even if he had no intention of killing. No, Cordelia was far too hot for a quick death, and there were more pleasures to be found with her.

Still, the three bitch goddesses that tampered with his existence would pay for restraining his ability to take what he wanted, to bite, drink, or kill at his own whim. Some day. He could easily imagine what he would do to them. Yet, he did have them to thank for providing him with his own existence separate from the souled do-gooder and all-around guilt-ridden mess that was Angel. Not to mention the fact that before now he could only fantasize about screwing Cordelia. The real thing was phenomenal, and he wanted so much more. Maybe the Fates were not so bad after all.

“Seems like you might owe them,” Angel sounded just as disgruntled as if his line of thinking had gone the same way.

The sound of Angel’s voice drew Cordelia out of her post-orgasmic haze. She shifted her gaze back down to his noting the intensity, and realizing that her need for him was not even slightly diminished after being so thoroughly fucked by Angelus. Instead, she felt a strange sense of distance, needing to have her hands on him, and bereft of his touch. The position Angelus held her in only allowed her to thread her fingers through Angel’s hands.

Angelus licked at her ear, his words rumbling and sexy. “Use your mouth.” He tilted her chin to press his cool male lips against hers just long enough to make her want more. “I’ll use mine.”

Sliding his hands to her her waist, Angelus lifted her just enough to pull out, causing them both to moan at the delicious friction. He set her down on Angel’s thighs, opening his own up to accommodate her and then reached around her to grasp the other vampire’s belt. Angel gave him a sharp look, questioning what he was doing, but said nothing to dissuade him from doing it.

With a smirk, Angelus continued, even as Cordelia’s grasp on Angel’s hands tightented, her breath caught and held in fascination as her gaze dropped to follow his actions. He pulled the belt from its loops tossing it out of sight, nimble fingers popping open the button and grasping the tab of the zipper sliding it slowly to the bottom, revealing the arrow of dark hair leading toward his groin and a flash of pale flesh.

Cordelia licked at her lips, already imagining what Angelus had suggested. It was hardly the first time naughty images had played out in her head with Angel being a frequent if forbidden star in her nightly fantasies. This was a new twist, however, with Angelus right there and doing the unexpected. His hand slipped into the opening of Angel’s pants to grasp his cock and draw it out into the open, hugely erect.

Her eyes darted up to Angel’s face finding him staring back at her with an intensity that made her drop her hold on his hands. She bumped back against Angelus’ chest, her gaze sliding down again to watch the slow slide of that big hand moving up and down the thick bar of Angel’s erection. A growl rumbled deep in Angel’s chest, part protest, part savage need.

Cordelia figured Angelus would know what his souled self liked and started paying attention to technique as well as enjoying the little zing that danced inside her. It was hot. Kind of like Angelus getting himself off, only with Angel.

Not one to sit idly, Cordelia let her fingers trail across Angelus’ hand as it moved over Angel’s cock. Angel was again on his elbows, bracing up to see everything, and seemingly biting back the grunts of pleasure that he was feeling with each stroke.

Shifting his hand, Angelus let her slip hers beneath his. Her fingers closed around the thick column, a little sound chortling up as she measured the girth, reminded that one identical to this had just been inside her. “Feel how hard he is for you,” Angelus muttered thickly as his hand covered hers to guide it in the same rhythm.

“Yeah. I do. I can handle this,” Cordelia smiled mischievously grasping onto Angel’s cock with both hands as soon as Angelus let go. There was admittedly a lot to handle. The night Angelus had attacked her in the cemetery she had gotten a firsthand impression that he was extremely well hung, something that had not really prepared her for tonight. “At least, I think I can. You’re big, but I do want to taste you.”

Bucking into her warm grasp, Angel let out a low curse. Having her mouth on him right now would make him lose any last vestige of control, assuming that he ever had any in this situation. Flexing into a seated position, with Cordelia splayed across his lap and still doing her best to drive him insane, he brought her even closer. His hands caged her jaw, gaze clashing with hers long enough to assess that those teasing caresses were not part of a game, or some defense mechanism.

Bright with anticipation, her eyes revealed the truth. No words required. Angel claimed her lips again in a wolfish kiss, hungry and unrelenting. He kissed her until she was too caught up in it to do anything else but cling to him and try to keep up. The plans for that spectacular blowjob would have to wait because it would take him over the edge far too soon.

Angelus shifted out of the way, standing to adjust his clothes, his movements slow as he watched them, curious at their near desperation, and strangely, a little jealous at the trust Cordelia showed in the face of Angel’s nearly savage need. He moved so quickly she looked a little dazed, but let her body open up to his upon finding herself on her back and Angel between her thighs.

They lay in stillness for a moment caught up in the notion that they were about to cross that uncrossable line. Angel finally edged closer, his kiss softer, making her plead for him to continue, his name a whisper on her lips. He entered her slowly despite her slickness. Gently, because he wanted her to feel every inch as his body claimed hers allowing him to worship every beautiful curve as they rocked toward the crest of bliss.

“Oh my God,” Cordelia gasped at the deleriously slow pace, her hands sliding up the length of his torse to cling to his shoulders again. This felt far more personal than Angelus’ rocket ride to ecstasy, and full of feelings that she had long suppressed. This felt like far more than just casual sex, especially considering the newness of their friendship. “Angel, what are you doing to me?” Her legs curled higher over his hips as she arched into him.

Angel rubbed his forehead across her shoulder, kissing his way up to a sensitive spot just below her ear. “I want this to last,” he moaned the words, low and unsteady.

Each slow thrust carried her higher and higher, but it was driving her crazy. It felt so good. She never wanted it to stop. “Me too,” she moaned back. “Mmm, I do. Really. Oh, wow! Do that again. Yes! Oh, God! Angel, I want it. Now. Please, please. Stop torturing me.”

The floor mat shifted suddenly as Angelus plopped down next to them, lying on his side, watching intently. “Torture runs in the family. Vampire thing,” he joked with a devilish grin. Then, all too seriously, he caged her jaw with his fingers and turned her face to claim her mouth in a slow, sultry kiss.

Angel flicked his tongue across her distended nipple. “Get used to it,” he muttered before reaching down to slowly roll the pad of his thumb across her clit.

End of Scene

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