K&C: Crisis at Crater Lake



Written in July 2005  
for the
Angel’s Oasis / Fire Still Burns Challenge:  Theme #2 – The Water Fight

What are your thoughts about ‘Crisis at Crater Lake‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Welcome. 

Posted by HELEN

Aww, Lysa, that was just fabulous. I really need to stop giving FB straight after reading cos I’m so caught up in the glow of a happy ending. The plot was fabulous and I loved how it turned out to be a sweet demon (such a nice surprise that).

BUT, I gotcha on the Mr & Mrs Smith quote:

Leaning close, Fred whispered with a soft twang, “Why do I get the girl gun?”

Hee Hee

Loved the end and Cordy realizing Angel has feelings for her that aren’t to do with possession and asking for him to kiss her *sigh*

Loved it, Hun, and I hope the FB makes sense.


A joy to read. Loved the humor

My favorite though:

“Well I won’t mind,” Lorne gave in conditionally, “as long as you hurry up, get inside and point the way to the powder room.”

Wesley thumbed in the direction of the trees. “It’s over there.”

A portable orange outhouse was half-hidden by the shadows. Lorne’s eyes got big. “Yeesh! Nature isn’t calling that loudly. I think I’ll hold it.”

You captured Lorne exactly the way I’d expect him to behave surrounded by raw nature.

Wonderful fic Lysa.



As always Lysa your fic rules. I loved it, you always capture the characters perfectly. Thanks for this. —- Lea  xxx


That was really fun. A nice little case fic with just enough C/A tingly to make me warm and all smiley. I’m with Helen in that I’m glad it was a friendly demon. Loved the water fight, the wet shirts, and Cordy asking Angel to make her lip boo-boo all better. Ahhhh…. Thanks for participating in the challenge!

Posted by LISAMARIE514

Just what I needed tonight…a good old fashion Lysa fic…with a reminder of what the good old days of AI were all about and a hint of a return visit from David Nabbitt. Well written, made my whole evening. Favorite part of all:

Acting blasé about kissing Angel had been just that, an act.

Now that would have been my reaction…this chapter beats anything that the writers could have come up with. Lovely darlin!

Posted by SCORCH

This was so enjoyable and fun! It did more than make me grin and giggle like a maniac, it reminded me why I love fanfic. Thankee muchly for writing such a lovely ficlet Lysa babes, have a pat on the back for a job well done. Huggles n Smooches, S xxx

Posted by SKAUBLE

Lysa, I soooo loved this story. I enjoyed AtS most when it was about friendship and cases and Angel and Cordy standing on the edge of realization.

“You okay?” he asked softly. Shifting his weight so that he wasn’t squashing her, he moved no further.

Cordelia let out a shaky, nervous sigh. “No,” she admitted causing instantly Angel to panic.

“Where are you hurt?” he demanded, too scared to move as that might make it worse.

“Right here,” Cordy told him. She pressed a fingertip to her lips. “Make it better?”

Angel stared down at the moist fullness of her lips. His eyes snapped up to hers. “Dammit Cordy! I thought I’d hurt you.”

This part was fantastic. I love frantic, concerned Angel. Even when Cordy’s making a pass at him he’s still worried about her. Awww doesn’t even cover it. This was an excellent and tender look into the lives of the AI gang, and it made for the perfect summer read. ~Sarah~

Posted by TSWEENY

I thought this was a very good story. I enjoyed it, especially the humor and fun.

Posted by TOUTOUNE

That fic rules, plus it made me smile, love how Cordy asks Angel to kiss her thought, that’s cute. And loved the gentle demon idea too. Great job.

Posted by ?

This fic made me smile. I adored the C/A interaction. I liked Wes’s reaction at the end.


Lysa, always one to weave a magnificent plot into your C/A fics. As always, love the way you write both Angel and Cordy, and really love the interaction between them.

This was a fantastic idea (kudos to Helen) for getting all my favorite writers to deliver the goods!

Thanks for participating, Lysa


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