K&C: Birthday Wishes



Written in September 2004
“BIRTHDAY WISHES’ is a sequel to Sunscorch’s fic
and a present for her birthday.
Happy Birthday, Jude!

What are your thoughts about ‘Birthday Wishes‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Welcome. 


Forget the fact that he seemed to be just as worried about his classic car as he was her condition.

If I had that car, I’d be worried about it too.

Nodding, Angel’s right hand dropped to her shoulder, his thumb making lazy circles against her collarbone. “So am I.” Knowing he should go, Angel found he couldn’t bear to leave. ““If wishes were kisses, how many wishes do you get to make tonight?”

If it involves you and your lips, as many as I damn well please!!

Angel watched as Cordelia’s lips curled into a satisfied grin, “Then you can share mine. Let’s see. Hmmm. If you get one wish for every—”

Seeing where she was going, Angel instantly corrected himself, “I’m 246. And if you count that 100 years in the hell dimension, I’m a lot older than that.”

“Who says some things don’t get better with age,” Cordelia let out a pfft and turned the lock on her apartment door. “Now about those wishes…”

Ok, if Angel shares Cordy’s birthday, that means they get to kiss 265 times. Which means we get to have lots and lots of fun!!! Thank you muchly for my fic. It’s made a good birthday great!

Posted by TOUTOUNE at AO

Ohhh Lysa and you were worried you couldn’t do short fic/drabble!!! Babe, it was great , it had it all, it was funny and sweet and the way you wrote the mutual attraction between Angel and Cordy was perfect. And what an end!! It leaves so much potential for some smutty goodness!!! Now, i wouldn’t mind reading a sequel to that one!!! Pleeeeaase!!

Posted by ILLUSION at AO

And the yummy continues! Go Lysa!

“Just male. Sheesh! It’s not like I compared you to Jude Law and found you didn’t measure up.”

Another grumble followed, “Bet I would.”

“Bet you would, too,” the pleasant little thought popped up and just wouldn’t go away.

If you heard hysterical giggles *raises hand in embarrassment* that was me reading these lines!

Gorgeous, Lysa! Perfect companion piece for Scorchy’s! Hope Scorchy enjoyed it!

“One for each year,”

Looks like Angel and Cordy are gonna be there a while, huh?

Posted by MARIE at AO

Lysa, that was wonderful, it had me chuckling all the way through I esp liked this part

Salty goodness! Angel’s dark masculine appeal hadn’t changed a bit since their days in Sunnydale. Except that he didn’t seem to have a blonde hanging on his arm tonight. Big surprise there.

Hearing her indelicate snort, Angel glanced in Cordelia’s direction only to find her staring at him with a slightly glazed expression. “You okay? You’re not going to be sick are you? I could pull over.”

“I’m more than okay,” she purred with a slow smile. His eyebrows quirked up at the sultry tone until it darkened into a suspicious query. “Are you scared I’m gonna mess up your precious car?”

Too funny and I could really picture them acting this out on the show. Well done

Posted by KIMMERS at AO

Lysa this rocks, tso very very good we need more i think. We need another part of this
—-from Kim

Posted by HELEN at AO


I’m so sorry I just found this. I was alone on the board *sob* and went browsing and there it was, I was shocked and then pretty damn pleased! In fact make that delighted…

I really liked the setting being LA and just when Cordy arrived and yet so different, I love how you do that… change the basics and yet still keep it wonderfully realistic and the characters spot on!

Angel being receptive and not genuinely enjoying some non blonde company and Cordelia still seeing him as an attractive male. if it hadn’t been the for the poor widdle B/A’ers making ME pwomise not to have Cordy and Angel hook up they may have gone this route and so they effing should have! (okay mini rant over)

Lovely long drabble and I enjoyed every word of it.

BFSH, Helen

Posted by SI CRAZY

Great fic, Lysa!!! Loved it!!!!! Sorry for the delay in replying!!!


I. LOVE. THIS!!! You never cease to amaze me, all of your work gives me warm feeling in my tummy. I love the interaction between A/C, you always write that so well.

Cordelia started to giggle again, this time holding her stomach because it hurt to laugh. “Geez, Angel, you’re just like a guy.”

“I am a guy!” Now he sounded offended, a growl rumbling low in his throat. Turning his attention back to the road, he steered the car toward Cordelia’s apartment.

“Vampire guy,” Cordelia rolled her eyes. “Just male. Sheesh! It’s not like I compared you to Jude Law and found you didn’t measure up.”

Another grumble followed, “Bet I would.”

“Bet you would, too,” the pleasant little thought popped up and just wouldn’t go away. Cordelia felt her cheeks flush at the direction of her thought as her wandering eyes trailed down every inch of Angel’s solid frame, inwardly complaining that too much of it was hidden by his leather jacket.

LOL. That made me laugh so much. Very cute.

Cordelia reminded him with a slow smile, “I’m a familiar face,” as his fingers waltzed across the curve of her jaw.

“A beautiful one,” he murmured just as the temptation too kiss her became too much to ignore.

Breathing her name on a whisper across her mouth, Angel touched his lips to hers in the gentlest of caresses. Just a taste, a hint of champagne. Cordelia sighed softly and opened up to him as the first kiss blended into the one that followed. Pressing his palms firmly against the door, Angel leaned in, not trusting himself to let his hands explore the lush curves displayed beneath the burgundy silk dress.

Another beautiful moment. Thanks so much


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