K&C: Because



Written in February 2007
Stranger Things Valentine Ficathon

What are your thoughts about ‘Because‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Welcome. 

Posted by MORRIGAN at ST

Oh, very hot!

Posted by CALIFI at ST

I could quote until the fic is in this post too, lol…so many choices 😛 so gonna go for:

Snatching up a crossbow from the weapons cabinet, Cordelia pushed at his chest with the unarmed bow. “What part of ‘I’m going’ don’t you understand? You’ve been back a few weeks and you expect me to fall in line. You’re not in charge around here anymore.”

Wesley had raised a finger in the air to call for their attention, “Excellent point,” only to be stared into silence a moment later when she turned on him, too. Looking to Gunn for a show of male solidarity only got a hands-off signal.

Ahhh, the FG dynamic memories *sniffles and wipes a tear away*

Loved the fic, loved the season, Love you for posting.


Posted by DAMNSKIPPY at ST

Oh, day-um. I’m not sure I can say more. Cordy in red lace is very hot. Her sliding her hand inside his pants to touch him is even hotter. And then I just blacked out. Happy Valentine’s Day to me!!

Posted by PYTHIA at ST

Oh, Whoa! I always thought the nursing sessions could end as playing doctor but, Wow. The feelings match the smut so well, I love it!

Posted by GABRIELLA at ST


This was just, WOW. Love it, every delicious, naked inch of it. Your writing is beautiful as always, the sentiments you evoke fantastic – and that line about Angel not knowing the difference between a manolo and a flip flop had me rolling!

Brilliant, stunning, ridiculously sexy. A girl can’t ask for more, and Dawn is going to love this. Also –

She’d smile in a way that would knock him off his feet, sometimes literally.

PERFECT. Possibly my favourite description of Angel towards the end of season 2.

Posted by SAMSOM at ST

Hot, sexy, warm, and loving. Everything that C/A are to each other and us. Fantastic, brilliant writing.

Posted by STORMY at ST

Great Job Lysa!

Posted by LISAMARIE514 at ST

What a great valentines day surprise. Lysa you are the best with words. I loved that you put the scene in Cordelia’s room…on her turf. I also loved how you used the mirror effectively. You rock!  —–Lisa

Posted by ANGELSGIRL1211 at ST

OMG That was HOT!! Lysa you NEVER disappoint!!

Posted by LITTLEANGEL53126 at ST

I agree awesome job Lysa!

Posted by CHATTY at ST

Love the combination of sweetness, hawtness and humor. Loved this:

Would he get hard if it was someone else tending his wounds, like the looney physicist hiding out upstairs? That girl seriously had issues. She considered the fact that Fred was almost all neck. That might do it.

Hee hee! Wonderful story!


Oh, Lysa, I loved this. I don’t know why but lately I’ve had a total hankering for fics of the post-Beige-period variety and this so didn’t disappoint. (I think I just like my Angel grovelly *G*)

This was a really, really good read. From the dynamics with the FG as Cali pointed out, to the hot, sweet smut in the end.


Posted by PUSHYDAME at ST

Resisting this fic while I finished my own was the hardest thing I’ve had to do in a long time! Tonight I could finally give in to the pleasure of reading my Valentine… and, oh, what a pleasure it was.

Lysa, you took everything I asked for, everything I wished for, and managed to still give me MORE. It was smoking hot, complicated, and quite a ride from beginning to end. Cordy and Angel? What can I say, but damn! And even though Wesley, Gunn and Fred (offscreen) may have only had a line or two, but it was spot-on. Any hint of “family” fic is always the cherry on top. It was absolutely PERFECT!

Thank you, thank you, thank you


Posted by STARLET2367 at ST

I love a good patching-up story. And Cordy in red lace was a nice visual.

Posted by StormyNightz

4:50 PM on November 6, 2016
Geez Lysa, I just read “Because” and I will be rereading this one often. Holy crap, so beautifully written. I adore the way you write Cordy and Angel. It makes me so happy when you go through their thought process, it’s exactly what I want them to be thinking
You are a very talented writer and I’m thanking my lucky stars that you are still creating masterful and hot stories of my favorite two fictional characters.
Thank you!


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