K&C: Soulbound (Trilogy)


The Connections Trilogy_Soulbound_Trilogy

What are your thoughts about ‘Soulbound: The Connections Trilogy‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated. 

Author’s Note:

The First Connection was my very first foray into the world of the C/A fandom and posting anything at all online. I had discovered Angel the Series on DVD before I ever caught up with the BTVS series. Guess I’m a late bloomer when it comes to the shows and to fan fiction.

The original feedback for this series has long-since dropped off the board at Stranger Things, and I was not yet a member of Angel’s Oasis. There is not much left of the original discussions. I found a couple of old posts saved in my notes and I have added any guestbook posts.

AMMAB – 24 Apr 2005

Hey, I was jonesing for some BtVS C/Aness and I found your fiction at Just Fic yesterday. I was up until 3 in the morning reading. You give good characterization. I was really impressed with your writing – you made C/A very believable during those years. First Connection was really well done. I usually get disappointed with C/A during Btvs because Angel suddenly doesn’t love Buffy and notices Cordy – then he goes all out being a dick to anyone who’s mean to her – but they don’t say why he’s drawn to her. It just is. Well, as much as I don’t like it, Angel did love Buffy during those years. Your story was great because your characterization remained true to canon. You tied in your story to the episodes very well, and I like that Angel never lost sight of Buffy even when he was attracted to Cordy. That he was aware of Cordy even during the Buffy angst.
My favorite scene was during the Halloween episode, and how Angel couldn’t help but touch Cordy even though he was connecting with Buffy. I would have loved to have seen this on the show, but you wrote it in such a way that I feel like it did happen.
You didn’t downplay Cordy’s inner bitch and you didn’t make Buffy into an unfeeling monster. Just three people caught in an untenable situation. It was great having Willow be at fault because that is so true to her character – casting reckless spells without thinking about consequences. I hate it when all the characters are turned into buttheads in order to make Cordy as sympathetic as possible.
Thanks for not doing that. I feel like I hit the lottery with your stories and I’m really enjoying it.
Mary Ann

SARAHK_4005 at ST – 20 Jan 2006


Just finished reading these two fantastic serials you wrote.

I’ve been so engrossed by the storyline, that I’ve been reading these two fanfics instead of watching TV, laundry, cooking and cleaning etc (and who wouldn’t, the sex scenes alone were fantastic..tender, yet raunchy, omg “your Angelus” and Cordy, what can I say cept phwoar and got to admit the scene were Angelus punishes Willow, yeah I re-read that bit a few times..loved it).

Initially I was hooked by the summary that basically said angel/buffy/cordelia/willow smut, however, wasn’t I in for a nice shock, when the fiction actually turned out to be fic of epic proportions written so well and seemlessly that I’d rather remember YOUR written version of Angel the Series (First & Next), than the version(s) I have on my dvd collection at home.

SKARGASM – 5 Jan 2010

I’ve just finished reading “The First Connection” and have to say it was completely amazing. The triangle between Cordelia, Buffy and Angel was so sexy.

Didn’t like Willow though – thought she was an interfering so and so. And Xander needed a good slap (just like on the show).

Am saving “The Second Connection” for tomorrow but wanted to say thank you.


I thought The Eternal Connection was written already. Darn. Just read the first two of the Connection series. Really hope you write the third.


Love, love, love your stories. I am patiently waiting for The Eternal Connection. I have read and re-read the first 2 parts. Please don’t leave us waiting for much longer. Pretty please?


The Eternal Connection
Lol! I know that you said that you didn’t have anything written for it because you were unsure of a storyline. I am the worst person when it comes to writing, but I will say that The First Connection, and The Next Connection were both so well written. I find myself watching Season 1 of Angel and picturing the scenes from the Next Connection instead. This is the way it should have been. I know that the introduction of Darla will cause major problems for C/A. How does Angel reconcile the relationship with his sire and his love for Cordelia? Part of me is actually confused though about what went on during Ats. Was Angel drawn to Darla because she drugged him and manipulated him? Did he actually want her back in his unlife or was it something that she did to him? Is his connection to his sire still that strong despite the fact that he killed her over 3 years prior to his dreams began? My main question is, is it that he wants to be with Darla because he actually has feelings for her, or is it the sire/childe bond that is drawing him back to her? Wow! That was a lot to hit you with. Something for me to think about I guess.


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