K&C: Atonement



Written April 2004
A Short Story Written for the “Lysa Says: Challenge Me!” Thread
Challenge by JENNIEC
S2 C/A Friendship / Scene after Clothes / Convo why she lets him off the hook

What are your thoughts about ‘Atonement‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Welcome. 

Posted by ANGELICGAL82 at ST


She turned her back to Angel, expectantly peeking over her shoulder and waiting for him to respond. He met her gaze for a moment, eyes darkening in anticipation. Then his fingers slipped inside the gown moving along the open zipper and along the silky bare skin of her back until they stopped at the junction of flesh, cloth and metal near the base of her spine.

Fixing the problem, Angel slid the zipper into place, smoothing his hands up over her shoulders as he did so, his thumbs rubbing the nape of her neck just long enough to elicit a purring response. Then realizing what he was doing, Angel dropped his hands to his side, “How’s that?”

*sigh* I think I love you. Well, I know I love the fic ’cause… That moment was one of the weirdest in S2 for me. I could never understand why Cordy would forgive Angel just like that.

Being honest? I think your Cordy is the only one I’d sorta believe about why she forgave him so readily, clothes or not. And I loveloveLOVED that Wesley could sense stuff going on between them. Plus, that part I quoted up there. *le sigh* Loved it!

Posted by ARKADY at ST

Lysa this was a great story. I loved the way you wrote Cordy and that by the time she got the clothes she’d already forgiven him. And protective Wes, seriously is there anything better than Wes in full on protector mode. Ooh and the zipping up of the dress and the little neck rub – ooh la! Perfect, just perfect. *happy sigh*


Contentment. Yep. Definitely the feeling I got from Cordy and Angel coming to the point where they can go forward with their friendship — whereever that may lead and may it be less Groo, Connor and Ascensions. Perfect, perfect post Disharmony moment. Sigh.Love Wesley’s worries, even if I think he should accept inevitable.


*Happy sigh*. I love the way you wrote the explanation for Cordy forgiving Angel. Watching the episode, I always thought that this was where Angel began to fully place Cordy in a different category from the guys, her importance more pronounced; therefore, her forgiveness more paramount. I love that your fic also seems to illustrate that. I love that Angel is beginning to admit these feelings to himself and that while Cordy remains clueless true to form, Wesley senses a change in the air and goes into protective big brother mode (how sexy is protective Wesley – uber sexy!) Thanks for such a great story. —Sammie

Posted by KIMMERS at AO

Lysa, How is it that your on such a roll lately, not only writing but being my kick ass beta, and also Chrissy and Scorchy’s kiss ass beta. Girl no idea how you do that and still spin out kick ass fics. This truly was a much better look at this whole thing —-from Kim
PS posting tonight just for you

Posted by MARIE at AO

I loved everything about this. I loved the fact that Cordelia had already forgiven Angel, the fact that Wesley was brave enough to speak his mind in front of Angel with Cordelia present. I always felt that Cordelia wouldn’t have forgiven Angel purely for the gift of clothes alone and felt that that particular episode did her a grave injustice. Nice work. —Marie

Posted by FANG GIRL at AO

Lysa… You are truly an artist when it comes to writing fanfic… whether it be smut (my personal fave) or this PG rated jaunt…. You write them so well and move the piece along with cannon that makes it so truthful. Thanks so much for being here… as always I bask in the greatness that is you and your fic… more please. —-Jill

Posted by HELEN at AO

Lysa, I told you by email how much I love this fic but I have to say it again. The interaction between Angel, Cordy and Wes was superbly done. Sorry to repeat but its worth repeating, in this Cordy is fun, affectionate, regal and adorable. There are lots of people who love Cordy for her snark but for me I just ADORE her heart and loyalty and in this she has that in spades. Angel was just so Angel. A mite angry but with lots of guilt to calm him down, plus that little threat to Wes just had me drooling, yes I’m sick I know. As for Wes! God I love that man too! I particularly loved how you captured the dynamic of the core three and Wes being a little jealous of the close relationship both Cordy and Angel had before he went all dark. Very subtle but definitely there and so realistic too. Overall a wonderful and balanced view of what could have been. I can’t wait for the next one!!!! Hugs and smoochies, Helen

Posted by JENNIEC at AO

I LOVED this so much. I was always convinced that she had already forgiven him, just needed an excuse to show him – and there it was!! I adore how she handled both Angel and Wes, and how honest she was to her heart and her friends. I am amazed that with so few words of challenge, you managed to write the story I was hoping for. You did a wonderful job keeping Angel close to the edge without allowing him to fall off. It still warms my heart that Cordy has always been his lifeline, and this was a brilliant homage to that. I ache for the friendship that was S2 between Angel, Cordy and Wes – but ache no more, because I’ll always have this to look back on when I need a pick-me-up


Watching them, eyes wide behind the frames of his glasses, Wes realized that it wasn’t the vampire who’d made a grasping gesture of atonement, but the man.

I am a puddle of mush….


“I’d like to know the answer to that one,” Wes held up his index finger like he was asking the teacher for attention. So much for staying out of it.

See, now, that’s the Wes I love. Thank you for giving him back to us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! Hugs. —-jen

Posted by BUFFY_ANGEL2000 at ST

Lovely fic! I really liked your take on why exactly Cordelia forgave Angel, as I don’t really think that the clothes would have changed her mind in themselves. Wesley’s disapproval of Angel was understandable, yet somewhat amusing as Angel ignored his glares and Cordelia forgave him fully. The suggestion of their relationship moving beyond friendship, and Cordelia with the dress was fantastic! Thanks for writing!

Posted by RACHELLE at AO

Oh, this was sweetly heartwrenching! Now I need to watch the end of Season 2! Sniff…

Posted by MANDERS-21 at AO

Lysa, you’re just a machine! But every piece that you write is so outstanding and holds its own, choco-filled with emotion and awesome reasoning. I swear you could take any scenario and make it into a C/A moment that we all enjoy (I have a feeling you could even twist the C/C plot to your advantage and make something good of it, eek!). Loved the residual tone of ‘Dark’ Angel factoring into his behavior! Awesome job, girl, can’t wait for Becky’s one next. —Amanda

Posted by KATRINA at AO

That was fantastic Lysa, the perfect explanation and the way the show should have gone. I agree with Scorch, I so wish you worked for ME, or actually I so wish they worked for you, following your every command and obeying your every wish. Thanks for giving me some reasoning behind something that never quite sat right. Big hugs. —-Kat

Posted by ANGELIA at ST

As much as I love that la, la, la I have new clothes scene for obvious reasons I never thought it was that that had Cordy forgiving Angel. I know Cordy can still be vain and shallow sometimes, it’s part of what I love about her, but no way is she going to let Angel off the hook just because he bought her some clothes, no matter how much she loves them. Much like everything else important that happened off-screen we never got to see how she got to that point so thank you Lysa for giving us a moment where she’s able to explain it all. The characterization and dialogue was spot on and the Cordy/Angel/Wes dynamic that I’ve always adored reminded me of my love for the show. Thanks for posting.

Posted by SHALLA at ST

Great little ‘missing moment’ fic. The new clothes scene is one of my faves and you gave it so much more depth. And the thing with the dress is terrific

Posted by BECJANE at AO

Yay – you posted Jen’s challenge – that means mine’s next right?
Sorry, got a little bit excited there! On with the feedback…


There may be more UST in this than pure friendship

Delicious UST definitely in evidence


“I said so,” Cordelia stressed. “Sheesh! You might find out why if you’d just go back to brooding in the dark corner for another minute or two so I can finish saying what I’m trying to tell you.”

Sliding a glance at Wesley, Angel caught him standing with his hand draped over his mouth smothering his laughter. There were few people who could tell Angel to shut up and get away with it and they were both standing in this room.

Thought how true that was – Cordy and Wes are the only two people that Angel really listens to. Loved that Angel knew her size – suggested he’s looked at her rather a lot, don’t you think? Brilliant as ever, Lysa. —-Hugs Becky

La, la, la, la, la! – it’s my challenge next

Posted by ANGELUS2HOT at Whedonverse and Beyond

Great story! I’ve often wondered myself what was said between Cordy and Angel after he bought the clothes for her. Thanks for posting it!

Posted by DBROWN at Whedonverse and Beyond

A very good story! I’ve always felt there should have been something like this in between “Disharmony” and “Dead End.”

Posted by Whedonfan at Whedonverse and Beyond

I never realized the story was here, and how beautiful it is. Wes was just great in it, I knew you could write Cordelia and Angel but it was Wes that surprised me.


Cordelia barely stopped to take a breath, “I decided that I could forgive you. Nobody’s perfect, Angel, but you’ve tried harder than anyone I know to be good…until you forgot that you could be.”

Isn’t that so true? Don’t we all forget a little bit about the greater purpose sometime?


Reading between the lines, he found the truth a little glaring. It was the same for Angel, realized Wes, except he’d shown it with this extravagant purchase of clothing, all hand-picked with Cordelia firmly in mind.

Wes straightened up from his position in the doorframe, his spine feeling a little stiff from staying in one spot for so long. Watching them, eyes wide behind the frames of his glasses, Wes realized that it wasn’t the vampire who’d made a grasping gesture of atonement, but the man.

Don’t you all love this ending? It just ring so true, it is just perfectly in character. Thank you for posting the story Lysa.

Posted by HELEN at Whedonverse and Beyond

Very well written! hugs xx

Posted by BASHIPFOREVER at Whedonverse and Beyond

Very nice job here. I like the way you’ve taken a short scene and fleshed it out and made it mean so much more. Cordelia’s responses seem geniune and true to what we’ve seen on the show. Thanks for posting


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