Temptation’s Light

An Angel POV inspired by Season 1, Episode 3. . .In the DarkTemptations Light

Legends exist about the Gem of Amara. They tell of its origins and the power imbued upon it. So small a thing, yet it would allow me to walk in the sun. I would be invulnerable. Forever immortal. Perhaps it could even protect my soul. Buffy sent it to me knowing all that it could do. Hoping that I could use it to continue my mission and reap the benefits of its rewards. Yet I cannot accept it for fear that walking in sunlight for too long would blind me to the needs of the people I am here to help; they live in darkness and so must I.

The End.

What are your thoughts about ‘Temptation’s Light‘? Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated.

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