K&C: Seeing is Believing



Cordy & Angel are filmed/caught in the act. 

What are your thoughts about ‘Seeing is Believing‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated. 



Once again a brilliant fic and exactly what I needed after a disastrous day(I failed a very important exam ). I love A/C fics during Btvs and this one was perfectly written and you described the development of the relationship very sweetly.

“There was no doubting what Angel was thinking, not the way his hungry eyes ate at hers. She squirmed under than gaze, her body reacting as if he’d touched her with his hands. Had he undressed her in the deep, dark realm of his imagination as she had done to him tonight?”

I loved this one.



Well, holy cow.
That was clever. I liked the way it played out..the amulet…the library…it all tied together well. Good plotting. Good pacing. Great dialogue, and especially way to bring the funny. Loved the thought of Willow munching on popcorn watching her little amateur porn film. *g*…that was priceless.

This was just faboo, sweeto.



Lysa this was great, sweet, funny, hot with an unusual plot. Loved the way you wrote Willow, curios, smart, shy and daring. Only Willow would come up with the idea of capturing the poltergiest on tape, and then having it turn out to be something completely different, somehow the phrase curiosity killed the cat comes to mind. I didn´t know if i should cheer her on or tell her to cover her eyes . In the end she did save the day, helping everyone with their unik problemes.
Thank you for sharing this with us.



Wow that was just so cool. I love it when you try new things lol!

The scoobs were so spot on; quippy Buffy, starchy Giles, clumsy Willow and snarky Xander. Then of course Angel and Cordy YEE HAW, hot and sweet and Cordelia was just hysterical *snort* “going now” Lord I could just see it (shooting off the chair, looking horrified).

Cool Willow and cool challenge. Loved every line!!!

Next please

Hugz, Helen



I second what Toutoune had to say. I too had an awful day and this little ficlet was just what I needed to make me happy.

I loved the part with Buffy rhyming, I had caught it towards the beginning and originally thought that you write better than that, especially the Buffy character, and was trying to figure it out.

I also love the thought of Nekkid!Angel, so thanks for putting that little vision in my brain

Thank you!!


Always knew Willow was a closet perv.

Lysa, once again you give smut a purpose.

Hey, we need a drooly smiley!

I loved it Lysa, wonderful as always.


::Had to retype this two times because my mind is elsewhere. Thanks Lysa!::
:tonguesmilie: << best one I could find…..just replace the lizard face with a vampire face…….ohhh…….a vampire with a big long, tongue……



Grabbing the remote again, she pressed fast-forward, intending to skim over the details and move straight to the part where they were leaving the library. Willow wanted to see if they had any trouble getting out once they…finished. She hadn’t counted on the fast-forward action moving across the screen that way and dropped the remote on the floor upon seeing their bodies writhing together at such a frenetic pace.

If it had been somebody she didn’t know, Willow might have been laughing herself to death at the sight, but the fact that these were people she saw nearly every day, made a huge difference. As soon as the wayward device was back in her hands, she set the VCR to play at its normal speed.

I think I laughed out loud for 5 minutes picturing Angel and Cordy humping at 100 miles an hour. In fact I’m laughing hysterically right now. *falls out of chair*

OMG, Lysa, that was brilliant. Loved all of Willow’s reasons for having to watch the tape. Loved how Cordy and Angel fell in love. Loved how you worked the amulet into it. You are a plotting genius. And your characters are, as always, perfect.


Love this love this so much so sweet and well done.
You took Gilly’s Challenge and made it something brilliant
from Kim


WOW! That was just…Wow! I can’t even begin to tell you how great this fic was.

But I will tell you that I love it! I’m going to be reading this one over and over again many times, and it’s going on my favorite A/C fic list for sure!

Thank you so much for writing this


Amazing fic!!! I loved this!!! You, as always, did a great job, Lysa!!!!


Wow! This fic was so good! I loved how you had so much of it from Willow’s POV. I also liked how you picked up in the middle of an A/C relationship.


Willow was hilarious. This was such a fun fic.


oh honey, just realized i didn’t post the love here….sorry….had to reread it again just for the extragoofy pleasure of seeing Willow munching on popcorn, casually watching Angel and Cordy go at it. *g* an all time favorite image. This was clever and well done….I liked the plot of having them all trapped till they accomplished their ‘goals’ thanks to the demon. Great job, and wonderful dialogue, especially Xander. good grip on his character…you made him very real in this fic.


*sigh* Lysa *sigh*

Now this is getting beyond a joke! What; are you some kind of superfic writng automaton with an imagination to boot [forget 5 being alive! hehe]

Wowowow!!! Not really into Willow-centric fics, but I do like the character…as long as she isnt Angel cakes,

Now, absolutely wonderful! so many fics that my fb seems to pale in significance to them. I mean, how many times can you say

F***ing brilliant?

Well, with your fics, these words could never be worn out.

Angel was hot hot hot, and Cordy was just perfect as usual! Willow was the way she used to be… perfect!

My favourite part?


“Like I said, Xander,” she told him still feeling the need to be utterly truthful, “there was no poltergeist. Angel and Cordelia came and they left.”

“Going now,” Cordelia jumped out of her chair at that comment.

Angel pulled her close, whispering into her ear, “I don’t think Will meant it quite like that. We arrived in the library. We left together.”

LMAO!!! Cool!

So much chemistry between those two *sigh*

Ta very much, mucho gracias, and any other language you can think of.




The remote went flying from Willow’s hand, landing somewhere in the plush couch cushions. “No,no,no. Eep! No nakedness. Stop that! Aack! Cordelia parts.”

Naughty Willow


“A ghosty with the mosty?”

Enjoyed rhyming Buffy muchly and the C/A was great. Like how you told this mostly from Willow’s POV as an outsider looking in on the relationship.

Great as ever, so what’s next?



Wheee Lysa, I’m back and what a fabou fic to come back to. It’s wonderful the way you take a simple challenge and make into a great fic.

I loved the video watching can imagine Willow’s expression

The way you integrated everyone was really cool, great fic, you raised the bar yet again.

I’ve got loads of fic to catch up on but couldn’t resist this one first!

Many thanks for the super fic.



That was fantastic, I love the way you worked everything in, the plot was great, I so didn’t see it coming. Loved Buffy’s rhyming, it was funny. Not as funny as the picture of Willow the perv popping popcorn into her mouth whilst she um… researched stuff. LMAO.

This was brilliant, as usual, you rock.




Excellent fic! Willow’s ‘ghost’ certainly wasn’t what she expected….

Willow watching the tape was certainly very funny though. Thank god she taped over the tape so that Xander and Buffy could never get their hands on it.

Very sweet ending too. It’ great to see Angel and Cordy together and happy. Thanks for writing this.


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