K&C: Immortal Beauty


Immortal Beauty_new

A “Lysa Says: Challenge Me!” Story
Challenge Issued by Manders-21:
Cordelia asks Angel to draw her in the nude, but there has to be a legitimate reason for it.

SUMMARY:     Women have been inexplicably disappearing in Los Angeles. The Angel Investigations team of Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn are on the case. While undercover, Cordelia is targeted as the next victim. Angel helps her prepare for her role as an artist’s model by sketching her in the nude.

What are your thoughts about ‘Immortal Beauty‘?
Kudos and Critiques are Appreciated. 


This is brilliant once again this is a really good fic love this.
from Kim


I love your standalone fics and the interaction you put in between Angel, Cordy & Wes. It was great, and your villain was good too!  Loved it!   ——Lisa Marie


I don’t mind waiting for my fic if I get to read this kind of…um…writing…while I wait.

I loved the plot! Imagine that. Actually reading more than the smut part…I must be growing as a person.


Suddenly, Angel was there behind her, standing close so that his chest was touching her back. His hands slid around her waist reaching for the ties to the belt, slowly and deftly untying the stubborn knot. The belt fell loose as did the sides of the robe now hanging freely over the curves of her breasts. Cordelia stood frozen, her attention all on the vampire standing behind her, waiting for him to step away, but he didn’t. His cool hands pressed lightly on her flat belly, fingers pointing in a vee just above the soft triangle of curls between her thighs.

“This is what you can expect,” Angel’s cheek brushed against her hair as his hands made a slow ascent, fingers skimming the curves of her breasts to close around the terry cloth lapels of the robe. “Any excuse to touch you and he will.”

I was so turned on by this part I had to take a shower before I even got to the smut. You are good.  Bless you, Lysa.


What a wonderful fic Lysa.
Tender, sexy and possessive all at the same time.

Poor Wesley knocked out yet again.
Looking forward to your next story.


This was amazing. So sexy and so intense. I love possessive Angel.



“Do you like it harder, Mr. Wyndam-Pryce?” the feminine voice inquired softly through the restful haze surrounding him.

I thought Wes was getting some for a minute there

Enjoyed the plot – interesting way to get Cordy to pose nude for Angel.
The smut was wow! I know Amanda asked for explicit but

Brilliant as ever Lysa

Hugs Becky


You did it, did it!!!! Kept up the pace and what a pace it was…. wow!! I loved every part of it, and giggled at how ‘long’ it took for Angel to forget the lesson and get to the good stuff, lol.

Vampy made a show, which I loved- and Cordy bit him back- yay, Cor!!!

So, so glad creepo didn’t get a look-see, Lysa, hehe.

Absolutely gorge, babes Mands is gonna love this so much!

Thanks for posting; loved it.


What a lunchtime treat, seriously brilli fic babes, I love the detective plot as the lead in to the admitting of the romance and wowser what a way to bring it all to the surface! Have to say this was just an outstanding part for me- loved it!!!


Her hand ran across her middle where butterflies flew in a merry swarm in her stomach, the terry cloth a solid link to reality even though Cordelia felt like this had to be some kind of nightmare. The prelude to one of those sexy Angel dreams she wasn’t supposed to admit she had.

Of course the smut was as smokin’ as ever and the end a nice flourish for the team (where’s those damn poms poms- YAY)

Hugs, Helen


Fantastic fic!

I loved Angel and Cordy’s interaction and the position they got themselves into!


Thanks so much Lysa! *Mwaah*

There’s something about Angel pretending to be bad that is so hot!!! Even more so than when he really is bad.

Loved how he was really trying to keep her safe, or his – same difference though right, by being trying to be a sleaze. The derobeing was simply sizzling with sexual tension, mmmm!

Loved it! Especially when I though Wesley was getting some, lol.

And you managed an awesome plot to tie it all together; you sure are a writing genius!



Amazing fic, Lysa!!! You did, as always, an amazing job!!!! I really loved this fic.



Seriously. This is just….wow!

wowser what a way to bring it all to the surface! Have to say this was just an outstanding part for me- loved it!!!

Continue your brilliant work. I hope to see more writing from you in the future.


*sigh* I do so love jealous, protective Angel.

“Do you like it harder, Mr. Wyndam-Pryce?” the feminine voice inquired softly through the restful haze surrounding him.

That Wesley…so brave to take one for the team.

hee. good story, Lysa. Really well done and hot. I liked the premise…very original…and it read like an actual ep. An ep with really hot mind blowing sex, but still an ep. Great job. *g*



Never a dull moment with your writings, my dear! Smut of the best quality


I can’t believe I never left feedback on this. It’s a great story, Lysa. So descriptive and the emotions between Cordy & Angel are so easy to see. Great work!


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