I’m Game

Season 1, Episode 1:  City Of . . .

I'm Game


Fighting evil from the shadows I am a nameless champion determined to do right in the face of countless wrongs. It is my penance. Mine alone to bear. Cutting myself off from the people I am trying to help because knowing me is dangerous. Loneliness is a heavy weight to bear. Getting close comes with too many risks. Heartbreak. Pain. Suffering. My hunger for blood grows more difficult to ignore reminding me that no matter my efforts to make restitution for the past I will always be a vampire.


Chosen by the Powers That Be as their seer I have tracked a vampire back to his lair. A brooding creature with a sordid past he is intended to be a champion. I must draw him back from a dangerous path. Tell him the vision I have been given. Convince him to come out of the shadows. We’ve all got something to atone for. There is work to be done. Starting with a girl and a coffee shop. My powers of persuasion are better when laced with malt liquor. He listens and takes the lead. We have a mission ahead if he’s game to take it on.


I never wanted a normal life. Wealth. Fame. Stardom. Positive energy is the key. Staying focused. Visible. Talking to everybody who is somebody. The future is mine. If only the past would stop crashing the party. Even when I’m not playing Vampire Bait, I seem to attract them. Not part of my home, hotel, husband plan. Angel emerges from the shadows saving me not only from the bad guy, but my own desperation. My world comes into focus. Helping the hopeless at Angel’s side. A job where I can make a difference…and a salary… until I attain my inevitable stardom.


Champion for the Powers That Be. A messenger delivering death to those who would harm the helpless. Their avenging Angel. A mission. This call to arms won’t be easy. Not just the fight. The idea of not being alone. Doing some good in the world. Concerns remain fresh. Getting involved in the lives of people I am called to save is dangerous. My failure with Tina makes me wonder if the girl I was meant to save from Russell Winters isn’t actually standing in front of me. Cordelia Chase, here to help with the mission. Maybe she has grown as a person. Yeah, I’m game.

The End.

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