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    • Doing great! (Bronchitis is the worst. It always takes a month for my cough to go away.) I’m slowly getting back into the writing habit after some crazy weeks at work over the holidays. Here’s hoping that I’ll finally finish Season of Solace in 2019. I won’t call that my New Year’s resolution because that will cause my plans to crash and burn. Happy to hear that you’re enjoying the site.


  1. Lysa, hi again, I’m searching for a fix and I for the life of me cannot remember the name, it has C/A going undercover as a couple at some resort? I think it is set in season 2 or 3. If you know please let me know!


  2. Hey Lysa! It’s been a long time! I was having a down day and had to go back and re-read Phantom Hand of Fate, and loved it again! I always crack up at C/A getting caught. Always instantly cheers me up. Thank you for writing it. I hope your doing well!

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  3. Lol yes! I always thought it would be fun idea for Wes in an earlier season or Fred in season 3 to walk into the pool area of the Hyperion and then went come out covering their eyes and then Cordelia and Angel quickly coming out of the same room tying the robes around their bodies and Cordelia muttering how her “bikini just fell off” 🙂

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